Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tomb Raiders, Oppressors & Murderers

The last few weeks have not been good in Libya, what with all the bad news starting with the destruction of some of Libya's oldest shrines and mosques by extremists who had no respect for Islam let alone for their country, they wanted dialogue but only after they carried out their nasty acts and then they said they did it because it was against our religion! Dialogue comes first and if they wanted to do something good for the country then why didn't they use education and information instead of demolition!

The bad news continued with the murder of the USA ambassador to Libya, Mr. Chris Stevens and three of his colleagues in Benghazi also by extremists.
Mr. Stevens was the most visible foreign ambassador in Libya who many Libyans liked because he gave us hope that Libya was safe as he used to visit public places around the country and mixed with the locals and always said how safe he felt doing so, his death was a big shock to many.

The Islamic world erupted after the news of the cheap offencive film about the prophet Mohamed (PBUH) was published, while I support Muslims protesting against this stupid film but protest should not be by violence and destruction, Muslims should follow the meaning of their religion and do it peacefully and at the end of the day any good Muslim would have respect for their religeon and their prophet and nothing like this should shake their belief, the worst thing is that us Muslims gave a free publicity to this film and now its the most popular video on Youtube! on the other hand worse insults to our religion are committed daily in Syria by Muslims yet we choose to over look our own crimes against our people, strange world!

This post which I posted on a Libyan facebook page about an incident I witnessed last week, it generated a lot of interest with over 100 comments, it was also mentioned by a Libyan TV channel, Radio and also I was interviewed by News Week about this incident:

Does anyone know about the raid that happened just over an hour ago in hai alandalus on the seafront cafes and nadi alrimal?
I was sitting in Location cafe with friend when a convoy of 4 official police cars pulled over, men with very long beards and weapons came out and raided Location and the cafe next door (Lamma).
In front of me sat a man with long hair, one bearded guy went to him then apologised saying to the guy sorry i thought u were a woman!
Then they raided upstairs the family section but since it was late no women were around
I asked one of them what they were doing, he replied making sure that no women were sitting in cafe!! Few foreign men that were there clearly got scared and left. I could see they were doing the same in the cafe next door
As i left they sped by and went to nadi alrimal (the golf club)
Usually its full of families, i didnt see if they went in and scared people but they surrounded the club!! They didn't look legal but their cars sure did
I hope someone has more info.

There has been news about how certain extremists are trying to scare women and oppress them by making them stay at home, these are the same women that gave up their husbands, sons and brothers to free Libya from the tyrant, the same women that looked after the men while they were fighting, now they want them to disappear and be forced to dress in certain ways, I am not against women dressing in Hijab, niqab or not covering their head, this is a personal choice that should be respected, it is so ridiculous when you see some men have no problem committing acts that are forbidden in our religion but when they see a woman without head cover suddenly they are expert religious authorities and they are so offended!!
Libya has so many problems at the moment that need to be addressed and sorted yet many here are picking on the weak but our women are strong and will not put up with this, the only way for Libya is forward, enough running backward.
Many of our international friends are here to help us now as they helped us when we needed them last year, we should stop all this suspicions, we are not stupid, we know right from wrong if we want Libya to be a modern respectable democratic country which thousands of our people paid with their blood so that we can become proud citizens of the civilised world and anyone that tries to jeopardise this should be dealt with an iron fist, there is no other way if we want our country to succeed and we do not need people to tell us how to be Muslims, we are moderate Muslims and proud of that.

May Allah Bless Libya and the people of Libya

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Year On....

Wow it has been almost a year since I blogged, a year that was full of adventures and surprises, good & bad.

Since January 2012 I moved to Tripoli, Libya on my own, my family are still in London for the time being and I visit them when I can, they also spent the summer here between Benghazi and Tripoli.

9 months after moving here, I am still adjusting or trying to adjust to life here, its not bad here but after 32 years of living in London I still sometimes struggle to fit in and at times feel as a foreigner in my own country, I am hopin this would change as time goes by.
It is strange how many people here think that Libyan expats must have a completely different life to them, for example just because I lived in London many here think that I do not know Libyan food and my diet only consists of corn flakes and chips lol
it can be annouying when repeatedly you are reminded that you are not a proper Libyan when the reality is that for example the Libyan community in the UK have stuck to their customs and have always been proud of Libya.

Most people in Libya are very friendly and very welcoming but you have to be careful what to say as they seem to get offended easily so I try to blend in and not mention the fact that I was living abroad unless I have to and this is usually when someone starts critisising the west for the wrong reasons, this is really annouying and usually I tell them why you mention the few bad points of western society, what about the good points and there are a lot of them that even if few were followed here life would be much easier for all but the truth is Libya has a long way to go but hopefully it will happen one day.
It has been more than 3 months since I visited home, London and I am missing it a lot, I should be going back for a short break soon inshaAllah and I cant wait.

I am hoping that I continue blogging, I have missed it a lot but so much happend that I just couldnt carry on and just ended up completely ignoring blogging.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Crown on Libya's Head

I am still carrying on with my volunteer duty towards Libya my country, I have been in Tunisia since the beginning of August, one of my main duties has been visiting and supporting our injured brave heroes that liberated our country and made Libya free, what I find hurtfull is the talk of rebuilding Libya and increasing wages and so on.... this is all good but that should not be a priority at the moment.
Many of our injured heroes are suffering in Tunisian clinics, they have been waiting a long time for the proper care they need, many of them need specialised treatment which can only be provided in western countries, help for them has been chaotic and slow at the best of time, many of them suffer from depression and understandably are feeling forgotten and neglected, I can not return back to my normal life while our people are still in need, they need all the support they can get and Libya has a duty to offer them the best medical treatmen in the world, we can afford it and it has to be done and done NOW.

I have made a slideshow of all the pictures I took in Tunis clinics, please share and make this important issue a priority, this is the least we could do
Special thanks here to the representatives of the State of Qatar who continously supported our people

Monday, 1 August 2011

My Visit To Misrata, Libya

Gaddafi the Doormat of Misrata

It has been sometime since I posted, I have been busy taking part in the voluntary aid to Libya operation from Malta, mainly to the city of Misrata.
On the 8, 9 & 10th of July I travelled by boat to Misrata to see what has happened there for myself, this was my first visit there since I was a young child no matter how many pictures and videos you see of the damage done to this brave defiant city, it does not prepare you for the real thing, I was shocked and could not believe the revenge Gaddafi took on this city, the damage is far too much, buildings have been hit severely, apartment blocks with each apartment hit by a missile, shopping centres, hospitals, schools, food outlets all completely destroyed but what Gaddafi could not destroy was the spirit of the people of Misrata. as one British mine specialist told me there: the best thing about Misrata is its people and their determination to keep their city Free.

Here are some pictures I took while I was there

on the boat just leaving Malta

the raising of the Libyan & Qatari flags as we enter Libyan waters

the port of Misrata

one of the freedom fighters Head Quarters

at the IMC Field Hospital at the front line in Dafniya, while I was there I could hear very clearly the fighting that was a very short distance ahead but people at the hospital were not bothered and just got on with their jobs even though missiles were falling on them occasionally

a Gaddafi tank destroyed by NATO while hiding in a vegetable market

more destroyed tanks by NATO

These are residential buildings in Tripoli street Misrata, seeing pictures and videos is not like seeing the real thing, the devastation is way too much, the stories of the people are heartbreaking but people are strong

the museum in Tripoli Street that tells the story of what happened to Misrata and shows the weapons that were used against its people

the endless rows of the martyrs and missing in Misrata, a heartbreaking sight

Misrata thanks the State of Qatar for the great help they provided

a sign thanking Qatar, France, UK, USA and other countries for their help

a sample of the bullets used against our people

shopping centre

the Insurance Building where many Gaddafi snipers were situated and committed many crimes

the entrance to the customs & excise building in Misrata port

Defiance Square in Misrata where many children come in the evening to be entertained with music, plays and where they can express their feelings with art

one of the many anti-Gaddafi graffiti you see all over Misrata

most mosques were either destroyed or hit by bullets and no that was not done by NATO but by Gaddafi's gangs

one of the oldest Cafes in Misrata

at Al-Baraka Hotel with some of the journalists staying there

boarding the boat back to Malta

Standing next to a Libyan hero, this brave man is travelling with us to Malta. I really wanted to stay longer in Misrata, i hope i get back soon, i loved being there

I have many more pictures which you can see by clicking on the following link

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Malta to Misurata Relief Effort

I have joined Malta to Misurata Relief Effort which is helping to deliver desperately needed Aid in the besieged city of Misrata, the third largest city in Libya, aid includes food, medicine, medical equipment and we have been transporting the majority of volunteer medical teams and international journalists into Misrata.

The organisation depends on the generous donations of people worldwide, please contact us for further details and for donations, our facebook page includes all the information needed.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Benghazi Rising

A documentary about the start of the Libyan revolution in the city of Benghazi - in English -

Here is a link to the video, Click Here

Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Message From Libya....

Today I got the following Email from a friend who is a Doctor in Benghazi, their wish was that their Email is published so that people might take action:

We are all fine here, things are getting better. The shootings are less and we feel safer to go out and people are trying to resume at least the vital aspects of life. The fight goes on in Braiga, and we get many injured and some dead fighters here. Our concern is Misrata, and the west mountain areas of Amazigh people. A genocide is planned there and is happening on daily bases. They have orders to kill all men and rape all women. One man who escaped Misrata via a fishing boat and came to Benghazi told us of the horrors that are happening there. He said the outskirts of Misrata have been wiped out of people. We need to alert the world and I need your help asap please. Shout it out to all and let everyone all over the globe go out on daily bases to demo in front of the Turkish embassy . We received evidence today that Erdogan has made big deals with Saif and has taken bribes. If this goes out he will be jailed. That is why he is supporting him and he has the second biggest army in NATO thus he is influencing NATO not to bombard the western parts. We need this to stop please talk to your Turkish friends. They need to lobby against him, he says he is pro Islam while he is supporting a man who is killing muslims and burning mosques and the Quran. He has to go and this is what we need to do give him no rest please. Same goes for Algeria who is shipping mercenaries till now through the southern Libyan border. Please guys help and spread the message and make this your aim to get the NATO to help stop killing our people in the western cities.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Musa Ibrahim, His German Wife & Their Lies...

On the 25th March 2011, I found a blog by a German woman living in Libya, her blog was spreading lies sounding exactly as the crap you get from Libyan state TV and the Libyan dreadful fat poodle spokesman Musa Ibrahim, I commented there telling her to stop being a mouth piece for Gaddafi and to be real, surprisingly she answered meaning she has Internet access in Tripoli while the whole population there can not access the Internet since it was cut off about 3 weeks ago!
Now the news emerged that she is the wife of the FAT POODLE Libyan spokesman Ibrahim Musa and her previously unknown blog is getting a lot of hate comments.
My advise to her is to take her child and leave the country, tell the world about what is happening in Libya and about her nasty husband, she should save herself before she is faced with reality and as for her husband, he is a wanted man internationally and has no place to escape to.

The Blog is called:  HADERZA

Here is an article about this woman and her husband:

Musa Ibrahim’s wife is German…and she has a blog

Monday, 28 March 2011

Help Save Eman Al-Obeidi

Eman Al-Obeidi is a name that became headline news, this brave lady told her harrowing story to the international media in Tripoli, Libya knowing that she will be punished severely for telling the truth about Gaddafi and his thugs and what they have done to her.
Rixos Hotel in Tripoli which is owned by a Turkish company is employing Gaddafi agents, some of them took part in trying to gag Eman, they even attacked some of the journalists, you can contact Rixos Hotel by Email or phone and complain about their staff here:  RIXOS

Please show your support by signing this petition calling for Eman to be released and saved from the criminal Libyan Gaddafi regime:

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Be With Us or Shut Up....

I find it very irresponsible of some people, countries and organisations criticising the coalition war against Gaddafi the mass murderer, the help of the coalition forces towards the people of Libya should be encouraged, its because of them that the citizens of Benghazi were spared from a bloody massacre and hopefully many other cities in Libya will soon be saved too.  All this rubbish being published about Libya being another Iraq and Afghanistan is not helping, Libya is different, the people of Libya wanted peacefully to change the regime who in turn used all their weapons to fight defenceless innocent civilians who had no choice but to take arms and defend themselves, they fought bravely but their arms were nothing compared to what Gaddafi had in mind for them, he murdered and injured thousands, he attacked buildings and mosques, nothing was spared in his filthy war against the people of Libya so for all these people that are criticising the coalition forces, why didn't you put your hard hats on and went to Libya to fight along side the Libyan people? or is it much better for you to sit at home watch the massacres take place and then voice your opinion that the whole thing is about oil! and even if it is about oil, these countries would I'm sure like to have our oil but that would be purely business where they buy the oil and our country and people benefit from it, or would the sceptics rather see Gaddafi selling the oil and keeping the money for himself and his disgusting family as he has been doing for the past 42 years! and what was that all about seeing sombre looking Russians walking to the Libyan embassy with huge flower wreath dedicated to the innocent civilians allegedly killed by the coalition forces in Libya!! why didn't these people show any sympathy for the thousand of Gaddafi's victims in Libya! why don't they support the people or shut up!
What Gaddafi is showing on his TV channels is nothing but propaganda, the alleged injured looked healthy, their eyes were bright, compare that with the hundreds of videos showing the real victims of Gaddafi including children the elderly and women.
Its about time that we gave credit to the West and its people, they value the lives of human beings, they value human rights and as many witnesses from Libya said, their strikes against Gaddafi have been accurate and did not cause any harm to people, I myself spoke to people in Tripoli & Benghazi who are really appreciating what is happening and are 100% with hitting Gaddafi hard.
May his end InshaAllah comes soon and to be honest I used to have this politically correct attitude about things and thought Gaddafi should be caught and put to trial, well I don't have this feeling anymore, after seeing the genocide he, his sons & gangs have committed in Libya, I know wish they all burn in this life before they burn in hell, their filthy bodies are not worthy of being buried in Libyan soil.

Picture By:  Salwa Buisier

For all of you sceptics that pretend to care about Libyan people, look at what Gaddafi is doing, then you will know why we Libyan people are grateful for any help we can get to stop Gaddafi and his gangs

This wasn't done by UK, USA or France, it was done by Gaddafi and his gangs

Monday, 7 March 2011

Tunisia Stands Tall....

While the world is watching the refugee crisis at the border between Libya and Tunisia and how the Tunisians are doing all they can to help, not many others are helping! where are the oil rich Arab countries? what did they do to help Tunisia to cope with these crisis? and while the world is freezing Gaddafi's assets why dont they use some of this money to help Tunisians cope?
I salute the admirable people of Tunisia who are volunteering and helping refugees, they need help, I wish those Arab countries that are stuck to their TV sets watching the massacres of the Libyan people and the plight of the refugees that they get off their bottoms and help, dont they realise that it might be their turn next to go through the wave that is sweeping the middle east.


Now that Gaddafis are headline news, more & more people associated with them will be selling their stories to the tabloids, these people have made money from their association with the Gaddafis, now they will make even more money, they are nothing but trash and not much better than the Gaddafis themselves, all will go to the trash bin of the world, I thought about providing some links to stories of such people but then I thought no, they do not deserve any more publicity.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Green Book Burns!

For the first time in my life I agree with the burning of a book, the idiotic green book of Gaddafi the murderer, the brave people of the city of Misrata stand as one and send a message to gaddafi, until when  this mad dictator is going to claim that these brave people are drunks and drug addicts! he should look closer at home, his son Saadi looked drugged out of his mind when he said he was missing travelling and being in a safari!

I feel its not right to write about how I feel while so many people in Libya are being attacked and killed, while so many people in the city of Tripoli and other cities are being harassed and treated badly by the gangs of Gaddafi, no matter how angry and sad I feel, its nothing compared to what Libya people in Libya feel at the moment, all I can do is offer them my prayers and the prayers & support of many people all over the world to the brave Libyan people.
For once the whole world united, We are all against Gaddafi

Saturday, 26 February 2011

سوف نبقى هنا - We Will Stay Here

The song that is becoming fast the Anthem for the Libyan uprising

The people of Free Benghazi sing the same song at the beginning of this CNN report

Friday, 25 February 2011

Born in Benghazi, Raised in Tripoli - I AM LIBYAN

taken from: Libya our home

This is a picture of the drugs the brave Libyan youth are on, very addictive, not the hallucinating drugs that Gaddafi the murderer has accused them of using.

Support from the brave people of Tunisia to the brave people of Libya

Our prayers are with my people everywhere in Libya, freedom is coming, the international community needs to step up its pressure and take a final decision to stop the massacres of the innocent in Libya, it has to be done now, our people bravely fought and still fighting the forces of the devil and they will not stop even if no one else helped.

Yesterday we protested again in London, my children led the march through Mayfair to the American and Italian Embassies, we were then joined by many students of the London School of Economics, today we are joined by people of Bahrain and Stop the war coalition, we will march from the Libyan embassy to the Bahrini embassy then to Downing street:

Aida, Amir & Mazen

This is a house in Mayfair, I don't know who they are, good support

This a link to First Edition of the Benghazi Newspaper, amazing