Wednesday, 30 August 2006


This is something i wanted to blog for sometime but i wasnt sure how to start it, anyway i decided to write what i feel: here in Brittin the majority of muslims are understandably feeling singled out and under attack and thats becuase of the stupid action by some so called muslims.
From personal experiences i feel that this wasa problem waiting to happen, many muslim immigrants to the UK rightly held on to their beliefs and customs when they arrived here but they went wrong when many started teaching their children that they are only to be faithful and loyal to their country of origin, i.e. Pakistan or India... many of these children were born and raised in the UK, they were brought up with no loyalties to this country and that must have affected them mentally, how do you expect your child to be patriotic to his country of origin when they dont know much about it or only visited it few times? these yougsters were prevented by their parents from even supporting the English footbal team which meant most grew up with no sence of belonging with no sence of pride, they have become isolated within their adapted country.
I have seen many of my Libyan friends tell their English born children to boo the English football team when playing, some tell their children never to be loyal to the British system, why are so many muslims doing that? they are creating problems for future Muslim generations, i know many young Libyan men and women who were born here, some of them are so confused, their parents brought them up to only respect the Libyan and the muslim way, they only have been to Libya for few holidays but deep inside they feel they rightly belong to this country and want to show their pride of this country but feel ashamed incase the older Libyan generation make fun of them.

I dont think its wrong to try and live with 2 cultures and to teach your children from an early age to be proud of their Libyan heritage while proud of their UK citizenship, that it is good to be part of a multi cultural multi faith society.
I think growing up in the UK for some people while continuosly being told not to have any pride of this country has created some major psychological problems which may have led some young people to carry out major criminal offences such as blowing up trains in the name of Islam.

There has not been any serious racists attacks on muslims in the UK yet, we have here a great multi ethnic society, probably the best in the world, muslims until few years ago used to be known as law abiding hard working people, these views are changing because of the action of few so called muslims which in turn encouraged the bad publicity muslims are getting.

Its about time all major Muslim leaders in the UK and else where, stood up and said enough is enough, they should stop blaming society, the press, the anti muslim lobby and so on and concentrate on the muslim community itself and see where things went wrong, the main blame lies within us and has to be stopped.
If we want our children to continue living in this country a tolerant and peaceful life then we should allow them to be themselves to be British, Danish, French or which ever country they are in while at the same time teach them to be proud of their muslim heritage.

Friday, 25 August 2006

The Jameel Islamic Gallery

Yesterday i decided to visit the new permanent Islamic Gallery at the V&A museum which is situated in South Kensington, an area where most major museums are. The Jameel Islamic Gallery is sponsored by Abdul Latif Jameel family who i think come from Saudi Arabia.
The gallery was opened by Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales on 18th July 2006.

The collection includes over 400 objects that includes carpets, ceramic, glass and textiles, the collection dates from the 8th century up to the beginning of the 20th century and covers Spain to Uzbekistan to the Arab land, Turkey and Iran.

The gallery is situated towards the front of the museum housed in an area that would take about an hour to tour. There are interactive screens with information about Islam and the collection even quizzes. The area is dimly lit that is why the pictures are a bit dark.

Minbar from Cairo

The gallery was quite busy, mainly with tourists that visit the museum, the collection is very well presented with full details on every piece.

The most impressive piece in the gallery has to be the massive Ardabil carpet which was made in Iran in 1540, it is the world's oldest dated carpet and one of the largest (about 10.50 meters by 5.50 meters) historically important carpets in the world.
It is housed in massive glass box and takes most of the gallery's middle space, the box is lit for 10 minutes every half an hour to help keep the carpet preserved, its a beautiful sight.

The gallery was very good and shows the real beauty of Islam, when in london try it, the Islamic history is impressive and could teach some people how to behave as proper Muslims.
The huge chandaleir at the entrance of the museum

Wednesday, 23 August 2006

So Boring!!

I took a week off work to have sometime for myself and since we had a heat wave this summer i thought the weather will be at least nice and there will be no need to go abroad this year. How wrong i was!!
Since the beginning of August it has been raining, windy and not very warm, just grey and misrable which usually rubbs on you and you end up feeling Grey & Misrable.
I telephoned work this morning to ask them if they needed anything, i was told everything is fine just enjoy your holiday, i wish they told me to come back!
There is absolutely nothing to do in London unless you have a lot of money, i have been watching some day time TV, its bloody awful: Trisha, Richard & Judy..... and so on. I tried to go for a short drive, ended up in a massive traffic jam at 10am because of road work, i decided to go for a bit of shopping at the local Asda where you get hounded by Chinese people trying to sell you cheap and nasty illegal DVDs and as you get rid of one of them another one appears from no where and start shouting at you DVDs DVDs. No thank you I really dont want any. Got some food shopping from Asda and returned home and its still 5pm, what am I going to do for the rest of the day, think of it: What Am I going to do until Next TUESDAY??

Tuesday, 15 August 2006


Dedicated to my Wonderful Mother ( Mama Aida) and her family in Lebanon

لبنان يازهرة البستان
تشتعل فيك النيران
ومن حولك الجيران
ينظرون اليك بعين الشمتان
لبنان يازينة البلدان
ياضحية الغدر والعدوان

يا صابرة على الظلم والهوان
وتحملت وحدك بالفعل لا باللسان

لبنان ياأغلى الأوطان .... لا تخافى لن تدوم الأحزان
قريبا تعود لك البسمة والأمان
وترجع طيورك تغنى على الأغصان
عايدة ايرانى

August 2006

The Beautiful Lebanon

Some Poems my mother wrote in the 1960s

يادنيا امرك غريب
وحالك .. عجيب

تقربى .. البعيد
وتبعدى .. القريب

تعطينا كل ما عندك من عداب
وتأخدى منا الصحة والشباب

العمر يمر يوما بعد يوم
وتنطفئ شمعة الحياة

ولا نأخد من دنيانا شيئ
سوى قبر صغير
وحفنة من تراب
يا صغارى
يا احبابى ياأعزائى

أنتم زهورى
أنتم طيورى

أنتم الأمل فى حياتى

لكم من دمى طعاما
ومن دمعى شرابا

ومن جسدى شمعة
تنير لكم طريق الحياة

Monday, 14 August 2006


I went to Brighton for a short break with my kids, i decided to drive there since its only about one hour away by car from London, i regretted this decision as soon as i got stuck in the London traffic, it took us nearly 31/2 hours to get there, the second hickup was when we got to our hotel, which i booked in advance, they only had a double room allocated to us instead of the family room i booked, they apologised and gave us the family room on the second day.

The weather was great and very warm, as soon as we were ready we went on walk on the beach and to the famous Pier with its funfair and ice cream and donuts shops, the kids loved it and could not get enough of the funfair which was rediculously expensive as most rides cost about £3.00 per person (adult or child). Brighton was full of tourists especially Arabs from the Gulf but what i noticed as well was the large number of gulf arabs teenagers (many girls as well as boys) who probably came to Brighton to learn English but they were there without their parents or guardians and many of them were up to no good, I wonder if their families knew what they were doing?

The next day we visited the Sealife Centre which is located by beach and still has some victorian features inside, there was a huge number of fish and even some sharks and a massive sea turtle called Lulu! again the admission was far to expensive.

We spent the afternoon on the beach which by the way is not a sandy beach but is full of pebbles which makes walking very difficule especially for children. There was a paddling pool and sandy area by the beach for kids to enjoy which was surprisingly FREE!

Brighton is a beautiful small city with many attractions, the city centre includes the area called The Lanes which is full of small designer and art shops plus many cafes, restaurants and gift shops, its a must see if you visit the city.

The West Pier which was almost completely burnt down few years ago

Although we only stayed for 3 days but it ended costing more than if we went on a week holiday abroad (Spain for example) no wonder many British people tend to spend their holidays abroad where it is much cheaper.

Saturday, 5 August 2006

The UK stands for PEACE

Hyde Park, London, Saturday 5 August 2006

Again i got ready this morning with my phone camera and my ever so patient children to go to the ceasefire now march in central London organized by the Stop the War Coalition, the meeting place was Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, so we travelled by the tube to Marble Arch station, the first thing you notice as soon as you arrive is the sheer number of people, much much more than the last peace march, we just about managed to squeeze in and find flags to carry.

The march started about 1:00 in the afternoon from Hyde park to Park Lane then continued to the American Embassy and Downing Street.

Many people protested in many ways, some by fancy dress, someone had a Tony Blair mask another a George Bush mask.

There was music, drums and dancing, the British way of protesting about the war, it was all peaceful and heavily guarded by the police that made sure everyone felt safe.

This picture is from BBC Newsonline which shows many children's shoes thrown at Downing Street's gates which i thought was a very sad touch. The organizers estimated that more than 100,000 people attended this demonstration.

For more pictures of this march please go to the Libyan Photographer: Omar El-Houni page.

لقطات من مظاهرة لندن تضامنا مع لبنان وتنديدا بالعدوان الإسرائيلي (عدسة عمر الهوني)

Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Time for Tea

First of all, i hope i dont start the Tea War as in the Onion War!, i got this information from Asharq Alawsat newspaper.

In an article about tea and its advatages, disadvantages and amounts consumed in Saudi Arabia and other countries, the newspaper said that (note it wasn't me who said it!!): Libyan people are the world's highest consumers of Black Tea, the article did not mention eastern or western Libya as i suppose most other countries think of us correctly as Libyans.

Enjoy your Cuppatea.

No Comment!!

My cousin in Beirut sent me this picture

Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Disappearing Post!!

Can anyone help me on this? my newest post on this blog as you might have noticed usually disappears, sometimes it comes back if you stroll down the page then up again.
I have checked the help pages and even Emailed Blogger but still can not solve this problem. Do you have the same problem? or maybe you know what to do, please let me know if you have the answer, many thanks.

Mayor of London calls for support

Join the national demonstration Saturday 5 August: Assemble 12 Noon Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London March to Parliament Square for rally.

Coaches coming from around the country. Check the website for details.

The Mayor of London: Ken Livingstone has urged people all over the UK to join this march.

Please show your support, bring your family and friends, support PEACE in the middleeast.