Friday, 6 October 2006

Climbers section where you can find many climbing plants and accessories to help you maintain and train them.

another popular product here is pottery which is available in all shapes and sizes, garden ornaments and pots, some can be very heavy, there are a cheaper alternative made from plastic, while these used to look cheap and nasty, recently I noticed that they started selling plastic pots that look like the real thing until you touch them, I thought they were a good and cheaper alternative.

This section is a favourite of mine, the Cactus range is huge and very beautiful, these are a specialized plants of course in Europe and can be difficult to maintain but they provide you with care instructions even special cactus sand and pots are sold here.

A happy and healthy resident at one of the garden centres

Many Garden centres here have a country furniture section, usually to furnish conservatories, some of it is not very nice though.

By the exit at most garden centres they have a gift shop that sells many small gardening items, candles, metal work and all sorts of home made Jams, Marmalades and really delicious looking cakes.

You can find many cafes serving traditional food and many of the home made cakes and pastries.

It really is a fantastic day out that I really enjoyed and it lifted my spirits. If you are in London and its a nice day, try going there, take your family or friends, children will absolutely love it, so much to do there that one day is never enough. I returned to my car and started the drive back home, within few minutes you are transferred from the countryside back to the big city, I am sure I will be back to Crews Hill again.


Noje said...

waw .... i loved the pic so so much the English garden seems so so beautiful i like it so so much .... good work ,,,,

the colors of life said...

it is wonderful pic , really , it refresh ur soul....this geautiful garden so did u buy any thing for ur garden ...;)

AngloLibyan said...

thank you noje

the colors of life, unfortunately im a lazy gardner :o) so i didnt buy anything for the garden but i bought crickets for the lizards to eat and some compost for house plants.

Safia speaks said...

Shame on you, brother! There I was enjoying your lovely garden pictures and then - - - suddenly - - - there is a picture of the giant eeky spider!

Did you do that on purpose? ;-)

Gheriani said...

Beautiful pics and a great place to visit especially the cactus centre.

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

beatiful pics especialy the cactus center ..but where is the flowers ???..

AngloLibyan said...

Dear sister Safia, I had no idea that you are scared of spiders :o)
anyway the picture is a close up of a small spider, good thing i didt take pictures of the trantulas, scorpions & other little horrors at the pet shop.

Thanks Gheriani, im sure you would enjoy it if come here.

Besheshentra, sorry about the flowers but im usually more intrested in other plants and forgot the flowers, i will next time InshAllah.

Safia speaks said...

Funny, I am not afraid of tarantulas nor scorpions - but spiders? YUCK!

maiuna said...

Cool pictures! You really did a great job here, especially with the spider!
I think I’m going to need the exact directions from you to get to this lovely place, so dad can visit this place the next time he travels to London, because if he sees what you had posted, I’m sure he'll fall in love with this Garden, especially that gardening is his first hobby! (And of course, cheering for Arsenal!!)

The colors of Life said...

dear anglolibyan , i do have a back yard and i am lazy too to do a garden but i want to start espically my father loves garden work so if he will see me how i am lazy in my back yard i think he will be angry of me
well good luck to u

AngloLibyan said...

Dear maiuna, thank you for your ever so nice comments.
If you click on the name "Crews Hill" at the top of my post it will take you to the area information page which includes maps and directions on how to get there.
The new Arsenal Stadium "Emirates Stadium" is not far from where i live and believe me its a beautiful sight, i will one day InshAllah take a picture of it and post it especially for your dad :o)

The colors of life, gardening is a difficult job that needs continous work, i wish i had the patience but still we can enjoy watching other gardens :o)

Trabilsia said...

Well done Anglolibyan you never fail to amaze us !Fantastic coverage and thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. Will try to hopefully visit next time when in England.

AngloLibyan said...

welcome back trabisia, i knew somehow that you would like this post and was waiting for your comment.

white african said...

subhanallah how amazing is the Bonsai Trees, brings back memory's of the karate kid...

maiuna said...

that's so sweet of you AngloLibyan, I showed your post to dad, and he really did like it!
and we'll be waitng for Arsenal Stadium "Emirates Stadium" picture!

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