Friday, 6 October 2006

An English Garden

Few days ago I decided to go and visit a Garden Centre since its the end of summer and the end of my time off work, the best place in London and possibly the UK for garden centres is Crews Hill in North London, its a short drive out of London (Enfield) yet as soon as you get there it feels like you are in the countryside.
What I like about Crews Hill is the fact that there are about 10 garden centres situated near eachother, in fact all you have to do is park at one of the garden centres then you can walk to the others.
Many of these garden centres house aquatic centres as well, where you can see & buy all sorts of coldwater, tropical and the very beautiful marine fish, fishkeeping is another hobby of mine but that's another subject.
Some of the garden centres house in their ground other shops that specialize in stone work, pet care, jewelry and many other things, there are pet shops that sell all sorts of pets from disgusting rats to hamsters, creepy crawlies, kittens, puppies and snakes although you cant help feeling sorry for the kittens and puppies as they are kept in cages or behind glass and are desperate for affection.
There is a big shop as well that only sells birds, from tiny Finches to Canaries, Budgies, Love Birds and all kinds of Parrots and even Macaws!!

Bonsai Trees are very popular and you can find many shapes and sizes, they are so beautiful but need a lot of care and patience.

Of course all sorts of garden furniture is sold here, some really nice but some can be very tacky

These garden centres have huge indoor areas where many plants are kept under their ideal condition and which means that you can visit anytime of the year and still enjoy a huge variety of plants, there are outside areas as well housing many plants that are suitable for the garden.

The British people are known for their love of gardening and tend to spend a lot of time and money tending their gardens which can be a beautiful sight all year round. Of course having well stocked garden centres where absolutely everything to do with gardening helps, all you need is patience and some hard work to gain the beautiful garden you always wanted.