Tuesday, 10 October 2006


Three week ago my children moved to a primary school near our house, my daughter who is in year 3 and my son who is in year1 used to go to a Muslim school in London that has been having problems and is due to close down at the end of this term (December 2006) all pupils from this Muslim school will eventually be transferred to Islamia School which was founded many years ago by the former singer Cat Stevens, now known as Yousef Islam, I did not want my children to go to Islamia School for reasons that I will talk about another time. My kids have been trying to adjust to their new school for the past few weeks, it has been difficult for them as they are missing their school friends and former teachers, my daughter has been doing very well but my son is having problems adjusting to the new school, he is still very upset and every morning would cry and asks if he can go back to his old school. Few days ago during assembly my son yawned and was seen by the headteacher who instantly told him off and ridiculed him in front of all of the school and if that was not enough, the headteacher came behind my son and smacked the back of his head.

My children are actually well behaved and that is due mainly to the faith school that they used to attend which really taught them how to behave and how to respect other people, obviously my son was very upset about this incident and is now really traumatized and very scared of going to this school again.
There are laws in this country protecting children from being touched by anyone including teachers, I am furious at the headteacher who should have known better, he knew my son was having trouble adjusting and now he made it much worse, how dare he smack my child? I grew up in Libya where some teachers used to hit children which now I look at it as child abuse, I remember on 2 different occasions when I was in Secondary school, 2 student were hit so hard by the same teacher that one of them had a broken arm the other a broken collar bone, it is for these reasons that I would never allow a teacher or anyone to hit my children.
How do you deal with a headteacher? if it was a teacher then you a complain to the headteacher but this way im having to go and complain to the same person that did this incident but I have to deal with it and tell him that I would not tolerate anyone hitting my kids even if they were rude, there are other means of punishments.
I will not let my children go through what I & many Libyan people went through in Libyan schools back in the 70's. I am not sure if hitting students in schools is still happening but that is something that I have been thinking about a lot, if I decide to go back to live in Libya, will my children be protected from some of these teachers that actually gain pleasure from hitting children!


khadijateri said...

Kids are still getting smacked in schools in Libya - in both private schools and state run schools. Apparently it is considered against the law to hit children in school, but no one follows this. Kids are smacked with sticks, pipes and rubber hoses. It isn't so much that the abuse is sad.. the sad thing is that teachers havn't proper training in how to discipline.

The colors of Life said...

dear anglo , i felt bad of what i read , well u remind me of a situation i wont forget ever , i remeber when i was in the 6th in school , when we did line in the school i remeber i just smiled a small smile to my friends and i surprised by a big smacked in my face from behind from an old teacher who told me u do not have to smile , is to smile is a bad things , her hands was tought becouse she was old woman , well now in Libya and i am talking about Benghazi yes they still hit the children by every way they have , but there is an Europian school where my mom teach Frich , oh god i was going to thier from time to time and i teached ABC to young children , it is so diffrent over thier , over thier mixed from Libyan students and forgien but it is a nice nice school they teache by English and frinch , it is big differnt for other school , in a god way but it is private , i was having the same thought when i go back where will my children study after having th best study in Canada , so the Europian school is the soulation to me , it is private but it desirve to be private .
well good luck with ur children ,,,, and best wishes to them ...

AngloLibyan said...

that is really sad, it has not changed since my days at school in Libya, I still call it child abuse, the teacher that broke the bones of my class mates was never punished for what he did.
I could never put my children in a school in Libya where they can be abused by some violent teachers, at least here in UK the law and everything else will be on my side. That is very upsetting, poor children.
Thank you Khadija.

colour of life, I think most of us have bad stories to tell about being hit by teachers at school, no wonder many of us used to hate school so much because we used to be scared of some of the teachers.
as i sais if i ever go back to Libya, I will only enrol my kids in a school that does not hit children and that is not easy to find i guess.
thanks and have a good day

Safia speaks said...

Oh my God, do they still hit pupils in school in the UK???? I thought that was outlawed a long time ago?!

I was lucky never to have attended an Arab school when I was a kid, only Danish and international schools, and only private schools. While doing military service in Tripoli as an almost-adult I saw some young men getting smacked by their officers for being lazy, but the girls were never hit, no matter how lazy they had been!And of course, I was never one of the lazy ones ;-)

Hitting pupils is certainly NOT anything that I endorse, although I have smacked my kids when they were caught smoking or when they used foul language towards me. But how can anyone learn anything thru humiliation???

You should definetely grab that teacher for a serious face-to-face chat, telling him if he ever hits a pupil again he will be reported - I am sure British, and even Scottish(!) law prohibits the beating of children.

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

Its really sad ..the funny thing that i have been smacked in my face by the same old lady that smacked the colors of life and in the same school ..i was just drawing and smiling and she said الضحك بلا سبب من قله الأدب but I was not laughing ..just drawing and smiling coz i was happy of what i was drawing ..its very sad that these things happens ..I wish the best of luck for ur children ..
by the way i found out that u added me in your links ..well thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you so much ..i am so happy coz of that ..i really want to add you and other friend too ..but I am new to blogger and i don’t know how to do it yet !!!
..I tried every thing and used the blogger help too . but it did not work :-( ..I will keep on trying any way , and when I find the way to do it , you will be the number one that I will add ,coz I really like ur blog so much and it is not a مجاملة lol .
thnx again :-)

AngloLibyan said...

Safia, I have prepared a letter to the headteacher telling him how i feel and I am preparing for a serious talk with him.
children should only be smacked by their parents within limits and only if necessarry, you are right about the law in Scotland, not even parents are allowed to smack their own children thats a bit too much maybe, in England its different but definitly no teachers can smack children here. I will report him to the authorities if he does it again.

Besheshentra, thanks for your kind words, im sure u will find out soon how to edit your links bar.

Gheriani said...

Sorry for what happened to your kid. I certainly agree with Safia and with what are intending to do.
On the other hand, about Libyan High schools, at least for boys, it's prabably now the teacher who should fear the pupil!

Highlander said...

AngloLibyan Sorry about what happened to your son. A serious talk with that teacher is due. I can't imagine this happened in the UK. As for Libya , yes felgha is still in effect. However, it is useless. Also as Gheriani said , the kids are more threatening than the teachers now and that I can vouch for 100%. That's why cheating is so prevalent!

Sandi said...

yes Anglolibyan, when your gut tells you it is wrong, it is wrong. We have to protect our children, and the teachers should know better. Especially if the boy is trying to adjust, the headmaster could have even welcomed him. How awful. You go Dad! sandi

AngloLibyan said...

Thank you Gheriani, I suppose if you hit little children in primary school some of them will grow up to be violent and will turn against the teachers.

Highlander, I am surprised as well that this happend in the UK. as Khadija Teri said, Teachers need proper training on how to decipline. thank for your concern.

Dear Sandi, i will be talking to the headteacher, i will not allow anyone to abuse my children its my duty to protect them. Thank you for your comment.

Trabilsia said...

Yes dear AngloLibyan, I'm deeply sorry and horified that your son was hit and by a teacher.......
Here in Libya hitting is still observed when students do not behave accordingly.It is wrong children should never be abused .For what is the outcome of an abused child,when he understands when abused?He too will use the same method to get his idea across.It is a never ending circle which must be broken.
Take Care

AngloLibyan said...

Yes Trabilsia as Gheriani and highlander mentioned, teachers are scared of their violent students now but thats what you get when its a never ending cycle as you said.
have a lovely day

Living Away said...

oh my god!! i read your post and i read the comments and there is just one question in my mind. what is the nationality of this headteacher?
just a curiosity...in brasil we have elections to elect the headteacher. students, teachers and school's employees are the ones who decide who will be leading them for 4 years. it solves a lot of problems. also, if a teacher or princiapl hit a kid there, for sure a criminal process will be open.
please talk firmly with this headteacher! do you know if he/she has hit another kid?

AngloLibyan said...

thanks living away, the headteacher is actually English and im arranging to meet him after i sent him a complaint letter, I was actually told that he is a nice person, we will see.