Thursday, 2 November 2006

Loyalty vs Greed

Some years ago when my mother came to visit me here in London she got to meet some of the Libyan community here, especially at a relatives house, one day my Auntie invited few Libyan ladies to come over and meet my mother, one of them who was rather a large lady sat on the floor and was complaining non stop, my mother noticed her complaining and asked her what the problem was, this lady went on and on criticising the United Kingdom, the British people and everything else in this country including its laws and customs and so on... my mother was amazed and could not understand why this woman was so bitter, my mother has been coming to the UK for many many years and absolutely loves this country so she was not pleased with what she was hearing, she waited for this lady to stop complaining then my mother turned to her and asked her, what does your husband do? this woman looked at my mum and said that her husband does NOTHING he does not work. my mum said, but how do you manage to live? how can you feed your kids (she had 5 I think), the large lady said that they live on Social Security which pays for their food, rent and all of their medial expenses she went on to say that the British government even pays for her children's daily milk! To this mother had had enough of this woman and said to her, I have been listening to you all night complaining about this country and everything in it yet this country pays for your and your family's keep, you get privileges that no other country in the world would give and instead of thanking Allah for being lucky to live in this country you do nothing but complain, then my mother said to her in her Libyan/Lebanese accent, the flesh on your children's shoulders is from the goodness of this country (لحم كتاف اولادك من خير هذه البلد).
Some time ago this woman and her family returned to Libya but quite often I see members of her family here either for medical reasons or here to further their study, all free of charge payed for by the country that she can not stand!


dick said...

Your mother sounds like a force to be reckoned with! And, of course, so right to say what she did.

She might also have asked the fat woman "why are you living in such a place?"

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

i will say one thing about that women : عرب !!!

Safia speaks said...

I know that woman!!!
In fact, I meet her all the time among Arabs here in Denmark; she just wears different faces; the words and the hypocricy are entirely the same.

Fadi said...

ينطبق على هده المرأة مقولة ياكل الغلة ويسب الملة

تحياتى لوالدتك القوية فى الحق

AngloLibyan said...

dick,my mother is a very quiet person but if she hears something that she thinks is wrong then she speaks her mind. She actually did ask this woman why she was living here to which she did not get an answer.

thanks besheshentra :o)

Safia, there are many clones of this lady, we still have some here in London so im not surprised that you know her!

Thank you Fadi, God bless all the mothers.

white african said...

my god this really is something that i see on a day to day basis and it annoys the living day lights out of me.

i once went to a lecture at uni by the islamic society and they brought this speaker who was origionnaly arab and all he did was speak badly about this country and the KUFFAR this and KUFFAR that, telling us we should never get comfortable in this country etc...

i couldnt resist so i put my hand up and reminded him that he was sat on a british stage in a british university speaking to british students, and i reminded him that if he hated a country so much why does he accept the benefits and live off the 'KUFFAR' country.

sorry for rambling but this is a sore point with me...

AngloLibyan said...

thank you whiteafrican for supporting me on this, i am glad you shared this story with us, many of us have similar stories about people like that, these people do not know the damage they are causing to good law abiding citizens in this country.

The colors of Life said...

well to bad to hear that why some poeple don't thank godand the peopel who help them , if i can say to her u go to Libya and u wont have 1/3 of what they have from UK and i do agree with bsheshentra with ARAB but we are all arab but we are not the same thanks god , well that lady one day she will dream of what she had m and ur mom seems so intelegint lady , hope all think like she does ....have a nice day

Lebeeya said...

Kheizy! How ungratful!

The privildges she has should be taken away from her, maybe then she would appreciate what she has.

or maybe someone with a pointy nose should poke her to death.... lol

P.S. I like how u used the word large to describe her. hehe.

AngloLibyan said...

thank you the colour of life & lebeeya for your comments.

piccolina said...

just thank ur mom for me !!! if i was here i would have done the same thing
yalla rabbi yehdina !

Gheriani said...

Let's look at the other funny side of the story...During the first Gulf War, upon one Sunday, I was watching the usual parade at Hyde Park Corner, a Pakistani fellow was talking about the evils of the British Empire and what it had done to his county and many parts of the world when an English looking fellow told him angerily that if that was the way he thought bout things being English then why he's living in this country and why he doesn't go back home where he belonged to. That's when the Pakistany fellow said, 'I am here to return back what your grandfather stole of my country ages ago and which is mine by right'.
I thought then that was very funny, and may be partly true.

braveheart said...

Hi dears
I think its psychological problem, and 90% of Libyan who lives in uk on the benefit have this problem .I think as Libyan we do not like or appreciate any thing even if we r living in the haven, we will find some thing to talk about.

AngloLibyan said...

Gherian, I heard this excuse many times but I do not believe its right, anyway Hyde Park corner is known for this type of conversation.

thank you braveheart for your comment.

Trabilsia said...

We must always appreciate what we have !
It is an insult pure and simple when one is given everything which is then taken for granted.
Your mum did right in saying what she thought.
Thanks Anglo for sharing this experience with us .

AngloLibyan said...

you are welcome Trabilsia.

AngloLibyan said...

oops sorry piccolina, i did not mean to ignore you, thank you too :o)

piccolina said...

lol i was reading ur replies and i was like OH MY GOD he ignored me then i saw this LOL sorry

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