Sunday, 26 November 2006

My Son the HERO

Children's imagination has no bounds, they usually come up with the weirdest things, like my 5 year old son when I am walking out with him usually as soon as we are on the pavement he would say Baba make sure that you do not step on the grooves or cracks between pavement slabs! Why? apparently there are Crocodiles & Sharks living there and if I step in between then that is it, I am eaten by them! the funny thing is that sometimes when I am walking on my own I catch myself doing it, walking from the middle of one slab to the other just as my son told me.
Once I was driving and both of my kids were sitting at the back, I heard someone break wind and it was REALLY stinky, I turned my head and said ooooffffffff who did this? my daughter straightaway said it wasn't her, after a short pause my son said it was him and he had to do it because we were being chased by lots of Baddies and he wanted to save us so he let out this smelly wind to repel them, I am sure it worked since it was very smelly.

Well I should be thankful to my son the HERO he saved me from all those nasty crocodiles & sharks and the horrible Baddies.

Another important thing for me to say:

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Today is my mother's birthday, I want to wish her a happy day and wish her a long healthy life InshAllah and tell her that I love her and think the best of her and that she has always stood by me and my brothers even though she left her family in Lebanon at young age to come and live in Libya with my father after they got married, she has suffered a lot by not seeing her family for many many years due to many circumstances but she never lost any of her kindness and her happy sense of humour.

May Allah bless my mother and all the mothers everywhere

My mother wrote many poems as this was what she enjoyed most, she told me that she wrote the following short poems back in the 1960s when my brothers and I were very young, she would tuck us in our beds and stay with us until we fall asleep then she would write poems as there was not much else to do these days:

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يادنيا امرك غريب
وحالك .. عجيب

تقربى .. البعيد
وتبعدى .. القريب

تعطينا كل ما عندك من عداب
وتأخدى منا الصحة والشباب

العمر يمر يوما بعد يوم
وتنطفئ شمعة الحياة

ولا نأخد من دنيانا شيئ
سوى قبر صغير
وحفنة من تراب


يا صغارى

يا احبابى ياأعزائى

أنتم زهورى
أنتم طيورى

أنتم الأمل فى حياتى

لكم من دمى طعاما
ومن دمعى شرابا

ومن جسدى شمعة
تنير لكم طريق الحياة


piccolina said...

your son is so cute mashallah , he is just the kind of kids i adore , may GOD protect him for u inshallah .
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mother ... i love what she wrote !

Chatalaine said...

What a lovely dedication to your mother. I can't read her poem but I am sure it must be lovely. From what you say your Mother must have done all she could and more for her family. Good mothers sacrifice much for their children. It is a special child that recognize all that Mother has done. May our Father bless her all the days of her life.

Hanu said...

Happy birthday to your mother. What a coincidence, I left you a comment yesterday relating to her! This is not enough though, you can still do more and better :)

Your son and my son should get together and fight those mighty creatures. Their combined powers will drive all the evil force out of this universe!

AngloLibyan said...

Thank you piccolina, very nice of you.

Chatalaine, I really appreciate your comment, thank you.

Hanu, I am not sure where you left the comment yesterday! and we can never do enough for our mothers, they always deserve more.
I am sure the boys would love to do that, wouldn't it be just great :o)
Thanks a lot.

Trabilsia said...

What a lovely poem Anglo. Your mum must be a proud woman for she brought you up with a great heart and an openmindedness that many envy.
May she live to see your great grandchildren.
Here's wishing her a Happy Birthday !

Hanu said...


I'm catching up at a fakroona's pace. Still in September postings! It is on Aida's B-Day post.

AngloLibyan said...

thank you trabilsia for your kind comment and InshAllah the same to you too.

I found it Hanu thank you and I will try to do morw InshAllah.

Anonymous said...

كل عام وامنا الحبيبة بخير وعافية ان شاء الله وربلى يعطيها الصحة والعافية ولن ننسى ابدا حبها الشديد لنا وعطفها علينا فى الصغر وتضحياتها من اجلنا ربى يحفظها آمين

fadi said...

التعليق السابق من فادى لوالدته الحبيبة حفظها الله

Libyan Violet said...

Happy Birthday to your mum Anglo Libyan.. what a wonderful lady :) I wish she could meet my mum I'm sure they would get along very well as they both have creative artistic souls.
As for you son he is adorable - maybe I should pick a number as a 3arees for Peal - lol.

lovelytripoli said...

Happy birthday to your mother.
And may allah save her to ou and to all your family..
and save you and ur wife to your children too.

cofman said...

nice anglo ... everything is nice

AngloLibyan said...

Thank you Fadi (my brother) I am sure our mum would love this.

Libyan violet, may Allah bless your mum and as for Pearl I am sure my son would be lucky to marry her :o)
Allah bless all children

Thank you lovelytripoli Ameen to what you said and the the same to you and your family too.

Thanks cofman, that is nice of you.

white african said...

mashallah your son is pretty cool, i used to play that game like my life depended on it, still do its fun, especially when your pushing other people to stand on the cracks.

that was lovley about your mother, may allah protect her and give her strengh, loved the poems and so true as well..

ema said...

lol.. your son has a great sweet
Even the fart weapon... that was creative..

and god bless all mothers.. howmany words we say.. it's never enough.

AngloLibyan said...

whiteafrican, I really enjoy playing these games with kids :o)
really thank you for the kind comment.

Thank you Ema and welcome to my blog.

Safia speaks said...

Your boy might grow up and be a writer!

AngloLibyan said...

A good writer InshAllah :o)
Thanks Safia

A.Adam said...

dear anglolibyan may Allah bless your mother I wish for her a happy birthday i am too late sorry, and don't be angry for not going to the funeral. Allah Knows.

AngloLibyan said...

Thank you a.adam that is nice of you

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