Monday, 6 November 2006

Short Days

Last week here in Britain we set the clocks back one hour to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as the days get shorter darkness comes sooner everyday, this is the part that I really dislike about winter, you leave your house in the morning in darkness, when it is time to go back home at 5pm it is pitch black outside, as soon as you get home about 6 it feels the day has ended and just can not be bothered to do anything.
Winter in the UK is very gloomy and does make you feel miserable, no wonder people here are obsessed with the weather, its not that I have a fear of the darkness phobia (Nyctophobia) it just makes you feel tired and want to go to bed even though it is still early.

The only good thing about short days I suppose is when Ramadan used to come during GMT hours, we had much shorter fasting time, we used to break fasting about 3:30pm, that is hardly difficult but now Ramadan is moving and young children will have to suffer long Ramadan days in the future when they are old enough to fast.
We have to wait until March for the clocks to go forward and days to get longer, I can't wait!

Incidentally, talking about phobias I do have some of these, my greatest fears are small enclosed spaces (Claustrophobia) I once went down a tube slide in a Kid's playground with my son and had a panic attacck inside, I laugh about it now but it wasn't funny then!
My other phobia is fear of heights (Acrophobia) although I am usually fine as long as there is a fence or something that would prevent me from falling.
There are many recognised phobias some of them are just ridiculous but they are frightening to some people. like fear of washing! or fear of gold! (I bet not many fear gold in Libya).
Find a LIST here with all of the recognised phobias. Is yours there?
It would be intersting for some of you to share their phobias and their scary moments or embarrassing situations when they had to go through a panic attack because of phobias.


piccolina said...

if u wanna kill me , put me a place where i can't move ! like a tube for more than 5 mins !
also i get nerv. when i use the elevator !.usually i don't get scared but i lose my mind and i feel like i can' breath...

AngloLibyan said...

this is claustraphobia, I have that too but only if it is a tight place like a tube slide or a box but i have no problems with lifts. thanks piccolina.

Safia speaks said...

Certain spiders make my hair stand on end!
I hate flying as long as I have to sit with the passengers in the back; when sitting in the cockpit I have no problem at all!

A.Adam said...

Fear of snakes, Fear of mice
don't tell anything

AngloLibyan said...

Safia I know about your fear of spiders, I found out on a previous post :o)
too bad about fear of flying, many people hate flying.

a.adam your secret is safe with me, I dont like mice either but I dont really fear them :o)

A.Adam said...

non pas du tout keep flying even in your dreams , believe me its good ;)

I miss Safia's comment.

white african said...

i have a fear of cockroaches (booshubu/zigrillu), a big fear,i have broken a whole sofa and chairs trying to run away from one in Libya (jumping from chair to chair breaking the lining inside, i think they are revolting and disguting and should be extinct.

fact: do you know they are the only living creatur ethat can survive a nuclear bomb yuk.

The colors of Life said...

dear anglo talking about the time oh god i do have the same problem over here in canada , now the magreb is at 4:54 wowo in theramadan was at 6:20 pm , and now when 9pm come i feel it like it is 12 , i hate the time change , but as u said we have to wait

Lebeeya said...

I fear heights and snakes as well! I also fear my head landing in a blender or I'd be running around the kitchen with a knife and then slipping on a freshly mopped floor. I fear snakes coming out of the shower drain while I'm taking a shower, and striking me numerous times. (could there be anything worse than dying naked?).I fear I will go bungee jumping and hit my head against a rock. I fear falling off the balcony and being run over by a truck.

I also have this weird fear towards butterflies!

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

i have a fear of worms especialy those hairy ones , when i was a kid i could not even walk on the ground if i sees a worm so they have to carry me and i was screaming like a crazy too hehehe ,
and now i can walk on the ground near a worm ,but still screaming like a crazy hehheh :0)

AngloLibyan said...

whiteafrican, cockroaches are vile and I think we all hate them. I did not know that about them but im not surprised as they are hard to get rid of.

the colour of life, last night I tried to stay up a bit but by 10 I was in bed, its so dark!

lebeeya, you are so funny, you have such a wide imagination that I think you should start making horror movies!

thank you besheshentra, worms are disgusting but I used to feed a Lizard with big worms kept in a plate but I refused to touch them.

Trabilsia said...

Phobias what phobias!
I grew up as tomboy and still today fear no insects or mice as many women do lol.
I remember some people being revolted by the scratching sound of chalk on the good old blackboard !
In my neighbourhood,when children would fall they'd come in all bleeding from simple injuries to deeper ones, I'd do my best (took course in First Aid )and then take them to the hospital ,if needed.

AngloLibyan said...

well Trabilsia, you are definitly a good person to know and have around when something goes wrong.
I cant stand the scratching of chalk on a blackbord or the sound of people filling their nails, that really makes my hair stand!

Safia speaks said...

Scratching on blackboard?
Huh - that is my ultimate resort to making my students listen if I can´t get thru their babble - works every time; but so far I needed to use it only twice!

Living Away said...

You know, I got phobia of that phobia list. It’s too much phobia, for God’s sake!
Well, I have a phobic fear against dogs . Doesn’t matter the size, the pedigree and the age. Also, I’m very afraid to fly and unfortunately I’m constant inside an airplane, I’m afraid to lose who I love, since my father passed away I developed that, I’m afraid of thunderstorms, and I fear the fear itself!
I think I’m a good concurrent to the fear’s list!

AngloLibyan said...

living away, you are right, that list is just too much and some of these phobias are just ridiculous!
you do have many phobias, you need your own list :o)

Libyan Violet said...

The only thing that I ever feared was imagining a giant praying mantiss !

AngloLibyan said...

I have seen some big praying mantis for sale in a pet shop but they are not giants still I dont think that you would like them, thank you Libyan Violet.