Sunday, 24 December 2006

Happy Holidays & Here is My Video

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I would like to wish all our Christian friends a very Happy Christmas

The Christmas Tree at Trafalgar Square, London

This tree is presented to London by Norway's capital Oslo every year as a present to show Norway's gratitude to Britain for its support during World War II. It has become a tradition since then and a main attraction at the square during Christmas.

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Now for the Video that Beacon (Thank you) tagged me to make and some of you encouraged me to do, here is what I made and since I watched the great work done by Beacon, Chatalaine, A.Adam & Hannu I felt maybe I could come up with something nearly as good :o)

I scanned some pictures, the majority I got from Google and some I borrowed from websites as I do not have much Libyan material.

The Music is "Yarieh" by Cheb Khaled, Rashid, Taha & Faudel..... It was chosen because I do not really have any Libyan music.

I dedicate it to all of you but especially to Trabilsia for her continuous support and kind words, I hope you all enjoy it:


A.Adam said...

wo Thank you Anglolibyan thanks for the 5 minutes, I enjoyed watching your video :D specially it was dedicated to very wonderful person.
am I the first one post his comment ;)

AngloLibyan said...

thanks a.adam and yes I think you are the first to watch and comment :o)

Chatalaine said...

The video is just beautiful. It really shows the world what Libya is like without the politics. Libya has so much to offer. It's rich history which no one knows about and it's culture that history has molded. Thank you for your hard work!

Hannu said...

Nice video! The song is a favorite. In the picture with your father (I assume), are you the second from the left?

Brave Heart said...

Great video AL,we need more but u forget the footballers ,Esawi,Bshari,Taib
tell me how i can create my own.
as Chatalaine said we have many thing to show the world true Libya.

AngloLibyan said...

thank you Chatalaine and your video helped me a lot and I enjoyed making it.

Thanks hanuu, yes that was my father, I am sitting on his knee with the short hair and dark suit, that makes me 3rd from left I think!

braveheart, I do not know much about modern Libyans and I am sure I forgot a lot, I used windows movie maker, very simple, Beacon posted a video on how to use it, go on have a go & thank you.

Ghazi Gheblawi said...

God bless.. The video was great the music is great the pictures of the family and the famous Libyans were nice gesture, thank you AL for taking us on another journey to Libya.

Beacon said...

I was awe applause to you, the video was amazing and original, esp the bit with the famous Libyan people and wildlife, thank you so much, our wait was not in vain, god bless you, the music was excellent as well. A.L, was one of the people featured in the clip, Alsaadawi?
By the way thanks for mentioning the Libyan wildlife both in the video and earlier post. There is an extreme lack of awareness and regard for our wild life back home. Keep up the good work and god bless, now you know how to make videos we hope that you include some thing new and original from time to time as you did today, Remember YOUTUBE is used by millions, so you have potential!! Take care....

AngloLibyan said...

thanks Ghazi, you are nice.

Beacon, all thanks to you, it was your project and I am glad you liked it. yes AlSaadawi was featured.

Sari said...

Thank u 4 broadcasting such a nice video of Libya... I had 2 show it 2 my fiancee nd he got so homesick, so now we're planing a long trip 2 Benghazi... ( my first visit)

Have a nice holiday nd may u nd ur family have a blessed 2007.

Sari & Bobaker

Aladdin of Tripoli said...

what can i say, it's an amazing video ....
you know, 10 minutes ago i was complaining to mum and told her that nothing is going right in Libya , but when i saw your video i found out that i may be wrong ..
thanks again and happy holidays

AngloLibyan said...

thank you Sari for your kind words.
I hope you have a nice holiday in Libya and best wishes to you and your family.

aladdin of tripoli, welcome back, so good to see you again and I am glad you enjoyed the video.
best wishes to you and the family.

Living Away said...

The good Christmas memories I have are about going out to choose a Christmas tree.
Thanks for posting about it...I almost forgot that I liked it once...
It’s good to be back!
I missed your blog!

Trabilsia said...

Ahhhhhhh....... Anglo I am speechless !

A fantastic video. You took us back to a place that we all have in our hearts.

I thank you dear brother and may Allah bless you and your lovely family.

Lebeeya said...

Mashallah, excellent work Anglo :)

Well done.

I actually made a short video, just so i dont feel left out (it took me two hours to make it) but after seeing your video, I dont think i have the nerve to post mine. It's just too pathetic. The pictures are not clear, the video is too short (total of 15 seconds) and their is indian music in the bacground!

So you can imagine how my first attempt to make a video looks! :)

AngloLibyan said...

welcome back living away and my best wishes to you and your family.

thank you trabilsia and Allah bless you too.

come on lebeeya show us :o)
why indian music!, come on i felt my video was bad, so yours can not be that bad.

Highlander said...

This is very professional work! I showed it to my best friend and now he wants to come and visit :) you have made a wonderful publicity for Libya. Bless you!

Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

AngloLibyan said...

I am really glad that you liked it highlander, thank you.
I am having a good time with the family and enjoying the holidays.

Trabilsia said...

Dear Anglo,
As we're still not on holiday and the rest of the world more or less is, boredrom sets in.
Solution : your great relaxing video.
I have watched your video I don't know how many times MashaAllah.
Imagine trabilsia with hejab and headphones at her desk while everybody goes on and on, and she with a smile keeping her sanity while they unknowingly ask why the smile? To which she replies she's as happy as can be.
Thanks dear brother, I am very grateful.

AngloLibyan said...

Trabilsia, you are most welcome and I am the grateful one for your and everyone else's kind remarks about the video.
I am glad it made you smile :o)

Edward Ott said...

cool video. Hope you have a great 2007.

AngloLibyan said...

thank you Edward and the same to you.

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