Monday, 4 December 2006

Faulty Phone

Last week my mobile phone switched itself off then refused to switch back on, I only had this phone about 2 months with a new 18 months contract with O2, I phoned O2 and told them what happened, they told me that I need to go to an O2 shop where they will check it for me, so they gave me the phone number of the nearest O2 shop near where I work, I rang that number and started telling them about the problem with my phone when the lady that answered suddenly said, excuse me sir this is not an O2 shop this is the O2 shopping centre in Finchley Road (which I know very well) but I said O2 customer service gave me your number, she said they have made this mistake so many times, that shows I suppose how reliable O2 are!
I got back to the customer service line and had a long conversation with them, told them that I need a phone at my work and they are messing me about and what are they going to do about it, they said absolutely nothing can be done, I have to take my phone to a Nokia repair centre, they do not know where, I have to find it myself and if I dare cancel my contract with them then I am liable to pay the line rental fees for the whole duration, I told them that when I was with another phone company and my phone broke down they replaced it 24 hours later no questions asked to which they said that perhaps I should have stayed with them.
Anyway I took my phone to a Nokia centre and was told it will take about 10 days to repair, when I mentioned that I needed a phone they offered to give me a phone on loan until mine is back, I agreed to that, I was given a very old Nokia that looks very embrassing and very worn out, it has a very bad camera and if that was not bad enough, when I looked in the Gallery I found loads of pictures of a very ugly couple celebrating their Hindu wedding! I know I am bad but I really could not stop laughing as I kept watching them posing for the pictures.
I am still without my all singing all dancing Nokia N80 and the worst thing is that they told me that they have to reset the phone which means loosing all the contact numbers, text messages that I saved and all the pictures I have, I have downloaded most of these pictures on my PC and have all the contacts saved in MS outlook but still it means having to enter all of them manually once I get the phone back, I really can't wait.
How did we ever survive without camera MP3 phones before?


Chatalaine said...

Good question! How did we survive with out our cell phones??
When our Internet is down... a part of me is dead in the water. The cell phone and Internet add a new plane to our lives and when we do not have them it is like we are blind.
Do not forget how they treated you when it is time for a new contract!

Safia speaks said...


Show us the pics from the Hindu wedding!!!

I have four LG phones from the Danish "3 Company" with a 2 year rental period, and only 5 months after signing the rental contract 3 of the phones died. I am counting the days for this rental contract to be dissolved (January 2007) and then I´ll never again sign such a long rental contract.

The truth? I don´t really need a cell phone...I communicate much, much better thru the Internet.

A.Adam said...

For me I can survive and hey AngloLibyan you said that you need a phone not a Camera so show your satisfaction but I'm surprised why repairing a phone or rest it will take 10 days I won't tell you how that takes in Libyan repair center, you can take it at the same day here , and they can backup all your contacts number, messages, music, Video.
But I will not talk about phone company you know why?
sucks !!

AngloLibyan said...

Chatalaine I certainly wont forget that.

I cant show the pics Safia, they are bad quality and very ugly :o)

a.adam, when u have little kids the camera phone is very handy, I got used to taking their pictures where ever we go so much that I really miss it now.
things in the UK take forever to get sorted sometimes, 10 days to repair a phone is normal here and could take a lot longer. I think I know what you mean!!

Hannu said...

A phone like yours must have bluetooth or other data transfer capability to synchronize it with your PC. It's easier to sync than re-enter everything.

The cell competition is fierce here in the US which is good for the consumers. Most companies have good service and the difference is in the minor details. But repairing (even for things other than cell phones) takes a long time. Ten days sounds very reasonable. The latch that closes my laptop got loose and I was quoted 2 weeks for repair time.

Look at the bright side, you would have never gotten the chance to educate yourself on Hindu couples, their looks and weddings if your phone didn't die.

AngloLibyan said...

Yes Hanu my phone does have bluetooth and I just found out that I can bluetooth all of my contacts back to the phone when I get it back that is.
yes the pictures of this couple are hillarious, I even found a recorded audio message but in Indian, I feel so bad but it is not my fault that they forgot to delete their pictures.

Brave Heart said...

Alslam Anglolibyan
R U sure u r talking about o2 company not libyana company

AngloLibyan said...

Aslam Braveleart
I know nothing about libyana exept its a phone company. have a good day.

cofman said...

I really didn’t read what Anglo said here, nor did I read any comment.......
I only came to show my new pic lol ( thanks Anglo for your time )

AngloLibyan said...

you are welcome cofman

Trabilsia said...

We have become so dependable on our mobiles that we can't imagine how we ever did without them !

As A. Adam mentioned fixing mobiles here is done on the same day. They really do an excelent job. My sister-in -law's son (from Manchester )had his mobile fixed in Tripoli which cost him less time and money.
Take Care

AngloLibyan said...

then maybe if this happens again, I should send my phone with someone to Libya to get fixed, that is good to know, Thank you Trabilsia and have a good day.

white african said...

annoying, recently my phone was stolen and my phone company wouldnt replace it, in a perfect world everything would be as we wish but we all know we live far from a perfect world.

i miss my old phone, i sympathise with you anglo 100%

AngloLibyan said...

Yes whiteafrican I remember your stolen phone. you know I do not insure my phones because a friend of mine who's insured phone got stolen 2 years ago still has not been compensated and didnt even get a replacement, its all a big con to make you pay at leat £10 a month for nothing.

Trabilsia said...

You are very welcome Anglo.
I hope your phone remains in good working condition but in case you want to get it fixed please feel free to send it with someone and we'll get it in tip top condition in no time .
Have a pleasant evening.

Lebeeya said...

I am sorry abt your phone.

I miss the days of when i only had to have long boring drawn out conversations with people who tell long winded tales when i meet they have access to me any time of the day...and i must suffer...and listen....practically handicap myself from typing away on the computer like i do all day..or shopping, or driving, or cooking, or even using the bathroom and why do i have to feel bad cause i give them some lame excuse like "ill call u back" and then i dont..

I think I could survive without a cell phone!

AngloLibyan said...

thanks trabilsia, that is nice :o)

Lebeeya, I nearly sent a search party to Oman to look for you! glad you are back.
that is the joy (or not) of having a mobile phone or as Americans say cell phone.