Monday, 11 December 2006

Tornado, School Closure & A Friend

I have had strange few days, Thursday morning I was helping a Muslim lady sort out her late husband's Arabic book collections when a Tornado landed in that part of London and caused a lot of damage! the strange thing is that while I was working I noticed that it went very dark then it started raining heavily, I just carried on working for another 30 minutes then left, as I was trying to turn right into the main road policeman stopped me and told me the road was closed and that I must turn left, I looked quickly and could see firebrigade and ambulances blocking the road about 100 meters away and just assumed it was an accident.
I turned the Radio on and was really surprised to find out that a Tornado struck about a 100 meters from where I was! and only affected a small area in North West London, when I went back to my office which is few minutes away my colleagues told how the storm suddenly appeared with loud noise and hail and thunder and that it lasted less than a minute, they thought I would have more to tell them or that I have seen more, I didn't see or hear anything, I am so disappointed, something so rare with so much damage passes on top of my head and I missed it, it can only mean one thing, the house where I was working had perfect double glazing that just blocked out the noise.
A sister of a Libyan friend of mine used to live in this road, many of the Libyan community in London live in that area.
some of the damage caused

Saturday The Avenue School (the Muslim school I blogged about before) had its farewell party and as the Headteacher said, it went out with a bang.
I took my children there to meet their ex-teachers and school friends, there was a lot of people many ex-teachers, ex-parents and ex-pupils turned up to say goodbye to the school that had been open for the past 10 years. We had a British Muslim rapping group and they were very funny as well and were a big hit with the children, the food was fantastic good quality Lebanese food and there was a lot of it plus many cakes and drinks, it was a good day and we all felt happy to see other people that we had not seen for a while and sad as well as we probably wont be seeing them again as the school is due to close on Friday.
Today is an exiting day for me, one of my best friends who went back to Libya about 8 months ago is back in London and I am going to see him at 7 this evening, I can't wait, I have missed him a lot and have so much to tell him and I am sure he has a lot to tell me too.


A.Adam said...

its amazing to see all the ex-teacher and parents all in one.
of course that your friend has lots of stories to tell you but I will stay tuned to read about your visit this evening and tell us what your friend had told you.
have a nice evening

Trabilsia said...

Dissapointed Anglo er.....hellooo
Alhamdullilah you're ok.
As for tornadoes I have lived through so many when in the US that I consider myself lucky!
I never imagined tornadoes in London ! I feel for the people who have lost their homes etc. May Allah help through such devastation.
Ahh.... so now you have your friend to chit chat! Sorry for the school but look at the bright side of it you had a re-union which is something.
Take Care

Safia speaks said...

This is SO Libyan; not noticing a tornado whirling thru the neighbourhood. LOL!

If you look careful at Khadija Teri´s photography of her husband sitting on a hill, you can actually see what looks like a Libyan tornado on the horizon behind him, left of center. They probably didn´t notice it, too.

There was another blogger who published some pictures of the Libyan tornado some weeks ago, but I forgot who it was.

white african said...

hamdullilah you missed it anglo, they can cause serious damage, one hit birmingham and my friend was jokingly saying that manchester would be next seeing how it's already hit the 2 biggest cities in britain..

hope you enjoy your evening with your friend, its nice to see good friends..

by any chance was the rap group mecca to medina?

AngloLibyan said...

thank you a.adam
I really enjoyed seeing my friend and he showed me a video he took of Shahat & Sousa, really amazing, I have never been there but the scenary and the green mountain before that was just beautiful.

yes trabilsia strangely I am disappointed! I really wanted to hear the loud noise it made and see how things got sucked up in the air. of course Alhamdelleah I was not in the street but still...
the government here set up a relief fund for the people affected by this tornado, I have seen some of these houses they will have to be demolished.

so Libyan is the word Safia :o(
I will check that picture at K Teri blog and the blogger with pictures of a tornado in Tripoli is Maiuna.

whiteafrican I do remember the tornado in Birmingham, it was more devestating than London, may Allah protect you and your city.
yes the rap group is Mecca to Medina, you can see them in the back ground of the picture, you must know them then.

Sandi said...

I thought the tornado hit in the area where you are. I am so happy to hear you and your family were safe.

Lebeeya said...

Oh! I'm glad you are ok!! Salamtik!Tornado's are so scary!

I wish I was at the schools farewell party, I love Lebanese food! oh and did the rappers break dance? :p

Hope you had fun with your friend :)

Gheriani said...

Thanks God you're safe. A couple of months ago we were warned of a coming strong storm passing over Benghazi -from the Balkans- of over 80 km per hour, and everybody was excited waiting for it (I double tied the dishes at the roof!), finally nothing came.

AngloLibyan said...

the tornado struck about 100 meters away from the house I was working in, it was only a mini tornado but it did cause a lot of damage,thank you Sandi.

Lebeeya the food was great :o)
no the rappers did not break dance, that would have been funny to see and yes I did enjoy seeing my friend and I will be seeing him soon again InshaAllah.

Thanks Gheriani, that is typical of weather forcasts, the same happens here, they do get it wrong sometimes.

cofman said...

Al7amdo lillah all were safe from that weather .. really got nothing to add, all been said incl lebanese food is great … but Anglo please, your good friend who came back after a long visit to Libya, I love to read as much as possible about his stay, and your opinion about it … thanks to both

highlander said...

Glad you are safe. I remember the tornado in Birmingham, scary stuff.

Hey how did the gossip with your friend go any details apart from photos of the mountains :P come on ..

Ps today I can't log on beta some kind of techie fault sorry .

AngloLibyan said...

thank you cofman & highlander
I will be seeing my friend again of course for some more gossip, he told me some good things and some bad things in Libya, i will try and tell more as i get it later.
highlander, I had problems with beta as well, I ended up with my comments tripled on some blogs and I could not delete them how embrassing!