Monday, 18 December 2006

The Tree & The Mouse

When I was very young living in Tripoli, we had an American family living next door to us, I remember just before Christmas they used to ask me and my brothers to come and help them decorate their Christmas tree which we used to like and really look forward to doing and I remember at Christmas there would be presents for us under the tree, they were such a lovely family. Now it seems the same is happening to my children, this weekend the neighbours asked me if I mind bringing my children over to help decorate the tree, I was delighted becuase I knew my kids would love to do that.

So they went over and they put some decorations on the tree and they made these cardboard stars with the neighbours names written on them with a glitter pen in Arabic which the neighbours thought is very cool!

After the tree was ready, the neighbours put all the presents they bought under the tree, the kids were delighted to see their names on some of the presents, I promised them that I would take them over on boxing day.


Do you remeber my story about the mouse?

Yesterday I went to visit the same friend, he told me that his cat (Chicken) had brought in 3 mice on Saturday, 2 of them were dead but the third was still alive and he managed to save it and out it in a plastic box as you can see in the picture below, anyway he brought the box to show me how cute the mouse is because I kept telling him to just put them out in the garden and that they were virmin and dirty, as he opened the box the mouse was lying down on an old sock and it did look cute! and it did look very dead as well, of course he was not happy that the mouse died so he took the box to the front door, picked up the mouse by its tail to throw it in the rubbish bin then a miracle! the mouse moved, I heard him laughing so I went over to find him very happy and holding the mouse in his hand, still it did not look very well.

He thought it might be dehydrated so he tried to put water on its mouth, the mouse was moving a bit but mainly just lay on his hand not attempting to do anything.

He eventually put the mouse back in its box and put the box away.
I saw him this morning in the street, I asked him how the mouse was? IT IS DEAD!
He told me few weeks ago he did the same with a mouse but then he had forgotten about it for few days, when he remembred, he opened the box and found the mouse as dry as an autumn leaf.
This is the nasty culprit, the lovely CHICKEN
One more thing, I was checking Chatalaine's blog yesterday and found a pleasant surprise, she had made a Video/Slideshow of how Tripoli used to be I think back in the 60's, I really enjoyed the show, many places I recognised (I left Libya in 1980), check it out, its on YouTube as well.
I am still having problems commenting on some blogs, I know it is affecting many of you as well, some of my comments appear twice or even more sometimes and I can not delete them, sorry about that, I even commented on Trabilsia's latest post, it appeared twice but on her post it shows 0 comments!


Beacon said...

Hi A.L,
Thanks for your blog....I'm hoping to get married very soon inshala, and if Allah blesses me with kids, I would love to do things that I used to like as a child with them again. I often think one of the pleasures of having kids is to re-live with them the magic of childhood. It gives you a license to be a child again! Sadly not many fathers have time for their children and they and their kids miss out a lot.

Safia speaks said...

That black cat sure looks scary!

AngloLibyan said...

Thank you Beacon and I hope InshaAllah you get married and have lovely children and get to do a lot with them.

Safia, Chicken looks scary in this picture but she is a lovely cat and is very affectionate, she just has problems with killing mice and birds but not eating them :o)

white african said...

that was nice of your neighbours, a christmas tree once fell on me, that was my earliest memory of christmas trees.

your friend has no luck with mice, poor him, i prefer mice to coackroaches any day...

Lebeeya said...

That was very sweet of your neighbours, I would love to decorate a christmas tree.

I am so glad Shalfuta is not like Chicken. Shalfuta is co cute and peaceful and she fears mice!

AngloLibyan said...

I am not too keen on mice but as you said they are better than coakroaches, I think my friend should give up on saving these mice, they die anyway :o)
thanks whiteafrican.

Lebeeya, believe me Chicken is a cute and peaceful cat too until she sees mice! you are lucky with Shalfuta. Thank you.

Hannu said...

That's very nice of your neighbors and you to give the kids the opportunity. We have started our own tree last year. It's such a wonderful and delightful thing to shop for, decorate, and enjoy!

AngloLibyan said...

thank you hannu and I hope you & the kids enjoy it.

Brave Heart said...

u have nice children A L ,Rabi isoon.
u must invite ur neighbour to take picture with HWLI alaid

AngloLibyan said...

thanks brave heart.
if they see what happens to the HWLI Eleid they will have a heart attack :o)

Leilouta said...

The kids definitely look happy. It reminds me of my own chidlhood. I used to love to decorate my mom’s Christmas tree. I also thought it gave the house a really good makeover. I refused to throw away the tree right after Christmas. I remember once we had it until March and it was in a good shape.

I feel sorry for the mouse. He looks really cute :(

AngloLibyan said...

I am glad that this reminded you of happy times leilouta. Thank you.

Trabilsia said...

Very impressive Anglo !
Well done this is what we want for our future generations which is to respect all beliefs and join them in their celebrations. My dad used to take us to our neighbours as well (Americans) to wish them Merry Xmas and give them presents.This is the only way in which we can all contrbute to world peace.
Now about your mouse,really sad here. I don't like mice much but still..... Cats are a favourite, and Chicken looks quite innocent !

AngloLibyan said...

Thank you Trabilsia for your support. Yes I do want my children to be tolerant and respectable to other people's religions, this is how people like me & you grew up.
Chicken is a lovely cat, my kids adore her.