Friday, 19 January 2007

The Big Brother Saga!

In Britain at the moment the main headline news is not about Irag, it is about the reality show Celebrity Big Brother , its a bit like the Arabic program STAR ACADEMY, this program is usually broadcast few months after the main Big Brother show and lasts for about 3 weeks, Channel 4 which produces this program has been struggling for the past few years trying to find proper celebrities to take part but the program has been loosing in its viewing rates mainly due to the majority of unheard of or very minor celebrities that are taking part.
This year's show which started about 2 weeks ago must be the worst as most of the so called celebrities are almost unknown, the opening show attracted about 7.5 million viewers but then people in their millions stopped watching, that is until few days ago!
This years celebrities that are taking part include Leo Sir, Jermaine Jackson (Michael's brother)and Face from the A-Team, the rest are mainly minor celebrities and an Indian Bollywood actress who is very famous in India, Shilpa Shetty.

Shilpa Shetty

Up until few days ago no body cared about this program, then suddenly Channel 4 started to get complaints from the public, it was 200 complaints that made the story come to the news, now the number has exceeded 40,000 complaints, what was going on?? three of the minor contestants, all English females, started to bully Shilpa and gang against her, suddenly the ward racism and racists started to appear on the news, those 3 women have been accused of racial abuse and bullying, the news spread fast and suddenly there are demonstrations in India and they are burning effigies of Big Brother, the Indian government has complained, even Tony Blair the Prime Minister has spoken against what is happening in the Big Brother House, Ken Livingston the Mayor of London said that this is bad for the UK Morally & Financially as he said many people will be thinking that the British are racists and will stop coming to this country.

Of course after all this publicity suddenly the viewing figures for this program increased by millions so I thought I must watch it as well and see what is going on, I switched on Last night and was confronted with the worst case of bullying I have ever seen.
Shilpa the Indian actress is a very attractive, very well behaved, very rich and a very polite person who speaks perfect English is on one side.
On the other side we have complete trash consisting of the leader Jade Goody, who is a previous contestant few years ago on Big Brother who comes from a dysfunctional back ground but sort of made a name for herself and is known to appear on some TV shows, she was supported By Jo O'Meara who used to be the lead singer of the now defunct music group S Club 7 and is hardly a celebrity, the third culprit is Danielle Lloyd who's claim to fame is that she was Miss. England then got disqualified for her bad behaviour.
None of the people inside the Big Brother House know what is going on in the outside world as part of this game is to be cut out of the outside world completely. As I was watching I saw Jade attack Shilpa verbally with a language that I could not possibly write here, it was painful to watch, Jade's sidekicks were supporting her by laughing and saying the odd bad thing to Shilpa, the Indian actress behaved very well and did not go down to their level, as for racism I did witness some racist remarks such as "go back home", "go back to your Indian slums" and calling her Shilpa Poppadom but in a more colourful language. I myself do not think that these women are racists what I mean I do not think that any of them was enticing racial hatred, they are too dumb to do that, they just said few things without thinking, not that it makes it any better as they should be stopped, this bullying is far too much for anyone to cope with. I think most of the bullying is to do with the fact that Shilpa is a very successful, very rich & famous celebrity unlike any of them, it is jealousy plain and simple.

Jade Goody

I am not sure how this saga will end but one thing for sure, Channel 4 and the company that produces this program are laughing all the way to the bank, they got people watching Big Brother in their millions now, they do not care about anyone as they insisted that there was not much going on and that they would not interfere or get involved.

Jo O'Meara

Danielle Lloyd

In a week's time after the show is over, Shilpa Shetty will return to India, to her million of fans, she has definitely made more fans in the UK but unfortunately she will have bad memories of how she was treated by 3 white women, the 3 witches as they have been called in the press, who entered the Big Brother contest hoping to improve their status and their fame will come out very badly, I am sure no one would want to do anything with them as for Jade Goody, I would be surprised if TV channels continued to use her.

I have lived most of my life in the UK, racism does not exist here and it would be a shame if people around the world thought that all British people are like these lowly trashy women, this is one of the most tolerant countries on the planet and I think some of the publicity is not fair for this country's image.

Shilpa Shetty has got the sympathy of most of the British public so much so that now many people here want her to win the contest.

As I am writing this post I found out that the main sponsors of Celebrity Big Brother, Carphone Warehouse have suspended their sponsorship of the program, the Perfume Shop decided to stop selling Jade Goody's own Chavy perfume brand Shh.
Today the British public will have the chance to either vote Jade or Shilpa out of the house, obviously Jade is the favourite to leave, she will not have a nice reception once out, in fact many threats have been sent against her and I am sure she will have police guard for some time to come.
This story still dominates the news in the UK and has been reported by many other countries as well. The Saga continuous....
Update: Last night (Friday night) Jade Goody was evicted with 82% of the British public vote, instead of coming out to a huge live audience as normally done, she was taken straight to a studio to be interviewed live, where she found out that she nearly caused an International incident, I think this is the end for Jade as a celebrity.

Best wishes for a Happy New Hijri Year to Muslims all over the World


programmer craig said...

I read an article about this earlier today in the Guardian. It certainly sounded racist to me, the way it was being described. I agree with you, though, they probably don't realize they are being racist. They probably think it's normal to act the way they act.

AngloLibyan said...

yes PC, that is how I feel about it, they are well known for being dumb, it backfired on them.

Sereeb said...

Hello Anglolibyan,

It has noting to do with racism; it is a classic example of female bitchiness. Look at her, she is gorgeous and very intelligent and talented and very successful and those slugs are good for what!! Nothing. Of course they got jealous of her, tell me about it. I suffer from such bitchiness all the time. I remember once I was living in a hostel and these group of bitches ganged on me. (check my blog for the story). They made my life hell; even though one of them was a princess but she was as ugly as hell, Astghfiro-Allah. Don’t take me wrong, I never judge people on their looks because simply you don’t create yourself, plus I believe everyone is beautiful and what matter is what is inside, the personality. Sometimes you meet beautiful people and you fell in love with them, but the minute they open their mouths, you hate them. So, female jealousy and bitchiness is a lethal weapon and can really damage you. I personally get on well with males more than females, unless she is very intelligent, very confident and has a strong personality. الله يهدي الجميع

dania2004 said...

oh.. AL.. i was just going to post about it ,, but now i can`t beat you on how you described the show and the dilemma created...brilliant !!
i was watching (out of curiosity) the program since it`s first episode. the first few days, it was so nice everybody hugging everybody ,, until this Jade and her gang (mother and boyfriend ) showed up.. oh god .. she is such a low class person..big mouthed and loudy .. i heard Dirk (from the A-team) saying that he can`t understand one single word of what she say!!!
it didn`t take too much time for her to reveal her true face ,, and yes as you said it is total act of jealousy.. Shilpa is such an intelligent successful, hard wroking, well behaved and mannerd person ,, she got along so well with Dirk and Jermain despite the age difference cause they are like her educated and friendly ..
the first row was about a dinner she cooked (noticed shilpa cooked a dinner for them: nice gesture) , the girls started to complain about the undercooked chicken and Jade refused to eat her part with a disgust expression.. and then Jo and Dannielle started to talk about Shilpa and how she ate from Dirk plate with her hands ..Dannielle said : may be they eat like that in India ... buuuummmm!!! the first racial spark started...
few days ago (the fight you saw on tv) Shilpa was about to cook rice, she searched for her chicken cubes to discover that three cubes were missing ... she went to Jade and her group asking about these cubes saying that those were her only request in the shopping list.. and suddenly this ugly women started to shout giving bad wrods to the indian diva saying that if you are a princess in your country you must know that you are a norml person here so stop being fake and liar (see here is the point,, she cannot immagine that shilpa behaviour is natural ,, : total jealousy!!)
then Jade started to say some racial words like :go back to your indian slums !!,, and what the other two girls did : laughing and saying that she must go back home...
what a shame to see these things on the national TV.. after all Britain is a country of multicultural diversity.. and this indeed would affect its immage internationally...
i never felt any kind of racial behaviour from people here.. those girls surely do not represent the british majority .. but i blame the british public to give these stupid girls the opportunity to be celebrities...
anyway.. sorry for this long comment .. i think i will continue my discussion on my blog if i finished my assignments!!!
as always ,, your posts are very interesting, up-to-date and intertaining...
one last question: wwhere do Jade accent is coming from,, london?!!

Um Dania

AngloLibyan said...

Welcome back sereeb, looking forward to more posts about your recent trip.
As you must have read on my blog, I too do not think its racism, just plain jealousy and bitchiness as you describe it.
sorry for the way these nasty people treated you (Princess!! low class princess more like) I will check your archive for the story and thank you for your comment.

Um Dania, thanks a lot for your kind wards as usual and thank you for filling the gaps, I only watched the first one until 2 nights ago, now im hooked :o)
as you mentioned these silly girls are no celebrity and I am sure they will go down as soon as they are out of the house.
I am sorry for beating you to this story but I do hope that you still post about it, it would be interesting to read especially that you have been following it from the beginnning.

AngloLibyan said...

btw Um Dania
Jade is from Bermondsey in South London.
as for her dreadful low class mother, well a post dedicated to her would not be enough to describe what an awful person she is, no wonder she was the first to be evicted!

Lebeeya said...

There is no doubt the girls are bullying Shilpa because she's smarter, more attractive, and more dignified than any of them. They feel threatened. Maybe the show organizers were expecting this? They could be patting their backs for the newly earned viewership ;)

But we should realise that eventually it is a game where everyone is paid a lot of money to be a part of it and no one is into it forcefully :)

Lebeeya said...

Oh, I forgot to say Kul 3am enta bekhair :) Hope the this Hijri year brings more peace all around the world.

Safia speaks said...

Ahhh - you stole my blog entry!
I wanted to blog about that - in my own special Safia fashion.
Now I´m down to commenting only.

Even though I am 100 % woman I can assure you there is nothing as evil and deep biting as women competing on power. Men can compte, lose and then stay friends. Women keep beating on those lying down and they don´t stop until one of them is left standing.

This time they use racism to get a woman down. Another time they´d use maybe obesity, a nose job (!), upbringing in the wrong part of the country, whatever they can find as a weapon.
Shilpa happened to be Indian, and that´s the hair they started pullin´.

Women in a group, fighting for power. Now you know it!

Of course - and sadly - these women don´t realize they are making money for the men; i.e. the producers of BigBrother. If they had any brains - which they obviously haven´t - they would coax the producers for mo´ money. In stead they all loose, both their self respect and their REAL chance to get rich on TV - which is not winning the prize at all.

But alas, my female counterparts in the UK behave as obliviant to male matters (money) as women always seem to do.

AngloLibyan said...

lebeeya, show organizers are usually the only winners.
as you said it is a game and it is cheap TV but this time it made it to headline news.
Thank you inshAllah the same to you and your family for the New Hijri year.

oops, sorry Safia, you are the second person I have stolen their idea today but please do go ahead with it.
all you mentioned here I have seen these women do anyway most women are nothing like that.
I was going to post a YouTube video showing the big mother of all fights in the BB house but I could not do it as they have the uncensored version full of swear wards, Thank you Safia.

MaySoon said...

AngloLibyan, Happy Hijri Year to you and family and all bloggers :o)

Ema said...

and for you and the family a happy new hijri year in shaa allah.

Lebeeya said...

Anglolibyan, I am happy it made it to the headlines. Atleast it shows the world how many South Asian suffer in their daily lives. Not just in the UK, but everywhere else.

I wonder how I would be treated if I was in big brother ;)

Anonymous said...

AngloLibyan, Happy Hijri Year to you and family

AngloLibyan said...

Thank you Mayson, Ema & anonymous, best wishes to you and your families.

Lebeeya, I am sure that you would be a big hit in big brother and I am sure that you will be the winner and if you mention Shalfuta, you will get more votes for you :o)

Trabilsia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trabilsia said...

Dear Anglo,
Happy Hijri Year to you and your family!
Concerning the British being racist or not and I quote" I have lived in the UK,racism does not exist here.........."I mean really Anglo (nothing prsonal ) , I was taught in a British School and racism was always on the top of their agenda. We were as Libyans second class or lower and I only could get into this school due to being able to pay the school fee!These were the true Brits!Deliberate rudeness with a twisted mind and cold grin they would always have their say, to leave you not knowing what to reply. Reading between the lines became of the uttermost need No matter how hard a foreigner tried he was never to be of comparison to a Brit, a true blooded one that is!
In London nowadays one will not find many of these old fashioned sick people due to them not existing (died away)and newly immigrated European Brits taking their places . So at least the sick have died away leaving us with open minded Brits who do their best to not act as their pre-decessors did !
Again dear brother I only mean to ephasise a point and not to crticise you personally in any way and I thank you for sharing your post with us.

Saturday, January 20, 2007 10:39:00 AM

AngloLibyan said...

Dear Trabilsia, no critisism taken what so ever and you are always welcome to share yout thoughts & experiences, I think what you wrote is the reality in Britin these days, life has changed, attitudes changed, Britain is a multi cultural society now and very successful at that.
Best wishes to you and the family.

butterfly said...

عامك خير وعيدك مبروك انشاء الله

AngloLibyan said...

Thank you butterfly, same to you and your family & welcome to my blog.

DaMoon said...

ya3teha da3wa I don't like real TV shows; they make money out of people's pain, anger and half of the time pathetic behaviours.... "I am in a total hater mood"
P.S Maysoon teach me how to create my own blog!!!! I can't be that stupid
kul sana o intum taibeen

AngloLibyan said...

Thank you damoon and I know now that you are Mayson's sister, I have gone off Big Brother a long time ago because of reasons you mentioned. welcome to my blog and looking forward to your new blog.

DaMoon said...

Thanks Anglolibyan; I really want to create my own blog laken mesh 3arfa call me stupid if u wish...hehehe laken Maysoon had the hardest of times earlier trying to teach me few things online! Yallah we'll see how it goes
I am loving this Blog world :D

Anonymous said...

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