Monday, 15 January 2007

Saturday School

This Saturday was the first day for my children at their new Saturday Arabic School, my wife got a job as an assistant teacher there and so it was obvious that we would enroll them there, this school is run by the state of Qatar and is held at an academy, the premises are large and modern, the Arabic school is quite big, there are classes starting from Reception stage upwards, they charge a small fee per child and is a very busy school.
The children were not too keen to go to school on a Saturday as it is the weekend but we managed to explain to them that they need to learn Arabic since it has been few months since they left their old School which used to teach them Arabic as well, in this period they forgot quite a lot so I was really glad to find them a place in this popular school, as soon as we arrived I parked the car and decided to enter the school with them to have an idea, we walked in the reception area, both of my kids were understandably worried and were holding my hands tightly as it was their first day, then the worst thing that I could not even imagine happened! at the reception area there was a lot of parents and children, suddenly I saw this huge woman dressed in full Hijab & Aabaya charge towards a young girl of about 8 years while screaming at the girl at the top of her voice to put her hat back on! then she started hitting her with full force on her face and body this happened exactly as we entered, I was stunned, could not believe what was happening, my children squeezed my hands very tightly, this ghastly woman then turned around after she finished abusing that girl, she saw the look of horror on our faces, she smiled and said to us in Arabic Do Not Worry it is OK, she is my daughter, I would never hit a child that was not mine, I said no it is not OK to hit your child like this and in a public place, she did not answer me and just sat down and started gossiping to her friends, my wife told me that this woman is a TEACHER! at this school, I really was surprised at that, I mean I would never give her any job near kids, my wife said this woman would not be teaching our children, thank Allah for that, she really managed to scare my kids and I spent sometime explaining to them that this woman has nothing to do with them and that she would never come near them. I am sorry to say this but every race has good and bad, this one was definitely Arab Trash.
The school runs from 9:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon, they have breaks for a proper hot lunch and I am glad to say for Praying as they do get Islamic teachings as well, everything went well for the kids, they enjoyed the first day, my daughter sat next to a Libyan girl who is the daughter of a friend and they got on very well. Amir's first comment was that he liked the school but he couldn't understand a thing which made me laugh but he will get used to the language InshAllah, Aida can still write very neatly in Arabic but she still has difficulties reading it but I think we are doing the right thing for them even though it means having shorter weekends for them and extra hard work but that is the price that has to be paid if you come from a different culture, I wish them success InshAllah


life's cycle said...

good morning anglo , I enjoyed ur story while I was drinking my café in the breakfast before going to work , well good for u anglo to put ur kids in this school I think it is so imp for the kids to learn there own mother language that when u go to visit Libya will understand every thing there , keep on this even if they loss their half of weekend but not for nothing … good luck for your children ,,,,

Maysoon said...

AngloLibyan, good for you and good luck for them,

If I were you, I would've reported that lady!!! How could she! I mean "Do not worry, she's my daughter"!!??!! like YEAH she should feel her daughter more than any other kid... moron, sorry I got frustrated….

For the kids don’t worry after a while it will be like a fun place for them :o), My brothers used to go to Arabic school on Saturdays too, and it was like a place where they hang out with their Arab friends and had fun in addition to the learning experience.. ;o)

I wish them success too,

Peace out & God bless,

AngloLibyan said...

Thank you life's cycle and goodluck to you too, have a good day.

Maysoon, I thought about reporting her but there was a lot of teachers present and I heard that she behaves like this with her kids all the time, I am going to keep an eye on her and keep asking my wife about her, I am not sure if reporting her to the school is going to make any difference but I will not turn a blind eye on her, I will report her even to the police if I had to, we will see.
Thank you for your wishes and best of luck to you and Meral & family.

Lebeeya said...

Smilahi, if she treats her daughter hiki how will she treat the other children! I hope she isn't Libyan. Major 7ishma ba3dain.

Really glad your wife is there. Please tell her to 'accidently' beat that lady and then say "oh sorry, I thought u were my daughter!" ;)

its greeeeat your kids are going to Saturday School :) I used to go to Sunday school. They used to teach us "Ahmed thahaba ela Al Madrasa" (picture of little boy crossing the street, going to school" thats all I remember from that Sunday School. That, and the nice playground :)

Bless you, your kids, and your wife! and bless me for commenting! ;)

A.Adam said...

you reminds me of A teacher or School director here in Tripoli, very famous woman because of her anger mood,(Z,B) screaming hitting kids sometimes. lots of story about this woman, I think Khadijateri know her very good because we talked about her time ago.and here I assure you that your kids will be more better and I wish them success in everything.

AngloLibyan said...

No Lebeeya this woman is not Libyan.
you are so funny, only you can make everything seems funny :o)
bless you for commenting

a.adam, this Headteacher sunds scary. Thank you for your wishes.

Living Away said...

Learning a foreign language and having parents who speak this idiom as they first one is an opportunity that cannot be missed at all. Congratulation on your decision!

Unfortunately I failed in my kindergarten Arabic lesions last year…yeah, I need to take kindergarten again and I have a good chance to fail once more. I explain…I have this huge passion for Arab world since I was 6 years old and last year I decided to learn Arabic. I got some material and an online tutoring site from Canada, where I could find a wonderful kindergarten material. All the learning books I had got were already for someone who was introduced to the language already what was too much for me.
Anyway…I failed kindergarten!!!

About the woman who hit her daughter…. what an imbecile!!! Sorry for the word, but I can’t stand that!


AngloLibyan said...

Thank you Leandra.
Arabic is not easy to learn, well done on your decision and continuoue trying to learn, maybe one day, good luck with that and do not apologise about this horribl woman.
Have a nice day

Safia speaks said...

Does the school have a board?
I would report her.
Hitting pupils should never be neglected as a "little thing".
Even if the pupils are daughters and sons of a teacher.

I admit: even I have a weird urge sometimes to backhand a rude or "terrorist" kid in school, but of course, I never do. I remind myself that I am supposed to be the adult.
Obviously that teacher wasn´t.

Trabilsia said...

My Goodness what temper ...... and with children at that !

Sorry Anglo for a too long comment.

A similar incidence happened to me years ago, Anglo as well. One day as I was asked for to go school and I always go to ckeck up on the children, but this time it was diferent. It was official. So hubby and I set off after hearing out our daughter. As soon as we got to the school and introduced ourselves,teacher was in class , so we were asked to go to her ( she had forgotten she'd called us).As we approached the class to hear the teacher swearing, her head off, continuing still unaware that we were waiting for her!
She was so surprised to see us and said that our daughter was ok and that there was a slight problem of misunderstanding which caused her (the teacher)to leave the class due to asking my daughter to stand outside the class. As she refused, stating that passing teachers and other students would see her and think badly of her , a matter of high concern to my little young lady !So her teacher stated that she'd leave the class if my daughter wouldn't to which she didn't reply. So teacher left the class.
We answered that she (daughter) always complained personally and that there were great differences made between the pupils thus favouritism. To which the teacher obviously denied and said that she loved them all, at the same as she was hugging my little angel who was giving me the look ( yeah ,now cause my parents are here ) LOL.

AngloLibyan said...

Safia I do agree, we all get angry but we do control our temper as we are adults, if we cant then we should not work with other people especially children.
I am not sure if the school has a board but i will be keeping an eye on this teacher.

Thank you Trabilisia for sharing this story with us, your daughter is so funny for giving you that look :o)

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