Wednesday, 17 January 2007

This Really Happened!!

Staying on the theme of Saturday schools, I found out about this school this morning, it really is unbelievable and it happened here in the UK at a Libyan Saturday school:
A Libyan father took his children to the Libyan school in Bradford on Saturday morning as usual , the school day finishes at 4 in the afternoon every Saturday.
On that day he happened to be passing in front of the school at 2 in the afternoon when he noticed a group of Libyan children playing in the park that is situated next to the school, on closer inspection he was surprised to see that his children were there as well, the school and park are situated on a busy main street! He looked around but he could not see any teachers or adults with the children, he asked them what had happened and why they were there and not at school?? imagine how he felt when the kids told him that the school let them leave early today at 1 pm for some unknown reason, the school did this without telling the parents, they just opened the door and the children were let out, this is a primary school so we are talking about young children, understandably this parent was furious, he describes the area where the school is as crime ridden where any child could disappear and he said that the traffic is very busy only a short distance from where the kids were playing and Allah forbid an accident could have happened.
In this country, primary schools do not let any child out unless a parent or a guardian is there to take them home, what was the Headteacher of this school thinking??
This father is very angry and is trying to get some answers, this school broke the law, if this happens to my children, I would go to the highest authorities, I would go to the police, to the council, I would do everything I can to close it down until responsible people are found to run it, I do not only blame the useless Headteacher but even the more useless teachers, didn't any of them think that they should stay with the children!!

A message to the education authorities in Libya that are responsible for sending people to run Libyan schools abroad:


Hannu said...

I blame the parents too! They should report the school to the British authorities to prevent that from happening again. In the US, child endangering is a misdemeanor of the first degree and a felony if the child was actually harmed. Surely they treat it in a similar way in the UK.

AngloLibyan said...

hannu, they do treat this very seriously in the UK as well, of course this is a private school but still it committed a major felony, I am not sure if the parents are taking further steps but this father sent a letter to the Libyan embassy and it is posted in the letter section of, Libya News & Views website not that I believe it would be taken seriously by the embassey.

A.Adam said...

Thanks Allah that not any of kids were kidnapped or accident happened for them.
the parents of those kids must do what you gonna do if that happened to your children, I hope that one of them read your blog. about sending brains, I think there is no brains like before and we need good Libyan brains teach in Europe or any other place.

Hannu said...

I read the letter you mentioned. I'm sorry, but all I can say about that father is he's a coward! Why not write with his name? Why not take it personally to the Libyan embassy. And then, does he really think that the Libyan embassy or the school is the right place to complain, does he think they'd listen or take him seriuosly? That's what got us where we are!

I think you too should report that incident you witnessed at the Saturday school to the authority. You have a responsibility to do so. Keeping an eye on her or watching her is not good enough; let the authority keep an eye on her. Would you not report her if she did that to one of your kids?

programmer craig said...

In this country, primary schools do not let any child out unless a parent or a guardian is there to take them home, what was the Headteacher of this school thinking??

Is this new? I don't know about the US these days, but I never had a parent or guardian pick me up at school even once in my whole life! And the schools did let us out early from time to time, yes. I used to walk to and from nursery school when I was 3 years old. As did all of my friends.

programmer craig said...

Hannu, you live in the United States... are you saying that it's a crime for schools not to hold children in their custody until a parent or guardian comes to the school to pick them up?

Think about what you are saying!

Hannu said...


Yes, the schoold is responsible for the children during school hours and they have the "duty of care." According to Ohio code 2919.22, violating this duty of care is a midemeanor and becomes a felony if the child is harmed.

When were you in elementary school PC, 40 years ago? In the US, nowadays, you have to formally notify the teacher/school, if someone they don't know is picking up your child, especially for children ages 3 to 6. There are prescheduled early release days and still parents receive reminders days ahead.

programmer craig said...

I'm about the same age as you, Hannu.

Where did you go to school? I lived in Indiana (Bloomington) til I was 6, South New Jersey til I was 11, North New Jersey til I was 14, Southern California til I was 16 and New York City (Manhattan) til I was 18. Same same, everywhere.

Yes, the schoold is responsible for the children during school hours and they have the "duty of care."

And if they let school out early, is it still during 'school hours'?

I couldn't begin to list all the times I walked to school when it was snowing, and then walked home again because they declared a snow day soon after I arrived.

In the US, nowadays, you have to formally notify the teacher/school, if someone they don't know is picking up your child, especially for children ages 3 to 6. There are prescheduled early release days and still parents receive reminders days ahead.

I think you are mistaking what happens at the school you send your children to, with legal requirements. You are aware that most children in the US do not have anyone at all coming to pick them up from school? Would you require the schools to provide babysitting services for all those tens of millions of children, until a parent or guardian chooses to come and claim the child? My mother worked full time while my father went to Indiana University, and we had no family in the area. I would have been locked up waiting for my mother to get off work from about 7 in the morning til about 7 in the evening, 5 days a week. And what about people who work odd hours?

You're expecting the schools to do the impossible, and you're calling for legal action when they don't.

AngloLibyan, I would suggest this father contact the school authorities and see if he can make an arrangement with him to keep his kids after school until he comes to pick them up. I'm guessing they will do that for him (especially since it's a private school) but he has to ask.

Trabilsia said...

Very sorry to hear of such an incident .
By sending more brains is a good joke Anglo which you all know we lack, due to everybody leaving,learning and not returning to the homeland( sorry about this, nothing personal), but how dear brother when sent to teach and aren't equipped with any orientation programmes etc... offered them as they learn with trial and error which may be very costy at times ???? How can one expect certain behaviour of people who know no better ??????

AngloLibyan said...

Thank you a.adam, I am sure there are some well qualified people in Libya tht can do the job as long as WASTA (connections) is takn out.

Hannu, I agree that the man should have put his name, he has done nothing wrong, there is nothing to fear, regarding the other saturday school, I already asked to see the Headteacher next saturday regarding my kids and already decided to tell him about the incident.

PC, it is always nice to see you here. I am of simmillar age to you and went to schools in Libya where they were simillar to your schooling but now in the UK I was working for a primary school up until about a year ago, the school had very strict rules about picing up children which are typical of all primary school here, parents had to fill a form every year stating the names and details of people that are allowed to pick up the kids, any one not on that list will not be allowed near a child, all kids were kept inside the school gates at home time until thery are picked up, late parents were fined if it is repeated, there are after school clubs were kids can stay until their late working parents come, once on a heavily snowing day, the school had to phone every parent to tell them not to bring their children, so you see as hannu mentioned it is a very serious issue if you let kids out without telling the parents. Thank you for your contribution.

Dear Trabilsia, as mentioned to a.adam we all know tha Libya has people that can do the job, it is just a matter of picking the right people. thank you.

Trabilsia said...

Dear Anglo,
This tends to be a touchy subject due to it being concerned with children. Correct me if I'm wrong , but what about the parents do they not have anything to do with the school ??? Why is the blame put on Libya ? Why can't we fend for ourselves where concerns of our children are of the uttermost risk ???

Again I repeat I mean nothing personal towards any person or body. I'm just imagining the situation and trying to find a solution.

AngloLibyan said...

Dear Trabisia, I am only blaming the Libyan authorities because they employ these people, I am not sure what the parents think of this but I suppose most of them trusted the school to look after their kids, if Allah forbid anything had happened to any child then the parents are entitled to sue the school who is responsible in the first place who in turn answer to the Libyan Embassy, I think parents should make sure that responsible people are running the school or they should take their children to another school.

Trabilsia said...

Aha.. now we're talkiing.
When one (a parent)sees that a certain school whether in England or else where does not comply with certain values, prorities, rules, behaviour etc ,one should seek elsewhere. I know it's easier said than done my friend but even to expect our Libyan Authorities to send better qualified people etc. is purely out of the question due to lacking in teachers and management which is a great problem we face in everyday situations and have accustomed
ourselves to expect the unexpected ! I'm glad that nothing happened to the kids. It's pure BARAKA like everything else that works out or is done by Libyans! Allah always helps us out ALHAMDULILAH.

Ema said...

This parent has all the reasons to be one knows what might have happened...
this is what Libyan schools are like in the UK.. so you can imagine how they are here!!!

AngloLibyan said...

Thank you Trabilsia for your input.

Ema, this is very unfortunate, I hope inshAllah things get better, thank you.

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