Wednesday, 24 January 2007

The Untouchable Policewoman

It seems here in Britain we have a story about Muslims living here in the news non stop, the latest damaging story is about the newly qualified Muslim policewoman, to be honest I have had it with those so called Muslims that are only damaging the image of Islam and are giving the gutter press the opportunity to attack our religion even more and as I said before how can we blame the press and media when our own so called brothers & sisters are fueling the situation and causing even more hatred and contempt, is this ever going to stop or are we going to continuously be bombarded by some Muslims that use a very intolerant form of Islam that would never work in the west? is there a way to stop these people interpreting Islam in a way that is just for their own benefit but is damaging to the majority of good proper law abiding Muslims.
The latest story, is that this woman insisted on her graduation ceremony that she would not shake the hands of Britain's top police officer, Mr. Ian Blair and her reasons for that is because she is a Muslim woman and therefore she is forbidden to touch men other than close relatives, understandably Ian Blair was furious with her but did not want to cause a seen.
I will not discuss if she is right about saying that or if she is wrong, that is not my point. I used to pass a police college here in London when driving and I used to see some of the training the recruits have to go through and it really is very physical and hard work, so when this lady joined the police did she have her training supervised by women only? did she only had physical contact with women only? I really do not think so and how can she explain her job to people? I am sure everybody will be thinking what a waste of time and resources spent on this woman, I mean I can imagine her being called to a bank robbery and when she gets there she finds two male robbers, Oh my God, MEN, What is she going to do?? she might say to one of them, excuse me Mr. Bank Robber but I am a Muslim policewoman and I am not allowed to touch you or your mate, could you please take these handcuffs and put them on your friend and then cuff yourself as well and do not come near me until a male police officer arrives, thank you Mr. Bank Robber.
How ridiculous is that? what was she thinking when she applied to become a policewoman and don't you think she cheated her employers by not disclosing this before they accepted her?If this lady or any other lady believe strongly about being touched by males then that is their own business and they are entitled to have this belief but do not apply to jobs that require physical contact, do not bring my religion into this unproductive criticism, find another suitable job, recently we had the teacher who insisted on teaching children in a Christian school wearing a NIQAB now we have the police woman that will not touch anyone, what is next??

Please Note: the pictures I have used have nothing to do with this policewoman.


Finally winter has arrived in London

It has snowed heavily last night, London woke up this morning to a beautiful covering of snow, there is something magical about snow that is loved by the young and the old even though it does cause travelling misery on the roads and trains still people enjoy it and feel good about it.

My car this morning

The kids on their way to the dentist this morning


Lebeeya said...

If she won't even shake someone's hand, does that mean she will leave a man to die who needs mouth to mouth resucitation? lol

She's clearly in the wrong job :) as a policewoman, she must not separate herself from the community by refusing to shake hands with everyday people she hopes to build trust and confidence with.

I think the best solution for this lady when a man offers to shake her hand would be by saying, "oh sorry, I just picked my nose...can't shake right now" (of course she does not want to lie either, so she should pick her nose every 5 minutes or so.)

The snow and your kids look nice :)

AngloLibyan said...

lebeeya, again only you can make everything seem funny :o)
thank you for your support and kind words and for making all of us laugh Allah bless you.

MaySoon said...

Such people are damaging the image of Islam and Muslims with their stupid actions. I suggest she starts wearing gloves so she can actually shake hands with men, is that acceptable though?
Btw I love the picture you presented about her arresting Mr. Bank
I seem to miss the snow! Nahhhh, and poor kids they went to the dentist :o( I am still hiding from mine :oD

AngloLibyan said...

I do not think that the police here should give her any more allowances, she should either get on with her job or get out.
Aida had a tooth extracted and Amir had a filling so apart from the snow they didnt have a good morning, thank you Maysoon.

Safia speaks said...

That was my thought, too. How would she apprehend a robber? Hm....perhaps she uses her gun; then she won´t need to touch him?!

No, really, what is wrong with wearing gloves?

I think it´s also a question of niyaa - why would i touch a man´s hand? Because he turns me on, or because I want to hold him from running away?
Maybe that news story is not how it was; we all know how some boulevard papers like to excaggerate.

My kids love the snow, too. But when I am working at the school, I hate snow because at recess everybody finds me game in the school yard trying to hit me with snow balls during the 15 minutes I´ll have to stand guard. And then there´s the icy coating of the pavement - I slipped and fell to the amusement of everybody else.

Summer, please come!

AngloLibyan said...

Safia, the story is very real and it was reorted by the BBC and all major news and newspapers, here isone

slipping on snow, that happened to me, many times I ended with a sore bottom!

Trabilsia said...

Ahhh.....London and snow !I truly miss London and hope to go this year INSHAALLAH.
Hope Aida and Amir catch up with the snow and have fun while it lasts!
Thanks for an interesting story.
I believe that the policewoman should change her job. Cause like Lebeeya said what if she were to give mouth to mouth or has to handcuff men then what??? About shaking hands a choice would be to to wash her hands after every shake or wear gloves ! I have to deal with men young and old, but living in a Moslem society is easier.When I was abroad , I used to shake hands with gentlemen who offered but never handed out my hand first, thinking it rude not to shake, leaving his hand dangling! Ah... but then again where do we draw the line, and which society/religion over powers the other ???Should we follow our religion or obey the cultural rule of etiquette??? Sorry for the long comment,but you got me hooked on a topic that is quite a concern for us ladies!Thanks Anglo.

white african said...

this really got to me, espcially when where living in such times when the finger is forever being pointed at us, it makes her look silly and the rest of us as well and people really do paint others with the same brush.

i remember i had to shake prince charles hand, cameras where every where, could you imagine the impact i would have caused if i had said ' nope i aint shaking your hand mr prince' my god it would have been a disaster.

there is something called assessing the situation and coming out with results that will please all parties.

the issue for her is not shaking hands, its more about the right job she should enter for her mentality.

thanks for blogging about this :)

AngloLibyan said...

I hope you do come here this year inshAllah Trabilsia.
I think as Safia said its to do with Niyya, sh can as you said do Wudu afterwards, our religion is easy but embrassing men that culturally shake hands with women is rude. Thank you for your comment.

Yes whiteafrican we really do not need more bad publicity and we do not need silly Muslims doing silly things. She should work somewhere else.

You shook hands with Prince Charles! wow did you ever wash your hand afterwards, just joking :o) I am proud that a Libyan got to be there, well done.

A.Adam said...

nice picture I wonder when winter will arrive here in tripoli I mean it is rained only for a couple of days and since then no rain, and I love rain but no snow because, you have a another job to do when you find out your car completely covered by snow.
I hate policewoman because here in Libya they can do what men can't do for you and for a moment you found yourself in big trouble,you can't deal with them truly. but what you mentioned, I agree with every one here. Get another job

Brave Heart said...

Good issue LA,but i have a point we can't believe all what the news said especially when it comes to Muslims. i've read about this issue as well but i cant judge because i think there are some missing links as u said she must had a training which involve a physical contact and now she refuse why ??? here the lost ring i think we must wait to know from her first after that we can judge , i think u still remember what is happened with the two brothers in Algate -London last year its the same story after few month all the newspaper give an apology for them.
i do believe there are some Muslims they destroy every thing by stupid actions like the nikabi teacher,but shouldn't give the right to anybody to attack Islam and Muslims.
finally i'm totally agree with lebeeya" If she won't even shake someone's hand, does that mean she will leave a man to die who needs mouth to mouth resucitation?"
thanks again for this issue

Libyano said...

I dont know what to add because you already said everythign I had in my mind when I heard about this woman , she pissed me off so much because she made fool of us as muslims , how can you be a policewoman and refusing to touch guys , it's right what she did because muslim women shouldn't shake hands with foreign men but why she got herself into all this , is she that dump or what , it's like me wanting to work as a bartender but sorry guys am not gonna sell any alcohol cos it's haram :S , people like her makes us look like fools .
I miss snow so much cos it's connected to my childhood memories ,if you can save em some snow in a jar till you come to libya that would be great :) .

Hannu said...

It seems we're on the same wave with the winter. Ours just arrived on Sunday--finally!

As for that sh**head policewoman, those incidents and issues have been chewed and chewed and chewed and I'm sick and tired of hearing about them or even discussing them. You know what: العتب على كبير العقل those who treated her with respect and let her into the police academy in the first place! Morons!

Gheriani said...

Really like Libyano said 'what to add?'. Was she creating some cinema? Was she really serious? The whole situtation is funny.
I believe that Sheik Hamza's dogma of Islam is not the same that enlightened the East and West one day. What's wrong with us?

DaMoon said...

Would she be able to become a policewoman in her home country? Exactly, I don’t think so. Might as well enjoy/appreciate what you’ve become and don’t ruin it; set a good example at least…Yallah hada 7alna!
I am loving the weather in Tripoli so alhamduliallah...I do miss the snow but living in Canada made me sick of it :s

AngloLibyan said...

a.adam, clearing the snow from the car is hard work especially on a freezing morning ut the kids love it, thanks for your comment.

braveheart, this policewoman refused to be photographed or interviewed, she could have done that to clear the issue, I totally agree that the gutter press exadurates & lies but by refusing to talk she is making it worse, thank you for your good points.

Libyano, I agree totally, I have nothing against her beliefs but to embarass her boss like that is not on, no one forced her to become a policewoman.
I am afraid all the snow has melted now :o(

winter has been very mild this hannu everywhere I think.
like you I am sick & tired of these so called Muslims especially here in the UK where they are comig up with a lot of "poo" all the time, they deserve no respect from anyone. Thanks hannu.

Gheriani, she was very serious about it for sure, maybe she was a follower of Abu Hamza!!
Thank you fo commenting.

damoon this policewoman has been described as non Asian Muslim! I am not sure what that means, it could mean an Arab or African or even a white convert.
Snow here is nothing like Canada, check the pictures on Life's Cycle blog, they might make you miss the snow in Canada :o)

Living Away said...

I’m trying to post this comment for like 2 days and my computer turn off suddenly!
Let see if I can do it now!

I didn’t know if I laughed or if I cried with this post. Imagining any police, being man or woman, asking “…Mr. Bank Robber please take these handcuffs and put them on your friend and then cuff yourself” is simply amusing!

I mean, reading it’s very funny but not in real life for sure. I wonder the troubles of any professional that has chose a career and can’t perform it properly for very strong beliefs!
It must be a huge conflict!

I do agree with you Anglo, and my point of view is from someone who has no religion and that respect, defend and read a lot about Islam!

I think that Switzerland in a winner! It snowed much more here!!

And thank God I finally posted it!!


AngloLibyan said...

Thank you Leandra for your support.
yes you did have a lot more snow than we did, ours melted within few hours not to be seen again :o(

Highlander said...

Anglo Libyan, yes I was reading all about her on the metro rag paper. If she was Arab they would have said it plainly I believe. The fact they say non-Asian means one thing to me - she is a white convert. I'm not trying to be biggoted as I know there are Arabs and other Muslims who do not shake hands... but that is how it looks to me . So most probably although she claims not wanting propaganda, this looks like a calculated propaganda move. Otherwise how come she went for the training anyway ?

Your kids are ever so sweet :) and I missed the snow in London by one day I think !!!!

life's cycle said...

dear anglo , fist of all i am so happy for the snow that u had , if u see our snow it is 40 cm over here in newfounland and until now we had three bad storms , well any way enjoy the snow .
well i believe that women have thier own jobs amd men have their own jobs , i think that woman did something wrong .
any way we will see what will happened !!!!!!!!!

AngloLibyan said...

highlander, of course you might be right on the other hand we have some Muslims here that are coming up with behaviour that is only harmful to Muslims.
thanks for your kind comment and the snow only lasted a day.

life's cycle, we only had snow for a day now back to mild winter again, thank you for commenting.

Lebeeya said...

Shilpa Shetty won! lol

Sorry I know this has nothing to do with this post, but I was just reading the newspaper and when I saw the news, I thought about you!

AngloLibyan said...

yes Shilpa won the celebrity big brother, I think it was the British public saying sorry for the behaviour of 3 of its girls, that is good for Britain.

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