Friday, 23 February 2007

40 Winks are Good for You

It is official, taking an afternoon nap maybe good for your heart especially for young men as a six year study in Greece found out. The study found that taking a 30 minutes siesta at least 3 times a week would lower the chances of a heart related death by 37%! This study also found out that napping might help you to relax and reduce your stress levels. Apparently countries where siesta is common have a lower level of heart disease, this applies to the Mediterranean countries mainly. Many stressed people would be tempted to have an unhealthy behaviour such as smoking or unhealthy eating, napping is the best solution and it is healthy.
Even though I have been living here in the UK for many years, I think that afternoon napping is in my blood, there really is nothing better than a short sleep if I can get away with it, usually around 3 in the afternoon I get so sleepy that I can hardly keep my eyes open, if I am not at work then I would certainly go to bed and enjoy every minute of it. I have a colleague here at work who comes from Egypt, he would fall asleep at his desk every afternoon, real deep sleep with snoring sometimes, I am a light sleeper so I only manage short few seconds of sleep at a time and always wish that my bed was here, as I always say to my friends, there is no better invention than a comfy warm bed, priceless! So if you are caught napping by your boss just tel him/her that you were just having a healthy moment and need to look after your heart.


Libyano said...

Our prophet Mohamed (SAAWS) said قيلوا فان الشياطين لا تقيل

and as you said the afternoon napping is in our blood ,even for few minutes it's always refreshing and restarts your brain .

life's cycle said...

i miss the afternoon napping soo much , when i was in Libya i was always take my nap at 3pm , but now especially when i started my new work , i miss my nap so so much that i work from 9 to 5 and i get one hour for lunch break where i go home to cook for our dinner rather then taking nap .... any way it is really in our blood , and when i will go to visit to libya i will take all the naps that i need ;p

cofman said...

Good subject Anglo,
In my case if I sleep during daytime then my program for the whole day is in trouble, my body clock will be disturbed unfortunately

Ema said...

The siesta is in the Libyan blood, even the streets get empty from 3 to 5 pm, and all the shops close.
it's almost dead except some few who aren't afraid of " 3'ulat elgayla" lol

ياسمين حميد said...

The Japanese have official siesta times at work!

I used to sleep for an hour or so every afternoon back home, but here in Germany the whole daily schedule is different, so I stopped sleeping during daytime.
Strange thing: every time I visit home for holidays, I get very tired at 3 and have to make a siesta, although I don't sleep less in the night than in Germany. Must be the weather...

AngloLibyan said...

thank you libyano for the prophets Hadith.

life's cycle, i work same hours like you and only get to nap on my chair for few seconds but i do it at weekends always.

cofman, its true that afternoon nap can give you the rats and make you very grumpy but thats normal, its very libyan :o)

thanks Ema, I have not heard this term in ages :o)

Yasmin, welcome to my blog, I still get very tired at 3 even here in London.

Safia speaks said...

The concept of a quick snor at work is called power napping

and it has shown in research to boost concentration and strenghten endurance.

As a kid I absolutely hated it when we had to sleep in the afternoon because I was never sleepy during the day and have a hard time falling asleep when the lights are on.

This is because I "suffer" (although I don´t mind) from some sleep disorders; as soon as I sleep I go into REM sleep, contrary to most people whos REM sleep doesn´t occur before after an hour of deep sleep.

My daily "siesta" at 3 pm consists of an hour on the sofa in front of "Dallas" - after this, I am very fresh and have retained my energy - but sleeping? No way. It just doesn´t work for me.

MaySoon said...

Anglo, you really made me laugh about the Egyptian guy, good for him he's taking good care of his heart lol

Well, most of the days I don't nap, but when I do it is only for 10 mins, and wake up fresh and can carry on with my day.

AngloLibyan said...

thanks Safia and your 3pm nap in front of Dallas sounds good to me :o)

Maysoon, apparently even 10 minutes is good for you, thats probably what i get at work as well.

Living Away said...

oh god...i envy so much who knows how to sleep!!!
also i always envied my friends who could take a nap in teh mom never allowed us. even saturday mornings we must be up 7:00 am to wait for our grandparents, her parents, to salute him. we hated that so much that it became a huge trauma in our lives. and take a nap was extremely forbidden!
siesta is a very healthy and relaxing and i wish i could get the habit now...i have tried and it didn't work out for me...
i'll talk to my mom about it for sure tonight!!!
thanks anglo!!

AngloLibyan said...

dont be hard on your mother :o)
I am sure she meant well, actually I think many mothers hated the idea of napping, thank you living away.

A.Adam said...

what if I'm fall sleeping at 8 am on my desk... I have nothing to say to my boss then, I'll start take my nap from tomorrow even for 15 minutes.
Thank you Anglolibyan

lovelytripoli said...

I think after getting so tried from have to take a few times sleeping.
sometimes i sleep more then 2 hours.after hard work with the kids.i cant` have my napping for just 10 moments..
about catsh guys having them Nappling in diffrent places, i remember when we re going to uk nest year,there was an england old man sitting next of my mother,he was got his Napping after he sit on his cheir also we was hearing some nossiy but we me and mom said how he could have this deep sleep in here. and we said sa7 leidah..loooooooooooooool
The laughing thing that he was the intended .Fat man and very big and no doubt that those figures may Siesta preaching or relieve him on the trip.LOOOOL

AngloLibyan said...

a.adam 8am is too early for a nap :o)

thanks lovelytripoli for ths funny story :o)

Trabilsia said...

Anglo ,
I don't know what to make of this ???I've commented several times all to no avail. This new beep.............. blogger version is driving me mad !

Here we go again !

I absolutely must have a 10-15 min. nap at around 15.00 (as I always get up early,5.30 am)before I go back to work for the pm session which ends at 20.00.
The nap refreshes my mind and soul and is something I grew up, with which I also have and am proud to say passed on to my kids.

Anglo, as usual dear brother you have come up with an excellent topic of discussion and I thank you .
May Allah bless you.

Hare is a link ,I found of interest you might want to look up ,

AngloLibyan said...

Dear Trabilsia, thank you for your kind words and the Link.
I am glad you enjoy your nap after all you do have a very long working day.

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