Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Bunny Rabbit

My kids have been nagging me to buy them a bunny rabbit for some time now but I have always said no mainly because both of them have a medical condition that can get worse from contact with furry animals, my daughter Aida has Asthma and my son Amir has Eczema. They both know that I can not get them a furry pet for these reasons but still they beg from time to time and promise that they will look after it and clean its hutch blah blah blah, of course they will not do anything like that if I buy them the rabbit.
This brought to me memories of my first ever pet when I was a child and living in Libya, I have 3 brothers and we used to nag our parents to get us a pet, our mother did not like cats & dogs very much and always refused but after so much nagging they both agreed to buy us a rabbit, my father (Allah bless his soul) got this very big box and filled it with hay and put it out side, it was to become our rabbit's home, he then brought home this beautiful white rabbit which we liked a lot, it was not a dog or a cat which were our first choice but still we thought the rabbit is good, we never gave it a name, I do not know why but it seems in Libya then you only named dogs and cats other animals didn't have any names! We looked after the rabbit and we used to take it out of its hutch and play with it, it used to run inside the house but my mother always insisted that we cleaned after it which we did, this rabbit had a favourite place which was behind the guests sitting room sofa which is a room that my mother was very proud of and always kept closed unless we had guests, she did not like the rabbit being there but we used to tell her that we took it out and put it in its hutch this carried on for few months until one day...
My mother went in the guest sitting room to give it a good spring clean, she moved the sofa to clean behind it and shock disaster, there was a hole in the wall, dug by our sweet rabbit while it spent long periods relaxing under the sofa, my mother screamed that this had to stop, she said to my father that the rabbit will have to go or she will go.
My brothers and I liked this rabbit and just could not imagine it leaving the house so we started to think where would our mother go??
Next day we all sat round the dinner table, my brothers and I were very quiet, my mother was pleased and my father started to serve dinner, it was Rice & ROAST RABBIT!! we did not want to eat our pet, we were upset, my father enjoyed every piece of it, all we had was some rice.

Enjoy your Dinner!


life's cycle said...

dear anglo i really loughed so much when u and ur brothers started to think where ur mom could go ??? i imagined u all three lovely boys loves thier rabbit , u remind me of a similar story so similar , that we one day when we were young as u and ur bro me and my sis wanted to have a cat so then my dad brought us a cat and we named her Anber , and mom was not that happy for this cat , then after a week the cat started to scratch the sofa and as ur mom in the living gust room whee mom always close that room and so proud of it , and when she notice that she took the action and told dad to bring a box and take the cat out and away , and here where we started to cry but he did it because mom was soooo angry and he knew she is right .well for ur children they will forget about haveing a pet after many no answering and as u said thier health is most imo than any thing else .

Lebeeya said...

*eyes you suspiciously* I now have my doubts that your family has something to do with shalfuta's disapperance ;)

I am sorry about your rabbit. I once had a white rabbit when I was yuonger but it died. I dont remember how but I was very upset. I remember once we had this deek (rooster) for a couple of days, it was so cute.. then my dad slaughtered it (it wasnt cute anymore). My mom then made bazeen with it! *cries*

(fill in the blank)

Bazeen with your pet's meat is _________

1. Yummy
2. Ewwwww
3. Pet? What is a pet?
4. other

MaySoon said...

Yah Rabbits are cute, let me tell you this, Mom once got us a bunny (not that we wanted it, but we ended up loving it) She was at a pet market, she liked it so she got it for us, it was a bit dirty, so Mom asked the guy if she can give it a shower his answer was yes sure it'll enjoy a shower, of course you can guess what happened next, the poor thing died, and Mom thought she was giving it a luxurious shower using Baby Johnson’s :o(

Trabilsia said...

Thanks for sharing your past experience with us ,had a good laugh Anglo.
You reminded me of about 5 weeks ago Tarek (my son ) brought in a very cute rabbit, I asked him who'd take care of it to which he answered 2-3 days most and it'll be our Thursday night Bakbooki !
I looked at the rabbit and couldn't quite see him in a pot being cooked and then eaten by my son and his friends ( tres sauvage). So I said no way was he to eat this bunny and I'd pay him for the pet !!!
The rabbit stayed and my daughters also developed a great attachment as well. He was out lose and every morning would come to the door get on his paws look me in the eye and litterally ask for food.I grew fond of our new pet.....
Being very busy and always running back and forth I failed to notice that my little pet was destroying my garden until one day came to find him sitting on my big favourite pot of geraniums chewing up everything in sight ( took me a lot of time to care for)that the decision that Bugzy had to go....... Hubby and son wanted to have him for a meal ,to which hurt as I was couldn't come to terms with. So Bugzy was taken to my mother -in law : slaughtered ,skinned, and left in vinegar overnight for the next day's bazeen (Friday ). It was a sad day for me and the girls where no -one mentioned a word about Bugzy's whereabouts and what had become of him!!!

Sorry for the long comment.

AngloLibyan said...

life's cycle, I have 3 brothrs so there are 4 of us :o)
It seems all of us had a simillar exprience, thanks you for sharing and I did enjoy your birthday post, wonderful.

Lebeeya, I swear I was thinking about you when I wrote this post and I didnt want to say that dead rabbits look like cats because I did not want to upset you, I have rarely eaten rabbit,something about their dead bodies, they really look like dead cats, not very apetizing.
You know my answer to that question, I did not eat my rabbit :o(

Maysoon, what a sad story (sorry I am laughing) thanks for sharing.

Tabilsia, again most of seem to have a rabbit story and yours is very recent! poor Bugzy, at least he had a name :o)
thanks for this input to the rabbit stories.

Safia speaks said...

Like Stephen King said: the horrors of real life are much more scary than the horrors in the books!

I´m glad to read that you´re able to remember the incident with the rabbit with a sense of humor.
What a horrible death: condemned to the dinner table!!!

white african said...

lol i was not expecting that ending. poor you.

th eonly pet we where allowed where gold fish and budgies, my mum fears anything not human.

i once broght a hedghog home in a box, lets just say my mother was not impressed.

AngloLibyan said...

thank you Safia & whiteafrican :o)

Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...

Pets be it cat, dog, rabbit or anything for that matter are a good tool for parents to teach hard lessons to their children. Responsability is the first one that comes to mind. But there are many, the hardest one is teaching kids that all things die. And how we handle those emotions.

I never want a pet again. It is very hard for me when they die.

DaMoon said...

Awwww, poor thing, just today I realized how much I miss having a pet; coming back from my dentis app I parked da car and I was going upstairs and saw 2 dogs "labs" they are bomb dogs that's why they were around the Corinthia securtiy crap, anyho I was patting one of them so cute so fulffy; and then I saw ur post Anglolibyan; and remembered my bunny Mocca that I set free cuz I kept forgetting to feed him :(

AngloLibyan said...

that must be hard Chatalaine,it is true that pet can teach kids responsibility, thank you for your comment.

I like dogs too, Damoon but I prefer more docile breeds like Golden Retrievers, didnt I say that most of us have a rabbit story, sorry about Mocca

Living Away said...

oh my god, i never saw such a story/scene outside books or movies!
it really happened to you???
i'm so sorry!!!

AngloLibyan said...

living away no need to be sorry, as you see from other comments, its sort of normal to eat an edible pet such as rabbit or chicken :o)