Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Global Voices

For the past few weeks I have been reading this new blog by a Libyan female on Global Voices, this blogger, Fozia Mohamed, usually blogs on Mondays and what she is actually doing is writing about what other Libyan bloggers have been saying the previous week prior to her post, it is like a highlight of some of the Libyan blogs, it can be very interesting reading what she thinks of our topics.
Go on log on her blog and check if you have been included in one of her posts, you might be surprised, do check all previous posts, she only started at the end of December 2006.

Global Voices Online - The world is talking. Are you listening?


MaySoon said...

Very intersting indeed, thanks for sharing :o)

AngloLibyan said...

you are welcome Mayson, nice to see one of your posts highlighted there :o)

Lebeeya said...

According to my face, this is so interesting. Thank you for sharing :)

piccolina said...

weeee i found my self there lol thank u for sharing anglo that was nice :)

AngloLibyan said...

Lebeeya & Piccolina, you are both welcome.

Fozia Mohamed said...

Anglo Libyan and every body here you are all welcome. I am surprised to find myself featured, did not think anyone noticed. Thank you!

AngloLibyan said...

nice to see you here Fozia Mohamed, of course we noticed :o)
I have been following your blog since you started. keep it up & thank you.

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