Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Mother & Child Day in Libya

Today Libya celebrates Mother's Day, I would like to wish my mother and all mothers everywhere a very Happy Mother's Day.
For some reason Libya celebrates both Mother's and Children's Day on 21 March which is a bit weird, I remember when I was young my mother on Mother's Day would tease us and tell us to be extra nice to her, to which we answer its Child's Day too so be extra nice to us. Another thing I remember, my parents used to take me and my brothers on this day to watch the Fancy Dress Parade which used to go through the streets of central Tripoli, I used to like all those colourful costumes, is this still going? I wonder! anyway I would like to wish a Happy Child's Day to all of our kids too, May Allah bless all mothers, fathers & children.

A special Happy Mother's Day wish to all blogging mothers:


Safia Speaks

Khadija Teri

Um Dania

Libyan Violet




This is for you, for my mother and mothers everywhere:


MaySoon said...

Thanks AngloLibyan, that was so sweet, I would like to wish happy Mother's Day to all fellow mother bloggers and Happy Children's Day to all of your chioldren too..

The parade you asked about is not going on any more...

AngloLibyan said...

Happy Mother's Day ya Maysoon.

shame about the parade, it used to be so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

كل عام وامنا الحبيبة وكل الأمهات بخير ان شاء الله
وهناك عادات جميلة كثيرة كانت موجودة فى بلدنا عندما كنا صغار انتهت مع الأسف

cofman said...

yes, for libyan mothers I could think of nothing to say to express how I feel – speechless wallahi

DaMoon said...

Happy mother's day & Happy sghar day as well... I remember one of the 3eed ettefel zman they dressed me up as a pakistani and I totally passed for one!! I still do!...acha acha hehe

AngloLibyan said...

Thank you Fadi and Ameen to that.

cofman, i know how you feel, best wishes to your family.

Damoon same to your family :o)

Curious said...

I have read on your Blog the comment that everyday should be a mothers day. It is true, but it is always nice to have something out of the usual routine. Celebrating your mom even if it is not on the 21, having a special day on your own where you make your mom a nice gift or take her out for a nice trip or a picknick. Being a mom on my own now i know what my mom went through.

I wanted to ask you something out of the post, your movie is done with Windows movie maker or not? I have tried several times to upload a video to you tube, but i couldn't, the type of video is not right. Can you help me out?

AngloLibyan said...

hello curious, welcome to my blog and happy mother's day.

yes i used win movie maker, after you finish your project, save it then you have to go to Movie Tasks and Finish Movie (save to my computer option) then you can upload to youtube.
if you check Tripoli Nights (Beacon) blog, he has a tutorial there, good luck.

Curious said...

Thank you, i was finally able to publish the video and to put it on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, it is my favourite song ever. Every time I hear it, I cry :(
And your daughter is a replica of your mother, subhan-Allah.


piccolina said...

happy chlidrens day to your childrens " since they r libyans !" and happy mother's day to all the mothers :)

AngloLibyan said...

you are welcome ya curious

Sereeb, I bet it was a "full of happy memories" cry :o)
you are right, little Aida is a replica of big Aida, thanks a lot.

thanks piccolina for the wishes, same to your family :o)

Happymoi said...

Happy mothers day and children's day...

ahh too am not a child anymore ahh..and im not a mother either...So happy day for people like me anyways!! HEHE

Happy Children's day to your kids and all kids.And happy mother's day to your mother and all mothers.

Trabilsia said...

I hate this blogger grrrrrrr......
but then I count to 100 to calm and say to myself (not gone crazy yet! )it's the only way to communicate to our ever increasing extended family. I don't know how many times I've commented and all to no avail.....sigh.....

May Allah bless all the mums and children in the world.And Anglo may Allah bless your mother , for without her we would've not had you dear brother .

Anglo I thank you for your kind words, and wish your lovely family the best. May Allah bless you all.

I spent most of today with the TMC mother's of cancer stricken children as it's Mother's and Children's Day here in Libya. It was an experience I will never forget and I thank all our young Libyan doctors who made me very welcome and were a great help. I will post all ASAP.

AngloLibyan said...

happymoi, you will always be your family's child, no matter how old! so Happy Child Day :o)
and best wishes to your family.

Trabilsia, first Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother.
Thank you for your ever so nice words and I am and im sure all of us are proud of you and everyone that took part in TMC's day for sick children, I really cant wait to read all about it. Allah bless you all.

white african said...

i went to my mother and kissed her hand and forehead today after reading your blog, thank you for the reminder of the ever wonderful mothers that we have and that we dont really appreciate as much as we should.

Living Away said...

Happy mother's day to your mother Anglo and to all mothers in Libya!

By the Brasil, mother's day is on second sunday of may.

BuJ said...

Very nice of you A.Libyan!
Happy mother's day to all!
I get very confused between the dates in the UK and UAE! Never get it right, which is why I focus on mamma's birthday :)

AngloLibyan said...

whiteafrican, I am sure you made your mother's day.

welcome back livinaway and thank you for your wishes, I will wish the same to Brazilian mothers in May :o)

Best wishes to your Mother too Buj and thank you.

Safia speaks said...

Thank you, AngloL, for the nice message to all the mothers.
Mother Safia is somehow busy these days slapping lawsuits around. That is the reason for my temporary silence on my blog. But it won´t be long before regular blogging will be back inshallah.
Only I´m afraid the trip to Turkey is off. One of the people being slapped with a lawsuit by me is my boss - I´ve quit from my job yesterday when I found out he had been babbling to the press, adding fuel to the recent political controversy about me. That´s when I thanked him for 8 years of hard work and threw the keys on his desk. Istanbul or no Istanbul, there are limits for everything.

...and so I have much time to do the long needed housework im my home, at last, like any true mother should do ;-)

AngloLibyan said...

you are very welcome Safia.
I know about what is going on from reading on your blog about the disgusting attacks you are being subjected to, inshaAllah your lawsuits go well and these people get stopped, sorry about your Istanbul trip which you were so looking forward to but that can happen in the near future, we have become used to you bing a hard working multi tasked mum and I am sure that you will not have a problem finding another job, good luck and Allah with you.

الوافي said...

happy mothers day for your mum , my mum and every mum who deserv that honer of being mum,

AngloLibyan said...

thanks AlWafi and welcome to my blog.

Hannu said...


Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Happy Moter's Day to your mother and your wife too. Does she make it here, your wife? I always wonder :)

AngloLibyan said...

thanks hannu :o)
my wife is not interested in this blog thingy just like many of the bloggers spouces :o)

dania2004 said...

hey AL ,, as usual you made me speechless by your kind gesture .. thank you again..
happy mother day to mum .. to sister .. to all fellow mums in the your mum.. you all mothers around the world .. AND TO MEEEEE!!!

thanks Anglo again..
Um Dania

AngloLibyan said...

Um Dania you are most welcome :o)

Libyan Violet said...

Thank you Anglolibyan for this gesture - Libyan blogger mothers- I'm so sorry I missed the blogs . But I'm back .

Libyan Violet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AngloLibyan said...

you are most welcome, libyan violet

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