Monday, 12 March 2007

Victims of War!

This picture won the best news picture of the year award, chosen out of thousands of pictures taken during the Israel - Lebanon war last year. It was taken by an American photographer working for Getty Images, Spencer Platt.
Looking at this picture would bring to mind the saying... only in Beirut! it shows destruction, glamour, rich people and a fast car, I like this picture because you can not get a better result if you asked people to pose for such picture, it is real yet very theatrical and does have a good message.
The picture was taken on 15th August 2006, the day after the cease fire began, people were returning to their homes after the war to check the damage and see if their houses survived the vicious Israeli attacks, the neighbourhood in this picture is in South Beirut which is a strong Shia area, the people in the car are a brother with his 2 sisters and a couple of friends, all are Christians with the exception of one Muslim female who's face is covered in the picture by her friend, they are all residents of that part of Beirut and were returning to check on their homes.
This picture actually reminded me of when Iraq invaded Kuwait back in 1990, thousands of Kuwaiti tourists were in London at that time, of course all of them could not return because of the war, all of them were either rich or at least well off, they demonstrated against what Iraq was doing to their country, the press here in London reported their protest by saying: diamond wearing fur clad refugees demonstrate in London. The good message that the winning picture carries is: you can be rich, you can be poor, you can be Muslim, you can be Christian, you can be so different from each others yet you all share one thing in common, you are all victims of war which does not differentiate between status or religion.


piccolina said...

ohhh i love that picture !
ok first thing i thought of what WOW ppl from lebanon r always dressed up , and that is so true !
thanks for sharing anglo

Safia speaks said...

I´ve been to Lebanon many times and I absolutely hate lebanese girls because they are much wors than any other girls I´ve seen in the world.
They are only interested in shopping and marriage. And all they dream of is riding in a big new car with a nice man. School? Education? Meaningful life?
They prefer to be bimbos, pretending not to read but show off French vocabulary to impress the "zalamees" and that´s why I´ve lost respect for them.

Look at the Palestinian girls, how hard they struggle!

cofman said...

I must admit when the war started it took many days to catch up with the basics.
Initially, I couldn’t understand how the Israeli army was bombing and invading Lebanon while the Lebanese army was watching.
What a puzzle

Anonymous said...

I had a syrian teacher whose brother was a soldier in Lebanon during the civil war and he told me that the lebanese would party and drink even during the daytime while the Israeli's where bombing beirut.
He said that in one incident some syrian soldiers trapped the lebanese partygoers in the club and bombed it??

cofman said...

from what I know wherever you go in the world; in Africa, south america, australia, the lebanese guys are among the top in money and influence

DaMoon said...

interesting pic I have to say! I wonder they'r wearing the sunglasses cuz they don't have time to put eye make up or to look stylish

AngloLibyan said...

thank you piccolina, safia, cofman, aonymous & Damoon for your comments.
this picture caused contraversy even in Lebanon, if you follw the link in my post you find interviews with the people in the picture which make them more real.
Lebanon is a country of many religions and backgrounds, we sometimes only notice the tarty side of Lebanese society because of the media and tend to forget that Lebanese people apart from the Palestinians are the only people in that region that stood against Israel and held their ground, Lebanon gave us female martyrs that we are proud of such as Sanaa Mhedly, Lebanon had a multi milionaire Prime Minister that instead of investing his money in swiss banks and corrupt African states, used it to build up his devestated cuntry (Rafiq Al-Hariri) Lebano is just like anyother country has its ups and downs, good & bad image but they did do us proud on few occasions which is more than most other countries.

Trabilsia said...

Good post Anglo as always !

Now why should one criticize a picture as such ???
This is the norm during any war, this is opt to happen. But I disagree with Safia about the Lebanese bimbos . Bimbos are just that, and they are found in all parts of the world . We must not forget the great Lebanese Literature which I believe to be the best in the Arab world.
As I always say , one can look at things from different angles and there are always more than 2 sides to a story !

Safia speaks said...

Well, I didn´t mean ALL lebanese girls. I like Lebanon very much. But those bimbos in the car are so typical...

Highlander said...

...another perfect top blog post :) I'm making my pick as of now already .
Thanks Anglolibyan

AngloLibyan said...

thank you Trabilsia as ever for your understanding comment.

I know Safia that you didnt mean all and I do remember how you felt during the war and when your children were stuck in Lebanon. However the media does insist on bombarding us with bimbos that do not do justice to their country.

Highlander, you are most welcome and I can not tell how pleased I feel when im mentioned in your blog :o)

Lebeeya said...

A woman must look good at all times, war or no war! I think thats the motto they go by :)

That car looks very clean for a country that has just been bombed!

Great Post Anglo!

AngloLibyan said...

thanks Lebeeya, i think that is why the picture won, it is so unreal!

mani said...

"you are all victims of war which does not differentiate between status or religion."

You know anglo.. its strange but the first thing I thought when i saw that pic is this motto:

"if your poor you get bombed.. if your rich you get to survey the poor that got bombed in swish sports cars and take pics of them using ur moby"..

although im sure some parts of the rich city got bombed too.. its just the image u know. An oxymoron.. but I dont know..

BuJ said...

Lovely pic! I blogged about it too! Good to see it spread :)

Safia: not all Lebanese women are bimbos, however not all women are Lebanese :)


AngloLibyan said...

Thanks Buj, I just saw it on your blog too :o)

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