Monday, 19 March 2007

When Tony Blair met Catherine Tate

As mentioned on a previous post, Friday was Red Nose Day which collected about £40 million pounds for charity, many celebrities took part in Comic Relief night of entertainment on BBC television including the British Prime Minister Tony Blair who took part in a comedy sketch with the very funny Catherine Tate. Here is the sketch with Tony Blair and Lauren Cooper (played by Catherine Tate):

Who said Politicians can't Act?!


DaMoon said...

LOL good thank you AngloLibyan for sharing

AngloLibyan said...

you are welcome Damoon, I just added some pictures, I hope you enjoy them too.

white african said...

man those people have talent.

i love the elephant and swan, makes me want to go onto my make up bag and try out some for myself, thanks anglo for that.

i laughed so much when i saw blair imitating catherine, i wasnt expecting that, i thought it was going to be her usual lines, he stole them instead lol.

Safia speaks said...

Especially the croc; so real and vivid.
I imagine a couple of kids could play an entire hand-theatre play just with their painted fingers. I wish this had been available when I was a kid ;-(

cofman said...

a Warning to Mr Anglo lol

normally I come here and say Thanks Anglo for this and that,
Today, I found you a very good excuse to ALL my problems lol

half an hour ago I spent good time with White African, btw I rarely visit her page unfortunately
( but lol I was sincere and very honest why I don’t visit many different pages – I told her I wish Anglo stops for a week or a month so I could catch up with their pages lol )

Anglo, please get ready with your answers lol if they come and ask: why are you keeping the POPULAR cofman from visiting their pages? lol

BuJ said...

Amazing pictures and very intricate hand word!!

On a different topic.. Tony Blair really did well.. I saw it live (mainly out of boredom) as I was free on Friday so I opened the telly (rarely happens!) and I saw this and couldn't believe it!

I thought that this guy looks SO much like tony it's amazing what you can do with CGI.. ba3deen I figured out it's for charity plus Tony's on his way out.. so yalla.. ya balash!

Thanks for posting the clip.. will nip it on my blog if you don't mind :)

we have a guy at work that has the same look on his face .. he goes "AH!" and points to his face.. then he sometimes says "Am I BOTHERED?"


AngloLibyan said...

you are welcome whiteafrican and yes Tony Blair's responce was a surprise and I think he is funny :o)

Safia, knowing how active you can be. I am sure its never too late for you to start :o)

cofman you are just too nice :o)
I am sure you are hooked on whiteafrican's fantastic blog now.

Buj, I only watched the clip after i heard people say it was funny on the radio and yes Tony Blair was very funny :o)
I look forward to seeing it on your blog.

dania2004 said...

i laughed my heart out... Tony Blair is really funny .. thank you for posting it ...
i enjoyed the artistic work on hands.. really beautiful thank you anglo very much..

Um Dania

MaySoon said...

Ok no speakers or headset here ... will play it later :o)

Any wayyyy the hands paintings are amazing thanks for sharing :o)

AngloLibyan said...

Um Dania & Maysoon you are both very welcome :o)