Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Am I Ashamed of Being Libyan?

OK, if it is up to Libyan people to rule the country and they are confronted with a choice between the following 2 issues, which one are they going to choose?

keep in mind that Libya is a very rich country:

1/ Build a Motorway* that runs from Libya to Niger (motorway already being built) at a cost of 100s of millions of Dollars plus more millions just to maintain it and keep it free of sand, a motorway that no one needs or would use.

2/ Build a hospital with the latest medical technology just for catering to Libyan Aids victims offering the latest in drugs, treatments, education & awareness and the best trained doctors at a similar cost or even less than the damn motorway, a hospital that could at least give some hope and desperately needed comforts in the life of our infected children.

Some of you might say such hospital does exist in Benghazi and it is there just for those children, to those I say please read the following which is a translation of an investigation carried out by
The drive to the hospital that has been set specially for the 100s of children infected with the HIV virus in Benghazi took us half an hour from the outskirts of the city. As we entered the hospital we had so many questions on our minds which needed answers, why did they choose a place that is so far from the centre of the city? why wasn't the specialists and the social workers consulted about the choice & location of the place? a place that should have been special for many children that lost their smiles.

In the first room we spoke with Zakia, who herself is infected with HIV and so are her son & daughter, Zakia said that they are sick and tired of schools that keep throwing their children out because of their conditions, we suffer from being neglected and abandoned by our own community, she said, many of us have been thrown out of our houses, our relatives and friends have abandoned us due to their ignorance and lack of education about this disease. Most of the infected children stay together and have befriended each other in the hospital, many refuse to leave the hospital and prefer to spend their time here.

Only one school in Benghazi has accepted these tragic children and that is TABARAK school which is run by Fariha Al-Drisi.

We found a boy sitting on his bed, Yahya Al-Agouri, a young boy with big dreams of joining a sports club. He said, they throw us out of every Libyan sports club, once I went to a club they told me to get out because they found my name is on a list of banned people on their computer, now I just spend all my time in this hospital. We asked him what his wish was, he answered, to be able to enroll in a sports club and become a footballer.

We went back to talk to Zakia, she said that people responsible for them have neglected their duties, in fact they are stealing our children's benefits, look at this hospital she said, this place does not look like a hospital, it is damp, there is no Television, the children are lying between the beds and in the corridors, the hospital is not healthy and is not suitable. The manager of this hospital, Almahdi Emhabrash, has never visited the patients, we do not like the manager, he has no humanity in him, last night our room flooded with rain water, this hospital used to be a correction centre, it should not be a hospital, we went to Italy and stayed 1 year, we were told that when we come back that we will have a complete specialised hospital, we came back from Italy to find it the exact opposite. A parent described the psychological state of these children, when we went abroad the children became happy and relaxed, when we came back we tried to put the disease at the back of our minds but we always find someone that would remind us about it, foreign people used to play with our kids, here this is impossible, they keep reminding us as if we are forbidden from living.

We talked to Hadeer's mother who said, Hadeer got infected when she was 40 days old, 9 years later no one has done anything for her except medical tests, Hadeer suffers daily, we bring her to the hospital here but for no good, again this year she never went to school, my family have accepted her but not the neighbours so we keep her away from them, the whole world abandoned us and is watching our children suffer, when Hadeer used to go to school, the head mistress told us to take her out of the school in case she infects other children حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل, we want our country and the whole world to stand with these children.

Another mother said, they said they were going to provide special schools for our children but that never happened, no one visits us, the hospital has become our home even for the uninfected members of the family.

This man, Ramadan Al-Furjani, was there with his 19 year old sister Asma, he describes her condition as tragic, Asma is physically disabled, she can not even feed herself, her mother and brother look after her, Ramadan said that the Libyan Doctors & nurses lack the necessary experience to look after his sister, they try but they do not even have the necessary medicines, on top of her tragic condition she was also infected with the HIV virus.

This was a translation of some of the report done by

For me I think looking at the above picture of Ramadan Al-Furjani sums it all up, you can see the sadness and the tragedy in his face, just looking at him I felt I could never ask for forgiveness for the people that did this, no matter who they are, May Allah punish them for hurting Ramadan for infecting the children and for making all these families suffer. Ameen.


I came across some pictures here of Libyan disabled people that really upset me, this is Libya, the land of petrol, the land of riches, the land of ........

The families of the disabled children and adults above can not get the necessary accessories and medications needed by disabled people from the Libyan social services, they even tried to get wheelchairs but were told the authorities can not afford them! the families had to buy the wheelchairs abroad, now some of the people have outgrown the wheelchairs but the families can not afford to buy them again so they just stay lying on the floor.

كيف سنقف بين يدي الله لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله

About my question: Am I Ashamed of Being Libyan?
No, of course I am not ashamed of being Libyan, I am proud of my country but I am ashamed of the people that caused all this suffering, they will get what they deserve, Allah waits but does not forget.
*Wednesday, 4 April, 2007: Libyan leader Qadhafi announced Sunday that the construction of an asphalt highway to link the Libyan capital Tripoli with Niamey, capital of Niger, was heavily underway. Qadhafi made the disclosure in Agadez at a meeting with actresses who invited him to establish a Sahara women's association. "The construction works of the proposed highway have got near Niger's borders, and there is only a distance of 1000km left to reach Agadez," Qadhafi said, and emphasised his commitment to carry out this "strategic project". [Africa News]


Ema said...

my heart is broken by the sight of those poor children,:( but what can a broken heart do for them!

i guess you have the right to ask this question, whether to be proud or ashamed....

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
sad story but thank you

a_akak said...

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

It saddens me to read these things but i know the grim reality and i pray for al-hedaya for all of us and "Ya Rab, shoof be 7alhum and shoof be-7al kul al-lebeen"


Fe Aman Allah

a_akak said...

coming back to are you proud of being libyan, my answer is YES!!! but ask me a more specific question "are you proud of these pic" i will say NO, then ask me me what do we need i would answer "hedaya"

ibeebarbie said...

As the tears roll down my cheeks from the atrocity committed by we as humans, one cannot help but see the love and sadness of Allah inside each one of those children's faces, mashallah. For even faced with the most difficult of hardship, you can see the truth of Allah emanating from with inside them.

A testament of the human spirit and strength truly is reflected in Yahya Al-Agouri's statement desiring to become a footballer, inshallah. The truth tellers are the children and the elderly. Oh how dearly and desperately we need to listen and learn from them.

May Allah have mercy on them, inshallah. May we all learn from these displays of extreme sadness to be better and kinder to our fellow humans. For truly, if it is believed that we are descendants of God, then would it not stand to reason we carry the same DNA, so to speak? All the more reason to treat others with respect and to always give others their dignity.

DaMoon said...

egat3o elgalb wallahi, very heart 7awla wala guata ella be Allah

Anonymous said...

The question of the remaining Allepin intellectuals who dominate the pen to combat the ignorant who control the country from east to west. Least of all kinds are faced with the control and domination.. my brother I think we lack the courage.Unfortunately,our people is not a coward in the history something bright throughout this thirty years, how can we judge These comedians GUYS into the top..!?

Did you know that most libyan people believe what they heard in speeches ..!? We as a libyan are idiot. To allow such farces happen. Weird projects Sudan and Nigeria and Chad before ...!?
I am not afraid of any fate but men Afraid for them lives.futuers.
What we re going to see more then what we have seen.

Anonymous said...

ربي يفكنا منه/هو سبب تأخرنا و بلائنا و هالطاغوت بيخلف أولاده

فمبالك اليوم بطريق النيجر وغدوه ياعالم شنو ثاني

عندكم خلفية انه قال ان الاستنساخ مش حرام -الشيخ المسلم يعني وتوا روحكم بالك بيستنسخ واحد ثاني منه

هو احني مازال عندنا قدرة نتحملوا حتي الثاني

وفوق هكي هالشعب ساكت ومايتكلمش ثلث ارباعهم استخبارات وحرس خضر شن فضل غير ضحايا الظلم هالصغار الي يتألموا وهو وذريته يتعاقدوا علي مبالغ مالية خيالية مع الاتحاد الاوروبي

وهدا يخليك اتقول للدرجة هادي البغار غاليين عند حكومتهم وصغارنا رخاص عند حكومتنا

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل فيه وفي أتباعه و ذريته
((من دكتور و دكتورة و مهندس و عالم و ((شيخ و لاعب و محترف رياضي و فنان وووو الخ))
ماخلو لقب ماسموشهمش بيهم

lovelytripoli said...

About Your Qs,Yes i am So Proud to be libyan and so proud to be Trablesah as long as they hate us.

Let me tell you something. Libyan our own nationality has nothing to do to the other bad guys,And proud of our Nationality has nothing to do with what they re doing everywhere.
But we are people read ancient history and knew that the people came out of this ruling Prince and became the Kingdom of the Romans our root from Allepo tribe that arrived to Fraenh this unless quotes Egypt's history with its defeat them and victory for us.

I know that the future of this country does not carry what made us feeling good and We can be proud of our "libyan" who gathered there in America and Britain only because they raise Like being the sons and daughters of Libya .
But i have my Own Qs;
Are bad manners of our people is why prolonged Age Pher3on.!?

BuJ said...

hmm this is quite tragic.. it's also very avoidable. aren't these people humans too?
al sakit 3an al shar shaytan a5ras.. i'm glad you spoke your mind about this.. if only our leaders would too.

Anonymous said...

With all the money the Libyan government has and the tragedy befallen on these children, you think they would've spent whatever necessary to build a "state of the art" hospital (pay whatever amounts for aids specialists from all over the world to work there), a school and other facilities to give these poor children somewhat normal lives

Thanks Anglo for educating me. Your blog made me realize what happened there was a crime and not human error! Blu

Suliman said...

AL: While I don't agree with the government's mismanagement of funds, there are a number of reasons they might advance for choosing the highway project over something like building a hospital for HIV/AIDS patients. The highway is basically a one-time project: It gets built once and with no further maintenance it will get milked for publicity until it becomes useless. A hospital has a lot of operating costs and very little publicity value. Also, the long-term operation of a hospital means there will be plenty of opportunity for waste and corruption. So, if the objective is pure propaganda, not real health and social services, then a highway project will definitely yield more bang for the buck.

On a different level, I am beginning to think that Libyan bloggers must not be in any way representative of Libyan society, or at least not Libyans in Benghazi. The emotions and sentiments expressed above, to me, seem like the complete opposite of what the patients report about their experience on the ground. Here are some reminders:

"sick and tired of schools that keep throwing their children out because of their conditions"

"we suffer from being neglected and abandoned by our own community" [She must not be referring to the "pork consuming Bulgarian heathens" when she says our own community.]

"many of us have been thrown out of our houses, our relatives and friends have abandoned us"

"Most of the infected children stay together and have befriended each other in the hospital, many refuse to leave the hospital and prefer to spend their time here."

"Only one school in Benghazi has accepted these tragic children"

"they throw us out of every Libyan sports club"

Does this describe a failure of government services, or does it go far beyond that?

I am not sure what it means to be proud or ashamed of things that are out of one's control. But if these victims have been failed by their relatives, friends, community, all the schools and all the sports clubs, who exactly is left to be the object of blogger pride? It beats me!

Anonymous said...

Anglo, I would hope that you would excuse me for sharing this poem with your readers.For it is related to what you have wrote, this is the original link.Here is the poem :

أطفال ألايدز

أطفال كانوا
وكانوا كالحمل ..
سألتهم عن معنى كلمة إيـدز
فخيّم الصمت في الفصل
وعلت الدهشة وجه كل طفل ..
ما عدا طفل صغير رائع من بنغازي
رفـع يـده ..
كان قريباً مني .. أه ما أبعده ..
قال: كنت دائماً ألعب مع أحمد
صديقي أسمه أحمـد
كان يجيد لعب الكرة
كان شعره أسود ..
يعيرني إذا طلبت منه كتاباً
كنت جاره ..
وأحل له المسائل إذا صعب عليه الحساب
وأحيانا اقتسم معه إفطـاره ..
كان طفلاً وسـيماً
وسوداوان كانت عيناه
كثيراً ما كان يشبهني
واضحك حين أراه ..
ذات يوم .. ذات يوم يا أستاذ
أهلي منعوني أن أراه
أهلي أجبروني أن لا أراه
قالت أمي: لا تلعب معه الكرة.
ولا تمـسك حتى يداه
أمي قالت: لا تفكر أن تذهب إليه
بالعربي أريدك أن تنسـاه
وحين سألت أبي .. يا أبتي
لماذا لا ألعب مع أحمـد .. صديقي أحمـد
رقرقت عيناه ..
وقال يا ولدي
ليس هناك شيء عندي
سوى أن أحمـد قد أصابه الإيدز
ما هذا الإيدز يا أستاذ
هل هو عقاب لمن لم يحفظ جداول الضـرب ..
أم أنه طفل مشاغب من الصفوف الإعدادية .. قليل الأدب ..
أم أنه مديـر جديد طويل القامة سريع الغضب
يمسك عصا .. غليظ القلب ..
لا أفهم وعقلي يملؤه العجب .. إني يا أستاذ
لمـاذا لا ألعب مع أحمـد .. صديقي أحمـد
ولمـاذا رغم اتساعه كان وحيــدا يجلس على المقعـد
طفل من بنغازي
علمني في الحياة أصعب عبره
جعل العالم في عيني يخترق خرم يبره
علمني أن الحقيقة ليست دائما ما تراها العيون
أخبرني أن بإمكان إبرة البنسلين
إن تحمل في طياتها الوباء الكبدي والعقم والطعون
علمني أن علاج صداع الرأس
تكسيـرة لا حبة الألجون
وانتهت الحصة
وأدمعت عيوني القصة ..
ورأيته وحيـداً .. ذلك المقعــد
جامداً كئيباً ذلك المقعــد
فتمنيت أن تدرس في الأقسام الجامعية
مادة اسمـها ..
بنغـازي والطفـل وأحمـــــد

MaySoon said...

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل، لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم...

Trabilsia said...

Sulaiman ,
To answer your query and I quote
"proud or ashamed of things that are out of one's control. But if these victims have been failed by their relatives, friends, community, all the schools and all the sports clubs, who exactly is left to be the object of blogger pride? It beats me!

All in all it's because of our people being ignorant and mind you many all over the world are where AIDS is of main concern. They are simply explaining what they feel , ie let down . Now ,blogger pride or not is another question. We are proud to be Libyan Bloggers and have our say .The problems that we observe in our country be they governmental or lack of awareness is for all to see and think about . Nothing else period.
Salam .
Have a lovely day !

I thank you for a most interesting post!
May Allah bless you.

Suliman said...

Hello, Trabilsia, and thanks for the reply. First, I disagree with you when you say they are just feeling let down. Some of it maybe just an expression of anger and disappointment, e.g., when the lady says the hospital chief has no humanity. That may be true, I don't know, but it is still an opinion. On the other hand, saying that they have been driven out of their houses, never visited by the hospital chief, rejected by all but one school, and black listed in all the sports clubs, those could hardly be just feelings of disappointment. Those are reports of facts on the ground that point to a much broader failure than just failure of government services, and I'll add, a failure that contradicts the emotions and slogans exhibited by Libyan bloggers.

I also disagree with you when you say the rest of the world is also ignorant of how to treat people with AIDS. There is some truth in that generality, I suppose, but the article already addressed the contrasting behavior when it reported the following:

"when we went abroad the children became happy and relaxed, when we came back we tried to put the disease at the back of our minds but we always find someone that would remind us about it, foreign people used to play with our kids, here this is impossible, they keep reminding us as if we are forbidden from living."

That says it all. There is a much bigger failure than government, a failure of society to appreciate the value of human life.

Having said all of that, I will also add that for me, the issue is not so clear cut. Call me another ignorant Libyan, but I will honestly say that I would think twice and three times before letting my kids play with HIV infected children. I am not saying that I would automatically accept or reject the idea, I just don't have a ready-made decision. HIV is contagious, and children are much less likely to be vigilant in regulating their contacts and limiting their exposure in play, fighting, etc. In the case of the particular virus infecting those kids, even the Libyan doctor who headed up the National Experts Committee in the trial says it is unusually virulent and contagious. What's an "ignorant" parent to do when the "knowledgeable" experts are so stern in their warnings? Again, it is not so clear cut as one might be lead to believe by the pride/shame of Libyan bloggers in general.

Trabilsia said...

Sulaiman, I thank you for your prompt reply .
Freedom of speech says it all. We all see things from a different angle. There is no wrong or right but different opinions are meant to be repected especially when coming from illiterate or ignorant people. I am not insinuating any thing .......... We are litterally starting from scratch telling the world of our ups and downs . What other option do we have ??

I will never call a person as yourself ignorant cause I'm proud that you ( an intellectual )would InshaAllah guide us in solving dilemmas of the sort.
But I'm deeply sorry to say that you do take matters personally and ( politically , not my cup of tea) have this negative attitude towards your country.......... why ? that's not my business,nor is it my place to answer.

We all love our country and upon seeing children unhappy get carried away with emotions .
Nothing personal Sulaiman I'm just pointing out a mere fact ie for the love of your country , and I know you do ,to participate by teaching us the less literate and not just commenting negatively which is by no means constructive.

life's cycle said...

حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل ، ي يا بر يچازي السبب ، لا اريد ان قول شي لاننا مقيدين للاسف حتي من الشكوي الصريحه ، ما دنب حؤالي الابرياء .
في مستشفي الاطفال اعدت ان ازور الاطفال المنبودين في فترات العيد مع والدتي و اختي و طلبه والدتي ، و ستسال من يربي حوالي الاطفال مچموسه بسيطه من الراهبات المخلفات الچنسيه الواتي تركن بلادهن لمساعده المحتاچين و عندما نءدا هوالا الاطفال المشوهين من قبل فلده اكبادهم و الان زاد نبدهم و ساقول لمادا ؟ قولون انهم اولاد يتربون من قبل مچموعه من الكفار المسيح ، حسنا اين دهب من كان السبب لوچودهم في هده الحياه ، انهم حوالي ٥ الي ٦ من الاطفال المعاقين و المشوهين الدين لا يتكلمون حتي العربيه لانهم تربوا بين مچموعه مسالمه من الارهبات الواتي وهبن حياتهن و عطفهن لمچموعه غريبه عنها من الاطفال ، اين الليبين اين المستشفي الخاصه للعنايه بهده الحالات اين اين اين اين ؟؟؟
انه سوال و سيكون للابد بدون چواب .
شكرا انچلوا علي هدا الموضوع الصريح و المكسر للقلب في نفس الوقت .
و لا حول و ال قوه الا بالله

Suliman said...

Greetings, Trabilsia. Just a couple of things. When I said, "call me ignorant," I was using a common construct which in no way means you called me ignorant. In any case, I want you to know that I took no personal offense whatsoever from what you said. If it appears like I did, then it is my fault and I apologize.

Second, when you say "our country" I hope you mean more than the Libyan state. What you might see as being negative, I see differently. When it comes to Libya, to be a realist is to be negative. Of course others are free to be positive, but the challenge then would be finding realism. What would you like me to say, that Libya is the only democracy in the world? lol lol lol A dose of realism never hurts.

Anonymous said...

First let me remind all of you that the blight of those innecent kids lies with the Libyan leadership.What i mean here it is with Mr. Ghaddafi himself.How could a tragic event happen without any body found guilty.Do not fall for the trap.The nurses guilt is not waterproof.There are other doctors in the hospital including the libyan doctors.I am not saying that any body is guilty.The guilty here is the libyan leadership.They must take full responsibility for this.And with their long and proofed criminal record they have a strong case against it.And as far as the reaction of the libyan people to those lovely kids i put it to complete ignorance.They do not know how aids can be transmitted.The libyan regime should not politsise the aids tragedy and should face the problem and spend money and show care towards these kids.But this is what happen when you have dictatership.I am very sad for those kids.

Trabilsia said...

Hello again !
Appology accepted. Points you mentioned which I undoubtly disagree with, nothing personal..

I don't get you when you say 'more than the Lbyan state ?'Please explain for my dear gentleman I am not as literate as you ..........

"Realist is to be negative "
Whatever happened to contructive ideology ???????

And for
"Libya the only democracy in the world lol"
Here dear sir is the truth : there is no real democracy., it simply doeas not exist lol.Not even in the US , which is suposedly THE MOST DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY in the world This I am sorry to say and pardon my language is bull,period. For it is a known fact that all countries and leaders fend for themselves and not their people .

" A dose of realism never hurt"
It does and how . I completely disagree with you here as well.For explain to me how in the world when having illiteracy and ignorance playing a huge role in one's country would you expect negativity to enhance the behavioural pattern. It simply will not succeed.What comes around goes around my dear sir !
Have a lovely day !

Living Away said...

Since the first day I heard about this terrible crime, I have looked for information about those children’s lives and all I found is the concerning of the so-called first world about politics and politicians.
I have sent hundreds of e-mails to all kinds of international media and humanitarian organizations asking them to pay attention to the real issue of this crime that is the suffering of those innocent children and their families and I never got an answer back.
Well Anglo, I really feel sorry for those Libyan families. Libyan government did not assist them, any other government around the world did not assist them, humanitarian organizations did not assist them and unfortunately they never will.

It seems that motorway is much more important than people’s life!

Thanks for sharing it!

Anglo-Libyan said...

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your very valuable contribution to this sad issue.

May Allah bless you all
May Allah bless Libya and its innocent people.

Anonymous said...

well 2 be honest i think we all r proud of being libyans but where r da ppl we're proud of??? tell me??
all we do all day long is gossip about who married who and who bought what!i mean y dont we have charity institutions every person must make a contribution 2 help. proud? yeah but it's all words being typed and then what? we forget about these poor kids suffering through their lives well 2 every1 if u r proud and u love ur country like u say then help and make it a goal in ur lives!
it is a big issue i mean it hurts 2 c this kinda thing happening any place in da world

a_akak said...


Thank you very much for this post as many things have arose from it and it was good to read

Reply: At Monday, April 23, 2007 11:58:00 AM , Anonymous said.

I believe you may have forgotten that is called "Zakkah"? which as Muslims we are obliged to pay? and i do agree with your final poit

Fe Aman Allah

Anonymous said...

well zakkah is'nt everything it is a fard and u dont always know where that money goes ofcourse it goes 2 help but not 2 this specific cause right? and as muslims libyan muslims y dont we donate even a small amount of money to this cause i mean i dont live in libya and i do want 2 help but i dont know how! i mean there arent any charities that i heard of i searched and nothing if what im saying isnt right plz plz prove me wrong i would be happy if what im saying isnt da truth and i didnt mean 2 offend any1 i didnt say no1 is trying but what im saying is that we r not trying as hard as we should

Anonymous said...

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