Friday, 6 April 2007


The kids have been asking me for a while to get them these new shoes called Heelys , these shoes/trainers have a wheel on the bottom that can be pushed out to use as roller skates or pushed in to use as normal walking shoes, this craze hit Britain late last year but the shoes were very expensive costing around £80 a pair, now they have come down in prices and can be bought for around £25 a pair, my children asked me to take them to Brent Cross shopping centre which is an indoors shopping mall and is very near the house, to try their new shoes, I realised why they wanted to go there as soon as we got in, many many kids all over the shopping centre were wearing their Heelys and practicing using them, of course the main reason being the place is safe and free of traffic, couple of hours later my kids became professionals but not before suffering few bumps and bruises, actually I heard few stories about kids injuring them selves while using these Heelys! I wonder if they have arrived in Libya yet?? if not then prepare yourself for the Heelys kids, they will be everywhere and moving very fast.

I cant wait until they are able to do that :o)


a_akak said...

Do they do them for Adults as well? i mean a size 9 :D, i want one as well ............ I am sure my bosses in the company would appreciate them as then i can move faster between departments :)

PS: A few years ago on the hit TV series "Friends" (Series 9 episode 15) they showed a sample of these shoes :)

Ema said...

i think i saw something like this in libya, but it was with two wheels. plus the shoes might have a spot light in the back at the heel level. but this was 2 years ago.
they need an engine o 7'alas LOL

mani said...

salam all

My god thats amazing.. so thats what they're called.. first time i knew they existed i was in Maccy D's in Victoria Place 2 weeks ago and there was this kid that was just coasting at speed to and fro between till and his table on the smooth floor without moving his legs he just seemed to be on a board.. so then i peeped under the table and LO .. lol.. the kid was rolling on one heel .. amazing.. I need to get some of those shoes.. Libya?? are u crazy?? they'd be great.. we just don't have that many smooth mall floors.. oh wait.. we have zelleeez.. great!!

Safia speaks said...

My kids used those shoes when they were 4-6 years old. I remember buying them and then my Dad came along, and a few days later my Dad was skating along the parking lot, amusing himself with his new roller shoes; my Dad was 52 years old at the time!
My kids had all kinds of weird shoes; once they had shoes with a red light in the heel lightening up when they took steps. And then they had pumping shoes to pump up with air to fit better. They had dancing music shoes.
Now they just want expensive shoes, but I told them: "You are old enough and make your own money. Buy your own shoes! I´m not paying for a 200 USD NIKE-sticker on a pair of 5 USD-shoes produced by child labor in India!"

mani said...


its ok safia libyan teens doing deals in china will have these shoes sold for 30 dinars.. they deal directly with the factories and thats why chinse love libyan free-traders.. at least the profits dont go to Nike's usurption of child labour :)

life's cycle said...

ohh dear anglo , all the kids here in canada wear the Heelys they are soo lovely to wear , i almost bought one for my own well it is a good idea to buy it for them and engourge them by this in thier study :P
enjoy it .... buy it to them plzzzz dady .... lol.... as i wont buy one i want them to have one :P

white african said...

anglo my brother is wanting a pair and he keeps going on about them, the firsttime i saw them was when i was in london and this kid seeme dto be rolling on teh floor.

pretty cool stuff, i swear i wouldnt mind a pain of my own.

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...


Highlander said...

I saw some kids with them at the Mehari supermarket last week I thought they had roller skates - but now I know what these are Heelys LOL.

AngloLibyan said...

a_akak yes I have seen adults wearing them so you are in luck :o)

ema, some of these shoes come with 2 wheels one infront of the other but most of them have one wheel where the heel is.

mani run and buy a pair and take them with you to Libya, zelaize will do just fine :o)

life's cycle my kids already have them so its your turn now to buy a pair :o)

white african your brother has found out about them, believe me he will not stop nagging your family until he gets them, they dropped out in price, some shops sell them for £25 in Harrow and Wembley if you are ever in London.

thank you besheshentra you should buy a pair and wear them while taking all those lovely photos :o)

highlander, so you have them now in Libya, I am sure they will be a big hit and soon many will be wearing them just like in London.

AngloLibyan said...

oops sorry Safia didnt mean to do that :o)
I really am surprised that you had them few years ago! I only started seeing kids wearing them about 6 months ago.
my kids have the shoes with lights as well.
my daughter is already crazy about shoes and loves boots as well, too expensive.

DaMoon said...

cute, let them have fun while they can! I am a total rollerblades freak, love it with passion, so I think these Heelys r more practical cuz u can walk and roll at da same
ebaydhum belhni inshallah...or maybe they don't wanna ebaydhum :p

MaySoon said...

Wow I loved them, I love rollerblading so I'm going to be good with Heelys too right? I haven't seen those in Libya yet.. maybe coz I don't go where they sell them!
Ema tell me where u saw them okay I wanna go have a look maybe buy too emm for me and for Meral as well.. :o)

MaySoon said...

Oops now I see that Highlander said there are ... I'll go searching...
DaMoon you sneaked in while I posted my comment, remember fe qaryet janzour when we used to go rollerblading all day long jumping the stairs and down the gosh it was fun days!

Brave Heart said...

i'm always thinking how children or adults can control them selves by this kind of shoes,good for ur kids AL let them enjoy this holiday as they like

Trabilsia said...

Really cool post Anglo !
Since my kids are all grown up it's more of the expense of the latest electronic systems etc..that they're into. They've kind of grown out of skateboards and all SIGH . That was less expensive lol and much healthier.

Lost-Libyan said...

Im not really in favor of these shoes....coz as u can see kids in malls and public areas never pay attention to "Pedestrians".

AngloLibyan said...

thanks damoon and you are right they dont want to ebaydhum just yet :o)

Maysoon, you & damoon should get these shoes since you are both professional rollerbladders :o)
Meral might be too young but you never know.

Thanks brava heart, I could not control these things but kids learn quickly.

Trabilsia, i have all of that coming inshaAllah as they grow although they did nag me to get them MP3 players so I bought them small ones the size of a 50p British coin and they were very cheap as well, they hang on the neck and are very cool :o)

lost-libyan, are you the Libyan Warrior? im glad you are back :o)
you are right about this point, kids can be very ignorant and I have seen many bump into adults & other kids.

Libyan Violet said...

I'm buying a pair for Pearl as soon as I find it. She already has the one with the lights.
ibaydu bilhne Anglo :)

By the way thank you for the thoughtful gesture for mother's day !

AngloLibyan said...

good to see you libyan violet, inshaAllah you find them for Pearl, I am sure she would love them :o) and you are very welcome.

avocadoinparadise said...

These look like so much fun! I hear they make them for adults too, and am going to get some soon!! :)

AngloLibyan said...

yes avocadoparadise adults wear them too but not me :o)
have fun if you get them.

Lost-Libyan said...

hey.....anglo....seriously im not libyan warrior...i get that alot i dont know new here....but where did this libyan warrior go anyway?

AngloLibyan said...

lost-libyano, the reason for the confusion is that Libyan Warrior came back as The Lost Libyano yours is slightly different lost-libyano :o)
welcome and hope you continue visiting.

Lost-Libyan said...

alright thats a promising start i suppose, and yeah i ll be visiting alot coz i honestly enjoy ur topics coz i think u put so much effort in them, unlike other blogs who r just filled with whatever.... consider mine as case in point :)!!