Monday, 2 April 2007

My Week End

Friday was the last school day of the term, schools are shut for about 2 weeks for the Easter Holiday, of course at this time every year many kids movies are released and kids all over the land nag their parents and families to take them to see a movie or two! Of course my house hold is no exception, the kids have been bombarded the last few weeks with trailers advertising the new Mr. Bean's Holiday Film, I was not too keen to be honest, I like Mr.Bean to a limit and do not mind watching him on TV with the kids, usually their laughter makes me enjoy it more but to go and watch it in the cinema feels a bit like if I have been cheated showing me a TV program at the cinema, anyway the film did not prove me wrong, it was a complete bore with few laughs here & there, there was only one clip that I thought was funny, it was when Mr. Bean mimed to an opera tragedy.
The kids loved the film and were laughing all the way, I suppose this made it worth the effort.

Yesterday I was invited to a Libyan event which can be quite rare these days, a dear friend of mine invited us to Aqiqa for his newly born baby daughter May Allah bless her, it was held at a community centre, it was a chance to see few familiar faces and many good friends. The food was good, we had Libyan soup followed by rice with nuts and my absolute hate in this world, RAISINS, as usual in these events I am the one who's plate has a small mountain of raisins gathered at the side! the rice was lovely and of course we had the Libyan meat and for a description of that there is nothing better than reading what Besheshentra wrote recently about Libyans & Meat here, actually this nice Libyan man who I have seen few times before brought me my plate of rice with an extra big piece of meat and he said this was specially for me, I was surprised and so were some of my friends so one of them asked the guy why did you give him a special piece of meat and not the others? he said its because I am (me) is the son of so&so and he wanted to be nice to me because of his respect to my father! my friend told him that the man he is talking about is not my father but my uncle :o) we all wondered then if he was coming back to take the plate away from me and just give a normal piece of meat, he didn't. actually my first reaction when I saw the piece of lamb on my plate was to remember a wild life program about feeding lions in a safari park with big slabs of meat, it was huge, I wish meat would get a lot smaller, its big size can be scary as you feel obliged to eat it.

As I was talking to my friends, the subject of Libya FM which I mentioned in my previous post came up, one of my friends told me this hilarious story which apparently happened during a public meeting in Libya which was being televised live to the nation, I am going to try and write in Arabic as close as possible to how I heard it, I can not translate it to English because its in Libyan dialect and it would loose its humour:

مرة في احدى المؤتمرات الشعبية في ليبيا واحد راجل شيباني طلب ان يتكلم. هدا الشيباني شير للشاب الي معاه الميكروفون وقاله, يأخ عطيني المايك, الأخ المسقم قال للشيباني, ياعمي الحاج هضا اسمه موصل للصوت مش مايك! الشيباني بحت فيه وقاله, اصنع واحد كيفه وسميه عبود زميته, جيب المايك ياولد


MaySoon said...

LOOL @ 3abod zumita,

Well ma3lish about the movie at least the kids enjoyed it :o)

Wallahi yesterday just yesterday I thought about Besheshentra's Libyan's & the story is, we had lunch at hubby's cousin's wedding, and this argument on "my piece, no your piece" came up, I just can't explain how stupid people look when they are trying to be the first to reach the biggest piece of meat men el ge3d, oh yah.. It’s considered shtara if you get the biggest one, the winner will be happy and satisfied, and the loser who one doesn't get it will be upset and literally yu7rej..… seems like it doesn’t matter if they eat meat at their homes or not, la7met el monasaba feha ezzayed??!! Thank god I had a sandwich before I went.. so I sat there and enjoy the wild life “live” lol

Lebeeya said...

Your Libyan is very Shargawee :)

That story was very funny. Plus you mentioned my family name FOUR times. HA! ;)

i dont like big peices of la7am
but i like cheese.
i say thank you.
i say please.
i have bruises on my knees.
because i have good manners
and i always take showers
but in the toilet i find flowers..

Ok I will stop now :)

Curious said...
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Curious said...

It is nice to place a smile on your childrens face simply just with going to them to the movie, i would guess that wouldn't have enjoyed it that much if they went alone.
I think about the Akika, it is just as your blog names says, you cannot take Libya our of libyans, i liked the name of your blog from the beginning, it says everything. It is nice to keep some traditions even living far from it, as you said you meet some famliar faces.

DaMoon said...

LOL 3abood I love 3ami "eshebani" he is a cool dude

Thanks for sharing :o)

AngloLibyan said...

Maysoon, the thing is I would never fight to get the biggest piece of meant, in fact im not much of a meat eater, some friends said to me before shshshshshs dont say that, its 3aib to say you are not much of a meat eater, I dont care if its 3aib, its better than throwing up all over their food because they stuffed me with La7ma :o)

Lebeeya, I was born in Benghazi and lived my childhood in Tripoli, my Libyan is shergawi but can be Gharbawi as well :o)
I mentioned your family name 3 times properly and 1 time without the ال
what a poem! I will say no more :o)

yes curious part of our jobs as parents is to make the littleones happe :o)
we try to keep many traditions and hold on tightly to them, thank you foryour kind comment.

AngloLibyan said...

Damoon you sneaked in as I published my reply :o)
I am glad it made you laugh.

life's cycle said...

hey anglo , i see now u r stuck to take ur kids to movie enjoy it before they start going alone when they get older :P
well wowo so u get the big peace of meat , i felt u were like a small deer surronded by lions who wants ur meat ...LOL....
it is funny story , and by the way yes as lebeeya said he is so sherqawee ....
have a nice time ...

Ema said...

looooooooool that sheebany is really gada3 that he stood for his word...and what a
3abood zumeta :D

Me said...

The best part for me is how much we want to do things to always make are our children happy, and yet they are striving for the same least while they are young. =)

Although extra kudos to you AngloLybian for endearing Mr. Bean as a little of him goes a long way------perhaps like the side of lamb you seemed to have received. Didn't sound quite small enough to tuck in your napkin politely and announce you are full. =)

AngloLibyan said...

life's cycle, I enjoy going out with my kids, nothing is better :o)
glad you liked the story

Ema, hope you are well, he really is gada3 :o)

Hello me :o)
kids are never satisfied but that is normal :o)
you need a napkin the size of a towel to tuck away that piece of
I ate what I could and just left the rest, I wish I could have finishes it but it was too much and there was a lot of food for all.

Highlander said...

AngloLibyan bless you , you reminded me of the fun we had watching the motamarat, I thought you were going to recount the story of the shebani with the 3akouz that was hilarious as well :)

Glad you are enjoying the holidays with your kids.

Brave Heart said...

u know AL , U R VERY LUCKY, who can get big peace without fighting these time tell me i'll help u to eat it.

AngloLibyan said...

highlander I do not know this story, I will ask to see if anyone knows it :o)

brave heart why didnt you come to the 3aqiqa in London? there were few people from Manchester & Shefield and lots of La7ma to keep you happy :o)

Brave Heart said...

توا انقولك على قصه العكوز
شايب فى المؤاتمر يسمع فى الجماعه يحكو ويقولو البلاد كلها عوج وفساد
امشى صبا ومسك عكوزه قاللهم تبو تعرفو العوج والفساد وين
قالوله ايوا ياسى الحاج
طلع عكوزه وقاللهم من وين عوج العكوز
قاللوله الجماعه من فوق يا سى الحاج
قاللهم الحمدالله انتو الى قلتو مش انا

mani said...

salam all :D

anglo walahe u made me gasp when i saw that quote. walahe i was gonna say that in ur earlier blog about translation etc but I decided not to cause couldnt be bothered to translate into english.. and my arabic aint really readable lol.. but I laughed my head off..

however braveheart, with all due respect to the legacy of this joke, the moral contained within is a complete fallacy and for me is only a lamer's excuse for their own inadequecies and faliures and a shunning of their own responsibilities.. oh yeah so how come the 3akkoz stays m3awwej if the society is straight??..

im always aware of anything that allows the blame to escape my own sphere of influence..

my blog will be up inshallah agian with new content an hour or so from now...yippeee. in it ull find a loooooooooong reply to ur marriage question ya brave..

um.. can u please gimme ur number.. or gimme ur email so i email mine to u .. ta..


Safia speaks said...

Ahh...we are gonna watch the Mr. Bean film during the holidays inshallah, but once you said it was boring, you took the air out of me!
I looooove mr. Bean, and never mind if Atkinson really wants to finish him off; there is always Johnny English needing sequels!
Maybe one day we can all go watch a Shebani movie, too?

Living Away said...

i, sometimes, have some troubles to understand english jokes, and mr. bean just in a airplane for sure!
how big is this piece of meat you had on your plate? it sounded really huge!!

AngloLibyan said...

lol @ brave heart, I dont think its a true story though :o)

mani, I am glad it made you laugh, I think translating it would make it less funny :o)
Can I add another Yippee, I will check your blog soon.

Safia, I think Mr. Bean is more suited for TV viewing but if you are a fan thn I am sure you would enjoy it, Johnny English is more funny :o)

Nice to see you living away
I am not sure if you are familiar with a Greek dish called Kleftiko the piece of meat is of a simillr size :o)

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

LOL Anglo so funny , i can imagine what u felt when u sow urextra big piece of meat lol , and sure it meant nothing more that he respect u and ur father so much ..
OOh Libyan and meat what i sad story ..i already told my mom that when i die i don't want them to give meat to any one .. they will take قهوة and aslamo alekom . lol

mani said...

ba3d el saw ya besheshentra..

but yeah.. coffee and salam sounds good.. maybe add a 3 hour window too after janaza.. and thats it.. shooo..

you know my uncle was considering for his marrige just hiring 3 egyptians to cook ta3miyah and hand ta3miyah sanwhichches to his wedding guests lolol.. maybe thats why he aint married yet poor soul lol

AngloLibyan said...

Dear besheshentra, may you live a long, happy and healthy life inshaAllah.
here in London that is one tradition I am glad is not kept, when someone dies all you get is tea, coffee & water and thats how it should be.

mani, I agree with you, no wonder your poor uncle is still single :o)
inshaAllah he gets married soon but tell him to upgrade the food a bit.

mani said...

Salam anglo..

yeah.. he needs to upgrade the food.. he is such a gabda although soo charming.. I honestly cant find any reason why he constantly keeps rejecting his fiances.. expect for the tawakkol of course.. cause hes looking for someone exactly like him., and everytime he thinks hes met her.. he descovers something about himself that he hates.. cause he sees it in her...

my heart goes out for the shabab and shabbat in Libya that are in deadlock and cant satisfy their right to honest living relationship.. but they gotta change themselves before expecting their situations to change on its own


cofman said...

Thanks a lot Anglo
Really really funny lol

Sometimes these guys when they speak with libyan dialect they speak better than the best professors – 2 or 3 words explain the whole story lol

cofman said...

( off-topic:- results of Desert Love & Death are ready, thanks )

AngloLibyan said...

Thanks cofman :o)