Sunday, 8 April 2007

Parking in London

I am so angry and feel just like that man in the picture, in fact I'm still fuming! The weather has been really glorious, sun shine and warm (22c) I took the kids to the park to play which was lovely and they had a great time about lunch time they were hungry and wanted to go to Burger King so I drove to the nearest one to where I was and that's in Camden. As I got there I found a road with many cars parked on a single yellow line which is normal and as far as I know is allowed on a Sunday, I parked the car and started walking to Burger King when I saw a Traffic Warden walking towards me, I stopped her and politely told her that I was parked over there and pointed towards the corner and asked her if it was OK to park on a yellow line since its Sunday, her reply was in a very broken English with an African accent that it was fine no problem, great, so we had a nice lunch and about 20 minutes later returned to the car, the first thing I noticed was a Parking Fine stuck on my wind screen!

I could not believe my eyes then I saw the lady Traffic Warden on the other side of the street, I ran over to her and asked her why she has given me the penalty charge? she immediately replied that it was not her who issued it and that I should check the number, she was right about that, it was not her who issued the ticket but I told her that this is not the point, the point is that she told me or more like tricked me into parking there by saying its OK, these traffic wardens are like a Mafia, they get a commission on tickets they issue and most likely she contacted one of her mates to issue the ticket, there was at least another 10 cars parked near me, all of them had been had by these liars, I started videoing her with my phone camera while she was shouting at me and telling me to go to the police, her horrible loud voice scared Amir and he started to cry, I asked her why did you lie to me? she kept saying I thought you meant another street. Yeah Sure!
With these tickets they give you the chance to contest it but what chance have I got? this problem is plaguing London, councils are making millions of pounds out of motorists yet we can not do anything, they give you 2 weeks period to pay the £50 penalty otherwise it goes up to £100, it is very rare for me to get a penalty charge as I always respect the traffic laws but this is not right. The picture above says think before you park, I didn't just think I asked, but I was lied to. Sometimes I hate living here and that's the view of many Londoners as well, we are sick and tired for having to fork out our hard earned money on councils that trick & cheat many of us and in return they give us hardly any good service.


DaMoon said...

one thing comes to mind reading ur post "Masa7 weja-ha" wallahi ma tet7ashim! I am fuming for u!!!!! ugh! that's just SICK!!! for someone to actually care enough to go ask if it's ok to part there or not and then eating lunch in peace, and before u know it there is a ticket waiting for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOSH masa7 weja-ha wallahi esakhifa hadi...

Trabilsia said...

So sorry for you Anglo.
I mean really, which sets of rules does one have to abide to............
One can never be too careful, if they're out to get you ............

May Allah bless and protect you and your family.
take care

AngloLibyan said...

thank you Damoon, you did make me laugh with your special Damoon Arabic :o)

Trabilsia, you know Wallahi in this country sometimes you only get away with things if you cheat, if you are a decent law abiding citizen then you are an easy target.
Thanks a lot.

ibeebarbie said...

See! It goes to show, no matter where you are on the globe, you only get rewarded for bad behavior these days. =)

So much for teaching your children responsibility AngloLibyan. ;-) However, I think most if not all would commend you for trying.

life's cycle said...

well anglo what can i say , i am so sorry for what happened to u , and especially ur kid , well sometimes life is unfair where ever u are , wallahe that was haram and like cheating on u , and the bed thing if u think to do any thing u will lose more money plus time , life sometimes is unfair .

take care of ur self and ur family , and this is a lesson to not believe even the police that is so bad ....

may God protect u and ur family .

Lost-Libyan said...

seriously as egyptions say " eli e5tesho mato" not in london but everywhere u get ripped off for the slightest thing ur not sure instead of "think twice before u park" it should "pay twice before u park"!!
well, all the best Anglo!

white african said...

oh no anglo, how annoying is that? i feel for you :(

i think you should appeal and write to them informing them of the situation, you never know luck might be on your side with this one.

that traffic warden should be covered with a million of those fine sticker thing as punishment.

a_akak said...

The problem here is that this "nasty" traffic warden will deny anything you accure her off, that is if you take the matters further and as you pointed out "commision" means money so when money is involved that means ethics are thrown away from the window

Allah Galab Anglo, Ay3awad Allaha

Take Care

piccolina said...

ohh that pissed me off :S
u reminded me of a story happened to my friend as she was driving then a police car crossed infront of her " wrong direction for sure and 3adi here lol " so she opened the window and screamed in his face , he got mad coz u know he is the police man and has the right to drive the way he wants DUH , so he said " whatttt ??? park your car and give me your papers " she raised her voice and was like " yeah sure why don't u park and give me your papers " loool you won't believe what did u he say ?LOL
he said " sure and please salmi 3li your dad " looooooool
OMG he thought that her dad is a VIP or works at the cov so if she tells her dad that police will be in the past LOL
she told me " omg i was so mad and till this moment i don't know how did i do that ??"

a_akak said...

Pico, you seize to amaze me with you "DUH" it reminds me on "Pinky & The Brain" where pinky always has this "DUH" Things

PS: When i use pico i dont mean it as a small size i.e.

1 pico = 10^-12


BuJ said...

hello AngloL...

well guess what.. you hit it RIGHT on the effing nerve.. I connect so much with this post I will write you a fat reply to share my thoughts with you!

I got ticketed a few times.. once in Reading (after just having moved there, this was 8.30pm on a weekday!) and also in EFFING CAMDEN.. man.. they are theives.. liars.. bastards.. leeches.. even parasites.

I hate parking attendants I make a point to always give them the ninger if I see them (ninger is the finger to a nobody).. they really piss me off.

The camden fine was so unneccessary.. they are complete devils when they do it.. i swear.. if i had a gun i would shoot these guys and worry about the consequences later.. maybe if i feel compassionate i'd shoot them in the kneecap.

this was in 2003.. i went to see a friend of mine and his gf down in camden.. and it was a saturday night.. and after eating we decided to go watch a movie. and being unfamiliar with the area i parked on a single yellow line street and walked to check the cinema times.

as you mentioned it's allowed to park on a single yellow on a weekend.. mind you this was 9.30pm so the place was empty.. and it wasn't a main street either.. there were residents parking all along the street.. anyway i found a slot.. parked.. and went to (i think the odeon)

we didn't find a good film, so we came back 2 mins later that the WHOLE street was ticketed.. i dunno how or why.. i didn't even see the parking attendant.. they must have ascended (coz they live in the sewers) when I left in the thousands and ticketed all the cars then went back to their cesspools.

again it was a similar fine to yours.. with it doubling every 2 weeks etc..

i wasn't bothered at all to complain coz i know no body gives a damn in the council.. may they all rot in hell.. so i just paid and shut up.. until now that is.

however i learnt a lot since then.. one thing.. apparently they cannot ticket you if you're in the car or the car is being driven.. so if the ticket is written.. or even printed .. but not stuck to your windsheild then you can drive off.. and the attendant has to cancel it.. as far as you're concerned he might be txting his imbicile lover on his ticketing machine.

another thing (this will be more useful to you).. is that you can actually write formally to the issuing authority (it helps if you got the name and number of the guy who lied to you) but u will have the name of the ticket issuer on the ticket. anyway.. request that your case is taken to COURT.

yes you heard me..

what happens (i never been there coz as an arab i don't like to goto british courts) but my british boss reliably tells me that councils never bother showing up to these cases coz very few ppl actually take this route.. and it costs them £££ to get someone down to the magistrates.. but it costs them NOTHING if they drop the ticket.

most of the times u will be able to sit in the court room and the judge will let you off if the parking guys don't show up. fair eh?

the profit margin for them is very high with tickets if you pay up quickly.. but if u write em letters then goto court ur then costing them money (as opposed to them sucking you dry).. so they try to close the matter asap.

the last thing i learnt is that these illegal immigrants get really offended when you take their picture.. as i discovered when i retaliated at the guy who pictured my car back in Reading. As I pulled out my mobile from my pocket the look of fear on the guy's face was as if i had a knife or gun in there.. it was worth paying the fine just after seeing his face.. mind you i didn't know about the court thing.

good luck man.. keep me updated..

Living Away said...

every single driver i have met in my life has some stories to tell about being explored by traffic police. doesn't matter the country, the culture or bank account, those kind of police will always try to get some money for them...
i'm so sorry you will lose 50 bucks. you could spend them having fun with your kids!!!

MaySoon said...

What a jerk traffic warden!!!!

Hope you've calmed down today :os

mani said...


tum-ti-tum.. i sat infront of this post lovingly for almot an hour reading and sharing teh fury and anger and wishing, just ishing that i could pur out my past injuries on here too.. in fact.. Ive managed to stop my spiel this time..

but ill say this..

they should have a new warning up that says:

BLINK, before you park...

مفقود said...

thank you very much thats exactly what i need to read just 24 hours before moving permanently to London

and the comments are promising as the post itself

good job mates

AngloLibyan said...

I am sorry for not replying earlier due to being out and about with the family enjoying the Easter break, thank you all for your comments.

thank you ibeerbarbie, as you said I did try :o)

thank you life's cycle and I hope that you had a great Easter break.

lost-libyano, looks like I paid more than twice :o)
thank you for your kind comment.

whiteafrican I am going to appeal it but im not holding my breath as in Camden even on a Sunday you can not park on a yellow line, so confusing!
that warden as you said should be covered in penalty charges, especially her big mouth :o)

Allah Ghaleb ya a_akak, its her word against mine, I cant win

buj, I have heard about the case recently that highlightes the face that if a warden has written a penalty charge but not put it on your windscreen then if you are in time you can drive off and leave him/her weep!
I am going to appeal it and see what happens.
I have a video of her talking and shouting, maybe I should put her on youtube as a laughing stock :o)

thank you living away, the problem in London Traffic is controlled by branches of councils and they make their own rules, even in one city different rules apply.

Maysoon, I am calmed down today, in fact I had a great day out with my family, thank you :o)

Salam ya mani, I think it should be
THINK before you BLINK before you PARK!

welcome to my blog مفقود and welcome to London, it is a great city but a difficult one too, wishing you the best.

AngloLibyan said...

Piccolina, I hope all is well inshaAllah.
you deserve a reply on your own because of what you are going through
Good on your friend, it worked well for her! :o)

piccolina said...

thank u anglo , that was soo nice :)
and yes nothing is like seeing a close person dying infront of your eyes and you can do 0 even to stop the pain

Highlander said...

you know Wallahi in this country sometimes you only get away with things if you cheat, if you are a decent law abiding citizen then you are an easy target

spot on AngloLibyan .. sigh inshallah hada 7ad il saw

Anglo Libyan said...

Thank you highlander :o)

hope said...

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