Wednesday, 4 April 2007

UK Muslims, The Holocaust & an Urn!

Few days ago I woke up to the nearly obligatory latest UK Muslim headlines on the Radio, apparently a study by the Department for Education and Skills has decided that schools in the UK should stop teaching Muslim students about the Holocaust because of fear of offending them! there was of course the usual anti-Muslim callers to the radio station that have such a narrow minded thinking with their calling for Muslims to behave or leave the country, this same radio show has reported before about how Christmas lights were going to be banned in the city of Luton because of its large Muslim population and how someone tried to ban Piggy Banks because of fear of offending Muslims. What a lot of nonsense! I am glad that the presenter has said that in all of the above cases a research found out that these studies/decisions were carried out by white middle class people working at councils and that they really know nothing about the real life out there and that they think by doing things like that they are going to make Muslims feel more relaxed and happy! or is it because they want to create more problems and hatred? The radio station asked many Muslims in Luton if they were offended by the Christmas lights, the response was that of disbelief by everyone, 100% of Muslims asked said they were not offended in fact they actually enjoy the lights and look forward to them every year, the same was done about Piggy Banks, everyone just laughed about it, many Muslims mentioned the fact that they owned Piggy Banks when they were young, now the latest that because I am a Muslim then the Holocaust is offensive to me!! why should I be offended by the Holocaust? why should I be offended by the plight of other people? Muslims did not create the Holocaust, they did not take part in it, if anything some Muslims lost their lives too along side the Jews, Gypsies and the Physically handicapped, perhaps some people should be taught that the Jewish / Muslim conflict started mainly after the creation of the state of Israel, prior to that Jews and Muslims lived peacefully together, Libya being a good example. An African Muslim lady with a very strong accent phoned the radio station, she said that she was a mother with many problems in her life just like everyone one else, she also said that she is sick and tired of people talking about her religion as if it was something to be ashamed of, she mentioned that she works she lives she does what others do yet she is proud of being Muslim and just had enough of all this negative publicity, she made me laugh with the way she was talking but she really had a lot more sense than many people in high places.
I have no problem with my children learning about the crimes of the Holocaust or the crimes of the former country of Yugoslavia in Bosnia & Kosovo or the genocides at Rwanda, I just wish that some people in the UK would stop pretending that they know what they are talking about as they are doing a lot of damage to many ethnic groups but especially the Muslim community.

Another weird story on the radio was about a woman who 20 years ago collected her dead husband's ashes and went travelling on the London Underground (Train), when she got home she realised that she did not have the ashes with her! she could not remember where she left them, she reported the ashes missing but never checked the London Underground lost & found department, now 20 years later and after science has really progressed, someone at the Lost & Found department of the London Underground found the urn containing the ashes, decided to send a sample to be tested for DNA or something, they found out who the ashes belonged to and contacted the widow and told her that they got the missing ashes of her husband, apparently she was very happy to at last find her dear husband's ashes and that she would now put them in a safe place. mmmm I wonder if she actually did forget these ashes in the train or did she??

One more thing, I could not resist taking the following picture at a friends house which I thought was very cute :o)
Its a picture of the very cute Patrick from my son's favourite cartoon (mine too!) Spongebob Square pants, Patrick is sitting on a teddy Yorkshire Terrier dog that is dressed in Scottish Tartan, really cute.


mani said...

salam anglo .. first again :D.. how ya doing this beautiful wednesday morning

as for Britain.. we are clearly seeing an establishment funded attack on 'multiculturalism', in a bid to give birth again to old 'national English sentiment'. The mulsims lobbies and groups such as the MCB unfortunatly indirectly helps in these consultations, and thats why the MCB and its offshoots of Muslims organisations in the UK are increasingly out of touch with the Muslims on the street. Of course the attack on multiculturalism is boosted by homophobia and securityphobia.. which both reinforce eacth other and for the average britisher.. they just wanna stick that what they know and reject that is alien.. standard propaganda and establishment gearing itself up before 'war'... the piggy bank thingy took headlines in the metro I remember.. sheeesh.. consolidationg the 'british identity' is very important before britain decides to do anything as a nation in the outside world again (like war for example) otherwise it would be disasterous for the country.

The holocaust.. well.. I aint even gettin into the anti-semitic mud slinging ever again.. anyone who appraoches me i say.. u probably know a lot of your own suffering and so do I cause i got the same education too see.. but i just wanna extend the sentiment.... HEY.. 250 thousand of Libyans suffered and died in between concentration camps, forced labour, torture and war under the same villans.. share our plight dammit.. better.. why dont they teach that to everyone in schools too.. why don't they teach that Lenin, Mao and Stalin killed between them more than 70 MILLION PEOPLEEEEE..and not in WAR... why dont we teach them of the millions of Children that die every single year from poverty, hunger, war, disaster, neglect, people in suits and ties that 'decide the fate' in Ethiopia,Somalia, Saharan Africa, Iraq, Columbia, Vietnam, Indonesia and so many of the worlds poor and all they have to offer us is their cheap labour????? why oh why..

DaMoon said...

Humm, interesting...da below article caught my attention big time so speaking of da lady losing her husband ashes...

Keith Richards says he snorted his father's ashes mixed with cocaine
Tue Apr 03, 02:06 PM EST

LONDON (AP) - Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has acknowledged consuming a raft of illegal substances in his time.

In comments published Tuesday, he said he snorted his father's ashes mixed with cocaine. "The strangest thing I've tried to snort? My father. I snorted my father," Richards was quoted as saying by British music magazine NME.

"He was cremated and I couldn't resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow. My dad wouldn't have cared. . . . It went down pretty well, and I'm still alive."

Richards' father, Bert, died in 2002 at the age of 84.

Richards, 63, one of rock's legendary wild men, told the magazine that his survival was the result of luck, and he advised young musicians against trying to emulate him.

"I did it because that was the way I did it. Now people think it's a way of life," he said.

"I've no pretensions about immortality," he added. "I'm the same as everyone . . . just kind of lucky.

"I was number one on the 'Who's Likely To Die' list for 10 years. I mean, I was really disappointed when I fell off the list."

AngloLibyan said...

salam dear mani :o)
Its a nice day but a bit cold.
Thank you for your comment and I do agree that children should be taught about all crimes whether its the holocaust or the Italian crimes in Libya, people are equal and I actually support a Holocaust rememberance day that includes all victims of all atrocities all over the world and no that does not mean I am Anti-Semitic as some might say because of this suggestion.

Damoon I saw this story about Keith Richards on BBC online this morning, I heard the story about the lost ashes about 3 days ago on the radio, I wonder if it prompted the BBC to publish this one!
Thank you :o)

ibeebarbie said...

What is the deal with the swinging of the pendulum from one extreme to the other? Why can’t changes and/or modifications be done in a subtle way? I would agree that these severe or drastic changes are a form of instilling fear in humans, which ultimate results in power. However, I guess my question would be “what does all of this power really gain someone?” We are all on this planet for a select number of days, and will all stand before our creator, the one and only true living God, and be held accountable for our actions. It seems to me those that fear the religion of others are the same hypocrites that create such chaos behind their own.

With respect to the woman that left her ever so beloved deceased husband’s remains on the London Underground, perhaps it was one of her husband’s desires to always travel on the Underground, but do to his ever busy life was never able too? LOL Or perhaps he’s last wishes were to have his ashes spread there, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it and therefore left he urn hidden somewhere? Nonetheless, can you imagine receiving a telephone call after 20 years indicating your husband had been found. Yikes!

My daughter saw the picture of Patrick and laughed. She loves SpongeBob Square Pants too.

Trabilsia said...

Salam dear Anglo,
what a topic !
Who us Mulims offended ? And why may I ask ?? Is the world coming to an end ???

Xmas lights being switched off and pigggy banks ..... I am either dumb or can't understand what this has to do with ISLAM.
I still call the piggy bank a piggy bank if you noticed even in one of my last posts about the TMC children..I must then be careful lol. As for the woman who lost her hubbys ashes , are you sure she wanted them back? why did she not report it ?? A couple of years back when one of my brothers was going to study in the US and my family were at the time in London he'd lost his passport, ticket and travellers cheques in the underground station , to be more specific at Earl's Court Station as the documents were all in his small leather macho bag. I had told him to put it in his suitcase till we got to the airport ..but who listens to older sisters ?? Anyways it was found as we had reported it immediately and he left for the US on a later flight on the same day.

mani said...

salam again

so 25 mins ago Keith Richards denied to the BBC of ever snorting his dad's ashes with cocaine..

tells u something really.. what are we all doing giving this silly man and the silly massess that care for his news a second's worth's of attention???.. sorry for sounding harsh Damoon waaleh this aint against u sis.. its just my instinct to boil over at useless pieces of information about other people's trivial lifestyles...

a_akak said...

I ask myself a question and I answer myself with an answer but then I question my answer and find a solution but the solution seems to be a function of Tan 90 degrees which goes to infinity (not like buzz light year who goes to infinity and beyond) anyway where was I……………… oh yes, I have lived a big chunk of my life in the UK and I notice people talking about “Islamaphobia” and the “race issues” and then people accuse the brits of people “racists” but then I ask myself “what did we Libyans do to the Africans (I use the word Africans as we use a different term but it might offend someone) in Libya?” didn’t we beat them up, kill them and ship them home and didn’t we (as a nation) despise them and many didn’t even give them their salaries or wages? So then I ask myself, are the brits racists? I ask myself another question, what would we do if their shoes? The Africans didn’t get any welfare or benefits from us, they didn’t cripple our health system, they didn’t even ask for their god given rights but we did what we did

So Ahmed what are you getting at? My conclusion is that no matter what the brits do, I don’t blame them, you may ask why? But seeing what we (Libyans) did I don’t blame them. People fear what they don’t know, and that is the problem with Islam and the west, what they see on sky, fox is the not a nice pic and they believe it, so then I ask myself, what can we do? Well I think the only way is to be a true muslim and practice islam, but then you find a guy in the office whose name is Mohamed and he goes every Friday to the Pub (instead of the mosque) because he doesn’t want to feel left out

Anyway, I think I have been reading too many of my bro mani’s posts that I am getting the long posts bug :P


BuJ said...

totally off-topic: did you see ahmedinejad's performance today?

mani said...

Salam ahmed..

to tell u the truth.. apart from the hardcroe BNP'rs, and the old-school english socialists, the majority of British people havent a clue about 'racism'. Walahe I agree with you, it aint as part of their mentality as say.. an average Libyan's for example... walahe its disgusting.. and the crazy thing is many Libyans have so much virtue and beautiful sentiment towards each other but when it comes to other arabs let alone africans let alone ASIANS.. nope.. the majority of Libyans just see them as filth. la hawla wala qowwata Illa billah.. and reading a blog from (I cant remember who now but shes also a libyan) talking about how her friend in Saudi or Kuwait treat their Asian servants.. its disgusting...

The majority of English people I'd say are completely hoodwinked and labelled as racist simply because of their fear like u say or just their own ignorance. Of course thats amazing for people who wish to manipulate this fear and ignorance, capitalise on it and focus it into little labels and brand it in the media in order to get this pacifict public angry and any-sort-of-phobic.. I mean.. hey.. its standard propaganda craft.. Edward Bernays (the cousin of Freud who is also called the father of Public relations) learnt a lot from the propaganda wars used by Hitler and America and it impressed the business community. A good analysis by that you will find in Chomsky and Edward Herman's Manufacturing consent. u can even get the documentary on Google video. They found that by keeping the public ignorant and consumed with the trivialities of life, like consumption, luxuriouse goods and personal congratulation, they could marginalise them away from important issues.. and mobilise them in masses whenever they needed to.. so if they needed to mobilise masses for war all u need to do is create some kind of phobia.. and fear will do its worst.. (for those who havent watched the power of nightmares BBC documentary please do so.. its important.. its on google video too).. thats how u turn good pacifist people into warmongers... scare em.. oldest tactic in the book..

I myself love the British people and can honestly say of all those that I have met in the world, those English men and women that i have meat and reasoned with are true brothers and sisters.. and I love them to bits.. and 4 of them will come back to Libya with me and wont leave my side inshallah . or so they promised

Im so happy I found a long commentator in you Ahmad.. :D you make me feel less crazy lol

mani said...


Buj.. performance is an accurate word.. cause thats all politics is..

a show..

enjoy the pantomime


cofman said...

( just noticed: many long comments .. I’ll be back to see them all )

“ I have no problem with my children learning about the crimes of the Holocaust or ..”

I remember I read something 2 or 3 months ago , I think you ( ?) were talking about ( or to ) someone, an adult I think, who expressed his/her discomfort that your children are taught to be tolerant from a young age to all faiths etc ( I think I read it here? )
In my opinion this is the right attitude, they will be very healthy, it will make them better human being

And on “ her dead husband's ashes .. now 20 years … tested for DNA or something, ..and contacted the widow ”
Incredible, really incredible – thanks for sharing

AngloLibyan said...

ibeerbarbie, thanks for the comment, I agree that change need to be done in a subtle way.
as for the ashes, I suppose we will never know what really happened!
the picture of Patrick is here for the children, im glad your daughter liked it :o)

Trabisia, thats exactly how I felt, why should I be offended?
regarding the ashes, I think you might be right, she probably left them there and ran, poor woman 20 years later her dear husband is back lol
Glad that your brother's lost items were found so quick.

mani, in defence of Damoon, she only mentioned Keith Richard because his story coincided with the story about the woman and the ashes :o)

a-akak my post was not about racisim, racism has issues mainly with colour and thats not what im getting at, I have written many times before (check archive) about how tolerant the British society is and how im proud of living here, in fact since I came to live here as a teenager the only racism remarks i suffered were from Asians, Blacks and Middleeasterns including Arabs.
my post clearly mentioned that there is an element of middle class white people as it had been found out by a radio research that keep interfering in things they do not understand that create more problems, as for comparing it to life in Libya, well I do not live in Libya, I have not lived in Libya for a long time and have no idea what or how people are treated, I live here, this is my home and my adopted country and if I see something I dont like then I have the right to stand and try to do something against it.

buj i only heard him on the radio :o)

thanks mani for all your comments :o)

cofman, yes it was one of my posts, I think called Tolerance.
thank you dear cofman.

mani said...

Salam all

yeah I gotta Apologise to Damoon I read my comment again and again and I just kick myself cause I always come across as violent and hot, although walahe I look up to her like a great, bigger sis, so please Damoon if I upset u by the hotheadedness please forgive me. blame my sis who got it into my head while mga3mzeen 3al 3'dee and there was Keith in the BBC looking like the freak that he is chuckling at his own childishness... oops there I go again lol..

sorry again Damoon..

thanks Anglo

cofman said...

Thanks Anglo

- - -

ok, I had time to read all comments
( btw, kaka is Ahmed? I thought I saw this name, unless we have 2 ? )

this is a general point, and not aimed at any specific comment – it just adds another drop of reality into our cocktail

I find it futile, personally, when we – Libyans, arabs, Muslims, etc 3rd world folks – see things from our point of view only.
Here, I mean through our eyes, whether we like / agree / resent / rebel against / etc …, we need to see it from their point of view as well . I am not suggesting you accept or agree with it , I am simply saying: see it the way they see it.

To illustrate what I mean so there won’t be confusion, I am going to use a fresh example, as fresh as bread from the oven … and please see it and follow it step by step – and go ahead, correct my vision

The war in Iraq
The US administration, and his friends are doing their best to put an end to their casualties and future potential threats ( remember; I didn’t say They want to bring democracy to Iraq, did I ? )
The US administration is led by a guy democratically elected , chosen by his people – can anyone deny or dispute these facts?
( ok, with gw bush to some extent by some )

The US people:
Do they agree with Bush, Today?
Do they support him? Are they satisfied?
Is it going as planned?

I won’t bother bring a long list of IFs and Buts, we all know that a lot of the American public, including those who voted for him, though they know they have been lied to, cheated if you like, a very good number of them still value highly the work done by their sons in Iraq, regardless
You can see, I hope, that even their loyalty to what they are doing, especially when it is in question, they still unite when things go horrible – are they that blind? Only the minorities can see, but the public can’t???

In short, they are so organised – not confused – even in their thoughts and commitments
( I didn’t say their system is good or bad – moral or otherwise – free or controlled by hidden hands )

cofman said...

one more time,
You talk to a woman who voted against Bush – her son fighting in Iraq – Or died there

It is common, normal even, that if you ask her what, why, and how she thinks the way she thinks?
She’d say: ummmm too late now
Or: where is a just war?
Or: Yeahhh, damn it – we depend on their oil, and we will kill to get it
Or: what do you want me to do? they are too powerful, the ‘gang’
Or: oh yeah, I am going to this demonstration outside the white house, asking Bush to bring the boys home ( 100,000 people turn up – then what???? … when their number reaches critical level, then, only then, they will think of what’s next )

I find them organised

mani said...

salam cofman..

organised?? I really didnt get what u meant by ur two comments.. anyways..

yes.. the americans are very organised people..

I wanna share with you all something that made my tears flow

"We're Sorry"

Former US soldiers on the personal cost of war in Iraq.

"We have a powerful film this evening. We follow a group of former US soldiers who have returned from Iraq deeply affected by the experience."

This is a must watch - Newsnight - BBC - Broadcast O3/29/06

The Link is

I just hope u have fast connection, realplayer and some tissues..

These people I truly call brothers and sister

a_akak said...

Cof & Mani

"One Mans Freedon Fighter is anothers Terrorist" and i think that would sum up and iron out any confussions :)


Different people have different view on life as a whole and the way ,or direction, we choose is usually based on what "works" for us................ :) , I believe ours views might be different but thats good as i will learn alot from you :) >>>>Plz dont take this msg the wrong way<<<<

Fe Aman Allah

mani said...

Salam Ahamd

Thanks for the beautiful sentiment.. I wasent debating anything actually.. I was just sharing some sincere love of American Iraq war vet's whom I forgive and love dearly

thanks again..
please please please watch it.. its short vid please if u can.. its 22 mins only.. we do so many trivial things in 22 mins..

cofman said...


( thanks again Anglo, I read what you wrote for a second time )

anyway.. still talking about the same subject

1 - if you have 3 mins, go and see food pics on Life Cycle’s Page ( it is relevant btw )
2 – mani, thanks for the link, will see it asap
3 – on my earlier comment that “ they ” are organised, and “ we ” aren’t
They = I meant the advanced world .. which includes Europeans etc etc ( Iraq was picked as fresh bread )
We = 3rd world people
4 – Organised, here the word is meant to serve the wide and general meaning of co-ordination and control
( eg; with your keyboard, now using your pc, if each time you press the letter A – and I see it as B, we will be arguing, discussing and chatting forever )
that’s why we have what some described “ Big Talk Syndrome ” lol

we, in my opinion, 3rd world people – are blind

cofman said...

Hey btw? I agree with what Anglo said; Luton Radio, etc etc

cofman said...

Powerful vid, saw it all thanks

My best friend, John, a lawyer, married + 2 small kids, .. I don’t know his religion btw … our friendship, the 2 of us + his wife, is healthy, western kind of friendship .. nothing much .. just western
They went on holiday for 2 weeks, and when they returned the first thing John told me when he saw me; he said “ brother, I missed you ” .. lol, I never use that word, “ brother ”, lol,
I was … speechless

The world is ok, you know? really ok, except 9 – 11 would take a long time to deal with
( you can’t hit the USA, the only Super and giant power, and force the US president to hide for 3 days in his own country … and get away with it … No way … the US has even given a warning to everyone, including her close friends, ie the Europeans … Do not try, now or in the future, to imagine that we will let you - or give you the chance to - become as powerful – they said it … nothing hidden , no secret … and they mean it come what may ….. Iraq? Another Vietnam ? Syria ? Iran …???? mean nothing )
If you get a chance to read about the American civil war, you will see where the present US came from, and where it might go … right now the Americans are deeply hurt in their pride …embarrassed even .. and they have the means to do what they want … add the fact that they aren’t so much interested about the outside world like most european people do … they are cowboys, .. guns and whiskey, hurt and angry

give it time … the world has seen much worse … they all needed time

AngloLibyan said...

mani & cofman, I really thank you for your contributions and interesting debates and mani I will check the video soon inshaAllah.

a_akak, one of the first things I learnt from living here is freedom to say what I want and respect of other's views, that is not wrong and I can not take that the wrong way :o)

BuJ said...

mani.. check out the british now.. they even made a better performance that now makes ahmedinejad look like a smart guy!!!
pissed me off so much i immediately posted about it.. and i kinda was hoping not to write much especially after my cultural post about albeniz's piano music.

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