Monday, 16 April 2007

The Warm Weather

You must have noticed how us Libyans living in the UK have been posting about the weather here lately, in fact we have become obsessed with the weather just like the majority of British people. I actually like long sunny days as long as the temperature remains reasonably warm around 25c is perfect, any warmer than that and I get in a bad mood, London and the whole of the UK is just not designed for hot weather, it gets too hot and sweaty and the pollution fills the air then of course every one here gets the rats and start winging and complaining and fighting with each other, as for motorists, hot weather is bad news, drivers are continuously swearing at each others and just trying to find something to start a problem, combine that with being a Libyan then you are really in trouble :o)

Saying all that, it still was a lovely weekend that most people spent outdoors, actually the weather is still hot and way above average at 24c today.

This morning as I was driving to work, I heard on the radio about a problem that is beginning to surface in London, since many Eastern European countries joined the EU a vast number of people have moved to the UK for a better life and better jobs, many of these people come from rural areas in their countries where they have never seen a non white person before, of course after they moved to London which is a multi cultural society they were confronted with many other ethnics but for many of the Eastern Europeans children they continued to treat non whites in the same way that their parents do, racism has started to show its ugly head again in London, a survey in London primary schools where many Polish children attend has asked the children to draw other kids in their schools, they were shocked to find that the majority of Polish kids drew monkeys & apes to represent black & brown kids! and apparently that is how their parents feel about black & brown people and they are passing it on to their kids. Britain has and still is dealing with the race issue since 50 years ago and I must say that they did deal very well with it as racism does not really exist in this country or if it exists then most people just keep quiet and say nothing, the other finding of this survey was that many Eastern Europeans have actually approached their children's schools and asked if their children were going to be taught by DARKIES! and that they would prefer if only white teachers taught their kids. Many people phoned in the radio show and complained about being racially abused by Eastern Europeans even though they never experienced racist abuse until now, a Polish woman working for a British / Polish society said that they were tackling this problem by asking Church priests in Poland to tell people that they should be tolerant once they are in the UK just like everyone else but is that enough to solve this problem? I think the answer lies at home with parents.


a_akak said...

I agree with the weather issue as the Tube becomes unbearable and too hot :(

As for racism, i really believe that each one of us is racist in one way or another but the difference is that our brains filter things out and the best way to prove that is get any British guy drunk (or as they say Hammered) and then ask him what he thinks? saying that they are a very "politically correct" society but also very sinister

I am happy U also had a Good Weekend :)

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo Libyan said...

thanks Ahmed :o)

I agree with you that we all have a racist element within us and yes if you talk to a drunk British person or anyother drunk of any nationality then you will get some secrets out! but i think most of us learn to tolerate eachother and live with others without resorting to abuse which is what seems to be happening with Eastern Eurpeans at the moment.
racism will always exist but im sure you will agree that we do not have to show it and try to over come it.

Anonymous said...

Very true. Sadly, I do believe everyone has a racist element inside of them..some less than others.

This reminds me of an incident that occured in one of our stores. (my husband owns clothing stores in New Jersey and Virginia). A Russian guy (in his 20's) came to our Atlantic City location with his girlfriend, an Eastern European working in the US for the summer.He started a conversation with my husband and then commented on the amount of "niggers" in the area. I guess he never saw so many black people (politically correct term "African-Americans"). To make matters worse, through out the conversation he kept on using the "N" word. Finally, my husband fed up, told him the word is very insulting and will get him into trouble. Can you believe, he honestly didn't know the word "nigger" is offensive?? Hard to believe, I think. Never the less,I truly think my husband saved his life because Atlantic City has some very "rough" areas and if this guy said this in front of the wrong crowd, I honestly think he would have been seriously injured...possibily killed. are correct. Eastern Europeans and Russians are very racist and out about it, too. I guess they will learn tolerance through education or through the hard the streets. blu

DaMoon said...

how nice mashallah, hope da weather doesn't get too nasty, inshallah ug3id 7elo...

ibeebarbie said...

Salam AngloLibyan,
LOVEEEEEEE the warm weather. The warmer the better. :-)

Racism, in my opinion, created and bred through ignorance and insecurity.

I found this statemently sadly funny. "A Polish woman working for a British/Polish society said that they were tackling this problem by asking Church priests in Poland to tell people that they should be tolerant once they are in the UK."

Anglo Libyan said...

thank you blu for visiting my blog.

your husband did the right thing with this guy, I wouldnt like to think what would happen to him had he said it in a different place!

I saw your comments today on other posts, I really do not know of any Fairouz CD to recommend but website such as youtube have many of her songs, so does MAZIKANA.

inshaAllah ya Damoon, thank you :o)

ibeebarbie, not warmer please otherwise its war in the streets with all those bad moods :o)

I believe parents have a responsibility towards their children and teaching them to be tolerant of other people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Anglo. Blu

Gheriani said...

Weather of this year was very erratic. In Benghazi, March which was known for its days of four seasons, was very warm and had lots of little Giblis, on the other side April which was known for its strong Gibli storrms, was cooler and showing fair weather so far. Last winter passed without us even noticing it. Global warming?

Anglo Libyan said...

salam Gheriani
well thats what they are saying here in the UK, Global Warming is to blame for the strange weather we are having.
thank you for your comment.

DaMoon said...

I hope Aug will be nice and breazy no humidity at all...say ya

Anglo Libyan said...

inshaAllah the 4th of August would be the best day of the year ya Damoon :o)

white african said...

i dont like the heat, i love the cold, russian style weather is pretty cool, all that snow :) but i guess with the whole racisim issue i couldnt live there.

you know when you get stared at (speaking as a hijabi) here in britain, 9 out of 10 times its usually a european whos doing teh staring, where as culturally speaking, here in britain its considered rude to stare.

Anglo Libyan said...

I do not like the heat either whiteafrican, I just like it reasonably warm (25c Max) I like snow too :o)
you are right about the British and how its rude to stare here.

Trabilsia said...

Heat, I can't stand !

Ah.. if it weren't for the summer breeze.....
Teaching during the summer is not only extremely hectic , but very smelly lol. We have a problem when teaching some of the trainees wanting the AC on while others stating they don't want it. All are good Mulims and pray and all , but why do they stink ?? I'm sorry to state such a statement but I get really sick upon entering a smelly class. tried several times telling them about deoderant sprays still....... The girls I have spoken to , but the young chaps my dear brother has a word with stillll......

And I thought I was the only one who hated staring !
Why do people stare ???
Out of curiosity or just to make one feel uncomfortable ?????
Anglo ,
Sorry for the long comment and thanks or an excellent topic.

Anglo Libyan said...

it gets very smelly here too! so much that you have to leave the shop or where ever you are :o)

I remember your pos about staring, true and very funny.