Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Adverts Vs Reality!

Have you ever been to a fast food chain and ordered something to eat because it looked great on TV or in the picture then felt really cheated when your order arrived?
Yes it happened to me many times and at the biggest joints.

I want a Healthy Tacosalad please

here you go!
Can I have a Taco Bell Belgrande ?

is this what I ordred?

mmmmmmmm Big Mac

yuuuuuuuuuuk Big Mac!

Fillet of Fish ?

Whats this?

Breakfast Muffin ?

No Thanks!

The good old Whopper anyone?

its old alright!

Subway to go ?

more like Sub Zero!


ph said...


For how long have you been collecting these photos?

Anglo-Libyan said...

ph, about 30 minutes! :o)
I didnt take them myself

Ema said...

well i if this was the case in the UK, did you think how it will look like here in Libya!!!!!!

Imagine just imagine how when you order a kobab you get minced meat rolled as fingers and smells "zefra"!!.. i still hate kobab till today.

Trabilsia said...

And I thought we had problems in the delivery system!

a_akak said...


Well when i am hungry all of them look good :)

Fe Aman Allah

BuJ said...

hey, is this post Hot or Freaky? or what? loool

btw, i like mexican food, but only in mexico :)\

coconut shavings with lime and salt are the best!

life's cycle said...

u know what anglo i stopped eating from junk food for about 3 weeks after i got sick i do not knwo why i got sick from the junck food and now with ur pics i think i wont ever go back to junck food , u r right the pics say something but when u get ur order it is something different .

DaMoon said...

LOL....WOW, and Ema, I feel ur pain ewwwwww I hate those kabab mta3 ras 7sann, YUCK YUCK YUCK, I can only imagine wdan khroof and bograt and extra parts of da animal mafroomat, ewwwwwww, I never ate it when we used to get it at work
True Anglo-Libyan ugh!

ph said...

kabab mta3 ras 7sann is the best in kebab in Libya sis :P how can u say that .

Ema said...

damoon, it wasn't from ras 7san, i got it from some place in zawyat eldahmany... it was barely cooked plus it was put in a baneena with only harrisa lol

Anglo-Libyan said...

Salam, Ema, yes I can imagine what you are talking about, I have seen kebabs like that in Egypt and other countries.

Trabilsia, i think problems are everywhere :o)

lol@ a_akak :o)

Marhaba Buj
my previous post was hot according to toot :o)
I like Mexican too but never been to Mexico.

life's cycle, you better keep off junk food, I still eat it occasionaly but it never looks good when its in front of me :0(

Damoon, you get GROON, WDAN & 7awafer mafrooma, mmmmmmmmm :o)

I will make sure to keep off Ras 7asan & Zawyat Eldehmani kebabs if I ever go back to Libya/Tripoli :o)

Brave Heart said...

if they provide what they promise, they wont make any profit, that's why keep away from any junk food

MaySoon said...

LOOOL "the good old whopper, old alright?!!!"..lool that reminds me of what DaMoon's A&F Manager says about the French fries they sell in Libya, he says "they look older than he is" gosh.. wallahi even if the "Fillet o'Fish" looks worse than that I LOVE IT :oD

white african said...

lol so true, there should be some sort of agency that arrest people for giving orders not up to scratch with the pic they advertise.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks brave heart for the advice..

Maysoon, I always go for the fillet of fish if I take the kids to McDonald, it is nice even if it looks Mafshoosha (deflaed) :o)

whiteafrican, if they do that then all staff at these places will get arrested, just now on my way to work I saw the picture of the new ANGUS Burger from Burger King, im sure the reality is nothing like that :o)

Lebeeya said...

Eh! The fish fillet is the only one that looks slightly like its advertisment! The rest look horrible!

Do they have any shawerma advertisments? I wonder how that would look :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

yes Lebeeya, many middle eastern places have great pictures of their food outside their shops.
I am sure their food is just as horrible :o)

Ema said...

and BTW the breakfast muffin looks SICK!!

and you should have made the title of this post:
"What You See is NOT What You Get"

Anglo-Libyan said...

Ema that muffin looks so sick its in need of intensive care!

"What You See is NOT What You Get"
akhhhhhhh what a good title! :o)

starved said...

Anglo..It’s almost 6pm and I am at work till 7pm and I am starving. These photos very appetizing even if the food looks squashy. but your Chinese kebab spoiled my appetite :o(

Anglo-Libyan said...

lol @ starved :o)

Anonymous said...

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