Saturday, 26 May 2007

A Blast from the Past!

I just found a Blast from the Past online!, do you remember Watani Al-Akbar nasheed? is it still shown on Libyan TV?
Its been more than 27 years since I saw this video and even then it used to be shown in Black & White but here it is in colour! how old is this song? I think it was made late 50s or early 60s maybe. I was actually pleased to see it again, it is a classic and has some of the most famous Arab singers then.
While watching I actually couldn't stop laughing, keep an eye on the dancers dancing in the back ground especially behind Faida kamel and Warda, what are they doing exactly? :oD

The other day I was driving through a well known street in London for selling good quality clothes mainly for women, in fact this street is very well known to Libyan traders that come here to buy clothes from the mainly Turkish & Greek owned shops, there is 1 or 2 shops owned by Libyans as well. As I was waiting for the traffic to move, I noticed this shop called Cinderella on my right and it was not one of the best shops there, it had mainly grubby wedding gowns, then I looked up where they had another display, more grubby wedding gowns but wait, this wedding gown is green! never mind the pink one, I mean green! it looked very revolutionary,
فيلو ثوري lol :o)

Did I hear someone is getting married soon? :oD


a_akak said...

when i heard it gave me Goosebumps, and it reminds me when i was back home :( anyway thanks for it although i dont really like these old-ish songs

Those shops seem too "tacky" as who would get married in a green dress (no offence past/future) unless them are very very ........

Fe Aman Allah

aisha said...

I love this song...although it is filled with nationalistic pan-Arab propaganda, i still really like it. Despite of what I dislike, I like the optomism displayed in it, and all those old superstars, and Saba7!!! She looks human and beautiful. And abdel7alim, what a lucky guy, to sing with all those beautiful ladies. The dancers in the background are a little weird :S

mani said...

salam anglo.. you know Ive never heard this song before in my life and somehow couldnt stop frowning until abdul halim declares in the middle of the song that this watan is bigger than eterntiy.. only then I clicked.. Al-Akbar.. and I was like astaghfuralla.. there is only one Akbar... and stopped it there.. so I didnt get to see all the stuff you and aisha spoke about :). national pan-arab propoaganda??.. you bet aisha... more divide and rule...

yeah ok so im not supposed to think about it that deep and just enjoy the celebrities and sing along like all the other clappers.. but its exactly this attitude that has messed us humans up, makes us complacent, docile and oblivious to teh worst dangers facing our persons and our global citizenship, which is Islam.

Happy watching!! lolol

P.S who is getting married soon? :)

Lebeeya said...

lol, I am loving that revolutionary wedding dress! I think we should all pitch in and buy it for Damoon as a wedding gift from the Libyan Bloggers. First of all, it will be full of meaning cuz its green just like our beloved libyan flag, secondly, it comes with a head gear which will make her look like such a fal7a with that ma7rama marboot on her head. Like she was fil kojeena tool el yoom oo jet tijri li 3irssha oo nsit tna7i el ma7rma :D

I have heard this song before but have never seen a clip of it. I think the dancers in the background are kinda freaky.

Notice how all the women singers have fat arms. Their arms are mshalfteen. Eh! They all need lipo and an arm lift!

Or maybe having fat arms was the "it" thing then. Subhanllah, see what beauty was considered then and now whats considered beauty...

mani said...

well well well look who's back lol :)

Safia speaks said...

I´m not getting married - unles someone is getting zawjiya athania without my knowledge! - but I really, really like that dress.
I agree with Lebeeya, we should all buy that dress and put the pic on our blogs I CHALLENGE YOU GUYS AND GALS hahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

mani said...

Safia.. after looking around ur latest blog.. been having a neaky feeling ud say that about the dress lolol

Anglo-Libyan said...

yes Ahmed this song reminded me of Libya as well.
you could not get more tacky than this shop :oS

Salam Aisha, nice to see you here :o)
you can say that again! so much propaganda its laughable but yes enjoyable at the same time for being such a classic and as for saba7 fresh face, look at her Now :oS

mani this song would probably be remembered by people of certain age, I dont think many concentrate on its words or believe in any of it, its just a memory :o)

lebeeya, I knew you would enjoy this post :o)
this song was made way before Lipo suction, lol @ mshalfteen :o)

I dont that there is a second zawja on libyan bloggers YET ya Safia :o)
well I have the dress on my blog so you are all welcome to have it or if you want to buy it then im ready and waiting for your order lol.

Trabilsia said...

For the old nasheed ,its been ages that Ive seen it.We were brainwashed into seeing it so many times in the past that I(imagine )learnt it by heart lol.I dont sound too good in Arabic when singing ,lol.

I showed the girls the green dress and said it was a bargain as I spoke daughters gave me a look that I was going nuts lol.

MaySoon said...

We used to sing this song at end of school year it reminds me of school days :oS

LOL what a THAWRI I can immagine DaMoon in it..lool

Anglo-Libyan said...

Trabisia, so the nasheed is not shown any more, what a surprise??

Glad you all liked the dress :OD

maysoon, which one were you in this song? :o)

now why is everybody associating that green dress with Damoon??
I never said that, did I? lol :oD

DaMoon said...

OMG OH MY GOD, ok Lebeeya, this is not funny,...LOL actually it is!! and Anglo-Libyan take that back I WILL NOT i repeat I WILL NOT wear da green u guyz have to find another clown to do cuz I already got my
ya mahboleen

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Damoon
sorry for playing a joke on your expence but it was fun and im glad you found it funny.
of course we all wish you the best inshaAllah :o)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,

Well, the Cinderella store was not what I expected. However, I can now share with my friend, Mixed Up Me ( where the patrons at the Starbucks she frequents gets their attire. :o)

Mixed Up Me said...

As my friend Ibeebarbie mentioned, you will have to check out my post from May 18th, as I now know where the people I mentioned in my post got their clothes!!!!! Thanks for the laugh! Have a great day~

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
I read and commented on mixed up me post, seems cinderella shop might be popular with some people after all :oD

nice to see you here mixed up me :o)
your post is funny, bling is what you get in this shop.

btw did you notice the golden drapes/curtains? :oS