Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A British Nightmare in Portugal

The main headline news in Britain in the last few days is the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann in Portugal.

Madeline who is a 3 year old British girl, went to Portugal for a holiday with her parents and 2 year old twin brother & sister, Sean and Amelie, they stayed at an apartment in a holiday village in Al Garve.

One night after the children went to sleep, the parents went out to eat at a restaurant which is few hundred yards away from the apartment where their children were sleeping and they said that they were checking on their children every half an hour.

Upon the parents return that night they found the door to the apartment open, Madeline was missing, the twins and everything else untouched, the police were informed who eventually confirmed that Madeline was abducted from her bed and that they are following a suspect. now 3 days on from this nightmare the police are not sure if even Madeline is still alive, her heart broken family have made many pleads for her safe return this is being the latest "Please do not scare her. Please let us know where to find Madeleine or put her in a place of safety".

While I do feel very sorry for her parents and I can not even claim to know what they are going true, I still cant understand why they trusted where they were staying and left their children on their own? they were in a foreign land away from their familiar environment, this is not an ideal world and it has been proven that even if you check every 30 minutes on your kids there still is a monster lurking somewhere, a monster that took beautiful little Madeline away. it is a cruel world, do not let your children out of your sight if you are away from home, not even for a minute, they are our responsibility.

I have watched the pain of the McCann family and would not wish it on anyone, I do hope InshaAllah that the little girl is found safely and that this nightmare ends on a happier note.


Safia speaks said...

Yes, it is such a tragedy and I´m sure the poor parents will never forgive themselves for having left the kids alone.

It´s a nightmare!

I remember once my kids were 1 and 3 years old. ARound 22.00 hours they were sleeping soundly in their room, and I ran quickly down to the corner shop to buy some potato chips. I was out of the house maybe 15 minutes, and of course I had locked the door.

When I came back I found Fatima sitting in the entry hall with tears on her face. As soon as she saw me she ran and hugged me so hard, and I had to comfort her, telling her I just went to buy something and only 15 minutes.

She had woken up during those 15 minutes to find herself and her sleeping baby brother all alone in the house. She must have been very scared, not knowing what to do.

From then on I assured my kids I would NEVER leave the house, while they slept - ever!

It was only one tiny situation, but it gave me a lesson from hell.

The brother in-law and his wife laughed when they heard the story. They claimed they were doing this all the time, leaving their kids sleeping at night and going out a few hours to attend a wedding or a party. I had a hard argument with his wife about it, because I know how much can happen in so little time.

Inshallah the police will find Madeline sound and safe and bring her back to her family soon.

white african said...

so sad walahi, and they must be going through hell.

a lesson for all

programmer craig said...

I still cant understand why they trusted where they were staying and left their children on their own?

Yes.. that seems strange. I don't know any parents who even leave children that age alone in their own home, let alone while they are traveling. And not out of fear that they'll be abducted, either. You just don't want your kids to wake up after having a nightmare and find out there's nobody home, like Safia pointed out. Also, a 3 year old left unattended can get into a lot of trouble, even in a hotel room. I don't know. I don't want to specualte. Maybe we've just had too many of these stories that turned out to be something completely different, here in the US. I'll hope it's just what has been reported, and that she is found safe and sound :)

Lebeeya said...

I read this in the newspaper and it is really sad but I dont understand how the parents were checking on them every 30 minutes? Did they leave the restuarant back and forth? For some reason I am not buying that! I guess they didnt want to sound like irresponsible parents! OR they really did check on the children every 30 minutes and that aroused the curiousty of the kidnapper to see whats inside the room? so he went in and found 3 little children and thought the girl was cute, so he took her?!

They children are so little, the parents should have never left them alone. I hope they find her soon.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Safia we all make mistakes but we learn from them.
look what happened to Fatima when she woke up alone but in her own house.
imagine what it would be like for a child to wake in a strange house in a different country alone, that on its own must be a nightmare.

white african its a lesson for all and im sure her parents too, I just hope its not too late.

PC, this story is very strange and as you mentioned it might turn out to be something different. like you I hope sh is found safe & sound

lebeeya, the parents did say that and the resaurant was close by, but yes maybe they said it because they knew they made a huge mistake.

I hope she is found safe inshaAllah, she is only 3, how scary must this be to her and how heartbreaking it would be if she was hurt in anyway.

loza said...

I'm so sorry for what happend ... and I'm trying to imagine what Madeline doing alone ... she's 3years ...

about what happend .. I agree lebeey for what she said .. how the parents were checking on them every 30 minutes?.. for sure they said that to give themself some excuse ..( really we went out but we check them..) anyway this's not excuse ..

however I hope if they can find her soon and safe ..

Trabilsia said...

Very sad indeed.

My heart goes out to the parents.
A lesson is learnt ,but at a costy price !

Here though because of it happening in a Christan country it is kept to a lesser profile. Now if the incident had happened in an Isalmic or Arab country............

I hope they find their missing daughter safe and sound.
They are in my prayers........

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thanks loza for the comment, I suppose we have to wait and see what happens.

a very costly price indeed.

"Here though because of it happening in a Christan country it is kept to a lesser profile"
this is awful, human suffering should not be measured by which religion it belongs too but then again no one reads Libyan press.
Thanks for the comment

Brave Heart said...

come on guys, u have child heart, what's the problem one is missing they still have two twins, enough for them. u must control ur feeling more than this. always looking to the full half of the cup.
i said this because i don't have children, i don't know how my feeling could be if i have.

Anglo-Libyan said...

brave heart, we know that deep down you are a big softie :o)
inshaAllah you get to have children and Allah protects them for you.

concerned said...

Trabilsia.. just one question? How many newspapers and TV networks in the west reported the Libyan Aids children? here in UK not a single newspaper reported the case let alone the tv networks, any news agency /tv network more concerned about their local audiences, so please don’t make it a us an them issue, that’s not right, peace.

a_akak said...

i feel very sorry for the parents of the innocent child and may god reunite her with her parent and may she be back soon

MaySoon said...

I am following the story online; I agree that they shouldn't have left their children alone,
I pray they find little Madeline soon!

Anglo-Libyan said...

concerend, thank you for your comment.
I hope Trabilsia dosnt mind me clearing this up:
Trabisia is known to us as a peace loving person, she has made her point very clear about the Libyan Aids children in many posts before (please check my archive) Trabilsia is very aware of the lack of news and sympathy towards our sick chilren but she is the sort of person that believes 2 wrongs do not make a right and believes in all human beings living in harmoney.

Thank you a_akak.

yes Maysoon, its still main news here and so far there is no new developments.

Trabilsia said...

I thank you for your kind words. May Allah bless you.

Concerned ,
To answer your question which you stated the us vs them issue :

I simply made a point of expressing a global point of view.
There are children all over the world who are infected with AIDS, but only the 1st class citizens get the proper treatment.Or do you not agree??Minorities are never a concern to the world and never will be , unless its good business !
So my dear I have no hatred against anyone/any country. I am a peace loving anti racist woman who wants the best for future generations in this world of ours.

mani said...

Well put trabilsia..

I gotta say though.. minorities are only minorities in the places of the rich and priveleged..

otherwise.. the impoversihed, neglected and third-world proles (in the words of Orwell) make up the majority of the world.. millions die for the whims of a handful...


Maya M said...

I agree with Mani, unfortunately the poor people are majority in the world.
Brave heart, do you seriously mean what you wrote? I guess, not. The loss of a child is the worst nightmare of every parent worthy this name, even if he has 12 other children.
I fully agree that young children must never be left alone, even in their own home. Let me tell a horrible example from my country.
A family had 5 children - a 10-yr-old daughter named Iliana and 4 sons aged 3-9. They were Gypsies living in a ghetto, unemployed and so poor that they couldn't afford electricity. One night the parents went out, leaving a lit candle because the children feared darkness. While they were away, the candle started a fire.
Iliana didn't lose her head. She dropped her two youngest brothers from the window and pushed the other two through the door. But as she was about to leave the house, a part of the burning roof fell and trapped her. So the valiant little girl perished.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks maya m,
brave heart likes to joke.

that was a horrible story and im very sorry for the loss of brave little Iliana.

loza said...


please look for this...

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thanks loza,
I looked but its in Portugease but I suppose they are talking about the same subject and by the way, there is no update as Madeleine is still missing.

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