Thursday, 3 May 2007

Chinese Kebabs!

Following on from my previous post about fast food and the comments I got about Libyan Kebabs, I thought I would share these Chinese Kebabs with you, I hope your appetite doesn't get affected though :o)

Fresh Kebabs!

these look very juicy

Rats are skinned and scrubbed

chopped up and ready for the pan

Fried Rats anyone?

Goes to show that people all over the world have different habits and different appetites, what is disgusting to us is a delicacy to others and vice versa.


Ema said...

batny engelbet!!
i can smell how that chinies market's like...

all i can say a33 efff!!
but i can only thank you anglo:s

Beacon said...

AL, you are beginning to worry me, lol, first that scary video, now this, are you trying to scare us away?.lol. Hey.. can I make an order, I'll have the "Zigriloo" kebab please, with extra "Hareessa", my friend here will have the "Rat" Burger and for drinks we'll have 2 blood cola's please, thanks, how much does that come to?
Does any one remember 3absee from that old cartoon Adnan wa Lena? This all reminds me of him, here is a video of him, I think mid way through the video he eats this kind of stuff:

Beacon :).

Anglo-Libyan said...

Ema, I can almost smell that fried rat :oS

I dont know ya beacon, maybe im going through a weird phase in me old age lol

i looked at the video and my knowledge of arab cartoons stopped at Sindibad & Yasmeena :o)

Safia speaks said...

That fried rat leg looked delicious!!!

Hmmm....maybe Lebeeya was right after all. Poor Shalfuta!

Anglo-Libyan said...

lol @ Safia, it seems the mystery is solved :o)

a_akak said...

well as for the Chinese they eat anything and everything and they dont stop at yhat :P ....... if you tell some people that in libya we eat Camels they will be shocked and thats the same when my Australian friend was telling me how good Kangaroo meat was

So we learn and live together is the same world but in different ways

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

nice thumbs up...

glad they skin the rats could you imagine if they didnt lol

give whole new meaning to fur ball

Anglo-Libyan said...

that is very true ya Ahmed and thats exactly what I meant by "what is disgusting to us is a delicacy to others and vice versa"

I would rather not imagine that ya whiteafrican :oS lol

loza said...

right Anglo but that's so disgusting .. I think i'll never eat kebabs again ..:( thankx for that...:(

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

LOL Thanx anglo ....
that was really yuuuuuky !!!!
Do they eat those thing alive ???

DaMoon said... sheno hada Anglo-Libyan!!!! mazal nagis gheer el zigrloo, I just had a freaking yummy magloba and now batni but thanks for sharing

Anglo-Libyan said...

sorry Loza didnt mean that, kebabs are still nice :o)

Besheshentra, I am not sure if they eat them alive but they are on sticks so I suppose they do grill them :oS

Damoon, not so nice especially after those delicious desert pictures on your blog :o)

Lebeeya said...

Shalfuta :(

Anglo-Libyan said...

ohhhhh im so sorry ya lebeeya :o( but why cant I stop laughing?? :o)

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! to make every one around here more disgusted here is a nice story:

a relative of mine married a Hindusa women and they came back home so on her first weekend he took her 2 the farm and the family was there and all ....etc 2 make a long boring story "shorter" she and her daughter were picking up "STUFF" of the ground and eating IT so every1 was wondering what da heck was she doing of course as curiosity might've killed me if i didn’t know i had to ask her (da dummest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life)and her being that friendly she told me that she actually skins the beetles and eats them o and of course she had 2 show me how to do it so imagine seeing that wid ur own eyes while chatting with a person or lets say almost throwing up all over them !?!?!!!!!

Trabilsia said...

When I visited the far east (China , Thailand and Korea) I always noticed a nauseating smell which would follow you wherever you went. I later found out that it was the food that the easterners (not the veggies just the insects) eat that just gets on to everything you touch, in the market areas.
You forgot to mention dogs. Koreans hang slaughtered dogs at the butchers, with the head still dangling and at another angle they'd barbacuing it lol.Koreans (in Libya )we had for dinner would always say that Libyan dogs tasted very dry whereas the Koreans(dogs) were nice and juicy !

Anglo-Libyan said...

anonymous, that was disgusting but to them it was a treat :o)

thank you Trabilsia for sharing, I could not post dogs pictures, I though it would be too much but I have seen many disturbing pictures.

the_horse_whisper81 said...

يخربيتك شنو هضا النيه طارت بكل منك لله

小芥 michico said...

╭ ﹀◇﹀〣

Anglo-Libyan said...

وبيتك انشاالله horse whisper

小芥 michico
??!! but thanks anyway

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