Tuesday, 22 May 2007

A Conference, A Funeral & A Bad Case of Chickens!

I have been invited to attend a conference to be held by the United Association - Jews of Libya, called: Devoting the Past for a Better Future, I got my invite today, the conference will be held on 31 May & 1 June 2007. a number of guests will be present including some Libyan people I know personally, there will be talks, an exhibition and even musical & theatrical performances by Libyan Jews.
I have met a couple of Libyan Jews before but it was very brief and a long time ago so I am exited and looking forward to this conference which is going to be led by Mr. Raphael Luzon chairman of the UK Jews of Libya.
You can read My Previous Post about Libyan Jews Here
This morning a colleague at work told me that an old Irish neighbour living next to where I work had died and that her funeral was this afternoon, I really could not remember which one died as so many old people live around where I work. This is a picture of the funeral procession led by the Pallbearer who you can see wearing a black suit and hat. Well RIP old neighbour even though I can not remember you!


Probably like me you have heard of these monstrous chickens that are bred specially for fast food chains such as KFC but have you ever seen what they look like? Check Besheshentra's blog Here and keep a sick Bucket handy.

If that did not put you off chicken and did not make you sick then look at Loza's blog Here, sick bucket anyone??


david santos said...

Please, it puts fhoto of Madeleine in your Bloggue

Missing Madeleine!
Madeleine, MeCann was abduted from Praia da Luz, Portugal on 03/03/07.

If you have any information, please contact Crimestoppers on
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life's cycle said...

oh God it made me sick AL and yaaaah nausea , well really thanks for the informations , and i think i will stop eating chickens .

lovelytripoli said...
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lovelytripoli said...

I hope the libyan jewsh an exhibition will be so intersting and exaiting.
i have heard from my mother and my father allah yer7mah about the jewsh neighbours whom was living at the old city (Tripoli).
they were so good people,and my mother told me about the man who was woking at the same school she was working into it.
and how he helped her to buy her lunch.and bring it to some of libyan girls .(Old women Now).

We all libyan and if our massanger moahmmed was living with his jewsh neighbours and he was so good to them why we dont` live as him sla allah 3aliah waslam.

some of libyan said if they back to libya they will get the power of the libyan bussnies and they Control everything and they will move the money to Israian Armies..!

And who is else move our money to Israel armies..maybe some of our muslims people move them moeny to help the armies in Israel.

any way.About me i feel oky to see libyan with another nationalty but..i dont` know if will be good hearted to deal with them in Libya if they will come back Or No.

Well,i think if they back to libya and they hide they re jewsh they will get more care and love from the people.but if they used to say (hey i am libyan jewsh) who knows what will going on .
Also i have heard 2 of the usa office in libya are american jewsh So,who knows about them...!
Except the close people whom working with them.
jewsh dont` wrote the religion on them passport as i have hread.
Then my brother please take some vidoes for them music and photes for the an exhibition .

Best luck.

Trabilsia said...

This is simply wonderful.
We have missed the Libyan Jews as they played a huge role in our past.
Many intermarrried and still live in Libya although their families rejected the idea , they have lived very well and were accepted by our community. And why not we are first cousins after all , are we not ?

lovelytripoli said...

You know trabilsia ,Only libyan jewsh which keep old libyan History more then us.
they have old photes to everywhere.
they have old stuff.
And about Libyan food do you know that al7raimy is libyan jewsh food and most of libyan learnd it from jewhs.
Aslo Altbahej..
If You asked Your father or mother they will tell you this small things which it is big Now.
and so Important to know for knowing libyan And tripoli old History.

lovelytripoli said...

Well,i found this Intersting sites to view about The last libyan jews;



Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks again David.

you know who to blame for that ya Life's cycle?? yes your sister lol

that was well said Hibo and thanks for sharing your parents memories with us :o)

Thanks Trabilsia, I am sure im going to enjoy meeting people who are simply Libyans just like us.

Thanks for the links Hibo and I have actually blogged about the first site Here
even Raphael Luzon commented to resolve a problem about Haraimi :o)

lovelytripoli said...

Are you going to tell me about the Place..lool
i am here in London.
i have heard from afriend that he got invtaion too to join the libyan jews Day.
i am so excaited about them.

Hanai said...

Anglo...Mani is on youtube


May be you havent seen me before or i havent commented before but i still know you but you dont know me...but never mind...one day you will...


mani said...

Salam Anglo,

Yep, the Last Jews of Libya looks like it will be a hit too. I personally think that this is an issue we need to re-educate ourselves about, as Libyan citizens, if not as global citizens. Much of the Traiploitanian traditions and hands and crafts are direct products of Libyan jewish culture. Ill see the film soon inshallah when I get the chance.

hanai, thanks for the heads up! lol I think we seriously gotta get it off youtube since the message has now reached its intended audience.. T-T-T-T-Tommy...if your reading this.. pull the plug on it pls dude! I look too Filipino.. they wont even believe im Libyan :D

Anglo-Libyan said...

I will send you the details on your email Hibo, im not sure if you can attend without invitation but you can phone them.

Hanai, thanks for the visit :o)
I have seen Mani's video on Scooby Central.
thanks for the riddle :o)

Mani, I think the film will be shown at the conference.
the video is fine and Tommy had a good time with you, I enjoyed reading his post :o)

white african said...

thats great anglo, sounds really interesting and im sure inshallah you will inform us of how it went, looking forward to that blog entry.

chicken is delicious but not when you see it before its been cooked.

i think being vegan is becoming an option

MaySoon said...

Sounds like an interesting event, keep us posted on how it went :o)

YUCKKS no more chicken at those fast food places.. :oS I don't like meat and now chicken is going to join the black list..

Anglo-Libyan said...

inshaAllah I will blog about the conference, white african.
being vegan while boring is as you said becoming an option.

I will inshaAllah ya Maysoon.

I myself prefer chicken to meat, im not sure anymore :oS

a_akak said...

Well, I must say i have alot of mixed feeling about this, Although it was barbaric how they were kicked out of libyan, but I am happy they were (sorry if i offended anyone but I say "Al-Hamid Lil-allah" they were) saying all that, I know we as muslims have no problems with Jew's as a religion but I would not feel comfortable with them back in libya and again SORRY, but i hope they never come back!!!

PS: I know its all politics

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thanks Ahmed and as you said it is all politics

mani said...

Salam ya Hamada :).. it's ok for you, I'm sure many of them do not really envisage coming back as the old Libyan jewish community as it once were in Libya. There is already a soverign Jewish community now in Israel.

However, if random jewish people or even communities were to come to live, work, whatever in Libya, they should feel comfortable and not have any injustice perpetuated against them as a result of old biases and 'politics'. (Bism.. wala tazero wazeraton wezra okhra) .. Sadaqa Allah alatheem.

Unfortuantly, this is not the case now. My friends, while not jewish, when they went to Libya, the first question they were asked was: are you a Muslim?? are u a Muslim??.. very forcefully from many ignorant people.. like this fact would change their attitude towards them.. and it did fe3lan once they answered with 'no' and were very intimidated when they saw the looks of some libyans turn very cloudy.

My 'brothers' (the adopted Libyans) felt very intimidated at these questions, because they show a bigoted nature, not the welcoming nature of Islam.

Therefore, I would support that we equip ourselves and the Libyan young generation with the information that they may have understanding. Once people begin to understand, fear of 'man' has no root, and the root of all evil is fear.


As soon as I get to Libya, I will only eat from our farm.. of the chickens and sa3y we nurture lololol.. no more trust in business these days :D

lovelytripoli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lovelytripoli said...

oky,thanks anglo
القصة كلها قصة فضول

عندي فضول لرؤيتهم والتعرف علي حكياتهم القديمة عن طرابلس
وليس حبآ فيهم أو محاولة لتصديق كل قصصهم
فلربما لذيهم أساليب جديده لدعم عودتهم للبلاد والله أعلم ماذا سيحصل إن عادوا إليها
يكفينا واحد فقط;)

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks mani, i have nothing to add :o)

Hibo. couldnt find your Email
please Email me at:


and I will send you the details.

Lost-Libyan said...

wow...this must be amazing, I once met a libyan jew in Italy, I mean true we embarce different religions but at the end of the day we r all libyans, and I would vote for the libyan jews to come to their home country, I ve never been against jews while im againt zionsim! I think people should get the two concetps seperated so that we do justice to the other jews!
good step Anglo good!

Benghazi citizen said...

it is really simple.once we stop thinking of others' religion and start accepting the difference ,we will be fine..
all we need to do is to re-learn islam,to know more about the principles of acceptance and tolerance which were taught by prophet Mohammed(PBUH),no more..
Libyans are libyans,either they are jews,muslims,amazig,jabali,greek,or what ever..
they share the same land,the same customs and the same heart,that is libya.As long as they belong to this 90% desert home,,as long as they have no hidden agendas or something,they are simply a good libyan,arab,amazig,jewish,greek,what ever
really simple for me,,
Benghazi Citizen

Anglo-Libyan said...

lost-libyan & Benghazi citizen
I think one of you is from the west of Libya while the other is obviously from the east :o)
yet you both have shown great unity and I applaud both of you.

Thank you both for your comments.

Lost-Libyan said...

I should give u more credit anglo!!! lol how did u figure out im 3'rbawi?! :)

Benghazi citxen bjedyat we should all start thinking the ay u do! I take off my hat for u!

Anglo-Libyan said...

i guessed by reading your arabic bits on other blogs, it is Tripoli Libyan I think :o)

good luck with your exams inshaAllah.

lovelytripoli said...

my emial lovelytripoli@yahoo.com

Living Away said...

Milan won!! ehheheheeh
I'm so sorry Anglo!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks lovely tripoli

never mind living away, better luck next time :o)

Safia speaks said...

Once again, a Libyan blog entry ends up being about ... tada... dinner!

And I don´t believe the chicken story; it´s a myth.

Anglo-Libyan said...

I wonder ya Safia!
you could be right :o)

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