Thursday, 24 May 2007

Female Drivers vs Male Drivers

Listening to my favourite radio show this morning they mentioned a new research that apparently found the answer to the age old question (well at least since cars were invented) of who are the better drivers, men or women?
Ladies and Gentlemen, the answer is MEN are the better drivers

In my experience of driving in London and I have been driving for many years, I must admit I do find some women drivers very scary! no offence intended to all the lady drivers out there. The problem I find sometimes that when a car ahead of me suddenly stops because they want to turn left or right without indicating I always make a point to see who is driving and on most occasions its a lady driver, another thing many women become very aggressive while driving and I find that its impossible to reason with them if there is a problem, as they will just scream and shout and not give you a chance to say anything, men on the other hand can be a bit calmer I think and women tend to use the driver's mirror quite a lot and for the wrong reasons :o)

I have a friend who's wife is a very nice French lady, because she has a driving licence she tends to do more driving than her husband and on many occasions I had to travel with them while she was driving, those were probably some of the most stressful times I have ever had, her husband & I would be literally screaming while she is driving, checking her face in the mirror and talking non-stop while turning her head to look at me at the back seat! she would be oblivious to other drivers screaming at her to pay attention and as for turning corners she always remembers that she has to turn at the last second without indicating while we are holding on to our dear lives and the car seats.
Of course when it comes to breaking traffic laws I believe men are the worst offenders, its usually men that talk on their mobile phones while driving, its men that jump red traffic lights and its men that dangerously overtake other cars.
OK, Guess what day it is today?
and no its not for petting snails or for telling them how lovely they are, its a day for eating snails :oS
I have been trying hard to stay away from the food subject but it seems its not that easy. I once was in a restaurant in Malta, a man sitting near by was eating snails, he had this metal tool used to pull the flesh out of the shell, every time he used it, you would hear this sucking squishy sound which made my stomach turn, suddenly the waiter put a plate of snails on my table, I was horrified and could not take my eyes of them, as for their smell it was like rotting socks, really bad, I said to waiter that I did not order any snails to which he replied that it was free with the compliments of the restaurant, I thanked him and told him that I did not want them and to remove them from the table, he said but sir these are our speciality you must try them, I told him that they stunk and that I was feeling sick so please take them away, he did reluctantly. Incidentally at this same restaurant once I tried Octopus with garlic, it was awful :oS


mani said...

Salam Anglo!!!!

GREAT POST!!! new women drivers considering buying cars take heed!!!! (you know who you are!) LOLOLOLOLOL


a_akak said...

i would agree with you but I think both genders make there own errors in different ways, as with us guys usually its speeding and overtaking, while with the ladies its usually the more minor aspects of "oops forgot to do the indicators before turning", however, our mistakes are usually more serious and have more dire consequences

When it comes to food i love to try new things (except Chinese food) and I would be happy to try anything as long at it is halal

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam mani

best of luck to Safia inshaAllah, I did think about her driving lessons while I wrote this post :o)

Ahmed, I do agree that male drivers make the more serious mistakes.

you dont like Chinese food?? im surprised!
Chinese duck is great so is fried rice and sweet & sour chicken or many of their starters like prawn toast, dim sum, Yummi and much better than snails :o)

حنان شلبي said...

he he he he :-D

Really I cannot stop laughing on your words about women driving,
But in the other hand I can’t deny it at all, yah you are right they cannot drive usually .
As a girl I agree with you that (don't be happy that much), cos sometimes while i driving when any car driver make a mistake I said of course she is a woman who is driving :-) (sorry girls).
they also have loud voice but its better than man who might com out of his car and hit you ,soooooo women use their mouth only not like men so thanks god .

nice to read in ur blog Mr.

MaySoon said...

I TOTALLY AGREE while driving when suddenly there is traffic where it's not supposed to be, I say to myself it's a lady driver who's causing this .. and I am right most of the times.. :o) but what can we we can't help it!

The other day I was using the mirror for the wrong reason "of course".. and I thought why haven’t any one blogged about this Thanks for the laugh AL

As for snails that's gross..:oS

Safia speaks said...

Well, brother AngloL, I do not agree with you! My personal experience of driving with men have shown me this:

my husband once took 4-5 bicycles on the pavement with him when parking a van, and then he just laughed.

His friend once drove us, and he was sitting all the time with his head close to the windshield complaining he could not see anything, because his glasses were too weak.

My brother in-law used the (thank God it was empty!) pavement to arrive at an intersection rather than waiting in line behind all the cars on the street.

My Dad once fell asleep while driving, and some of my colleagues once opened the door of their car so suddenly they knocked me off my bike as I was riding by.

I have never been involved in any accident while women were driving!

My Somali friend drives a bus while taking care of her infant without any problems, where as another friend who is also a busdriver drives "speeder-brake-speeder-brake" hurling standing passengers and baby carriages around.
Women are far better drivers in my experience and humble opinion. Women can multitask just like Microsoft Windows, whereas men have trouble doing that while driving.

Libyano said...

I am not against Females driving but I think they should make special laws for them since they tend to obey laws more than common sense of driving , as you said Anglo most of the time it turns out to be a woman who is closing the road or turn without indicating , I once saw a BBC documentary and one of the men said something really funny he said we should make special roads for women like for the buses and special parking spaces like for the disabled because women are special cases :P

I tried snails once in Morocco , they were awful but I manged to finish my whole dish , using a tooth pick or sucking the snail it will itzalfi6 right in your mouth , I would try everythign if it was halal but I'll jsut keep to what is halal to eat .

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
I would concur with A_Akak's opinion.

As for the snails - I'd prefer to tell them how lovely they are then to chew on the little rubbery things. More so now that you've described them as smelling like rotten socks.

Safia speaks said...

BTW, I always thought snails are not halal!?!
That - and the yucky look - has always barred me from eating them, although I sometimes wondered why an imam, I know, said he liked them.
Googling for answeres I found this link: Are Snails halal? and this fatwa says they are not - it doesn´t say according to which madhab, because I know I can eat octopus because I follow maliki, but my friend who is hanfi cannot.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Salam Hanan Shalabi :o)
welcome to my blog and im glad i made you laugh.

Maysoon most I think agree that women are trouble makers when driving but silly trouble rather than dangerous trouble which is a male speciality :o)

Safia from those experiences I am not surprised that you disagree :o)
anyway it was the research that said men are better than women.
as many of us agree women can cause silly problems on the road while men can be very dangerous :o)

Libyano, imagine if they did make roads specially for the ladies!!

thanks for the description of you eating snails " itzalfi6 right in your mouth" :oS

salam ibeebarbie
yes a_akak got it exactly right I think :o)
as for snails, libyano's description is worse: "itzalfi6" means like slithers or skids in the mouth, YUK.

regarding snails halal or not, im not sure but you can always say Bismellah and zalfi6 few :oD

mani said...


That's the second time i see that word in 2 days and im laughing my face off!!!! lololololol

is that zalfi6ing like mussles then?? :P

T-T-Tommy said...

I chose not to read the other repsonses before making my comment, mainly so as not to bias my answer on this issue. I'll tell you what I personally believe the truth of the matter to be when it comes to "women" vs "men" driving.

Who is the better driver is not actually EVER the issue at stake. The issue at stake, the issue that actually creates the statistics from which we generate our opinions is "Who responds better in dangerous situations".. and I think that answer is men. I mean no disrespect to women when I say this. I'll give you a typical example that seems prevalent in MY country, though it may not be prevalent in all of them.

Let's assume a major accident is happening directly in front of you and you have exactly 2 seconds to respond before plowing into a car and possibly killing yourself and others. Women are not traditionally raised to be adrenaline-motivated, high-action, quick response individuals... MOST of them anyway. Men are trained at this kind of thing from a very little age.. its just in our nature.. we are thrill seekers more so than women. If you carry that axiom out to its logical conclusion, we develop reflexes that women do not ever have to develop. (Example: We boys were usually the ones jumping our bicycles across the tops of cars in parking lots, while trying to see who could do the most fun (dumb) stuff to impress our friends.

In an emergency situation, most women (and again I say MOST, excluding that tomboy persuasion of the gender) will slam the brakes, lock the steering wheel, and scream at their family to hold on.

Men, on the other hand, seem to have ingrained all those responses from their dumb childhood and adolescent trials and can call upon them more quickly than women. In a mere second, most men would have the presence of mind to glance quickly in the mirror and make some sort of split-second decision as to where he can safely position himself, simultaneously and without thinking he will drop down a gear, slam the brake momentarily, veer the car to a safe ditch, sidewalk, other lane, etc.. and then escape danger.. it's just how we grew up....

Ok.. that's my opinion. Hope I don't get hate mail from that one!

white african said...

every one should convert to walking, especially londeners lol.

mani said...

Tommy..WORD!!! :D

Completely in agreement with your rationale... If statistics and observations would tell us anything about the different general behaviours of men/ women in these contexts then it would be this. great angle.


Anglo-Libyan said...

nice to see you here ya Tommy :o)
thanks for the good points you make, I cant argue with that.

White African, many Londeners can not drive and rely on public transport but its not easy when you have a family :o)

mani :o)

BuJ said...

my cuz just passed HER exam.. i should forward this post to her!

i agree with you though.. not only coz i'm a guy.. but from experience, your words are true!

lovelytripoli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lovelytripoli said...

What is happeind if ur car came behiand a younge man...
i think you re going to lose ur life or going to lose your mind..!!

and if your car came behiand me
well,you will not` belive that you re behiand a Girl..LOOoOOL

most of the new driving girls fearing from drraving at libyan street,they think any misstake will make a Goul (7adet)

i was fearing in the beganing too
but after 3 months i became strong..and i fear nothing excpet allah.
well,One thing i cant` do it alright,it is backing my car behaind:D


So...Saif you found this fatowah!!?
eating snails &ala Or No?!!?
Are they crazy to make this Fatowah
pardon me but i think everything they used to ask for it is it 7ala or no?
Well,what if the snails was on islamic Country LoOoL??!

Any way,i think eating snails like eating Craups?

i remember i saw in malte old men eating Craup without cooking..he was still alive..!!?
the old man was cuting his feets and head and eating themmm!!?
So,is it 7alal Or No?

a_akak;I dont` know if u want to eat anything excpet chines food:D

Anything could be Donkey or monkey:D LOoOL

Be Carfully:D
Good lcuk with eating:P


Have a Good time


Lost-Libyan said...

lol...I agreee female drivers stand out all the time, wow especially in Libya el nsawen elkbar they make u go nuts, they simply use the left lane for only 40 KMPH!!!! :)
and Yikes SNAILS for food. this creature is annoying either ways I can not clasify it into animals or insects or simply a new species!! its so slow and it doesnt show up unless its raining god I hate them, but yeah I d more than happy to them to get back at them for the nervous breakdown they cause me! :)
anyways ciao now!

Anglo-Libyan said...

congrats to your cousin buj :o)

lovelytripoli, I would not want to drive behind you, im scared now :o)

i dont know what Craups are!! but i dont want to eat them anyway :oS

salam lost-libyan
I hope inshaAllah you did well in your exams :o)

lovelytripoli said...

it`s oky u have to try first,
ur lucky lost libayn that u dont` drive behiand married women,have her kids with her in the car..i am sure ur going to hate her so bad.
sometimes they do things u cant` imagin.
maybe saying bad words as long as they re the wrong.

Trabilsia said...

Well , Anglo I'd have to disagree with you on this one ,if for the first time !
One should not say all female drivers drive in the same manner as not all men drivers are better.

As for using the mirror for other purposes, well some do but not all.
I drive like a man at least thats what Ive been labelled lol. So thats news for you !

When it comes to snails , and Im writing this while getting nauseated(sorry)how does one actually eat them I will never know !
Even if I were starving to death , Id rather die than have to eat snails lol.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Trabilsia
of course what you said is very logical, i just mentioned the findings of the research and my opinion in a light hearted way, males & females have their faults :o)

as for snails well I could not have said it better :oS

Anonymous said...

Hi mate.
My opinion towards women driving.

Driving women is just like letting a wild lion loose in town.
To proove it, name me one woman taking part in the formula one!.
Women can not even drive a push chair at schools or even on pavement.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thats a bit too much :oD
thanks for the comment

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