Friday, 4 May 2007

How Time Flies By!

Is it only me or have you noticed how time flies by as well? I always get this feeling every Friday morning because its the day I drive my work colleagues to and from the mosque for the Friday prayers, it just feels like I did this few days ago not a week ago! as one of my friends here said to me "we have aged a week since then" it does make you think that our time on this earth is limited and every day that goes by is a day from our time here and it does make you think have I done well? have I given my duties to God? no one is perfect of course but it is good to try our best to give & take and be good law abiding God fearing citizens. We might not leave a big mark on this earth but that is not a bad thing as some people are always remembered for their bad deeds. Another Friday another day in our life to be thankful for the good & the bad things that Allah willed us to have, Always say Alhamdulellah (Thank Allah) for there always is someone that has more problems than you, as the English say "always look on the bright side of life" and if you have no problems and lead a good fulfilled life, do not forget to thank God, if you loose all you have its no good remembering God then if you have forgotten him when you had everything.

Today is my blog's first anniversary. I cant believe how time went by so quick! I have had support and encouragement from many bloggers without whom I probably would have stopped blogging long time ago. In all of you I have gained a blogging family, I have learnt a lot from you and I have developed more connection with Libya & Libyans and many other nationalities.

Thank you each and everyone of you and lets hope that I am still here next year InshaAllah :o)

To celebrate this occasion, I have posted this picture taken few months ago of baby Ahmed Omar El-Houni (May Allah Bless him), the son of a dear friend of mine and probably the youngest Anglo-Libyan in London :o)

For you who are wondering who 3amu (Uncle) Nasser that is posing in the picture with Ahmed is...........

Yes, it is me :o)


mani said...

bless you 3ammu Nasser
and the baby Anglo :o)
happy blog anniversary


Safia speaks said...

Time doesn´t fly - we do!

And oh my GOD, you look like a Libyan terrorist!

Ahhhh - just kidding, I know you can take it.

Beacon said...

Assalamo Alikum A.L,
Let me be the third person to congratulate you!
Happy Birthday to your great blog!!

As the English would say: "Good on ya mate!" or is that Australian?
A.L you are trying to scare us aren't you? All of the previous posts were a build up for this one!
lol.....I'm only kidding OK!

Seriously, we are proud of you and we hope your blog will continue until we see a hundred candles on that small muffin cake, although it would be a huge fire risk.
Also its nice to put a friendly face to the blog, thanks for sharing your pic.
You have set a precedent that will be hard to, hey may be every body should post their pic at their blogs # anniversary?

Take care,
Beacon :)

Brave Heart said...

happy first anniversary ummu nasser
i enjoyed ur blog AL, i learnt a lot from it, and u have capability to surprise us by ur valuable posts.

white african said...

thank you for the reminder on time, really beneficial :0)

happy anniversary anglo, and thank you for th emany wonderful posts you have contributed and inshallah you will continue to blog for a long time.

the baby is cute mashallah rabee ya7fdah, and its amazing how we put images in our head of how we percieve a person would look like, anglo i had no idea what you looked like so thanks for uploading your pic :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thank you dear mani :o)

thank you Safia, maybe i should shave lol

Beacon, that was very nice of you.
yes i was building up to showing my picture, I cant be more scary than this :o)

brave heart, 3ammu yourself lol :o)
seriously thanks a lot for your support.

whiteafrican, thank you for your kind wishes & support and Ameen to that.

Safia speaks said...

Beacon, posting our pictures on our blogs??

Audhu billah min asheytan arajeem!

Do you want to send me to prison?


DaMoon said...

Happy Birthday to Anglo-Libyan Blog, and gosh, I can never see anything that's 1 year old with the same infromation overload, trust me it will be genuis KID...
a) Thank you on reminding us of saying Alhamduliallah for everything, cuz sometimes we forget how blessed we are, May Allah reward you heaven
b) Gosh, didn't know who's more cute da baby or you :p "no I am not hitting on you" so adorable mashallah
c) Happy anniversary and more happy years to come inshallah

Living Away said...

Time is going so fast that I can’t follow it anymore. Very often I’m having problems to figure out which day of the week or month we are living in!!

Congratulations dear blog friend!
We, your readers, that need to thank you for your wonderful blog. I have learned a lot about Libya here! Also, thank you so much for being always present in my blog, for your sweets and encouraging words every time I’m near to fall down!


life's cycle said...

hey happy blog anniversary we learn from u every day special and good things ,
and wowo u r ammuo the baby is cute , God bless u and ur family and the baby anglo .

Ghazi Gheblawi said...

happy anniversary AL, or should I say Naser, it is nice to see your picture for the first time, your blog is one of the best in Libyan blogosphere, hope we enjoy more of it... take care

Ema said...

Congratulations and a happy 1 year anniversary anglo, it's a short time to have such a great blog that is my No.1 fav blog hich i really enjoy.

3ammu Naser, new name lol

may alla bless you and your dear family.

Anglo-Libyan said...

lol@ Safia :o)

Thank you Damoon for the sweet comment.
you know I am probably old enough to be your father but keep it a secret please :o)

Leandra, thank you for all your support and for always inspiring me with your love, pride and respect to your own country, Brasil, something many of us Libyans lack.

life's cycle, we all learn from eachothers blogs, we all laugh or feel sad reading from our favourite blogs, thank you and God bless you & your family too.

Dear Ghazi, many thanks for your good wishes and hope you continue with your beautiful and talented blog.

thanks Ema, so sweet of you :o)
Allah bless you & your family too.

Lebeeya said...

Finally a face with the name! :)

Very cute picture of you and the baby!

A very happy anniversary to you anglo, you have been an awesome blogger! I agree with living away, we should be thanking you for your great blog and wonderfuls comments on our. Your blog simply rocks my face off!

Amir looks alot like you! :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

Dear lebeeya
always good to see you here :o)
May your Jbali real Libyan face always graces our blogs inshaAllah :o)
Thanks for everything.

ph said...

Happy anniversary, and 3a3'bal 100 years :)

irish libyan said...

Anglo .. thanks for all the posts which made surfing the Libyan webs interesting happy anniversary, by the way I saw your picture and I thought to myself this face looks familiar! do you have a brother called "Amer"? just wondering cause you so look like him, he used to be in UK during 80's... salam

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you ph :o)

irish-libyan, thanks for the nice comment.
yes Amer is my younger brother, he was here in the UK between 81 and 86 I think :o)

irish libyan said...

woow small world walahi, I used to study with him in the same class in west London, but unfortunatly since then we lost in touch, could you please send my regards to him and tell him ( el haj tarek )asked about you, ;o)

loza said...

Happy anniversary 3amo Nasser ...
nice to meet u .. and the baby's very cute and innocent ...
and I hope u have a next year with ur blog full of all what do u want to do and to have ...
really u have an interesting blog ...keep at it..
best regard..(^_^)..

a_akak said...


By talking about time and these things, something came to my mind and although it might dampen the mood but “in al-3edda tanfa3 al-moameneen” so I will describe what came into my mind,
"Imagine a deep well……….Imagine that at the bottom of the well lies a huge snake or anaconda....... Now imagine yourself dangling/hanging down a rope in this well and you are holding so tightly on this rope as you dont want to fall....... Now imagine that this rope was being chewed away by two mice, one white and the other black and eventually they will chew the whole rope"............... think about this for a few seconds and what do you see all this symbolising?

My answer:
1 - The snake/anaconda is death
2 - The rope is out life
3 - We hope on tight cause we fear death
4 - The mice represent time i.e. day and night and they chew away on our life
5 - One day they will finish and we will fall

To End with a lighter note, HAPPY BLOG ANNEVERSERY and may we see many more posts and discussion as I personally have learnt many things from you and for that i thank you

Fe Aman Allah

Aladdin of Tripoli said...

its amazing to see your pic for the first time, i had the same feeling when i first saw Khadijateri, untill now i can recognize four bloggers Anglo-Libyan, Khadijateri, Trabilsiyah, And Ghazi Gheblawi....

Happy anniversary, you know i will post my pics on my anniversary too...

Anglo-Libyan said...

I will inshaAllah do that ya Haj Tarek :o)

loza, thanks a lot for your lovely wishes.

a_akak (Ahmed) the way you describe it is very interesting and worthy of making it into a post.
I am thankful for your support and presence on my blog.

Dear Aladdin,
I am so happy to see you here again :o)
thank you and look forward to your blog anniversary and pictures.

MaySoon said...

Aww I am late :o(... well first, Alhamdolilah 3ala kul shai thanks for the reminder,
Second Happy anniversary to your blog and thank you for it one of the best Libyan blogs.. and that baby is CUTE mash'Allah rabe u7fdah...
Now we can see who's blogging :oD 3ammu Naser!

Gheriani said...

Happy Anniversary, sorry to be late, and keep up the good work.
Salam and many returns.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks Maysoon that was very nice of you :o)

you are not late Dear Gheriani and thanks a lot for the support.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam and Happy Anniversary 3amo Nasser,
Thank you for sharing your photo as so many have noted it's nice to put a face with the name. Moreover, thank you for your wonderful postings. You post was the first post I ever looked at and have been hooked every since, alhamdullilah. You have a wonderful rapport with people, alhamdullilah. Thank you for welcoming me into this Libyan family, alhamdullilah.

May Allah guide you and protect you always, inshallah.

avocadoinparadise said...

Great post. Everyone's blog today seems to be about making and appreciating a blog family. You might enjoy this post by a kindred spirit. :)

It's been nice learning about your life during the past year. Thanks for sharing it! Time does seem to fly, so we must make the most of it.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Salam ibeebarbie and thank you very much. Allah bless you and bless your daughter & family.

avocadoinparadise, I am going to look at that link now.
thank you for your support and continuoes visits :o)

Trabilsia said...

Happy Belated Anniversary Nasser !

Your blog has brought us all Libyan Blogers together for the last year and has encouraged many opinions to be put out in the open instead of keeping them all bottled inside not knowing what to do.

May Allah bless you and your family !
PS. Cool pic of you and baby.Aida has your eyes and she's very similar to your mum .

May you keep blogging forever . You are now our blogging superstar , or should I say VIP ????

Anglo-Libyan said...

Allah bless you dear Trabisia.

this was very kind of you and about being VIP, I think all of you are the VIPs, I just joined in :o)

Hannu said...

Happy anniversary, and more importantly, happy sticking-your-face-out-of-the-closet day :) Now, the family picture is complete but for one face...

I'd say you look more Lebanese than Libyan.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thank you Hannu :o)

I do I think look more middle eastern than north african lol, im usually mistaken for Persian.

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

100 Happy blog anniversary day Anglo , wow u closed one year , u should do a blog party and invites us all , lol ...
It's is a wonderful blog that u have , one of the best really !..
and it was a nice idea to share ur pic with us and it is a cute baby too ...
100 Mabrook :0)

Suliman said...


Persian, I thought at first, then... nah, definitely Turkish.

Tabarukat, tashakkurat, ta-khoud ou-hat, for many more sanawat!

That's a good looking baby, too cute to be all Hooni--must have some Misrati in him. lol lol

Anglo-Libyan said...

Besheshentra, if I do a party you will be invited first :o)
Thanks for your kind wishes.

Suliman that was very poetic, I like it thank you.
well I am also Misrati Kurghli (كرغلي) by origin so there is Turkish in there as well, as Trabilsia said SHAKSHOOKA lol

Ahmed is Houni 100% as far as I know but I will check :o)

BuJ said...

wow. what a handsome young guy you are anglo :)

mashalla just 1 yr?
i've never raided your archives, but i just assumed your blog is at least 2-3 yrs old!

mashalla.. keep up the good work!

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Buj for the kind comment :o)

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