Monday, 21 May 2007

Sibling Rivalry

I over heard my kids arguing the other day, my 6 year old son was saying to his 8 year old sister "at least you have better things than me" to which she replied that it is not true and that he has better things than her, he then said to her: "well at least you had a bed when you were a baby, when I was a baby I used to sleep in a dog basket!".
This really made me laugh, when Amir was born we used to live in a 1 bedroom flat and there was no space for a second child bed so we bought him a Moses basket similar to the one in the picture, obviously he has seen pictures of himself sleeping in it and thought it was a dog basket :o)
We all enjoy funny comments but do you have a favourite one?

I myself think most of lebeeya's comments are hilarious but the comment that made me laugh more than any other was actually by White African and it was on her brother's blog, Life of Tabet, in one of his posts he referred to his upcoming 13th birthday (btw happy birthday ya Tabet) by saying the following:

it s nearly my birthday and it would be nice if you could bye me a prezy its on the 20 th of may thank u bye

white African replied with the following comment:

a thousand slaps that would be the perfect present

I found that comment very funny and it did make me laugh a lot, it just shows humour yet its full of sister/brother love and we all have been there with our siblings :o)

Allah bless all brothers and sisters.

Regarding a previous post about Materfoods Start using Animal Products, I am glad to say that after a lot of pressure from the Vegetarian Society, Masterfoods have changed their mind and decided that only vegetarian products are to be used in the making of their world famous chocolates and have even apologised to vegetarians!


The Cutty Sark, one of London's most impressive heritage sights was badly burnt early this morning, the 137 year ship which was situated in Greenwich and is a main tourists attraction in that area has been badly damaged in a fire in what the police believe may have been started deliberately.
Luckily many of the ships parts were removed earlier for restoration work.

The Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark burning this morning

For more pictures of the beautiful Cutty Sark click Here


Safia speaks said...

Slaps as a birthday present is not funny!!
My daughter dear early today asked me, if I wanted a number of slaps equal to the years I´ve been living.
I told her: you´ve been slapping me in all kinds of ways the last 16 years, so don´t bother!
Now, that´s funny!

Sad about the Cutty Sark. It was such a splendid ship; we remembered seeing it when we were in London some years ago. Any news of how that ship was burned down? And how could it? A ship on water would be easy to save, wouldn´t you think?!

a_akak said...

sibling fight/rivalry is normal and will take its time, but the worst is when the both are simular ages and "BOYS" as my and my older brother use to always fight and i still have the scars to prove it, but it was not unfair (the classic word) me being the younger, I use to always get the blame "XXXXXX is older than you, and you must obey him" that was my fathers fav quote, after both of us get what we deserve and the most common cause of fights was the "super Nintendo" as he use to make fun of me when he beats me in "Street Fighter II"........ memories

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

hahahaha that was funny ya Safia :o)
and Happy Birthday to you today and hope you have a nice day inshaAllah.

here is BBC News for more about the cutty sark, it happened at 5am, maybe everyone was still asleep, what a shame.

Ahmed we all had our fair share I suppose :o)
thanks for sharing

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
It was a tradition in our household to hang stockings on the fire place on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus to bring us treats. One year after my little brother went to bed I exchanged his stocking with a tiny stocking filled with coal (symbolizing him being naughty). The next day when he woke up and found his coal, he was so mad. :)

Unlike A_Akak's teachings of having to obey the older brother, I was always taught---you, ibeebarbie, are the oldest and should know better. You are responsible for setting an example. :)

Ema said...

can u believe that my older brother stabbed my knee with a sharp pencil and the lead was stuck in my leg even after he pulled the pencil!! the scars are still there and i WILL definitely show it to his children one day. i cant remember that i told my dad but i guess i gave him his punishment myself (devil smile).

mani said...

hahahaha@ amir

Ya sallemhom ya sallemhom rabbe mnel 3elm ey3allemhom :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
your poor brother lol
the oldest & the youngest usually suffer most :o)

poor Ema, but I bet you told your dad and since you know dads can not allow anything to happen to their girls then I am sure your brother had his punishment and not only from you lol :o)

lol at mani :o)
what a nice thing to say, thanks.

ph said...

Anglo did u see this.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks ph, I didnt see this before but I have written about a similar case last year Here

ph said...

Yes I know thats why I showed you the latest news on the topic :P, maybe you can write a new update post on the topic with what Highlander already mentioned on it ;).

salaam bro.

Lebeeya said...

lol @ Amir. So cute. Atleast he had a dog basket. I used to sleep on a mindar! :P

When I was younger, I broke my younger brothers arm (by accident) ok, not really by accident, but I didnt intentionally want to break his arm, I just wanted to push him off the table. And that resulted in his arm being broken. So it wasnt intentionally done? right??!

It was great that he was still really young and still couldnt talk yet. I told my parents he fell by himself from the table with a very innocent look on my face.

My parents still think i had nothing to do with that incident :D

White African is hilarious. mashaallah. so is everyone. i love funny people... they're my favorite!

MaySoon said...

Cute rabi e7'alehum insha'Allah..

Lebeeya is hilarious of course.. White African is so funny too I just started visiting her blog lately.. and added her to my favourites...

Sad to hear about the Cutty Sark, even though it's the first time I hear about the ship, it's just sad when damages happen to things that are part of a country's heritage!

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ph
I will try inshaAllah :o)

lebeeya, welcome back :o)

of course you didnt mean to hurt your baby brother by pushing him off the TABLE!
we all like funny people. is that why we like you then??

Thanks Maysoon :o)
I agree with you Maysoon, it is sad when something historical gets damaged

Libyano said...

miskeen Amir , reminds me of my childhood cos I had a sister just like him and I always felt getting a second hand stuff , I add my voice to Amir , we want justice :D .

So masterfoods took back their promise to me , now how I am gonna resist not eating chocolate :( .

I can't beleive that ship is gone , I went there once and it was looking so good ,this is too bad but I guess ships get burned even in Uk not only in Libya .

white african said...

lol anglo, i think every one will be happy to know i didnt end up giving him a thousand slaps, maybe 13 for every year lol.

great news about the chocs, i swear it was like some sort of 3aza, people where giving condolences to each other about it, the amount of text messages i got when they first came out with the change.

pity about the ship, i dont understand how a person can do that?

Anglo-Libyan said...

Justice for Libyano & Amir :o)

yes unfortunately the karsha won the chocolate battle :o(

fortunately for the ship that many of its fixtures and all of its contents were removed for maintinance still the damage is massive.

I cant imagine you slapping Tabet even once, we know how much you love him :o)

glad you and your friends can enjoy chocolate again.

it is a pitty about the ship, I wonder if it was someone with a grudge that did it??

Benghazi Citizen said...

Thast is funny.I remember when my brother and i were kids,God we battled constantly.We used to drive Mom crazy(to tell the truth,we are still doing that after 28 years).
I remember that the worst punishment was to force us to pose for a picture together and to put arms on each other's shoulders.Worse yet,She said once that she want me to kiss my brother cheek on his 4th birth day,since i am his one year older brother.I hated that then,but the pic still there.Old good days.
About the ship,i always feel sorry when any piece of heritage any wwhere in the world is lost.Same happens when those Bhodda statue were bombed by Taliban,or when i hear about a heist in the egyptian museum.I believe a lot of libyan heritage is lost too,i feel sorry for Cyrene and Leptus magnus,because of neglegence.
Good Post
Benghazi Citizen

david santos said...

Thanks for Madeleine!

Please, it puts fhoto of Madeleine in your Bloggue

Missing Madeleine!
Madeleine, MeCann was abduted from Praia da Luz, Portugal on 03/03/07.

If you have any information, please contact Crimestoppers on
0800 555 111

Please Help

Anglo-Libyan said...

Benghazi citizen welcome to my blog :o)
it must have been torture posing with your brother lol
I have a brother 1 year younger than me and we used to fight and get on our mum's nerves all the time.
I feel exactly like you do about any world heritage sight getting damaged due to people's stupidity and greed.

Thanks David Santos

I have posted Madeleine McCann's picture twice on my blog.
lets hope that she is found safe and sound even after all this time.

Lost-Libyan said...

lol.....yeah I think Bill Cosby is right after all " kids say the darnest thing"... I remember my sister used to hate me all the time coz I became the youngest and knocked her off!! we couldnt get along until she got married and I told her that she will get her karmic payback ffe s3'arha, Revenge fe s3'arha 3antal3a men jeldhom, but after all I couldnt do anything they have nothing to do with their mom's evil deeds! lol :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

I am sure you didnt mean any of that ya lost-libyan :o)
thanks for sharing.

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