Monday, 28 May 2007

Spring Bank Holiday

I have read in some Libyan blogs how hot it has been in Libya recently, in fact I heard it got up to 47c which is way too hot for this time of year, Allah help all of you there! Here in England we are having a Bank Holiday weekend, so today is public holiday and the weather has been a typical British bank holiday weather, non stop rain, cold, grey & miserable so nothing new here. due to this awful weather not much has been happening except sit at home and allow the kids to get on your nervous, something they are professional at :o) I personally do not like very hot weather but at the same time I hate this miserable weather we are having, of course tomorrow I am back at work and I bet the weather will improve, this happens every time!
Saturday the kids had a day off Arabic school because of teacher training, their mum had to attend the training day so I looked after the kids most of the day.
We went out to a shopping centre (because of the miserable weather of course) at lunch time we had the perfect chicken & chips at Nando's the kids tend to eat their food there without me telling them to eat, they just love it.
They have been asking me to go to the cinema for the past few weeks to watch 'Bridge to Tarabithia' so straight after lunch we went to the cinema which actually had great reclining seats, of course White African's recommendation to watch the film made me look forward to watching it. It was a wonderful film with a hint of fantasy but mainly a drama that would be enjoyed by adults and children and yes it was very sad indeed, in fact I sat in the middle between the kids and I could see both of them wiping their tears quickly in case they are seen!
I asked them afterwards if they cried, they both said no but I know they did :o) although I did enjoy the film a lot usually I do not like weepies or heavy dramas, I think life is so full of problems and that we all have our share that's why I prefer watching an all action film and horror movies, I feel they are more value for money as they cheer me up but a weepie! well not my idea of entertainment, that is why I am not really into all these Arab films/soap operas, too miserable for me and I avoid them at any cost

Walking in the shopping centre we came across a real Chocolate Fountain! This stall was selling skewers of sweets and fruits at £1 each which you then dip in the chocolate fountain, it looked amazing but very gooey at the same time, neither the kids or myself fancied any :oS

No idea what we are going to do today, probably just sit at home and get on with home work and other stuff. wishing you all a good day.


mani said...

Salam Anglo, looks like you and the kids had a great time in the weekend despite the crappy weather! :)

chocolate founains are crazy! do you reckon they'd be a good business idea to have in wedings in tripoli? One of my friends at uni was making loads of money from the choco fountain at corporate parties!! :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam mani
I think chocolate fountains and LIBYAN weddings are not a good idea, things could get very messy :o)

mani said...

yes i think ur right. bummer...

a_akak said...

At least the kids seemed to enjoyed the film and the day out? and i am sure they especially enjoyed the day off school and those are the best days!!!

The choc fountain looks great, a friend of mine has a small one at his place but i have yet to try it ...... i need to call him

Fe Aman Allah

MaySoon said...

Alhamdolilah the weather is WAY better today and yesterday actually it's nice and breezy..

Sounds like the kids have enjoyed the day out Rabi u7fudhum and e7'aleekum lehum..

Anglo-Libyan said...

they did have a good time thanks Ahmed.

The choc fountain did look great but a bit sickening as well :o)

Thank Allah the weather is better in Libya ya Maysoon, its slightly better here as well.
Ameen and thank you :O)

Lebeeya said...

I'm so happy you got to spend time with the kids as some of my best memories from my childhood are of the times I spent with my father. I dont remember my father ever taking us to the cinema, except to see Home Alone when it first came out but most of my memories are when he used to play 'doggy wake up' with us.. my father would pretend to be a sleeping dog and we (the 7 of us, we were all fitrish then, my parents had 7 kids in less than 10 years.. mashallah lol.. dont ask me how we all came out normal?)

Anyway, so my dad is on the floor pretending to be alseep and we all start shaking him and chanting 'doggy wake up! doggy wake up!" and then all of a sudden he would wake up and chase us around the house and whoever he catches becomes his puppy and his assistant in catching the rest of us.

I loved the the movie Bridge to Terabithia, enjoyed every minute of it and it made me cry.. with snot everywhere!

Lost-Libyan said...

well, Anglo Im exactly the opposite..I love the cloud grey weather, its the only weather where my mind is clear and my mood is shiny, gladthat u had sometime fun time with the kids, it really means alot to them , maybe they dont show it now, but later they will appreicate it ;)
about the movie, we r not really keen on these movies coz they r targeting the young audience not us! I'd rather see Pirates of The Carribean III, which I saw and it was very good! ;)
anyways ciao now

Lost-Libyan said...
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white african said...

how miserable is the weather anglo? glad it didnt stop you and the kids from enjoying yourself,

i love nandos, mmmm

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks lebeeya for sharing, I will probably play that with the kids, I am sure they would love it :o)

lost-libyan you should come and live here :o)
I will watch Pirates of The Carribean III as soon as I can and lots of thanks.

thanks white african, I love Nandos too, im hungry now :o)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,

I could feel your mood with the cloudy rainy yucky day. :o) I'm right there with you friend. CAN'T STAND IT! I have friends that share the same sentiments as Lost-Libyan - they love the weather and feel at their peak during then. I'm like the grumpy bear coming out of hibernation.

Yum to the chocolate fountain. I went to a wedding last year where they had one of those, and pretty much parked myself there for a good long while. MMMMMMMMMMM!

LOL@watching horror movies as a better 'bang for you buck' AND cheering you up. I'll stick with comedies for that one. :o)

DaMoon said...

We have a tiny chocolate fountin at my Brit boss got us it, lovelyyyy....
ween mghatis? yallah update :o)

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
weather still miserable here :oS

did everyone at the wedding manage to stay clean ? :o)

Damoon, does your boss refill the fountain everyday for all of you? :o)

ibeebarbie said...

Of course they remained clean, I made sure of it by eating all the fountain. LOL Don't want those expensive wedding garments to get stained now would we? Now if they had been purchased at Cinderella's then that would have been a different story. :D

Anglo-Libyan said...

heheheheh@ Ibeebarbie :oD