Monday, 7 May 2007

Video Nasties!!

Today is Bank Holiday (public holiday) here in the UK so no work but as usual I am up early as if I have to go to work, the weather hasn't been that great and today is predicted to be rain and more rain.

Yesterday on a main Arabic news website I read an article about Duaa Khalil Aswad, the poor Yazidi Kurdish Iraqi girl that converted to Islam and then was tricked by members of her Yazidi community into returning to her village, as soon as she got there a mob of heartless men were waiting for her and they stoned the 18 year old to death while many were filming this crime with mobile phones, the local police witnessed the killing and did not intervene, no one did, this girl was treated worse than an animal, her murder is now plastered all over the Internet.
What I found really sick about this crime and I am not talking religion here as this has been well written about by others, my concern is the fact that it was filmed and loaded into the Internet for anyone to see, I know that this is part of having the Internet but you should read some of the comments sent to the Arab website about this appalling murder.

There were many comments, all of them condemned the crime but many of them were like the following:

One man said, may Allah be kind to her soul, can any one please send me the video? !!

Another, I watched this video and it really is disturbing and had scared me for life, here is a link if you want to watch it xxxxxxxxx

ولا تحسبن الذين قتلو فى سبيل الله امواتا بل احياء عند ربهم يرزقون (حسبى الله ونعم الوكيل) شهيده انشاء الله شهيده انها لو صح قتلت من اجل الاسلام (فجنات عدن تجرى من تحتها الانهار) اتقو يوما ترجعون فيه الى الله صدق الله العظيم حوش يا رب حوش ناس مبيرحموش وشكرا وياريت تبعتولى المقطع على الايميل بتاعى xxxxxxxxx

another: It’s very appalling image and inhuman act by this group of (people), it’s distressful and shocking I could not watch it all but any one who want to see it click or copy and paste the like below: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

لمشاهدة المقطع وادعو لها بالرحمة xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

and the comments go on and on with many posting links to this video. Why would people appalled by this crime want to watch it?

Why would people appalled & sickened by this crime want others to watch it by posting links?

I know that many would be curious to watch this murder but the majority could not and would not watch it but if they are bombarded by links many might weaken and be tempted to just have a peek that I am sure would make them regret their decision.
And as for the popular Arab news website that actually published all of these links, it just proved it would do anything for publicity.

May Allah bless Duaa's soul and May Allah give us all Hedaya.


concerned said...

Good morning Anglo, yes the weather not great today and yesterday was raining, but that’s typical British weather for you.
I think who ever commit a crime and film that crime is not human, and need to be locked up, this is a sickening act, that’s the reason I am against having mobiles with cameras and blue tooth, it an invitation for people to abuse such a technology, and it will encourage videos such as this one to widespread. Some sick people get kick out of it when watching it or to use it as some kind blackmailing i.e. filming someone in unacceptable manners and demand money or favours.

a_akak said...

I have yet to see this clip but my friends yesterday were talking about a similar film which might be the same one you referring to, anyway, i dont like watching other peoples misery but i know curiosity will get the best of me as alot of talk has been circling about this clip

Fe Aman Allah

Brave Heart said...

slam AL, WALAHI i just start writing post about this poor girl,but i'll stop now. i was shocked, just now i knew how saddsm was great man.

ph said...

why?...thats a hard question this is one of the thing I have never understood myself. Its like the Saddam video everyone was watching it even small children, it is sickening I myself never saw it.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks concerened.
its true that mobile in the wrong hand can be harmful but its a technology that many decent people enjoy.

a_akak, we are all curious but i really advise you against it, it will just disturb you.

brave heart, please do write about it, it will be intersting to read.
still i wouldnt call saddam a great man :o)

thanks ph for the comment.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam AngloLibyan,
Very disturbing indeed. I personally don't watch the news for this very reason. I have to wonder if the reason so many watch things like this and the news are because somehow deep inside somewhere they have a sense of "well, my life isn't so bad after all" feeling. I also wonder with as much violence that’s portrayed in movies, music videos, video games, etc., if there isn’t a deadened sense in people---meaning they have become somewhat desensitized and when actual events occur they are still astounded.

BuJ said...

i wonder what iTOOT will call this post.. hehe.. i don't think it's freaky enough :P

tabet said...

hi im white africans bro ill start giving u coments if u give me im only 12 years old but im going to be 13 on may the 20th

my blog is

salaam bye

programmer craig said...

The clip was posted all over the Iraqi blogs, AL, so I don't think there was ever any chance of it not being made public. I haven't watched it, myself, the description alone was enough to convince me I didn't want to see it... I even wish the still hadn't been shown on blogs.

Believe it or not, I never watched any of the beheading videos, either. It's not that I have such a weak stomach, but I know the reason people make videos of this kind of thing is to shock and frighten people and I don't want to give them what they want.

I'm curious, how many people think this crime is more shocking than the beheading videos, such as the Nick Berg one?

I think it's less shocking. This was an honor crime, committed by the girls own community. The beheadings were done by complete strangers, to the completely innocent, who were guilty of nothing except being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and being the wrong color or the wrong religion.

programmer craig said...

By the way, anybody know what would happen to an Iraqi Muslim girl who converted to Christianity to marry a Chaldean or a Kurdish Christian? Or if she converted to Judaism to marry one of the few Iraqi Jews in Baghdad?

I'm assuming based on the amount of sectarian violence happening in Iraq right now, that it wouldn't be pretty!

Lebeeya said...

What a totally disgusting display of brutality!!! I cry for what happened to Dua. She was only 17 years old!! what hurt me more than people on the internet requesting/asking to see the video of this horrible murder is the fact that people, grown men, just stood there video taping what happened while the poor girl was on the ground getting beaten.

It makes me sick!

Anglo-Libyan said...

Salam ibeebarbie
I do not blame you for not watching the news, it is very disturbing.
thank you for your explaination which might very well be true.

Buj, i wonder indeed!! :o)

Salam Tabet :o)
thank you for your comment and I hope you have a good day at school inshaAllah.

PC, thanks for your comment and your good points.
I personally think that the killing of innocent Iraqi civilians by Iraqis or American civilians by Iraqis or the rape and murder of Iraqis by American soldiers are all the same, just vile murders.
as I said im not posting about the religious side of this appalling crime but since the fall of law and order in Iraq anything & everything is possible, damn this war.

lebeeya, this is exactly how most of us feel, I thank you.

a_akak said...

Hi Anglo, I took your advice and I had the video ready to go on youtube but after watching a few seconds and reading what all you said i decided not to watch it

programmer craig said...

I personally think that the killing of innocent Iraqi civilians by Iraqis or American civilians by Iraqis or the rape and murder of Iraqis by American soldiers are all the same, just vile murders.

Ah, I'm not really buying that! This crime, as bad as it is, is no worse than many others. Even, many others that have been videotaped.

But I won't pursue it. Everyone is concerned most with crimes that concern "their own" whatever they consider their own to be. This was a 1 day story on the US news media, and the Nick Berg story ran for months, for that very reason.

loza said...

hi anglo ..
just I read the subject and comments ..
but I couldn't see the video .. coz I wouldn't like to imagine that .. waaw … it's terrible..
really anglo … please allah give us all Hedaya..

Anglo-Libyan said...

good on you ya Ahmed.

PC, I do agree with you when you said: "This crime, as bad as it is, is no worse than many others. Even, many others that have been videotaped". Thats my point and yes its true media usually concentrate on their own casualties which is a shame but I assure you to me if the victim is Iraqi or American then its murder no matter what.
thank you.

Salam loza,
Ameen to that and tahnk you

Anonymous said...

i totally agree, i heard about that video and why on earth would anyone even dream of watching a young girl stoned to death. Barbarism at its worst, i could NEVER watch that, i have respect for the poor dead girl.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thanks anonymous

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