Sunday, 20 May 2007

Wembley Stadium Officially Open

After 7 years of quiet traffic, Saturday saw the traffic jams come back to North West London, Wembley Stadium was officially opened by Prince William and played a host to the FA Cup final between Chelsea & Manchester United, of course I supported Chelsea because its a London team and they did win the cup 1 - 0 (sorry White African better luck next time).
The opening ceremony before the game was great, the English soprano Leslie Garrett sang but the sound was not great on TV, they then announced that the Red Arrows were going to pass over the stadium so I got my camera ready since I live quite close to Wembley stadium but I forgot that they do fly faster than the speed of sound so as soon as I heard them flying above I ran outside but all I could see was the trail of the coloured smoke they left behind so I borrowed this picture from the Internet.
Before the game started, a video appealing for help in finding the missing 4 year old Madeleine McCann was shown and watched by million of people around the world. Madeleine has been missing in Portugal for over 2 weeks now. All around us they have implemented this Wembley parking restriction zone which only applies when ever an event takes place at the stadium, parking is banned from 8am until midnight unless you have a permit, for the first time near my house I saw many cars with Penalty Charge Notices stuck on their windscreens, poor people!
There will not be another football match at wembley for a while but they have other activities planned for this summer including a concert by George Michael, American football match and the Princess Diana concert on the 10th anniversary of her death.
Although the stadium has already brought unwanted traffic and crowds to the area but still its a magnificent structure that is world famous and we are proud to have it.


Anonymous said...

عشت يا راجل يا طيب
رائع رائع

Anglo-Libyan said...

this sounds very familiar!
are you who I think you are? :o)

thank you anonymous.

a_akak said...

It was such a terrible game :( not because Chlease won, but the game itself was boring!!!

The Stadium seems very very good and I need to get myself up there to watch a game, maybe England Vs Brazil ....... I will be supporting brazil :) ....... and the structure seems very good

I feel very sorry for the family of the little girl and it is good to see that support for her cause is high

Fe Aman Allah

Ema said...

It looks great, as usual Sir Norman Foster did it again, he is an incredible architect.
i loved the acrh.
thanks anglo :)

they even won a prize for it, i mean the Foster group.

Libyano said...

Not a big football fan you seem Anglo libyan
but anyway it was really bring match , a goal wasn't counted for Man United but still I am happy cos chelsea won .

thanks for sharing this ;)

Anglo-Libyan said...

yes Ahmed the game was quite boring, to think most people paid £90 for a seat! but at least they got to be there on the opening day.

Ema, on BBC1 there was an interview with Norman Foster and he toured the stadium with the camera and we got to see most of this fantastic structure.

Thank you for the link :o)

Anglo-Libyan said...

libyano, I tend to watch big matches but yesterday was more for the stadium than the football and yes the game itself was boring thats why I didnt really have much to write about it :o)

mani said...

Salam Anglo,

You know, I completely forgot who was playing and where (although Ahmed reminded me in th emorning) until my lil siblings screamed upstairs at the chealsea goal lololololol.

Looks like a great staduim though really. Too bad for the traffic your ends Anglo :P.

More oppertunity to divert public attention from more pertinnat issues happening around the globe with the lil missing girl issue though.

and Drogba deserved his goal.. what a well-earned victory for him. class player

DaMoon said...

I love airshows, thanks for sharing Anglo-Libyan

Safia speaks said...

So nice!
Now Arsenal has a place to kick the butts of inferior teams such as manchester United or Chelsea or - haha - Tottenham!

Are they going to play tennis there, too?
What if the ball gets stuck in that large bow frame?

Maybe Tony Blair can use the new stadium to announce the withdrawal of the british troops from Iraq and Afghanistan?

I bet you can´t climb the bow structure all the way!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam mani and thank you.

you are welcome ya Damoon :o)

Safia, Arsenal have their own state of art stadium of course, The Emirates Stadium :o)

I doubt if they will play tennis there but you never know!
The arch (the bow) which supports the roof of the stadium is actually wide enough for a chunnel tunnel train to pass through it (I heard that on TV yesterday).

Lost-Libyan said...

I hate football, for me Its so lame, I only watch games in world cup whenever ITaly is involved! why am i sharing this?! lol sorry!
seems a nice stadium though!

Ema said...

BTW i'm a Liverpool fan ;)

MaySoon said...

Nice... I liked the stadium :oD

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks lost-libyan, Ema & Maysoon :o)

white african said...

ah well anglo next time we will get you :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

I look forward to that ya white african :o)