Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Al-Burj Restaurant, Tripoli

When I saw the following pictures, I could not believe that they were of what used to be one of the most elegant restaurants in Tripoli, Al-Burj (The Tower) Restaurant in Hai Al-Andalus!

I do remember the place many years ago and remember that it used to be hired out as a wedding hall, I remember taking my mother there to attend a wedding and I remember all the elegant gift & toy shops that used to be on the lower level.

Look at it now!! a disgusting filthy place in what is supposed to be a smart area of Tripoli, I am sure vermin including rats live among the filth there.

Shame I do not have any pictures of what it used to look like, as for the miniture Eiffel Tower that used to stand proudly outside the restaurant, well it is gone.

What I found unbelievable is the fact that there are offices operating in that building! people actually work there including a number of Libyan women, they have to walk amongst the dirt and probably fight with rats to get to their desks and these offices are open to the general public who have to use them as these offices belong to the government where you need to get approval for what ever you are trying to do, مكتب المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي فرع حي الاندلس

I know that people have no choice on where they work but would anyone like their sister or mother to work in a place like this? I doubt it very much. and we are supposed to be proud of our oil rich country, great! I dont think that Dubai has to fear the competition, Libya is not yet that modern, is it?


Trabilsia said...

Good post Anglo !

A true disgrace..........

We are supposedly proud Libyans , but very passive where bad working conditions or other circumstances are thrown at us.
For the love of one's country ...... I wonder where I heard that one before????

fatboy said...

ur right libya is not that modern and i am not joking buti have never see this place i asked my mum and said yes she knows the place it was a very good place (like anglo said ) and it was a shame that they done this to it


MaySoon said...

My GOD! I always pass by this place when going to my paretns' but I never thought it was this filthy!!!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks trabilsia
you being a resident of that part of Tripoli I am sure you are familliar with this disgrace.

I am glad you asked your mum about it fatboy, it was a well known resaurant many year ago.

Maysoon, its not just the filth and the danger of falling objects, people actually work there !!

Lebeeya said...

Khirba!!!!! Subhanallah, the pictures look exactly like some areas in Muscat that were hit by the storm.

I see absolutly no hope in our government to improve the condition of our country. I think its time the people took the initiative to make our country a better place, especially since its summer and lots of people are mkasdeeen! We should start a "Clean Libya" campaign kinda thing. I will sponser the t-shirts :)

Seriously talking, maybe if the people took out their mukinsa's (brooms) and plastic bags and started cleaning up the country, the press would show pictures / videos of the sha3ib that have lost hope in the government and are making en effort to save the beauty of their beloved country and you know how the press likes to blow up things. So maybe the government will yit7ashim 3ala ro7a and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT OR they will encourage the sha3ib to clean more by sponsering the brooms and plastic garbage bags.

a_akak said...

I think the problem is that their is no authority to check hygiene and it is left to people to decide on standards and usually owners dont care as long as money is made and this is very serious offence that libyans dont take seriously ...... it saddens me

It is the same with Farmers and the usage of different chemicals on plants, as their is no authority overlooking the farmers dont use these things carefully and end up just dumping as much chemicals as they can so the fruits and veg look so big

7asbee allah wa na3im al-wakeel

Fe aman Allah

LovelyHibo said...

طبعاُ هذا قليل من كثير يا اخي

تعرف حتي المطعم التركي في زاوي الدهماني المطعم المشهور والمعروف للجميع
يقال أنه يحمل ملامح أخري ومختلفة عن وجباته الجميلة

لذي اخي صديق يعيش في العمارات خلف مبني المطعم يرون الطناجر السوداء والأوساخ و القمامه الممتلئة في وسط أجواء الطبخ والشوي ....!!؟

منذ علمت بذلك الأمر توقفت عن الذهاب إليه..
هذا غير اني في يوم ما كنت أنا وصديقتي هناك خرج لنا فوق الطاولة صرصور ..لم تتواني صديقتي عن إحضار أحد التراك العاملين هناك لتريه إياه ..لم يبالي كثيراً وكل مافعله أنه قام ببخه بالمبيذ الحشري.؟

منها توقفنا عن زيارته
مطعم الصخرة - قرقارش

ذات يوم كنت هناك انا وصديتقي و بينما انا أكل لحمي المشوي لمحة شعرة في صحني .
ار حوار بيني وبين صديقتي إنته الحوار ذهبت لصاحب المطعم أريته الصحن بالشعرة...إعتدر ولم يأخذ ثمن الصحن و ووبخ الشيف كثيراً أمامي وحتي بعد خروجنا..
كان مطعم الصخرة من أحسن الأماكن التي احب الذهاب إليها أنا وصديقاتي للجو الهاديء الذي فيها بحيث تجلس مرتاح البال لا عين تنظر لك ولا غير ذلك..

كان صاحب المطعم رفيق بنت الجيران في الكلية واحسست أن المكان سيفسد لو لم أريهم مايدور خلفهم في المطبخ..

حتي ان بنت الجيران أخدتني يوما لهناك فرأني الشيف وقال لي لماذا لم تنادي عليا ذلك اليوم لمذا ذهبتي للمدير..
طبعا الشيف مصري الجنسية...
الحقيقة أن الصرصير أصبحت موضوع عادي في مطاعمنا وعليك ان تبتلع الطعام برجل الصرصور وانته صامت والغريب ان بعض الناس أو الزبائن يرون انه من غير اللائق إخبار مدير الفندق أو المسؤل عن ماإٌحضر له في صحنه...؟

كل ما أعرفه أني سيدة المكان الذي أخله مادمت سأكل و أدفع المال...أتدلل عليهم لني سأدللهم وقت دفعي للمال...أما مايحدث من قلة نظافتهم و سوء تدبيرهم فهذا موضوع يخصهم ولا يخصني ..يجلب لهم العار لا لي..
أصحاب المطاعم لا يهمهم حالة المبني الصحية ولا يهمهم هل العاملين عندهم مصابين بامراض معدية أو لا....!!؟
كل مايهمهم هو جلب الزبائن و المال ..
في نفس سياق الموضوع

لذي جارتنا حديقة كبيرة في فسحة البيت لا تستطيع الاعتناء بها وحدها فتجلب افريقي ليساعدها في التنظيف فتاخر عليها ذات جمعة فسألته لماذا تاخرت قال لها: اسف تاخرت لأني بالأمس حتي الفجر كنت اعمل في مخبز ومحل للحلويات نفرد العجينة لعمل "المنفي"

سألته جارتنا: ومن يعمل معك قال :صاحب المحل يلف في الشوارع بالليل و يطلب منا عمل ذلك مقابل مبلغ مالي جيد...وهذكا نعمل كل يوم في الليل حتي منتصف الليل قرابة الفجر...
وللأسف لم أعرف اسم المحل ..كل ماعرفته جارتنا أنه في سوق الجمعه

والحقيقة أنني من بعد ماسمعته لم تعد عندي ثقة في أكل المنفي في اي مكان

ربما الركن الشرقي نعم..
غيره لا....

يؤسفني أنه ليس لدينا قانون يحارب هذا الأمر..

الشيء الوحيد الذي أسعدني بعد تحصلي علي الجنسية الأمريكية أنني كل شهر أتحصل علي نشرة إخبارية عن مايجب أن أشتريه ولااشتريه وعن مايجب أن
أتفاداه لأجل صحتي وحياتي

هذكا أصحبت حياتي ذات قيمة

تحياتي علي الموضوع وشكراً كثيرا

LovelyHibo said...

اعتدر عن اخطائي لاني اكتب بسرعة

Weldemdina said...

Speaking of hygiene and the dire state that our cities are turned to, I was reading in one of Libyan website about the local Tripoli newspaper “ al shat” and one its report was about “ Rats inside al Fateh University” . I guess the Dean of the university will have a ready-made excuse, he would say these rats are for testing in the university labs who got lost. ;o)

Romana said...

Thanks for the post, more light on Libya's filth! and since when was Libya up for competition anglo libyan??? what takes Dubai a year to accomplish, it will take us, ??????? 15?

يا خسارتها، بالخق يا خسارتها

its as if Libya has signed a DNR!

Anglo-Libyan said...

lebeeya, you are right, the government is not going to do anything about it, people should look after their country as this is the only option left to them but I am not sure if Libyans are prepared to do that! I hope & pray they would.

yes Ahmed, this is lack of information and education plus greed, in the long run the whole country will suffer and will just remain more backward than the poorest countries, what a shame.

I thank you for sharing these awful experiences with us and you were right to complain, if we dont then service will remain bad and those people will become even more greedy.بارك الله فيك ومشكورة على مشاركتك واتمنى للك وللوالدة رحلة رجوع مريحة باءذن الله :o)

thanks weldemdina for the link, i will check it soon :o)

romana, Libya in competition with Dubai is just a sad joke, as you said there is just no comparisson even though we have the money.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,

I’m a little curious to know how the people should look after their own country in the hopes of change if it is not a collective agreement by the government and the people? How does one effectuate change when possibly oppressed by the powers to be?

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie

this is a good question ibeebarbie and I cant answer it as I do not live there but I think sometimes people there have ran out of options that they might try anything since they know the authorities are in continuous state of hibernation!

Anonymous said...

well, let me put it to you this way this filthy place seems wonderful compared to many others ;-) have a great day

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