Friday, 1 June 2007

Bad Friday

Its 2:30 Friday afternoon, I can not wait to go home (and no not because our dinner is 3osban today) I just had a crappy day, I was working this week on creating a website for work, a friend of mine suggested a simple software to use which I downloaded and started using straight away, it was good, simple and 3 days later my website was ready to upload, so far so good but no it wasn't to be... as I was going to publish the website I got a message that I have to publish it through the company that provided the software! no one told me that, I am supposed to publish it through another company that is connected to my work, I phoned my friend and told him, he was baffled as well, he didn't know and there was nothing that he could do about it. I had to start again today using another software, inshaAllah Khair :oS
As if the above was not enough, I picked up my colleagues this afternoon to take them to the mosque for the Friday prayers, it is always me that has to take them there, always me that have to find a parking space then find the correct change for the meter, the reason being that I am the youngest there with a car (I am 40 something!) one colleague suggested going to Yusuf Islam's hotel where they do have Friday prayers now, I drive there, the car park is full by the usually uncaring Muslim brothers who just dump their cars there with no care or sympathy for anyone else. I dropped my mates and drove round the hotel where I thought they had parking spaces, they did but were all resident parking and no meters! so I drove to the Pakistani mosque where we usually go, as usual the only parking available is about 5 minutes walk, its fine, I park my car, Oh no I have no change for the meter, I drove back to the mosque, left the car outside and risked getting a fine, I prayed came out quickly, Alhamdulellah the parking attendants that usually swarm outside the mosque did not see my car, after all that I thought my colleagues must be waiting for me so I drive back to the hotel, no one there, I left the car on the main road, ran inside, the Imam was still giving his sermon, I waited another 20 minutes for their prayer to finish, the Sermon was so long that they told me they started to fall asleep, on the way back I told them that if we are to pray at this hotel every Friday then from next week I am going to walk there (its only about 10 minutes walk) they didn't look very pleased :o)

Do you remember Khadija Teri's freaky post about skin lightning creams sold in Libya?
well look what this bus that was right in front of me this morning is advertising!
Goes to show what a great multi cultural city London is.


Safia speaks said...

that story sounds weird, because all you would have to do is saving the website in html format and nick the HTML code; no need to stick to one crazy robbery software.
In the old days i did all my websites with Notepad or any HTML-editor, including javascript and XML.

No parking space, eh?
Don´t you have a Disability Sign to use in these situations?


...only kidding!

Anglo-Libyan said...

Safia, I tried opening the file in another software but it didnt open the template and put a line saying that I have to open it through the original software, im working on it though as I think I found a way :o)

yes one of my colleagues had a disabled badge but it expired few months ago and is still waiting for a new one to be approved.

Happymoi said...

Good luck with the site!!

--walking sounds good!!!Parking spaces are nerve racking when not found!! Glad you didnt get a tickect!!

PH said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad Friday, hope it gets better during the weekend though :) as for the website strange ? hope it works out.


Ghazi Gheblawi said...

Hi AL, Where are you man I thought that you are going to come the Libyan Jewish conference, I attended both days, it was nice and informative. hope you can make if there is a next time.

a_akak said...


i am sorry to hear, 1st W.A. now you? whats going on? is this a virus that is transmitted by blogs?

Usually fridays are the best day for me as not much work is done and everyone in the office do their weekly pilgrimage to the pub and when they come back they are half drunk and we end up chatting for the rest of the day and if anything is to be started they just say "Monday is a good day to start"

Now let me ask, How is an Asian Skin translated to Al-bushra al-3arbia (Arabic Skin) i mean arabs are less the 0.1% of asia anyway i dont understand why ladies love these things

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks happymoi, nice to see you here again :o)

ph, it is working better, Alhamdulellah.

Ghazi, what can I say?
thats another reason for having a bad day, something happened that stopped me from going :o(
inshaAllah next time, keep me informed please of any future activities.

Ahmed, it must be a bug and you are right Friday should be a happy day :o)
I dont know about this obssession with skin colour, dark women want to be white, white women want to be dark, too confusing :o)

weldemdina said...

Walking/bus will get you more "ajer", 5min walk too far? Come on AL, you really now sound 70 something lol . Have a great weekend, its sunny here so I hope the same in London, salamat.

weldemdina said...

I just noticed what’s shown at the back of the bus, even the translation is incorrect, the photo for Asian girl/Asian skin and the translation "Arabic skin" I bet this bus goes through Edgware road ;o)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,

I'm feeling the frustration from your day. Good idea on the walk---no parking coins needed for feet. :o)

LOL@skin color. Now, lets not leave out that women with curly hair like straight hair, and women with straight hair like curly. We women are just silly. Moreover, PH visually explains it on his blog. :D

mani said...

Hey Salam Anglo.. Good Luck with the sites man, you need to finish soon so you can do a better job on ur blog and update the style there is apprently a rumor (you know how we libyans are with rumors) that theres a competition or something for best design.. :P

And yeah.. get a disabled badge!!!.. theres no 3ammey er7amny in parking :)

PH said...


I didn't explain anything :D I just posted some pictures I found that I thought were funny :p ( don't kill the messenger :))

@mani :

what rumor ... competition you say? where ? when ? كنت امعهم :p

lovelytripoli said...

Sorry for your bad friday

and about what you saw this morrning back the bus,i saw it today Too.and i surrpris..
Asian Skin For Arabic Albushra al3arbia LOOOOOOOL
so,funny wallhi.

Here In London you able to see many things you dont` imagin to see.

You Rmind me on Shop at edgwer rode they Wrote 7alah,and the shop was for Only pitza,onec i was hungrry and i saw 7ala felt happy when i asked them is thier any La7mah they said no..
So,why is (7ala) For..?

Suliman said...

Hey, Anglo. I am sure real estate in London is pretty expensive, but I am curious because the problem you describe reminds me of the planning in Libya, where no one seems to think about the need for parking spaces around places where large groups of people gather. For example, the average grocery store parking lot in the US is larger than any parking lot in Tripoli. Pretty much the same thing happens around churches, which reminds me to ask whether Londond churches have the same problem as London mosques.

The other question I have is about the use of disability tags. You mentioned that your prayer mate has a disability tag, but you didn't actually say he's disabled. Is he? In any case, if a person gets an illegitimate disability tag, wouldn't that qualify as lying, and would lying be an acceptable means for prayer? Of course I have my own answers, but I keep seeing islamic morality redefined so often that I've lost track.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks weldemdina and the same to you :o)
the photo says Arabic skin in Arabic AND Asian skin in English! the bus was in kilburn which does connect to edgware road.

salam ibeebaribe
yes walking is good, i wish i could do more of it :o)

mani I would love to change my template but its so time consuming, inshaAllah when I get the time and the perfect template that will win :oD

Thanks lovelytripoli :o)
London is a great city, you can find anything you want.
I dont know what 7ala is, could it be 7alal? no idea.

suliman, parking in London is a huge problem that affects everyone that includes mosques and churches, most roads are for resident parking only with few meters scattered here and there.

yes illegitimate disability badge is lying.
my good muslim colleague suffers from liver disease, diabetis and a severe swelling of his hands that makes it difficult for him to close his fist, he also can not open bottles or jars, he has difficulty walking & he therefore qualifies for a disabled badge and it is reviewed every few years.
getting a disabled badge in Britain is very difficult and requires many medical reports and check ups.
I am sorry that you are probably surrounded by some bad so called muslims but on the other hand I know so many good muslims that would never dream of lying or cheating and that is proper.

MaySoon said...

AL, hope you are having a nice weekend!

Good luck with the website..

lol @ ad on bus

lovelytripoli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lovelytripoli said...

7alal = حلال

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks Maysoon, it is a nice hot day here in London and things are better :o)

lovely tripoli, I saw once in a shop here Halal Soap for washing hands :o)

Suliman said...

Hi, Anglo. I'm surrounded by bad Muslims? That sounds pretty ominous, man! lol lol Actually, our guys here solve the problem by renting space for Friday prayers, usually space that is easily accessible with parking spaces, etc.

I asked about the tag scam because it seemed like a popular suggestion. I was wondering whether it was also a popular practice, and whether the "brothers" in Europe had secured a convenient Fatwa for it, you know, like the case of software piracy and other forms of theft of intellectual property.

loza said...

Inshaallah you'll have a nice week … to improve that ..

Good luck with your web..

and don't be sleep again when the Imam give his sermon.. ;)

mani said...

Its a popular suggestion for muslims, athiests, british people and every other sufferer these days cause the practice of ticketing is unjust and non-discriminatory and the instruments that enforce it are not honest citizens they are private contractors that operate like hayenas..

neither is the current practice of intellectual property just... Not a practice that gives those with wealth, acces and prestige a monopoly on any beneficial device or invention that could benefit people, without people capitualting to the companies rules, and money making war-path.

I'd rather lie and get a disabled badge to evade a parking ticket in London than Lie to God about my existence all my life. I'd lie and use a software that I need but deffo cant afford (like adobe photoshop) cause it's damn right unjust...

Your nit picking and fault finding is digusting and it just shows your insecurities and your blatant hate for anything Muslim.. so we are muslims you gonna expect us to be angels?? what a silly man you are.. if you judge ideas by their followers then you probably consdier Americans your Gods, worthy of tribute and worship...

You sicken me you truly do..

in all hope.. Salam

Anglo-Libyan said...

Suliman, I agree that these practices are favoured by people of every race and every religion, its not a Muslim speciality.

thanks loza for the lovely comment. :o)

witness___ said...

I want to thank u for ur marvellous blog which i visid whenever i get fed up bet never comment... Now that i write to u i hope u good luck 4 u and ur family :))

witness___ said...

oh i forgot to tell u that the vidéo of 'improve ur english' is verry funny especially when someone understands german :)
excuse my englsh, i'm a francophoner....
good bye

Lost-Libyan said...

hey anglo...goodluck with ur webite, and the fridays are always borning and too long no matter where u live, its probably something that runs in our genes! lol....and yeah London has to be a cosmopolitan city!!

BuJ said...

I hope you didn't snap the pic in a bus lane, or it would cost you a good £100!!!

Man.. i was in london the other day and was caught by a "safety" camera.. i really hate them.. from the bottom of my heart.


Suliman said...

Absolutely, Anglo, theft and lying happen everywhere. But the point is really about how widely and explicitly the ethical/moral establishment condones and justifies these actions. Whatever any establishment condones explicitly, whether in China or Pakistan, is indeed a measure and a reflection of its fundamentals. And I wouldn't be surprised if the establishments that condone doing the work of "Moral Supremes" with stolen software would equally condone engaging in parking meter scams. I knew of the first case, and I was led to wondering about the second.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Bonjour Witness ____ :o)
Thanks for your sweet comments and im glad to have you here, I am actually familliar with your blog even though I dont speak any French but you do have some English posts. Salam to the lovely Tunis.

Thanks lost-libyan, tomorrow Monday I am hoping InshaAllah my work will be done :o)

No buj, I wouldnt do that, as you know driving in London is very risky and I do not want anymore points on my licence :os
I am sorry the moneygrabbers got you, it really is becoming too much.

Suliman, I am with on this one and get very furious with people that justify such things just because it suits them.
it used to be easy to cheat the system here, say for a disability badge but things changed and thank God it has become very difficult now. liars & cheats have no place in any society but unfortunately they are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

ولله في خلقه شؤون سبحان الله ولا اله الا الله

waaaaaaaaaaaw nice is that what people lookin 4 say مشاء الله

go bro god be with you

Anglo-Libyan said...

God be with you too anonymous, thank you.

BuJ said...

u got points too? man.. i miss those days when i was allowed to drive with my dubai license!

b4 it was the norm to have a "clean" license.. now it's the opposite! If you have a clean license ur a freak, or just a rookie!

This comes from someone that walks to work! imagine if i'd have to drive daily?!

BuJ said...

PS: bus lane offenses carry a monetary fine and no points :)

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