Saturday, 7 July 2007


07/07/07 is a date considered by many as a lucky date and many people have arranged for their weddings and parties to take place today but this date has another meaning for many in London:

Today commemorates the second anniversary of the dreadful London bombing of 7 July 2005, 52 innocent victims lost their life on that day including at least 5 Muslims with many injured and maimed.
At that time I was working for an English/Arabic primary school in London and both of my kids were at this school on that day, when I found out that the bombing was taking place in central London, I walked to the school's office, I found the headteacher who is a Muslim English lady talking on the phone, she told me that the police have contacted all the schools in that area and were asked to evacuate the schools quietly, our school is situated in north west London alongside the main Muslim schools in this city including Islamia (Yusuf Islam) School and Al-Khoei Shiaa School, apparently the police got a warning that a bomb was planted in the local train station that serves all of these schools, within minutes many police vans arrived, policemen and women closed the streets around our school, no one was allowed to walk in unless they had a reason, I checked on my children, they were fine and happy to know that they were leaving school early, my neighbour arrived and picked up his children and mine, I walked with them to the end of the street as cars were not allowed in, I saw many parents that I know from school, most of them were concerned, one heavily pregnant mother ran all the way to the school to get her kids, she looked very scared, I stood in the street for a long time, it was a strange day, very eerie, very quiet and humid. We never found out if the claim that a bomb was planted in the local train station was true but it would not surprise me after I heard that a train was blown up in Edgware Road, an area famous for its Arabic/Muslim people and Aldgate which is home to many Bangladeshi, these bombers did not care who they killed and injured.
The first victim to be buried after this terrible atrocity was Shahara Islam, a young British born Muslim woman, her funeral was attended by many people.

2 years later, the Muslims in this country have lost their good reputation after being known for many years as hard working, decent polite citizens, all that was forgotten due to the terror act committed by the 4 bombers, of course the gutter press found a great opportunity to insult us even further but do we blame them or blame the ignorant mass murderers who thought they were going to be Martyrs after committing these crimes?

A fund was set up by the government to help the victims of the London bombings and their families, I do know for a fact that many Muslims here donated generously to this fund but unfortunately this was never reported or even mentioned.

A sad day to remember for a long time to come.


PH said...

Well Al-7amd illah 3ala al-salaam :D as for

"I do know for a fact that many Muslims here donated generously to this fund but unfortunately this was never reported or even mentioned."

of course not that wouldn't serve the agenda :O

LovelyHibo said...

ممكن أختي كانت حاتكون من ضحايا هاليوم بس ربنا لطف بينا وبيها و فكها من هالسوء

وماعندي مانقول إلا الناس هادم الي يفجروا ويدمورا ويقتلوا في الأجانب والي في منهم مسلمين مايفكروش بالطريقة الصحيحة ...وربي يشفيهم

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Thank you for sharing. I can't imagine what you must have been feeling and experiencing as you were there personally with your kids. I can only imagine what must have been going through you mind.

I don't know when tragic things like that have taken place here in the states, it is an unnerving feeling.

Lebeeya said...

What an experience!! Alhamdulilah 3ala salametkum and please stay safe.

Tragedies like this one is whats making our history, I wonder if people in 2050 will be studying this tragedy in a history class.

We live in a crazy crazy world and it's just a clear sign that the day of judgement is so close and that is an extermly scary thought. Ok, I just freaked myself out. Gonna go pray now.

a_akak said...

It was a sad day and my father was one of the effected by it as he was two underground stops away when it happened, he was on his way to attend a medical conference, Although I disagree with what these people do and it’s wrong/haram to blow up innocent people but i believe the British have brought it upon themselves by continuous support for Israel and killing innocent Iraqi’s everyday (which is not covered by the British media as Iraqi blood is so cheap and who cares about it?)

Regarding the fund, Why should Muslims donate to it?? I am sure Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Chechnya, Somalia are a more worthy cause? I would give the above before even considering donating to mentioned one

Lets pray for peace in the world and in people’s hearts

Fe Aman Allah

MaySoon said...

7amdellah 3ala salametkum, it is sad indeed...

"Martyrs" by killing innocents? now how stupid is that!

Romana said...

Anglo Libyan, thanks for sharing... It made me so sad to remember... one act of violence cancelled all the hardwork the muslims have built through the years, how unfair!

I hope no more idiots will classify themselves as martyrs, and scarifce the innocent people down the street...

May Allah bless us all, :)

Maya M said...

I understand and value your feelings, AngloLibyan, but I cannot quite agree with you.
It wasn't only 4 people (or 8, if we count the next failed bombing that lead to deMenezes' death). There is a problem with the Muslim leadership. I usually don't watch the BBC news, but I did it in the days following the bombings. I saw British Muslim leaders speaking. They didn't care at all about the victims. All they said was - non-Muslims shouldn't blame Islam or Muslims for what had happened.
Remember also the "Angry Sheikh" you recently blogged about. He blamed Arabs for their idleness (only "watching TV and playing football" in their free time). You could say e.g. that you and other Arabs you know campaign for more effective protection of endangered species. But this would sound irrelevant, wouldn't it? He didn't mean that Arabs don't do anything good in this world. What he meant, in plain English, was that most Arabs wouldn't participate in terror and hence are bad Muslims.
Then, there is the attitude illustrated by a_akak above (he isn't alone, but his text is off-hand and easiest to cite). Basically, what he means (again in plain English) is that if Muslims, due to minority status, cannot control the foreign policy of their country by democratic vote, they could consider controlling it by terror. Indeed, it seems that he would prefer terror acts targeting "guilty" people (ministers? MPs?) rather than innocent ones, but the basic logic remains: after Britain supports Israel (instead of letting Arabs finish what Hitler begun) and British troops kill innocent Iraqis (regarding their blood cheap, while it is in fact expensive, unlike in Saddam's time when it was cheap), then British have only themselves to blaim for being blown to pieces.

a_akak said...

Maya Maya Maya Maya….btw your name reminds me of the R&B singer Maya :), I love her especially the song “Ghetto superstar” with ODB and Pras :)

Anyway, Lets make one thing very clear when I said “British have brought it upon themselves” I didn’t by any way or means justify or support what they have done but I think you infuse your words with venom and hatred but I would say “read carefully and read in between the lines” as I only referred the British government as attracting these people to their shores and not being the cause

I am not going to get into the Israel issue as that would need a post by itself nor do we want to bring back the black history of the Nazis and remember what they say “one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter” and again so you don’t jump to any mislead conclusions I don’t consider those people to be freedom fighter……………………….. btw I do respect you point of view but I wish you would look at the other side for once

Fe Aman Allah …………………. FYI it actually means “in gods protection I leave you”

Safia speaks said...

Thanks for sharing your horrible experience. I would not be so calm if my children would be stuck in a building threatened by bombs!

Yet, I totally agree with bro Akak. I will gladly provide financial funds for the needy, including the ones victims of terrorism - but the fact is Britains do not need my funds; people in Tcechnia, Somalia, Iraq og Palestine do!

Terrorism is haram and a plague against mankind; yet we must never forget the institutionalized terrorism carried out by governments. After all, the victim does not suffer less when hit by a British bomb than by a Pakistani bomb. Bombs don´t differentiate.

There is one thing I noticed while visiting London; the absence of public waistbins! I then thought this ridiculous, because terrorism must be fought against people, not against bombs.

PH said...

Hey Anglo how was your weekend ? I hope you enjoyed it?

Anglo-Libyan said...

Salam all
sorry I was away from the computer most of the weekend (ph weekend was ok, nothing special).
I appreciate all of your comments and the points made.

regarding Muslims donating to the 7/7 fund:
when I was working for the English/Arabic school, they used to organize fund events for anything that was going on in the world, famine, earthquakes, war and so on, there are many Muslim organizations that collect donations to help needy Muslims all over the world. what I am trying to say is that many Muslims here do donate money, they have not forgotten people in Palestine or Iraq, donating to the 7/7 fund was just an extra good cause they helped which I think is a good thing.

Maya M said...

a_akak, thank you for the offered hand. You are right that my words are "infused with venom and hatred" but, frankly, if I try to take away the hatred before pressing "Publish", will this make the message clearer or more acceptable for you? In Web forums, I usually prefer people to write what they think.
I admit I am a bit chilled by your list of worthy causes. Perhaps I don't understand you well because you just mentioned areas of conflict without specifying whom exactly you would support, but it seems to me that in all these conflicts, there is one side you find similar to you and another, different side which is the enemy.

Tarek said...

Well, I can only say that I was one of the luckiest people to marry at the special day (07/07/07), it was a very nice wedding indeed, I just came back a few days ago to London and one of the few things done first was, reading your blog.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Alf Mabrouk ya Tarek and inshaAllah you both have a happy life :o)

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