Monday, 2 July 2007

Fun Pictures

3D effect


oops !!


Only in Africa, or it could be in Libya!!


Dogs and their Owners!


Women! :o)

Finally, a Royal Palace in the Emirates


Romana said...

those are funnnnn! looool the 3-d pics are amazing...

the spellin mistakes are wicked! loool is this for real?

za3ma the dog owners style themselves to look more like dem, or the dogs more like the owners, or a bit of both???

emiratesss! the land of $$$$$$$ i wouldnot want to live there though! hehehe wa7da kedabaa, bs no no... i hate palaces, why am i typing as if i have a choice in living there? im crazy!

enjoyed them lots...
AHMED IM THE 1ST, nanananananaaa loool

Lost-Libyan said...

well, I didnt know that u guys are running course here, sorry Ahmed im the second then! and yeah the dog owners seem push-overs to me and they copy their dogs! lol :)
Emirates Palace is amazing, and the managing company is Kepminsky... very glamorous, maybe romana in another life-time we ll get to live in such places!
thanks anglo for the post, really cracked me up especially the Africa thing!
ciao now :)

PH said...

They're really funny except the one with the guy smoking I think that was supposed to be an anti-smoking ad or something ?

Romana said...

the chopped ankle/cigarette was scarry... hehehe

Anglo-Libyan said...

romana, I think the spelling mistakes are real, I posted some before Here
about dogs and their owners, often I see people here that look like their dogs :o)
the palace is a bit too big i think :oD

salam lost-libyan and welcome back, I hope all your exams are inshaAllah going well.
I think you are right, owners copy their dogs! inshaAllah you get to have what you want and I am glad you liked the pictures :o)

ph, the guy with the smoking leg is my contribution to the smoking ban we just got here in England :o)

Ema said...

what a lovely collection of pictures.
i enjoyed every each on especially the on about women and the african light pole LOL
thank a bunch :D

Ema said...

"on" was meant to be "ONE"

Safia speaks said...

I loooove the cinema-ad with the cut-off head ROTFL
And i think the mouse makeup-box is genious!!! It should be patented.
The female parking slot is chauvenistic and evil; I will not comment on that one further!

Anglo-Libyan said...

you are welcome ya ema, so nice to see you here :o)

safia, yes i like that picture too and sorry about the parking space :oD

LovelyHibo said...

thanks for sharing us this lovely Photes..

Good job angloe-libyan

Anglo-Libyan said...

you are welocme ya hibo :o)

loza said...

waw ..
nice picture i liked thim...

Anglo-Libyan said...

glad you did ya loza :o)

BuJ said...

beautiful and artistic! thanks for sharing!

Anglo-Libyan said...

you are welcome ya buj afandi :o)

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