Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Pride & Prejudice

This is something that has been bugging me for a long time, why is it that Libya & Libyans are ignored/shunned/neglected by most Arab media no matter what we do or achieve?
I always go through many websites on daily bases including many Arabic news and current affairs websites, many of them have guides and pages devoted to all Arab countries but not Libya!! is it a wonder that many Arabs when they meet us the first thing they say when we tell them that we are Libyans is Gadaffi! is that all they know about us? are we that unimportant? are we really the hillbillies of the Arab world, the laughing stock?? Do we only blame our government for isolating our country for so long and making our reputation as an uneducated non entity nation?
I don't think that its only the Libyan government that is to blame, many Arab countries have for a long time ignored us and turned their faces away from us.

Libyans as any other nation have a lot to be proud of, we have done OK internationally recently but did I see any of this reported anywhere?
Yes I did but only in Libyan websites/media. I did not read about the following in any other Arab media, as if it is nothing to do with them and nothing to be proud of:

The 2 Libyan brothers that made: Occupation 101, Sufyan Omeish & Abdallah Omeish and won several international awards.

Libyan Horse rider Abdul Majid Bushkaiwa, third place in the international show jumping competition held in Belgium last month.

Dr. Ashour Jebril, awarded the OBE by Queen Elizabeth for his medical services to disaster stricken countries and its not the title but the recognition of his excellent work recognised internationally but not deemed important to be reported on Arab media.

One of the most successful Libyans recently is of course Hisham Matar who won awards for his successful novel, In the Country of Men, the recent one being an award in Italy.

How could I forget this talented person?? Asia Al-Fasi, our own Anglo-Libyan who mashaAllah has acheived fame in the UK and Europe as a Manga artist and if that was not enough, she is Mani's sister too, thank you Safia for the reminder.

The only time recently where a Libyan topped Arab media headlines was unfortunately about the antics of the Libyan woman Shaha Riza Ali and Paul Wolfowitz, her story was headline news and many Arab readers made comments about us Libyans just because of her, to them she is our only claim to fame!

We might not have a proper national anthem, we might not have a proper flag to be proud of like any other nation but we do have people in our country that anyone would be proud of and say yes they are Libyan just as I am.


Lebeeya said...

The only news I see of Libya in the newspapers here is of the Bulgarian nurses.

I totally agree with what you said, many people don't really know anything about Libya, it's like the only unknown country, some don't even know where its located at! I usually get the surprised/shocked look when I tell someone I am libyan.. and then they usually tell me I am the first Libyan they have ever met, which makes me feel exteremly special lol. But I often get the occasional "I thought libyans were black?" and "What language do you speak in Libya?".

The press neglection may be due to the fact that our president is/was not in very good terms with most
countries, arab countries atleast? I know Libya and Oman had some polictical problems and Libyans were allowed in Oman till January 2007, yes this year only! In January a Libyan Embassy was FINALLY opened here and people holding Libyan passports were allowed in. An Omani embassy is opening shortly in libya too, I was offered a job to work at the Omani Embassy in Libya :)

But.............. lets look at the bright side, Libyans still mantain a decent reputation worldwide. Everyone I know always has something good to say about a Libyan they used to know or how nice and friendly libyans are. So thats great. Take Egypt & Morocco for an example... so glad the world doesnt think of us like them!!

Lebeeya said...

When I read the title of your post, I thought you were going to give us a review on the movie; Pride & Prejudice :)

by the way, I am facing major problems with commenting on your blog. Everytime I click on the comments, that little window pops up but takes ages to load and when it finally does load it says "The page cannot be displayed". Only after a hundred attempts, it opens normally. This has been happening for a couple of weeks now. Am I the only one? Is it my internet connection?

Romana said...

Anglo Libyan, your post affected me so much, that i started researching Libyans we can be proud of.
And it is true, i get a lot of weird looks, and stares when i tell them that im Libyan, why, cant Libyans talk sense?
It is so sad, the way Libya is arbitrated in the world. And to tell you the truth, despite all my questions, and reaction to people who view Libya as a good-for-nothing country, I myself haven’t heard of Hisham Matar, it deeply saddened me. First thing im going to do is buy his book, kick il jahel b3eed!

Thanks Anglo-Libyan, I hope more Libyans will prove to the world how competent some of us are, and talented, and worth their attention. I guess we have to work 10 times harder eh!


Safia speaks said...

You forgot Mani´s talented sister, she received much coverage in the british press when she won the Manga drawing contest last year!

But you are right about the ignoration thing!
I remember reading the weather reports in Danish newspapers; they showed the world´s temperatures, and they always omitted Tripoli, even if they mentioned Tunis, Aleksandriya, Alger etc.

Also, I have a lot of Middle Eastern and North African cooking books - not one of them has any Libyan recipees!!! They just skip over Libya and continue from Egyptian cuisine to Tunsian cusisine....

I think this must be a very jealous reaction. It´s intellectual envy! They know exactly how talented, fun, creative and powerful the Libyan mind is - that´s why they try to ignore Libya.

I say: let them! They´ll come back crawling on their knees once investment opportunities are opened up.

Anglo-Libyan said...

lebeeya, I found out about the Omani embassy only recently, I cant believe that only this year Libyans were allowed in Oman!
I do blame our rulers but Arab countries are to blame as well for ignoring our country for so long.
I am not sure why you are having problems commenting here! do you think that there is an international conspiracy to stop you doing that ?? :oD

romana, our country has a lot to offer and what I named are only but few of what our people can do, I hope you enjoy your research :o)

Thank you Safia, I have mentioned the talented Asia Al-Fasi now.
well lets just say some are already crawling on thier knees because of investments, what a shame.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
What about the old saying, "no news is good news"? Look at the press the U.S. gets, and people buy into as truth. I don't think either I or my family and friends fit the "writings" of the media about the U.S.,but nonetheless people buy into as factual.

mani said...

hehehehe Salam dearest Anglo its been ages since I commented here.. the birthplace of my blogging passion..

as for the Libyan talents being known around the world....

.....what are you here for??.. what are all the Libyan bloggers doing :)?? WE COUNT ON YOU!

As for the best Libyan intellectual talent.. we have so many hidden ones.. but the future generations will all know their name inshallah.. Like Sadeq Al Nayhoom for example...

even Libyan youth here in Libya, oppressed, disenfranchised and neglected.. but TALENTED.. ok the dog eat dog world has made haeynas out of them to an extent.. but kindness still takes root in their souls.. and their talents come alive in their jokes, satire, new music... Libyan youth at the age of 12 was sailing the seas to Malta, Italy, Turkey and Egypt doing business in rucksacks on their backs when business was forbidden in Libya... even the way they 'modificate' reality to accommodate their desperation...

who cares for the Arab press anyway..

Libyans are survivors..

I love them so much..

despite not believing in nationalism I really like our flag though Anglo. 'our' national anthem too.

I like this post! :)

Take care 3ammu.. salam

dusk till dawn said...

hello anglo -libyan

ur title is so deep touch in heart, as we are libyan , so proud , we have proved to alot of peoples that we are not unvisibile.i did face alot in the past .silly and stupid remarks, but then the story changed, we got brains, i have found out the libyan are more creative.then other arabs,alot of libyan they hold a very high jobs a broad and well respected.i think its not down to the media or so, its more to do with igronance,
they think of as libyan as villain,
i do not know what to say an add, but iam sure u got my drift.
thanx for the post,was well posted

a_akak said...

I love the green flag and the anthem !!!! and am proud of the Green flag as it shows simplicity and the laid back libyan way :P

First of all, we are only 5-6 million, and if you treat this issue mathematically and use the law of proportionality you will find that proportionally we have not been that overlooked and Libyans have everything to be proud of as we have international recognised personalities such as Omar Al-Mukhtar and ………………… well no one come to mind at the moment,

Unfortunately in the past decade we have not had any good news and as lebeeya has pointed out the Aids, Lockerbie, WMD but insha allah things will change but I don’t think even my generation would see this but we will try to work for the next generation

Fe Aman Allah

dusk till dawn said...

just like to add to ur title that the highst ever temparature even recorded was in libya ( azizia) 1956 . and its in the genus book of record ,

Ghazi Gheblawi said...

Nice topic as usual AngloLibyan, let me tell you about my side of the story, as I have been immersed in the world of Arabic literature for more than 15 years now, we face a lot of marginalization and ignorance from our fellow publishers and writers in the 'Arab world', I remember we the young Libyan writers used to meet in Tripoli and complain about the lack of respect the Arab newspaper and literary magazines treat our writings, but that was before the days of the online literary websites, nowadays, thanks to the commitment of the Libyan writers we are much more published than before, but still not enough. Once I met an Egyptian professor of literature visiting London, she was working for the Alexandria library; she asked me 'where do you come from?' I answered from Libya, she exclaimed why you don't have any known writers that we read?!, I draw a smile and said didn't you read the famous novelist Ibrahim Al Kouni, or Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Al Faghi whose work has been translated to many languages, she said no I haven’t heard or read about them, I stopped talking with her at that point because I felt sorry for us and this ignorant professor. I think the problem is also with us, Libyans are very very shy and humble people, compared to their closest neighbours, Egyptian and Tunisian, who tend to exaggerate even the small matters and they work hard to polish their image in the world for the good reasons, while even if we achieve genuine great things we tend to downgrade them, not to mention the failed local media that never mentions the individual achievements of the Libyan people. Libya is also a victim of its geographical place in the region, neither in the west or east of the 'Arab World' torn in its identity between two sides. But we are rising again, no more nice humble guys anymore, we should go out and scream with the loud voice that we are Libyans and we are proud of all the good things about our country.

Brave Heart said...

let me disagree with u AL, i think it's normal matter, if i ask u about iraq u will answer will be about war(bad thing) if i ask u about egypt u will answer how people there try to take ur money (bad thing) if i ask u about sauida ur answer would be they are stupid (bad thing)generally we dont care about good news as we do with bad news i bet u don't know about talant people in Kuwait or Sudan or even Egypt. it's the same situation with libya

Rose Bud said...

I love your post. I have to say that I kow a lot of Libyans that are so talented and smart and have not received any notice form the outside world and in Libya. I am proud of them and will continue to be proud of my country and the things people achieve on a day to day basis. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Maya M said...

So other Arabs mock Libyans because of their ruler? Why don't these other Arabs look into their own backyard first? Last time I checked (please correct me if I'm wrong), there was not one functional democracy in the whole Arab world.
I think you shouldn't care what other Arabs think. If they aren't your good friends, you could look for new friends, even if they are from another culture.
I also don't find the publicity about Shaha Riza so unfortunate. This story was inflated in importance by the enemies of Wolfowitz. It includes payments that are more human than pretty, but the core of the case is something I like - a love story between an Arab and a Jew. What's so bad about it?
My impression about Libyans comes mainly from Libyan blogs (here Mani is right). I've repeatedly criticized Libyans in comments and posts (mainly the one at http://mayas-corner.blogspot.com/2007/03/hiv-trial-in-libya-part-6-last-why-most.html). So let me now say what I like about Libyans. They are tolerant and open-minded. They have common sense and a talent for observation. They have strong family bonds and friendships. They know how to enjoy life. They care to preserve the nature and their cultural heritage. They are ready to help people in need.
I've spotted a tendency both in AL's post and in many of the comments to put an emphasis on talented Libyans. Of course talent and achievement must be valued, they are capital of the nation and the humankind. But if you stress too much on this, you in effect devalue the ordinary people. Perhaps you have heard bigots say, "If you claim that e.g. blacks/women aren't inferior, name a black/a woman who has made a significant discovery". (The funny thing is that this "argument" typically comes from a person who hasn't contributed to mankind anything of any significance and is very unlikely to do this in the future, either.) You named famous Libyans, I am seeing more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Libyans. But even if no such Libyans existed, this wouldn't deprive the Libyan people of their merits and value.

Anonymous said...

Take Egypt & Morocco for an example... so glad the world doesnt think of us like them!!

First I have to correct you, you mean the Arab World. Second your comment shows racism,bigotry and ignorance. This is second time I hear this comment from a Libyan lady in a week.

Libya was not in the news in the past because the previous ruler and it worked well for us.

If I google Libya, all I get is the Aids trial of Bulgarian nurses.

Do not blame western or arab media for not covering Libya. Why the whole world is covering about Dubai and not Libya.

Just use your common sense and logic, then you will know why we are in this kind of state.


DaMoon said...

Dear Anglo-Libyan, wallahi I can't agree more with u, for some reason "world wide" us Libyans seem to be a bit invisiable; yet there r so many successful individuals, many excellent profs across Canada, but the ones u feel for is da ones in their own homeland and no one is noticing them! "i.e. myself"...lol jk other talented individuals...
we need a huge media campagin to bring us to speed...:o)

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
you do make a good point there, Libya does get its share of bad publicity and nothing else.

mani, so good to see you here :o)
I agree that many libyan bloggers are highlighting the good and the bad in Libya, that is good but not sure if its enough, its a start.

thank you for the comment and your committment to better our country.

as for the flag & the anthem, I believe that a country gets its flag when it becomes independent and that it should not change just because the rulers wanted to. I think the recent flag is at least number 3 that libya had as for the libyan national anthem, well its not Libyan! it was borrowed from Egypt years ago.

salam dusk til dawn, nice name, reminds me of the movie :o)
I like the way people like yourself have pride in our beloved country.
Yes the Guiness book of records has Libya as the place with the highest temprature, in the 80s, Suliman Nashnoosh was listed amongst the 10 tallest people in the world but has since been removed from the list as more taller people were added.

salam Ahmed.
yes Omar Al-Mukhtar is well known to all Arabs but as you said.... they cant think of any other :o)
yes we are a small nation and I agree we didnt do badly, in fact Libyans are doing well Alhamdulellah.

Ghazi, fantastic comment worthy of being a post.
I share your pride and I am always proud of Libyan literature, one of our strongest points.

braveheart, what you are saying is true but only of ignorant people, I do not think way, I have no problem with any other Arab, remember my mother is not Libyan, anyway my post concentrated more on the media than people.

thank you rose bud and I am glad that you found this post intersting.

Maya m, you are spot on, all those Arabs that make fun of the libyan ruler should look at their own doorstep. we are all in the same situation.
I really thank you for your support and nice comment, even if we dont agree on everything sometimes it is always good to read your well informative comments.

anonymous, (Music Lover)I think Egypt & Morocco were only used as anexample, no racism intended.
I have made it clear that the rulers of our country share the blame for isolating our country but that should not stop Arab media from reporting any good news about libya, they are all at the end of the day ruled by dictators, as for the western media, I actually did not mention them, in fact western media does mention most Libya success stories such as Hisham Matar and Occupation.

damoon, you are right, even here in the UK we have many talented doctors, consultants, artists and so on...
yes people in Libya are invisible unfortunately.

Safia speaks said...

How could I forget alHouni and Fagih?!
Thank you for reminding us, brother Ghazi!

Gheriani said...

Don't worry AL, but just imagine the uproar there will be, if one day Al Kuni was nominated for Nobel Prize.

Anglo-Libyan said...

inshaAllah ya Gheriani, that would be great news but only for us Libyans :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi A.L,
Again you managed to raise an important issue, god bless and protect you.
Yes, Libyans are generally neglected specifically by the other Arab countries, including neigbouring ones who either see us as a laughing stock or as big cow to be milked.
With the respect of the few, Arabs have always considered us such.
I was on a recent trip to Egypt, and what I saw there made me very proud to be Libyan, I agree with Ghazi, they talk to much, over hype what they have which is not a lot, and a lot of people were greedy, rude and damn liars. Going back to Tripoli was a breath of fresh air, and I never felt more happier going back home. I met a lot of Europeans who know the Middle east very well and all of them loved Libya and most of them told me that they had a more pleasant time and enjoyed them selves and felt safer in Libya then they did in the other Arab countries they visited and they felt that the Libyan people were more honest, generous and nicer people than their Arab counterparts.
We have lots of talented people from all walks of life, from professionals in Medicine, Engineering, Scientists also artists etc, they have proven themselves at a world stage not just the humble local Arab stage!!

I have dealt with a lot of non-Libyan Arab people, I don't want to generalize (there were the few nice ones), but Libya and Libyans have done a lot to many Arabs, but they are a generally ungrateful selfish bunch, and you know what, I don't want their recognition, I am proud to be Libyan as I am sure you all are and with time our talents and contribution to HUMAN society as a whole will filter through and will be recognized by the world as is already happening.

Take care,


P.S I have nothing personal against Egyptians or other Arabs, I have very good friends within this realm and there are a lot of good people as well (My disclaimer...lol).

PH said...

Anglo Like Lebeeya said there is a pop up page that opens up whenever I click on your page. It generates a fake eBay page for me trying to get my visa.....


Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Beacon,
good to see you and thank you for the comment and for sharing your experiences.

ph, I have no idea what that is, I have got the ebay page few times, im not sure where its coming from!!

Lebeeya said...

Anonymous, I did not mean to sound racist when I used Egypt and Morocco as an example. I have nothing against Egyptians or other Arabs, In fact, I know so many great people from all arab countries. However, all I was trying to point out is that Libyans Alhamdulilah do not have any bad attribute associated with them like "greedy" "loud" "over hype" "rude", etc.

There are so many great Egyption & Moroccon people but we live in a world where the bad covers the good. If 20% of the country is greedy, the whole country is.

You mentioned the Arab World. Well, the 'Arab World' as a whole has a reputation for being متشتت. Lack of unity.

Salam :)

Anonymous said...

I was on a recent trip to Egypt, and what I saw there made me very proud to be Libyan, I agree with Ghazi, they talk to much, over hype what they have which is not a lot, and a lot of people were greedy, rude and damn liars.

Nobody is asking you not to be proud to be a Libyan and an Arab. You were in a recent trip to Egypt, all what you got from the trip is that they are liars, greedy and rude.



I would recommend that you read this book before you make negative comments about Egyptians.

There are many Libyans families owe a lot to Egypt for allowing them to live and earn a living there during difficult times.

You think we do not have corruption, sexual harassment, rudness, greed, lies and etc.....
If you do not see them than you are blind. We Libyans are poor in a rich country, very odd.

The Libyan character has been damaged big time, this will take generations to fix but it will only come if we have a civilized society.

I think we need to look at ourselves, how to improve the life of a Libyan. This is should be our main concern, let others solve their problems, lets solve our own problems. we have enough of our own.


Anonymous said...

Hi Again,

Music Lover specifically excuse me if you think I am a kind of anti Egypt person, I am not and in fact I always remind many people I know about the contribution of Egypt not only to Libya but the the whole Arab world as well.
But thats Egypt as a country and there are also many nice Egyptions, there has to be with a population of over 70 million!!!! But any person can get a general feeling of a country when he visits it, and thats what I got. Many people will beg to differ, but thats my opinion. I know there must be reasons why people act the way they do in Egypt (Poverty, corruption etc), but thats another topic all together. Music lover, Egypt has contributed yes, but also remember Libya has also done so as well, providing work for over a million Egyptians who send money back home to their families, I must say that these workers also benefit Libya as well. But what I want to point out here is that many Arabs never seem to acknowledge our help like we do , like you do Music lover when you mentioned Egypt.
Another thing music lover, I don't have to feel guilty and only think about all the down sides of Libya all the time, yes we have many problems, we are not perfect and we have a long way to go, but so do all the other Arab countries as well. I love Libya, I am proud of my fellow country men/women and I hope these problems will be resolved. We also must take time to celebrate the good things about being Libyans and the positive aspects of our special and unique culture, actually by doing this we can feel more confidant and this will energise us to tackle the many problems we face.
Thanks again A.L

God Bless,


Trabilsia said...

Hi there Anglo !

A good post as always.....

We are a peaceful loving people and want to be appreciatted by our neighbouring Arab countries first of all, then by the world.

But it doesnt work like that,sad to say.We have to be appreciated by the world first and in return by the Arab world.

This takes time.

Nothing personal Anglo,but comparing us to Egyptians or any other Arab country is not the issue nor is it constructive.

All Arab countries have their share of problems, we are no different.

There's good and bad ,wherever one turns.

What goes around comes around.

I couldve stayed abroad and forgotten about being Libyan together(not pointing fingers) ,yet chose to go back and teach our people to be appreciative and better themselves by enhancing what little education they had.This should be our major concern. That of developing future generations succeed further still.

Again I thank you Anglo for bringing up such an important issue,and hope that my comment did not offend you in any way,for at the end of the day we want whats best for our future generations.

May Allah bless you and your lovely family.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thank you Trabilsia for the support and Allah bless you and your family too.

I never meant to compare Libya to any other arab country, simply I was trying to understand why most of them do actually ignore Libya and any of its successes, unfortunately it got a bit out of context. saying that, music lover, it is true that other arabs have helped libya and in return Libya helped them financially, after all most of Libya's money is spent/wasted on other countries, its as you said, rich country poor people. having a rotten system in Libya should not make us look to others in the region, they all have simillar rotten systems.

what people like Trabilsia are doing is the right thing and hopefully one day we will be a better country, I do agree with Trabilsia that Libyan talent/success is appreciated more internationally than by any arab country and thats fine if thats what they want.

Trabilsia said...

Anglo ,
I am truly honored,
and thank you for the compliment.

I do what I enjoy ,finding it extremely rewarding ,at the same time hoping for the best for our beloved people.

LovelyHibo said...

i am sorry brother ,I am not` in my lovely Mood.
i feel like i dont` wann write,reply,i have strange feeling.
So Forgive me and i hope the other will forgive me too becoues i dont` sharw with you guys your Posts.


Lebeeya said...

Good Morning Anglo.

I hope you have a great day today! :)

piccolina said...

you are so right anglo, i guess we have a major problem in libya starts from uni , and i have always said that !
the teaching system kills your skils and makes you feel like no one is important but those teachers ,and i asure you that few of them are really good !!GOD knows how did they get thier PHD's !!!

if we start from uni then we r killing students self steam ! how can a person know he/she is great when he/she has no self steam ?!!

we have many good architects in libya , they r not up to date with the international architecture OK!! that is only because they were kept inside libya for a long time with no way to see the other world , so why don't they give them the chance now ? instead of inviting architects from germany and so , to improve our country and pay them crazy prices while our architects are being the same " if not less " !

it pisses me off honestly , but i still have HOPE , my faith is in allah inshallah

thanks for the nice post and sorry for the long comment !!!

Khadijateri said...

I've been making a list that I'm not really good about keeping up with these days... I'll have to add to my list now! You can see what I've compiled here. http://www.khadijateri.com/whoswho.html Not all on the list are Libyans.

Anonymous said...

we have many good architects in libya , they r not up to date with the international architecture OK!! that is only because they were kept inside libya for a long time with no way to see the other world , so why don't they give them the chance now ?

It reminds me when in early 70's we
started using Egyptian Construction companies to build public housing instead of European Companies, all we ended up are slums. Those Egyptian construction companies had architects have been locked out from the world for 14 years or more. If you look at the buildings in Cairo which were built between mid 50's to mid 70's, they are the most ugly buildings u will ever see.

Before these Libyan architects take on huge projects, it would be nice that Libya send these talented architects to study under famous architects such as Zaha Hadid, who is first woman to be awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

When we get top construction companies to build in Libya, the benefit we get that our architects and engineers will learn from them, in due time Libyans will be able to compete with these type companies.

Look at the College of Education, College of Agriculture in Tripoli and the dorms were build in 70's by Libyan - German company. Top quality in every sense.



piccolina said...

Anonymous .. i totally agree with you and that was what i meant by giving them the chance now
they should send them to see and learn from the good then make them imporove thier own coutry not just lock them indoors and say NOO YOU ARE BAD !!

thank you and sorry anglo i did reply to a comment in your blog !!


Trabilsia said...

Musiclover,(excuse me Anglo )

You forgot to mention the Engineering Building which I believe was built between 1960-61 supervised by UNESCO.That too is an exceptional building which is now being renovated......

Have a lovely day!

duniazad said...

that's the first time i hear shaha riza is libyan :( ignorance is bliss

Keepsmile5 said...

Great post dear bro. AL and thanks for highlighting such issue.
The ignornce of media and other people!! I still remember my first day when I just arrived to Ottawa airport,it was night and I needed to make money exchange, So I asked the guy at information desk, he helped me out indeed but through our conversation he asked me; where did come from?. I told him I came from Libya. he repeated: from where??!! again; I am from Libya, he still wonder where is that, I never here about it! "he said" then I told him do u know where Egypt is?, he said yes I do, okay we are just west to Egypt I said.. Suddenly his face expression changed and shouted Ohhh Gadaffi... so you are Libyan he added. I just smiled ( an evil smile of course)and replyed: yes I'm from Gadaffi's country. In fact I felt like he regreted helping me when he knew I was from that country :)
Anyway, this is just one of the many stories I had encoutered here in Canada and all because of the ignorance about Libya and Libyans. The last one was just few days ago when I met a postgraduate engineer from JORDAN; this guy doesn't know that we "Libyans" speak arabic. Can u believe this!! Sadly, yes he doesn't know " he thought libyans speak a different language and also he thinks that all libyans are black. (Lebeeya experienced that I guess..)
I pesonally feel very sad for this unenlightenment and ignorance about our nation and our great people. However, I am very proud of being Libyan,I am very proud of all good things that we had accomplished world wide and I'm very very proud of all great Libyans "men and women" who made their thumbprint in the history regardless the ignorance of all world about them..
I would like to add my voice to Ghazi and scream loudly We are`libyans and we are proud of all good things about our beloved country LIBYA.
Yes Libyans; keep up, keep pride and keeeeepsmile


Anglo-Libyan said...

I am sorry for the late reply as I was a bit busy :o)

Hibo I hope all is well and better for you now :o)

lebeeya, your nice comments always give me a nice day :o)

Khadijateri, fantastic list, I really enjoyed reading it, perhaps you have few more names to add now :o)

music lover, that was a good point you made there and who better than Piccolina to reply and add to your comment.

salam dunizad and a big welcome to you :o)

salam brother keepsmile and thank you for the comment and experienses you shared with us
yes Libyans Keep up the Pride and smile :o)

Anonymous said...



This was a response by a Libyan Jew
in the section Letters to the editor Tuesday July 10,2007 page A19
The Wall Street Journal Home Page

Kudos to Journal reporter Lucette Lagnado for her poignant account of the bustling, cosmopolitan Egypt she and her family, as Jews, were forced to leave in 1963 and the country's anemic condition today ("Searching For My Father's Lost City, June 30, 2007). I could recount a remarkably similar story about Libya, my native country. It was exactly 40 years ago this month that more than 2,000 years of the Jewish presence on what is today Libyan soil came to an end. That presence, incidentally, predated by centuries the Arab conquest and occupation. At its peak, the Jewish community numbered 40,000 and was particularly active in the country's thriving commercial life. Most left after deadly attacks against Jews in 1945 and 1948, but several thousand remained, including my family, hoping against hope that the 1951 constitution, which formally protected the minority rights of Jews, Italians, Maltese and Greeks, would ensure our well being. But we were wrong. Jews could not vote, hold public office, obtain Libyan passports, acquire majority ownership in any new business or even supervise their own communal affairs.

In the wake of the 1967 Six Day War, when Jews once again became targets of locally inspired violence, we were compelled to leave, never to return. We, and hundreds of thousands like us in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world, became the "forgotten" refugees of the Middle East. Unlike generations of Palestinians who have languished in camps that are incubators of hatred and violence, we moved on and established new lives in Israel, Europe and North America. But the scars have not healed. How could they? Our properties were seized. But more importantly, our presence was extinguished. There is no trace today of the rich legacy of Jewish life in Libya. Cemeteries have been destroyed, synagogues converted to other purposes. It is as if we never existed in a country that we called home for two millennia.

To understand the current deficits of political, economic and cultural dynamism in much of the Arab world, it is critically important to grasp the patterns of discrimination and exclusion against non-Arab, non-Muslim minorities and the outflow of these groups to this very day. But alas, apart from Ms. Lagnado's superb article, far too little attention has been paid to this critically important dimension of the region.

Gulietta_______ Boukhobza_______
Chappaqua, N.Y.

When I read the article reminds me of a friend of mine, who goes to Libya every year, visits his family, wants to retire in Tripoli, but the last trip he decided to retire in Tunis near the border, he said he can not handle it there anymore. He speaks fondly of Libya for the last 30 years, I have never met a person who is so obsessed with the past. He is a person who went to USA with no scholarship, where everyone had scholarship, he is a top chip designer, has a son want to become a journalist and a daughter a human rights attorney. Which is great, because you find the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba are presented by Jewish lawyers :-)

There is a Libya diaspora similar to the Jewish and Indian diaspora.
The second generation of Libyans who live outside Libya, will not go back to Libya, it is unfortunate that country needs them badly.

At least Yoweri Museveni President of Uganda asked the Indians who were kicked out from the country by Idi Amin to come back and rebuild the country. You have to give incentives for Libyans to come back and rebuild the country or else they will not return. The third generation of Libyans outside Libya are being born now. With freedom comes a high price to pay.


Pride and Prejudice, maybe I need to read the book again or watch the movie

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