Sunday, 1 July 2007

Smoke Free England

Today England took a huge step towards becoming a more healthy nation, as from 6am this morning England banned smoking in enclosed public places, that includes cafes, restaurants, places of entertainment and work places, the ban had been enforced in Scotland about a year ago.
As an ex smoker I feel this is the right thing to do and hopefully will encourage many people to quit smoking all together.

Of course this decision will affect all the shisha cafes in England, smoking shisha has become very popular here in recent years, in London you can find them everywhere not just in Edgware Road, the spread reached many other cities like Manchester and Birmingham but after the decision to ban smoking was made public many of these shisha cafes owners appealed to be exempt from the ban as their business depends solely on smoking and the ban would mean closure of their businesses, according to a report by the BBC many English people have found these cafes as a place to socialise with their Muslim friends who do not drink alcohol and do not go to bars, I can not see how they will be exempt from the ban as the law clearly banns the use of tobacco in public and to be honest I think a ban is a ban, no one should be exempt, some cafes will be able to serve shishas if they have an outdoor area, either on the pavement or at the back but the majority I suppose will have to either shut down or just serve beverages, already many shisha cafes in London have closed down.

Best of luck to all that will have a go at quitting smoking and welcome to a new smoke free England.


Trabilsia said...

Good idea , having a smoke free country.......

But what about the rights of smokers?? I am not a smoker. Shouldnt we consider their feelings??? Banning smokers from smoking in public areas,and forcing them to adopt a new way of life,against their free will......

Living in the supposedly democratic world, one should not ban anything that doesn't change one's behaviour,but what does, like drugs , alcohol etc.....


May Allah bless you and your family .

programmer craig said...

That happened here in California about 10 years ago. The bars were the last to be forced to ban smoking... that was maybe 5 or 6 years ago. I was a smoker at the time and it inconvenienced me tremendously, but I don't have a problem with such laws. It's a lot easier for a smoker to step outside for a cigarette than it is for everyone else to put up with a smoke filled room. The only time it really seemed like a problem was when I went to a big theme park for the day, and smoking was completely prohibited anywhere in the park, even outdoors. That was bad... and that's too much. You can't/shouldn't ban people from smoking cigarettes outdoors.

Long plane flights were also a problem, but there's no easy way around that :(

Romana said...

Good Morning anglo Libyan... now thats a good move!

A smoke-free country...oww 3ala il agitated smokers u'll get to smoking in enclosed public places,... u're get to see some drama from the nicotine-addicted people! lol

I once asked a guy to put out his ciggarette under the pretext of having asthma!or else he wouldnot have put it out! ofcourse granted a lovely look from him! he was practically puffing into my face! dont they know 2nd hand smoking is as dangerous!!!

hope they enforce this law in Libya, because they dont even have the decency to smoke away from you...

You have a lovely day


PH said...

Thats a good move, I think they banned smoking in Libya in publicly owned ( government ) places, but the enforcement was pretty weak.


Safia speaks said...

Now all we need is a booze free England, and thing certainly are getting better!

a_akak said...

I am VERY sad, Ask a pub to stop serving Alcohol? they are playing with peoples livelihood, although I dont smoke cig but i think people have the right to smoke and this ban is a smaller step to becoming a "Nanny Nation" or a "Big brother" type, what next? dont smoke at home? actually if you want to REALLY think about it, i think they should stop smoking in houses with children? but i think that will follow suit....... so is it right or wrong? i think it is right, I am happy or sad, i know am sad ................. I have already been told of illegal place where shesha will be available, but why resort to this?

Anyway, i have my own 3roosa (shesha) at home :) plus its much cheaper :P

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Ahhhhh the beauty of a ban. Just as programmer craig pointed out it happened here in California and is starting to spread more across the nation ever so slowly. The beauty of a ban is there always seems to be a way around it.

LovelyHibo said...

lllllllllllllloollllllllllll ahmed

good post anglo_libyan
and thanks for what you have wrote to me:D

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks trabilsia for raising the issue of smokers rights.
as far as I know, the authorities here said that smokers lost their rights when it was discovered that passive (second hand) smoking is just as harmful and therefore smoking infinged non smokers rights.

PC, although the law saya that smokers can smoke outdoors here but i think in case of theme parks the same no smoking rules apply.
as an ex smoker, I do remember how horrible it was not to smoke during a long flight.

Hello romana :o)
I think it was the right decision to take and as PC said its easier for smokers to step outside and light up.

ph, as with everything else in Libya, nothing is reliable :oS

safia, booze free Britain! that im sure will cause riots :o)

Ahmed, I did think about you and your shisha :o)
this law actually forbidds people from smoking at home if they have a visit from a government official (council worker) so I wont be surprised if smoking at home was banned in the future.
try to go to a shisha cafe early, you might find a table outdoor :o)

salam ibeebarbie
i suppose the only way round this here is for people to smoke outside pubs and clubs but that is going to create problems for the neighbours.

thanks hibo and thank Allah you all arrived safely in Libya :o)

Anonymous said...


It's my first time to respond to any of your posts, but I read your blog almost daily. Thank you Anglo-Libyan for all the great posts, I love reading your posts, rabbi yo7fdik.

I think it's about time to ban smoking inside public places, 3ogbal the french enshalla. I think the advantages far over weigh the drawbacks. However I think it's a bit too much banning smoking shisha, what's the point of shisha places then?! I am against smoking in every way shape & form, but picture a freezing winter day, cigarette smokers can handle few minutes in the cold, but shisha requires some labor and respactable preparation. What are the shisha smokers supposed to do??
I hope that shisha places get exempt from the ban.

Here where I work, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NY went a step further and completely banned smoking outside too. Not just outside the hospital doors, which makes sense, but also any where on the medical center campus. So the poor souls; smokers have to cross the street and go smoke along side the cemetery on the other ironic walahi. I think officials have gone overboard with this. Simply, now people are pissed off, many of them are not following the roles, cigarette butts are every where because the trash containers were removed with the ban, and to top things off it's making things difficult for smokers n wheel chairs (i.e. patients)?!
I know this is supposed to force more people to quit, but I think it probably will end up having people die (nagseen 3omor) hit by a car trying to get to the other side for a cigarette at night!!

wow..sorry, that was a long response.

Good day


BuJ said...

Lol Safia.. ur crazy!
the UK will then join the ranks of countries like France and USA and finally have a revolution!


will be the first western country to have a revolution in the 21st century :-)

btw, i am pro-ban.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Dodo and you are very welcome here, if I remember right I think you are damoon & maysoon's sister :o)
I do sympathise with shisha smokers but also think if they were exempt that there will be an outcry from other smoker groups and so its much easir just to ban smoking all together.
it probably wont be long til they ban smoking outside.

have a good day too :o)

thanks buj :o)

The Tomahawk Kid said...

I think they should ban FUN, and ALL individual rights and responsibilities in the socialist state of the United Kingdom.
You people should have no right to think for yourselves - much better to let your politicians do it for you.
You cannot be trusted to THINK for yourselves, let alone be allowed to smoke a shisha pipe!
Things are not much better here in the socialist state of Aotearoa (New Zealand)

My local council has just banned a cafe from allowing patrons to smoke at a table OUTSIDE.
Nanny state is closing in - bettter watch out - CHOCOLATE is NEXT on their Hit list!