Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Tinker Bell

Yesterday we went to see the end of term play at the kids school which Aida took part in and has been rehearsing for months, the play was Peter Pan which was played by a girl which is a tradition. Aida had the cute role of Tinkerbell which she played very well Alhamdulellah. the girl in the pink dressing gown you can see in the picture played the part of Wendy, although she is only 10 years old she is nearly 6 foot tall! and towered over all the other children, Aida's lines were so funny at times and made fun of Wendy's height, like she said to her sorry I thought you were a woman or stop crying you are too big for that :o) The play lasted for about 1 1/2 hours, it was well made and the songs were really nice, Amir enjoyed the Lost Boys and the Pirates and the singalong. School finishes on Thursday then their well earned summer holidays starts. Well done Aida, I felt very proud watching my little girl being very confident and funny and MashaAllah looking very pretty.