Monday, 23 July 2007

The Weather Again!

The weekend was very quiet, the family went away to the city of Bournemouth on Friday and will be staying there for few more days visiting relatives.

The weather has not improved, in fact it got a lot worse with flooding in many parts of the UK, it has been raining almost non stop and more is predicted, in fact we have to accept that this year there will be no summer here as bad weather has been predicted for August as well, how boring!

Yesterday, I fed my tortoises on vine leaves which I picked up myself from where I work, there is a small vine tree there and the tortoises love it, it probably reminds them of Libya :o)

After I tidied up one of their enclosures, I took out the smallest tortoise which is my favourite (it has no name!) and put it on the desk, it went straight to the keyboard, looks like another Libyan blogger is coming :o)

is that another Libyan blogger?


Happymoi said...

cutie pie...awwwww...give her/him a name...Happymoi for example suites her/him:P

Trabilsia said...

Anglo ,
Your tortoise is so cute , but calling it a Libyan Blogger that's a different story lol. You must ready for round 2 lol...IUKWIM .

What do you say if we'd all participate in naming your tortoise eh ?

Have a lovely day !

Safia speaks said...

Another Libyan blogger?
I dont think so!

Can´t you see he´s heading straight towards the DELETE button?
Or is it a she trying to protect her little white square eggs?


PH said...

Is it only sunny in Manchester ? Maybe you should invite WA over so she can spread her blessings :D.

Nice picture of the turtle but like safia said he is definitely heading for the delete key ........ is it the same one as in the picture on your sidebar?

I used to have a turtle back when I was in Libya it ate anything green not just vine leaves I remember it used to eat the flowers and the green mint ( na3na3 ) thats why I let it go it totally ruined the garden .

salaam and thanks for sharing .

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks happymoi, I was going to say yes name it happymoi but maybe I should take trabilsia's chaleenge :o)

Trabilsia IKWYM, I am ready :o)

go on name the tortoises, I have 9 in general, only one of the has a name, Hook :o)

safia, it did a detour in the second picture, it never went for delete :o) it really liked sniffing the square keys!

ph, it was only sunny in Manchester because whiteafrican is back, its awful here in London :oS

are you just a bit jealouse of the new Libyan blogger? it never went to the delete key :oD

no its not the same one in the side picture but it is of the same species and size.

A.Adam said...

another Libyan blogger? How fast can type? I think that we will read one post a month? what a tortoise?

Lost-Libyan said...

lol..Anglo whats with u and Turtles? are they ur favorite animal? well, I for one used to have one tiny turtle back in Tunsiia where I grew up, and it went by the name " Tamtoom" lol ...good days! :)
ciao now

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam a.adam
one post a month is still better than some other Libyan bloggers :o)

yes lost-libyan, they are my favourite animals plus they are quite rare now, I do have 3 Tunisian tortoises as well :o)

Happymoi said...

sounds gd to me...*goes to a child mood* but u have nine..sure u can dedicate one to me by giving it my name :P lol ...*back t adult voice* ok we'll c what everyone comes up wd...i dont know why i keep wanting to write frog instead of trutle..mesh 3arfa whats gone wrong wd my brain...i guess it is truely on a vacation:)

Anglo-Libyan said...

happymoi please dont call my lovely tortoise a FROG :oS

OK, fair enough, I have 3 Tunisian and 6 Libyan tortoises, choose one of them to be named after you but not the one in the picture which reminds you of FROGS!! :o)

Lebeeya said...

That tortoise is so cute! I think you should name him muraba3 (square).

I like the first picture, muraba3 looks like hes doing push ups :)

Happymoi said...

But i love the one in the picture!!!! LOOOOOOL i cant help it!!

lol lebeeya u come up with the funniest names..te sheno 7'ater 3aleek muraba3?!!!i cant stop laughing muraba3 why not mostateel?!!!

ok fair enough anglo name the youngest one after me...i dont mind its nationalty:P

Trabilsia said...

You mention the number of tortoises you own, but not their gender . Tell us , so we can offer more names to choose from . What do you say ?

LovelyHibo said...

محلاهم..او محلاها او محلاه...

قولولي الفكرونة مؤنثه بس كيف نقلبها مذكر...!!؟
يعني نقوللها فكيرين ولا فكرون لووووووووول

والله اني ليا فترة ندور علي وليدي عريسه وقلت حبدا لو كانت ليبية ومتربيه برا شنوا امتي نجوا نخطبوها ياانجلووو

علي فكرة سبحان الله علي هالفكارين
تصدق وقت نجيبله اي حاجة باش ياكلها يقعد لابد لين نحطله صبعي قدام خشمه اول مايشمه يطلع راسه ويقعد يدهور جنبي بدون خوف...

يالله خليه يسطرلنا كم سطر...

a_akak said...

i have been told about the bad weather as on SAT many flights were cancelled from heathrow

B'th is a very nice city which is filled with libya "summer school" students :)

I am sure it is very very well documented that i am NO animal lover but will let this one slip fro you anglo

Fe Aman Allah

Tariq said...

Anglo - Libyan,

What made me curious to read your blog is the picture of turtle which I found it unusual but interesting.

My question is how did you end up with turtles as pets and your interest in preserving these turtles, which is a noble thing from your part. I read the information about your turtle on your blog and I googled Libyan turtles but I found more about Marine Turtles in Libya, quite interesting and encouraging.

Here is recent study about marine turtles in Libya.

I happen to have a documentary about turtles in the world, very interesting but also sad what humans are doing to them.

There was an article in New York Times about Cambodian Turtles in May, very interesting and also disturbing at the same time.

How to Survive in Cambodia: For a Turtle, Beneath Sand. This is the title of the article, just google and you will get the page. Unfortunately the link was too long to post.

Another question, the survival of turtle in Libya is very dear thing to you. How we as Libyans bloggers and readers can help you in this project.


Anglo-Libyan said...

lol@muraba3 :o)
good name ya lebeeya.

happymoi, I am not doing very well with you!!
the youngest tortoise I have is the one in the picture! you can be the next one up and it is Libyan :o)

trabisia, I only know that I have 4 females, the others are still abit small and not easy to tell their gender, I guess any name will do :o)

lovelyhibo, salam :o)
فكرونه زي قطوسه, ديما مؤنثة
well all my tortoises are well brought up and well behaved except one Tunisian that is always trying to bite anything in its way :o)
any suitable requests for marriege are considered :o)

salam Ahmed, today for a change I can see the sun :o)

I have never been to Bournemout but heard it was nice, yes kids relatives are studying English there.
yes we know you are not an animal lover but you just couldnt help loving this little tortoise :oD

salam Music Lover
I am very much interested in preserving these little beautiful tortoises, their proper name is Egyptian tortoise or Testudo Kleinmanni, they are extinct in Egypt because of mainly the pet trade and now they only remain in Libya but in danger of being extinct as well due to Egyptian traders coming to Libya to collect them and take them back to Egypt to be sold to tourists.
if you go to my posts labels and click on tortoises you will get all the posts I have written about them, clicking on the main tortoise picture in my blog will take you to a field trip done in Libya by Tortoise Trust.

Mr: Madi said...

Your FAKRONA cute … but this kind of animals are so shy in the past my brother had one like yours it always sleeping inside her house and you have to wait for long time to see her face comes out .
I suggest SHY as a name for her

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam mr. madi, big welcome to you mate.

yes this species of tortoise can be quite shy and timid but mine are used to being handled, as you can see from the pictures this one was walking all over the keyboard and sniffing the keys :o)

SHY is a good name and joins MURABA3

Mujahada said...

Masha'Allah it is sooooo cute!

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam mujahada
thanks for visiting my blog and a big welcome :o)

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