Wednesday, 1 August 2007


According to a BBC report, an Oxford University scientists have discovered a gene which might be responsible for people being left handed, another discovery which I thought was a bit disturbing is that this gene can raise the risk of developing psychotic mental illness such as schizophrenia! Great, I am left handed and have always been, now I have to worry about becoming a psycho or a deranged schizophrenic! maybe I should warn my family and friends, actually I have an uncle, a brother and my mother who are all left handed, inshaAllah we don't become a family of psychotic loonies. Apparently 10% of the population is left handed which reminds me of a shop that used to be in Central London (I am not sure if it is still open) this shop specialised in left handed gadgets, such as can openers and scissors to be used with the left hand, it was a small shop but had lots of goodies, I never bought anything from there as I didn't really see the point, we left handed people got used to using normal gadgets but now we are told we might end up in the Nut House!!


I upgraded my mobile phone to the latest Nokia N95, a very impressive phone although I must admit I cant understand most of its features yet. I am glad my contract with O2 is over, they really have a very bad customer service. Now I signed up with Orange which is supposed to be one of the best in this country, we shall see.


Beacon said...

Hi there A.L,

How are you? Hope you had a nice weekend.
With regard to Left handedness here are some random facts:
-They tend to be more intelligent (esp. in creativity), the genes that determines left handedness also plays a role in intelligence.
- They have an advantage in combat, as most people are trained to fight against right handed people (don't mess with left handers!).
- Left handed "male" college graduates are 26% more likely to be richer than their right handed counterparts.
-Associated with genius.
-In football (soccer-my fav sport!): Interestingly left handed people are more likely to be left footed (but not necessarily so), this puts them at an advantage playing in the left side of the pitch.
-Left handedness lead to cars being driven on the right side of the road in most countries around the world (opposite to the UK/commonwealth), some thing to do with Napoleon....very interesting,,,,but I'll leave you to find the background to that!!

Famous left handers:
Leonardo Da Vinci
Isaac Newton
Charlie Chaplin
Jimi Hendrix (?
Kurt Cobain (? mad??)
Bill Clinton
George W Bushes Dad lol,

Couldn't find out about famous Arab/Muslim left handed people, does any one know any?

A.L don't get big headed now, other wise some body will hit you with 3ain and you will wake up right handed!! (God forbid).

Take care,,,
God bless,


Anglo-Libyan said...

salam beacon
I am well thanks, hope all is well with you inshaAllah

I am big headed now thanks to you :o)

as far as I know, Napoleon's right hand was inside his shirt, apparently he was itchy (جربان) :o)
was he left handed?

Beacon, most of the famous left handed people you mentioned were famous for being mad too, i think only Pele was not mad :oD

thanks for all this wealth of information, fantasic.

Beacon said...

Hi A.L,

With regard to the Right sided driving thing, I found this on good old Wiki (quoting from them):
Traffic flow
It is argued that Napoleon's left-handedness contributed to traffic flowing on the right side of the road in post-revolutionary France. The reasoning behind this evolution stems from Napoleon having to fight in wars with his sword in his left hand and that he reportedly converted his army to fight the same way. This would have entailed the French cavalry of the day to approach opponents from their right. Napoleon's army travelled a lot faster than normal road traffic, which up until then used the left hand side of the road. As they were always overtaking slower traffic, they kept to the right. This became the norm in France, and then the other countries that Napoleon conquered. In the 20th century most other European countries followed suit, except Great Britain and Ireland. It had nothing to do with Napoleon being left handed.
So the typical left handed person would be a rich eccentric genius male, who beats up people, paints and acts in his spare


Safia speaks said...

Don´t you know to have to be psychotic in order to blog well?
That´s what I was told and I began blogging very shortly after.

Luckily I am neither left nor righthanded, as I can write with both hands.

Now what would that make me?


PH said...

To add to what beacon said left handers are left footers in sports and combat too which is a great advantage I envy them for ..... its hard to keep up with them :D .

As for the BBC report, I wouldn't give it much weight from what I've seen of you :P ( j/k :)))) ) .


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Ahhhhhhhhhhh hog-wash! :-) Lefties are supposedly also very artistically creative, so you could have that going for you in your pyschotic state. Besides don't we all need to be a little pyscho to live on this planet? :-)

Anglo-Libyan said...

great, thanks beacon, should I be happy? :oD

I didnt know that Safia but I am not surprised!
what would that make you?
I cant say it, MashaAllah you are good at suing :o)

thanks ph, I feel so much better now :oS

salam ibeebarbie
that is a bit better, I like that :o)

Hannu said...


Were you ever bombarded for eating with your left hand when young? I was told (not by my immediate family, luckily) that the devil eats with me! Pathetic what some backward mentality does to kids. I made it a point to avoid eating with that person or being around her.

Beacon, you can start the list of famous Arab genius left-handed with me at the top; that is if female could be considered. I didn't know that being a left-handed makes me male! Does gender discrimination applies to genetic make-up as well when it suits the male species? Ludicrous!

Beacon said: "So the typical left handed person would be a rich eccentric genius male, who beats up people, paints and acts in his spare"

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam hannu
I hope all is well :o)

Like you, I was never bothered by my immediate family until I was about 18 when someone started picking on me, I do try to eat with my right hand but as you know its not that easy, after all we didnt choose to be left handed so I can not accept critisim for that.

I think Beacon meant me by that sentence as a joke, of course it does not make any difference if its a man or a woman and dont forget, my mum is left handed and she is a genius :o)

Beacon said...

Hi A.L,

I just want to reply to Hannu's premature and immature accusation of "gender discrimination".
Firstly I did not say that to discriminate against females, on the contrary as A.L rightly pointed out, it was all meant in all good humour, but also in this case, I had some evidence to back it up, a study done last year actually, called: "Sinister and Rich: The evidence that lefties earn more", by Joel Waldfogel. Appeared in Slate on August 16, 2006", in this study, males subjects only were studied, and the results showed that left handed males were more likely to be richer than their "male" right handed counterparts. Females were not studies in this research project.
I'm sorry to disappoint you and to prove your false theory of gender discrimination wrong.
Hannu, I respect you, but please don't fall in to the western woman's trap of presuming all males are chauvinists until proven otherwise.
With regard to the Muslim custom of encouraging eating and greeting others with the right hand it had good reasons not many people know, so Hannu, you have this trigger happy attitude that has low thresh hold to accuse our culture of being backward ond archaic, before you do that study the issue at hand.
I'll try to explain the reason with regard to the "Right hand" use encouragement in our culture and in many others as well.
-Statistically right handed people are more than left handed people.
-People were encouraged to "clean them selves" with their left hand, thus when they have contact with food or with others it is more sanitary to use the right hand for that purpose, a very important fact when you consider that soap and antiseptics didn't exist before.
Islam never discouraged the use of the left hand for other purposes.

And by the way, although I'm right handed, I also have a left hand which I am very proud of! lol.

Safia, the ability to use both hands is called amphidexterous.

Keep up the good work A.L,,,

God bless,


Safia speaks said...

Bacon, I hope you mean amBidexterous and not amPHidexterous, because the latter would mean I have the hands of a turtle, a lizard or - haha - a crocodile!

Maya M said...

About the "famous left-handed Arabs" - I think those who have developed the Arabic writing system must have been left-handed, because right-to-left writing is more convenient for left-handed people.
Unfortunately, in later times left-handed people have been forced to "convert", so many famous people may have been designed to be left-handed but haven't been allowed to show it.
This was not only in Muslim nations. In my school days, we were not allowed to write with the left hand and nobody told us why. Perhaps the educational system didn't feel comfortable with students distinguishing themselves from the herd in any respect.

Beacon said...

Lol, my sincere apologies, I mean ambidextrous!!
Looks like A.L's tortoise must have subconsciously influenced me there!! lol.

Safia speaks said...

ok, I forgive you and I won´t call you Bacon nu more :P

ibeebarbie said...


Now, now Beacon, with all do respect, if one is going to "point" things out to another in a form of quickly criticizing their words by advising them not to hasten at a decision before commenting, then perhaps, my friend, you could take heed to those exact words. For would it not be accurate to say you may have done the exact same thing with the comment, "Hannu, I respect you, but please don't fall in to the western woman's trap of presuming all males are chauvinists until proven otherwise." Is this not a stereotypical assumption in of itself?

Suliman said...

I don't think I will ever understand the moralistic symmetry breaking principle. The argument of dedicating one hand for contact with either end of the digestive system is equally valid whether one dedicates right or left for whichever end. There is nothing logically compelling about picking right for the mouth and left for the other end.

The bias against left handedness is quite common even in mathematics and science, but at least in those disciplines it is regarded only as a convention bias; there is no one saying that right-handed conventions are inherently superior in any sense. But the purported inequality of right and left is quite common on the moral plane, especially in the cultures of middle Earth, and all those cultures that have been influenced by religions of middle eastern origin. Islam is certainly no exception. In English, the term "sinister" is a good example of uniting left and evil, and the use of right to mean correct is the other side of the coin.

To say that Islamic tradition does not have a bias against left handedness, I think, is not at all true. Right has priority in Islamic mechanics, I believe. Where does the notion of "Ashab ul-Maymana" (people of the right side, paradise, etc.) come from? When people stand to perform Islamic prayers, they place the right hand on top of the left, and toward the end they signal with their right index finger, and when they're done they "give peace" greeting to the right first. From what I hear, there are also traditions about which foot to enter with and which to leave with, depending on whether one is entering/leaving a "clean" or "unclean" place. Enter a mosque with the right foot, leave with the left, and do the opposite for the rest room. The two angels that are supposed to record peoples deeds are on the right shoulder for good deeds and on the left shoulder for bad ones. In the day of reckoning, those who carry their "book of records" in the right hand are saved, those who carry it in the left hand are doomed. On the matter of eating and drinking in particular, there is at least one saying attributed to the Prophet in the book reported by Muslim, which quotes quite explicitly "Do not eat with your left hand because Satan eats and drinks with his left hand.” Again, it does not say dedicate one hand for eating and the other for cleaning yourself; it specifically bans using the left hand for eating. I'd say Hannu's relative who told her the devil eats with her was quite well versed and accurately reflecting Islamic teachings. The Prophet's sayings of course, as reported, have a lot of illogical things like the one equating playing chess with dipping one's hands in the blood of a pig--I have confirmed the fallacy of that one experimentally especially if you play on a voice-activated computer. Of course not all sayings are accepted as being genuine, and people pick and choose, but the other things I mentioned about the book of records etc. come straight from the Quran. There is a lot of evidence that Islam is no different from other neighboring traditions on the chiral bias.

PH said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hannu said...


It's my turn to disappoint you now...

I said "some backward mentality." Key word is "SOME." I didn't stereotype, nor did I attribute it to a culture/nation/religion. I also said my immediate family didn't subject me to that and they are part of the culture/religion you are defending. So apparently, not everyone subscribes to what you stated about the rightfulness of bashing the use of the left hand.

On the other hand, you said "the typical left handed person." Keyword here is "PERSON." You did not say male or man, and person is gender neutral. Also, you didn't refer to any study. Well, maybe I could be at fault for not knowing that you were thinking of that study when you wrote that.

My comment was not intended to offend or insult any one. Unfortunately, the norm in the blog-commenting had become to be full of the wishy-washy language that's so hollow and has no sincerity or substance... To the point that any comment without that language could be considered rude or insulting.

Next time I will try to remember to say thank you brother AL for a lovely post, mashallah, Allah ye7fedek and do the same to everyone I address so I erase any doubts of bad intentions on my end.

Allah ye7fadkum all!

Living Away said...

is this a phone? wow, for sure it has more features that we use for sure!
i bet it sends flowers too! (it was a propaganda in brasil of a washer/dryer, saying that it could do everything, except sending the owner flowers!)lol

i'm sorry, but pelé is right hand and right leg! maradona is left hand but not so good as pelé is/was!
i can explain, i'm brazilian, pelé and i were born in the same state so i allow myself to be a "little" nationalist here! :)


Anglo-Libyan said...

lol@Safia & Bacon! :o)

maya m, even here in Britain, left handedness used to be regarded as a disability.

ibeebarbie, I apologise for any offence, I am sure none was intended :o)

Suliman, I didnt know that about the word sinister and I was told by some British people that they used to their left arms to force them to used their right.
I myself do eat with my right hand when I can, sometimes I forget but I have no problem or guilt here after all God created me left handed so I dont take too much notice of what people sometimes say.

hannu, you made me laugh, sorry, you really dont have to say all this to me, be who you are, say your opininon and you alwayd do anyway, :o)

thanks for noticing the phone :oD

be as nationalistic as you want, I would be proud too.
Thanks for the correction.

Hannu said...


I'm glad you laughed! I know I don't have to say all that to you; was just making a point :)

BTW, we are the rightys and everyone else is the lefty. We have a dominant right brain, while the others have a dominant left brain. So it's all twisted in their own heads :)

PH said...

You know Anglo I'm beginning to change my mind on the studies take on the increased risk of developing schizophrenia ..... I think you're the exception :P.


Anglo-Libyan said...

hannu, you put it so well.
leftys are the new rightys (well not so new) :o)

ph, you mean I have schizophrenia? :oS

dusk till dawn said...

well anglo-libyan

was very open great topic,
not to worry i quite agree with all. most left handed poeple i know very kind and did well in life ,smart, take bill clinton, ha ha bush , and more . maybe who wrote this report hates left handed poeple.but if u became a psychotic, u might write more exciting blogs, no need to start panicing and get family involve, u might start a war,as u know do not beleive what u always read,what happen if we all end up left handed universe,if u end up in the nut house, make sure they all left handed.

Anglo-Libyan said...

dusk til dawn
if I become psychotic I will remember your comment :oS
Thanks for the advice :o)

Beacon said...

No more comments from me.

Romana said...

loooooooool, i've read that study as well! but then again most famous scientists, artists, musicians are Lefty's, so yeay for that! lol

i was googling left-handed, and i found out that there are "Left-handed scholarships" lol now i didnot check them out, but just the fact that they are actually scholarships for left-handed emphasis the fact that u're different! lol

congrats on the phone! i've been meaning to get it as well, i hear the camer resolution is super...

have a nice day... hope ur uncle is feeling better :)

PH said...

Anglo Tarek Siala also made a post about the mobile phone you bought except with more technical details , you might find something interesting there :D.


Anglo-Libyan said...

romana, thank for the extra info and the link :o)

the phone camera is 5mp and is excellent, inshaAllah you get yours soon.

thanks ph, that was good to know.
Nokia N95 costs 850 LD! in Libya,wow!!
I got mine for free with a new contract

Maya M said...

I've checked at what age schizophrenia is manifested. Sources say that it is usually before 25, especially in men.
With a big girl like Tinkerbell, I conclude you are unlikely to be still in the risk group, so relax :).

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you maya m, I can relax now as I am 44 :o)

PH said...

Guess what Anglo I just found another scientific reason for developing schizophrenia, it seems wearing high heels causes it; but I guess that only applies to women :P.


Anglo-Libyan said...

ph, I assure u that I dont wear high heels :oD

Maya M said...

Do you know that today is "our" day? 16 years ago, August 13 was proposed as Left-Handlers' Day by some British left-handed people. See

Anglo-Libyan said...

no i didnt, thank you maya for the link :o)

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