Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Libya's First Ever Horror Film!

Those young people you see in the picture are all students at Al-Fateh Centre for the gifted have made the first ever Libyan Horror film! it is called Drops of Horror.
The film was made in 2005 but only finalised recently and I think its on general release now, it was made by a young Libyan female, Maye Bushnaf who was the director and camerawoman, she described the film as “It’s a unique first, a Libyan horror film produced by locally talented actors. The story line is set over two days of suspense with an intriguing twist and an Islamic moral to the story.”
The story line goes like that: One by one each of the students are murdered without a trace, until the last student who while still alive discovers the source of the curse.
To me this sounds like the movie Final Destination but Libyan style! it is actually about 50 minutes long which is too short for a cinema film, I am not sure if its going to be shown in cinemas or just released straightaway to video/DVD.
If anyone is aware of this film or if you know if it is available on any Torrent site, please let me know as I am very interested in watching it.


Why am I finding these blue tooth mobile phone earpieces irritating? where ever I go I see people, mainly men with these pieces stuck out of their ears making them look ridiculous, while I understand why many people have them, I myself have one but I am yet to use it, its main function is to use while driving a car since it is illegal in the UK to drive and use your mobile phone, another reason would be for people that depend on the phone for their business while they move around. The majority of people using them seem to be ordinary men that walk in the street or you see them in shopping centre, sometimes many times walking around yet what you hardly see is those people actually using them and talking to somebody! Sometime ago I went to visit a Libyan friend of mine, while I was there another Libyan friend that I have not seen for a while phoned then came over, as soon as he walked in I noticed he was wearing his earpiece, I wanted to laugh but thought better not, maybe he is a very busy man with too many phone calls, 3 hours later, after few cups of coffee, tea and biscuits, his earpiece was still sticking out of his ear and yet the phone NEVER rang once! how embarrassing, I actually hoped someone would phone him just to justify his earpiece but no one did.


Brave Heart said...

i just read about these guys, wlahi i'm very proud and happy for them, new generation always prove they have something to add, and we must support and encourage them.
i believe they will success just because they are from Benghazi :-P
(a little racism can't hurt)

PH said...

Thanks for telling us about the movie , If it pops up anywhere online I'll send you a link ( might show up on almanara :P )

LOL @ your friend with the earpiece I don't like them either, even though I understand why some people use them I can't be bothered to get one myself it must be heavy :P.


Anglo-Libyan said...

salam braveheart
supporting Benghazi and its people is not racist :o)
I add my support to yours.

you are welcome ph, I will check torrent sites as well :o)

Safia speaks said...

Oh, a Libyan horror movie!!!
Can´t wait to see the film, please, please, please give a link asap.

AngloL, you took the words right outta my head when you wrote how ridiculous people look with the earpiece sticking out ...walking the streets shouting all alone ... "all hailing frequencies open, doctor!" ... even the old people that I´m currently working with have small flesh-colored ear pieces. Why does the cell phone earpieces have to look like a gadget from Star Trek, sticking 20 cm out of the ear?

Anglo-Libyan said...

Safia, I will if I find a link :o)

as ph said, check almanara as it does sometimes have Libyan videos, here is the link:


ibeebarbie said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ the goofy looking cell phone ear pieces. This made me think back to one of my friends in school. We were only like 14 or 15 years old and she wore this watch that didn't work (needed batteries), but she insisted on wearing it because it looked nice. I wonder how many of these ear pieces actually work or if rather they are being worn because of "how they look"?

Congratulations to the members of the first Libyan Horror film.

dusk till dawn said...

great news for the libyans kids, wish them luck.
regarding the this new cool thing ear piece, its so stupid.ur rite if ur driving its ok. but to walk in the street wt it, just like and extra hearing aid,or a show off.or some body love to listen to his nagging wife or girl freind.just wonder whats ever happend if he take it off, will he be lost?

Living Away said...

i agree with you completely!
i'm not into cellphone and i even don't know my own cellphone number and i rarely use it.
i don't understand how we lived so long without this paranoia and now it looks like that some people can't live without it!!
it became a form of slavery!

white african said...

so cool, im a major horror fan so this is exactly up my street.

will def look out for it, way cool :)

Romana said...

a libyan horror movie, interesting, although in Libya theres no word about it whatsoever... that would be something to watch, see what our fellow libyans can do, good for them...

loooooool @ the earpiece, lol, Anglo Libyan, its an extension of the ear nowadays, come to Libya and u will see how common it is here! it a sign of "cool" lol i guess, i dont know what they are trying to prove, because as in your friends' case, u never see them talking!
It is a useful device, ive tried it, but very very irritating, i personally cant stand it, plus the voice quality isnt as clear as when u use ur phone...

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
I think we all have a friend that wear a watch or something just for the look loool

lol at dusk til dawn :o)
it could be a man nagging his wife too but I have mainly seen men wear them hardly any women :o)

livingaway, I agree with you, how did we ever manage to live without them????? :o)

yes whiteafrican, I knew you would like that as you we know you like scary films :o)

romana, im surprised you didnt hear about it!! anyway I read about it in Tripoli Post and other websites.

now every time you see someone wearing an earpiece you will think about this post and will laugh even more :oD

Alone in Tripoli said...

this is a huuuge surprise. I've never heard of this movie, and I'm from Benghazi :(!!
I really wish someone would find it and share it with us.
lol@the earpiece, you are so right. These guys just like the feeling of "importance" suggested by the earpiece.

Mujahada said...

Wow is this for real? Just the other day I was wondering if Libya ever even made any movie.
I soooo have to see this insha'Allah.