Thursday, 23 August 2007

London City Farm

The weather this summer continuous to get from bad to worse, it has been raining non stop for about 2 months now and recently it has been cold and we had to switch the heating ON!
The problem this causes is that all kids are on holiday and get bored quickly but in this weather there is not much that you can do except take them to covered shopping centres or to see a movie.
Last week we had a reasonably sunny day that only lasted for few hours, Amir was out with me and I decided to take him to a city farm since it has been a long time since he had been to one and could not remember anything, we went to a different city farm that I have not been to before, London has few city farms situated in busy built up areas and once you are inside it is really amazing as you are really transported into the country side inside a working farm.
This was Hackney City Farm , it is a working farm with all the animals that you are supposed to have, they even have a shop selling dairy products and eggs produced in the farm and a Cafe serving traditional food, a section of the farm is used for grwing all sorts of fruits and vegetables.
All sorts of weird looking chickens were running all over the place, once inside it felt like being in a field, so strange when you know that once you step out of the farm, you are back in the big polluted city!
Here are some pictures which I hope you enjoy:

English Donkey (حمار بريطاني)

There were few pigs in there, 2 of them were in a mud pool having a great time :o)

Amir learning how to climb

A face only a mother can love!

This chicken had feathers covering her legs all the way down, very conservative look :o)

One eyed Turkey


Highlander said...

OMG what a lovely place :) I did not know these existed in the city. Now I know where to visit next time. By the way the weather last summer was so much nicer it seems. LOL @ حمار بريطاني

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam highlander
good to see you here as always :o)

there are few of these farms all over London and they are free to enter.

I think this must be one of the worst summers I have ever experienced in the 27 years that i have been living here :oS

Tarek Alwan said...

You are absolutely right about the weather here, it has been miserable and sometimes you feel stuck and do not know where to go in London and the funny thing is that in Tripoli family & friends complain about the weather there and they want to swap cos they are simply fed up with it and I can tell that sometimes I feel fed up with the weather here.
I have a friend here who has got children and he finds very difficult to find places to go with his children so I am going to recommend this place.
Glad that you had a nice time there with your children.

Safia speaks said...

27 years in London. Wow.
I have never been so long a time in any place, but of course I´m younger than you as well.

LOL @ the "conservative chicken".


dusk till dawn said...

u look ur the one u had and enjoy the day outing with ur son the ( tiger)amir looks so relax and happy go lucky champ. last summer i took my friend family kids to a nearly the same farm in yorkshire, its a great fun, ur right so abt the weather, we had a very bad flooding here, and i got affected to,i think in england sunmer days gonna be around dec.surprise we did not see any goats with beard in ur great pics??????
is that anglo- father a son thing ha ha, thanx for the pics
if u ever think or fancy coming up to yorkshire its beautiful place , u and ur family pleasure to have u

Anglo-Libyan said...

yes Tarek I heard that it was very hot in Libya recently.
there are few of these farms all over London, im sure your friend can find one near by.

Safia, I came here in 1980 and was 17 year old at the time :o)

duask till dawn, im sorry that you had to suffer from the flooding.
there were no midget goats in the farm, I wonder why!
thank you for the offer, very kind of you my friend :o)

PH said...

Glad you and Amir had a great time .... as for that hog face if you hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't have known it was a face :P.

The chicken reminds me of the expensive types of pigeons we have in Libya ( امسرول), that sheep also looks ready to be put on a grill for Eid, you should have bought it :P.

salaam and thanks again for the photos.

boeboe said...

hi. thanks for posting photographs of libya on youtube :)

adam said...

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Anglo-Libyan said...

ph, lol at hog face :o)
the sheep looked ready for Eid

you are welcome ya boeboe :o)

adam, i dont remember meeting you, is this just a spam comment :oS

Living Away said...

the vacations i spent at my grandmother's farm with my cousins are unforgettable. the entire month to swim in a river, to run freely all day long until the empty stomachs took us home.
your pictures and the smile on your kids faces made me travel to that especial place!! thank you!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

I am glad that this reminded you of treasured memories, thank you living away.